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👍 | Ken Matsudaira, YouTube channel subscribers surged "The effect of using kid is too great"


Ken Matsudaira, YouTube channel subscribers surged "The effect of using kid is too great"

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Ken Matsudaira is angry at the story that his YouTube channel is sluggish in "Gaki no Tsukasa".Chi that increases rapidly after broadcasting ... → Continue reading


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Tomoko Matsushima

Tomoko Matsushima(Tomoko Matsushima, real name; Tomoko Matsushima[1](Tomoko),19457/10 -) isJapan Ofactress,singer,talent[2].. Current,Poison SandayuHas a business alliance with Mamushi Productions, to which he belongs.

ManchuriaFengtianbirth.TokyoMeguroGrew up.Higashine Elementary School, Meguro WardGraduated after.He still lives in Tokyo.


From Manchuria shortly after birthSalvageExperience.The real name of Mukden is attributed to Mukden, the birthplace. Introduced to Bac Ishii Dance Institute from the age of 3balletTo start.

When the children of Bac Ishii were picked up as "small bean ballerinas" in the theater news of the movie theater, Tomoko Matsushima reflected thereBando TsuzumasaburoIs a scout.1949Debuted in the entertainment worldToyoko movieAppeared in "Shishi no Trap".Since then,Hirotoro ArashiStarring historical drama "Kurama Tengu" (Sugisaku),Otomo Ryutaro"Tange Sazen" (Chobiyasu),Chiemi EriAppeared in many movies such as "Sazae-san" (Wakame seaweed) and starred in 80 movies.[2].

singerAsMt. Yoneyama MasaoBecome a subordinate1953, Debuted from Columbia with "Village Stationmaster / Lei Flower Swaying in the Wind".After that, "The Three Little Pigs" (Disney's "I'm not scared of wolvesCover), "If you sing in the rainIt is also known that the movie theme songs and insert songs such as "Sugisaku Taiko", "Etsu-chan", "Wakame-chan", "Mysterious Black Hood", and "Red Kanna no Hanasakiba" were infused.Girl magazine "Girl』, Served alone for 10 years on the cover[2], Entertainment magazine "ordinary』Also served as a model.

Traveled to the United States while attending Daito Gakuen High School.Study abroad for 2 yearsMartha GrahamReceived a scholarship from a dance school in Japan for training and returned to Japan.After returning to Japan, with a focus on musicals, radio and television personalitiesIshigaki food OfMineral barley teaCM, "Hyokkori Hyotan Island"I showed an activity such as a voice actor.[3]


Sugamo Prison Consolation

195011/19,Butoh OfBac IshiiTogether withSugamo PrisonThe director, Eisaburo Suzuki, invited me to a theater dedicated to the US military near the prison.The moderator is Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of ThailandHat YaiMatsushima's father, Ken Takahashi, who was the director of the branch office, was detained in Siberia after being convened in Mukden, Manchuria, and his life and death were unknown. Matsushima introduced that he and his mother had barely returned to Japan, and the venue calmed down (then father). Was found dead on October 1945, 10 in a camp outside Nakhodka).Then, Matsushima, a 29-year-old with a headband and big eyes, appeared in a happi coat and danced the Western dance "Cute Fish Shop".About 5 people lined upWar criminalThey shed tears and were deeply moved, encore many times, and she responded.

Two beast attack accidents

1986ToNippon TV"TIME21』In the shootingKenyaWas attacked twice in quick succession by a lion and a leopard in 10 days, and after returning to Japan, a press conference was held in a cast and became a hot topic.[4].1/28ToJoy Adamson("Wild ElsaWith George Adamson, the husband ofNairobiIn the Kora Game Reserve, a descendant of Elsa, who was fed by camel meat by George and was accustomed to humans, was in contact with a group of seven lion lions and was playing with the lion cubs. When he took his eyes off the lions, he was attacked by the lion's mother, Matsushima flew into the air and was dragged about 7 meters, and the safari suit was shattered, and his neck and thighs were injured for 10 days.[5](George, who had taken his eyes off, was too deaf to go to help).At that time, George helped Matsushima.There were multiple lions around at this time, but only one attacked.

