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😀 | Cosplayer Fire General Rosiel shows off her "lower milk sailor suit"


Cosplayer Fire General Rosiel shows off her "lower milk sailor suit"

If you write the contents roughly
Fire general appeared in the magazine "Weekly Playboy" released on January 1th with a newly shot gravure.

Cosplayer Fire General Rosiel updated his Twitter on December 12th, from "Weekly Playboy" "Lower milk ... → Continue reading

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Weekly playboy

"Weekly playboy』(Shukan Playboy,WEEKLY PLAYBOY, Abbreviation:WPB,Weekly pre) IsShueishaIssued byMaleForweekly magazine.1964ToHeibon Publishing(CurrentMagazine house) Published byMediocre punchIn the form of196610/28Was published in. 2018 actual sales according to ABC survey was 7[2].


As a notice before and after the first issue of the book, "A monopoly of autumn in reading! The birth of a new men's weekly magazine with an international sense! CelebrityA super-luxury version of Shueisha's collective strength! "[3], "A new idea that breaks the image! A new men's weekly magazine with an international sense!"[4].. Also, as the six articles,

  1. "Playboy's name is the image of a cool and attractive young man."
  2. "Playboy is a youth weekly magazine."
  3. "Playboy is a weekly magazine that sells fun to its readers."
  4. "Playboy has the wisdom of life."
  5. "For Playboy, we are committed to the practicality that is directly connected to the lives of our readers."
  6. "The magazine for international sensations is launched on October 10"


Basically every Monday as of 2020. In addition,2007It was released every Tuesday until that time (currently every Tuesday in some areas).

The United States of AmericaAdult magazine of "PLAYBOYThere is no relationship with.Also, since it is a katakana name, it does not plagiarize the name.For this reason, media sold worldwide, such as e-books, use the name "Weekly Playboy" instead of Playboy.The publisher, Shueisha, is "PLAYBOY Japan Version" (Monthly playboy) Was also the publisher.

In addition to gravure, news, manga, entertainment news, etc., it has a genre called "stupid articles". Unlike other weekly magazines, the wording of sentences is not so polite. Until about 1971, he played a role as a comprehensive information magazine about Western and Japanese women's gravure and pinups, automobiles, world affairs, fashion mode, travel, and gambling.

The publication was suspended in 1988.Mediocre punch』And was the best of the men's sexy weekly magazine, "Weekly Playboy" still has a subscription centered on men in their 20s to 30s.

1995 - 1996Angular title duringlogoIt was changed to, but it was restored.2009From autumn, we changed the original logo in a slightly rearranged form.2011I put it back in again. Therefore, the current logo is the fifth generation.2005From the magazine as a gravure idol audition "Miss week pre] Started but ended in 2 years.2009From "Weekly Young JumpJointly held withGravure JAPAN] The audition is being held,2012Is not being held.

2008Until that time, it was rarely sold at a fixed price, and it was sold as a special fixed price for each issue. The list price as of July 2013 is 7 yen.

October 2016, 10 issue 17th anniversary issue[6]And reprint the cover of the first issue. Also, the logo on the cover was restored to the original font for 2016 weeks until the November 11, 14 issue.


Signature column


Many serial comic books are published by the Playboy Comics label.

WEB manga

  • Kinnikuman(boiled egg, 2011-)-Weekly pre-weekly serialization after August 2020, 8
  • (, 2013 -) Pending

WEB column


Past serialization

Signature column

Person who posted life consultation

Past serial comics

Transfer series from "Man's Playboy".

な ど

Past serial web manga

Past serial novels

な ど

Person from this magazine

Past Editor

  • Atsushi Matsumaru (2018 -)
  • Masuda Masuda (2015-2018)
  • Kazuya Isemura (2011-2015)
  • (April 2010-6)
  • Naoya Higuchi (July 2005-June 7)
  • (November 2005)
  • Katsuhiko Shimaji
  • Hiroshi Igarashi (from the first issue)

Extra number

First issue on April 2009, 4 as an extra number of manga works[7]。以降、第2号は8月17日、第3号は10月13日、第4号は2010年1月30日、5月30日号(第5号)は4月30日に発行されている。


Weekly bar
On June 2017, 6, the official bar opened in Kabukicho, Shinjuku as a 10th anniversary project of Weekly Playboy. Idle events and talk events by serialization teams are regularly held, initially planned to open for one year, but it was extended and ended on June 50, 1[8][9].


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