I was supposed to be hospitalized on the 10th, but I was discharged in 3 days and resumed work.[5], Visit another animal sanctuary again and challenge the location with perfect posture, but 10 days later2/7I went to a facility surrounded by a high fence to see the female leopard "Komunyu" kept in this reserve with Tony Fitzjeong, the staff and manager of the reserve.When I went out of the facility, the leopard jumped over the fence in the shade of the night and ambushed, and attacked Matsushima, who had also looked at the detour.Matsushima, who was knocked down to the ground by a surprise attack, was bitten by the neck and lifted.At this time, you can hear the rattling sound of the bones.[5], He thought he was "dead."It is believed that the leopard was jealous because Tony, the owner of this leopard next to Matsushima, seemed to be close to Matsushima.It was later said that Matsushima's big eyes were also the reason for the attack.[5].

After this, Matsushima requested a rescue team for an emergency helicopter, but the night flight was rejected as dangerous.Eventually, he had to endure bleeding until morning, and then in the morning, an emergency helicopter arrived and was finally taken to the hospital for a crushed fracture of the XNUMXth cervical spine.[Annotation 1]However, it is said that Matsushima would definitely have died if the leopard's biting position was off by another millimeter.[5]..It is said that it is a miracle that a crushed fracture of the XNUMXth cervical spine survives without any sequelae (there is a high probability of death. As much as it was done[5][Annotation 2].

Continue shooting after being attacked by a leopard,2/17Returned to Japan, put on a corset and attended a press conference, commenting, "I still like animals."[6]..The footage shot at this time was broadcast on March 3st on "TIME31" entitled "Still I Like Lions".[7].

Before this accident, the New Year's card sent from Matsushima to the announcer on New Year's Day in 1986 stated that he was planning to go to Africa for work, and at the same time, he said, "Lion can't eat it. Please pray for me. I hope you will see me again. "Later, on this matter, Ito said, "I didn't really think that such an incident would happen, so I laughed and read it lightly. I regret that my prayer was really lacking at that time." Said.On the other hand, when asked if the New Year's card had no effect, Matsushima himself said, "No, there was. If I hadn't written that, would I have lived? I was just bitten by your prayers. I think that's why. "[5].

Main appearance


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Television Animation


puppet show


  • Shall We Dance in a Wheelchair
  • Alone in New York (This is a spelling of my own trip to the United States and has nothing to do with the above academic societies)
  • Mother and daughter journey
  • Homeless's Hello
  • Friend's poem
  • Happy Elderly Care Mother and Daughter's Last Journey



Side ASide B年月 売 年月Standard product numberRemarks
Village stationmasterLei flowers swaying in the wind1953C-197Debut song
If you sing in the rain(Singin'in the Rain)Three little pigs(Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?)1953JL-58
Tanko Tankichi Chin Journey
Tanko's horse song1954C-270
Mom's memoriesLawn mower roller song1954/3A-1907Theme song for "Flower Festival Bottomless Senichiya" 
Good morning blue skyLemon and egg1954/6C-256
Mother lover formVoice called by mother
1954/7A-2057"Mother lover form" theme song
If the red canna flowers bloom
(WithYasushi Obata)
Tomoko's flower seller1955/5A-2289"Red canna flower blooms" theme song
Father sleeping in BurmaFoal birthdayC-311
Witchy momMy favorite mom
(First generationColumbia Rose)
Shiorai's brother and sister
(WithKoichi Aoki)
Ayame moonlit night
(Chiyoko Shimakura)
You know Kurama Tengu
(Takashi Nakajima)
Sugisaku Taiko
(With Takashi Nakajima)
1956/6A-2568"Kurama Tengu" theme song
Birthday song(Happy Birthday to You)My birthday1956/12CP-21
Kokeshi lullaby
Sunset1957/3A-2726"Kokeshi Lullaby" theme song 
Boatman sisters
(Kimi Wada Tamie)
Itako ship1957/5A-2781"Sisters of the Boat" theme song
Jingle bell1957/10C-473
Mountain of KodamaAt the foot of the Alps1958SC-1"Heidi, Girl of the Alps" theme song
Daddy mom songRed balloon1958C-479
Mysterious black hoodFather love Kakubei lion
1958/8A-3073"Mysterious Black Hood" theme song 
Pink shoe races(Pink Shoe Laces)Lamentation of Sweet Pee1960/9SA-451
Dream Napoletana(Luna Napoletana)(English edition)(Pineapple Princess)1960/12SA-507
Kamome sailor
15 candles1961SA-544
Majolica of the moon shadow
(The Three Graces)
Train Poppo's Tango1961/4SA-601
The light of the valley(When It's Lamp Lightin'Time In The Valley)My home on the pass(Home on The Range)1961/11SA-741
Cinderella(Cinderella)Words you want to squeeze(We Had Words)1961/12SA-762
Cuckoo Forest(Cuckoo Time)1962/4SA-853
Toy cha cha chaTulip field bench1962BK-3001
Travel humming
(Hiroshi Inoue)
Young wind song1962/5SA-894
Let's climb the hillHat and breeze
The story of the sleeping forestSeven boyfriends1962/11SA-999
Get happiness
(Hisahiko Iida)
Tomorrow's happiness1963SAS-92
Teenage wedding(Teenage Wedding)Dream italy(Zwei Kleine Italiener)1963/5SAS-39
Shio Jake's songThere is no spring breeze anymore
(Mari Yoshiko)
1963BK-3004NHK Home Song
That's the only mom I wantReally1964BK-3039
New York alone(Wonderful New York)The sun of love(Love In The Sun)1965/8JPS-17
Chim Chim Cherry(Chim Chim Cheree)Feed the Birds(Feed The Birds)1965/11JPS-26
Far fatherpearl1966JPS-33
In love aloneI can't break up1967/12SAS-1004
Japan Mercury
Side ASide B年月 売 年月Standard product numberRemarks
Kanetsu Ondo
(Kusunoki Toshie)
Techan's songM2245Kanetsu Delica (currently:Kanetetsu Delica Foods) CM song
My home is fun
(East chorus)
Techan's songM2246Kanetsu Delica Foods (currently Kanetsu Delica Foods) CM song
Toho Records
Side ASide B年月 売 年月Standard product numberRemarks
Coffee and puppyMonopoly(Solitary)1971/2AS-1041
Daughter who likes white colorA branch of roses and two friends1971/9AS-1088
Children's eyesI hope tomorrow afternoon1972/3AS-1125
Side ASide B年月 売 年月Standard product numberRemarks
Four seasons of hometownSeven mysteries of Nandabezaka1976DQ-1006"Manga / Furusato Old Story" theme song
Side ASide B年月 売 年月Standard product numberRemarks
Huang Huang and Kan KangPanda MarchRS-3001


  • Tomoko's nursery rhyme collection (1958, Columbia, KK-53)
    "Shoes ring""Train poppo""Seven children""Monkey basket""Pigeon poppoIncludes 6 songs from "My Doll".
  • When leaving home (1976, Polydor, MR-3018)
    Arai Yumi(Recorded "Because it's past") and others provided the music.
  • A memorable gift of song (1985, Toshiba EMI, TP-80203)
    Includes "Home on the Range", "Disney Medley", etc.
  • Final Edition Tomoko Matsushima Complete Works (May 2014, 5, Nippon Columbia, COCP-21-38509)
    2 piecesBest album

Compilation album

  • Collection of Japanese nursery rhyme masterpieces Part 1960 Kamome Sailor (3015, Columbia, AL-XNUMX)
    Tomoko Matsushima sings "Kamome no Sailor-san".

注 釈

  1. ^ Formally, it is a "fourth cervical spinous process and vertebral arch crushed fracture".Source: Tomoko Matsushima, "Mother and Daughter's Journey," p. 239
  2. ^ In Japan, a case report was made by the attending physician, Yoshihiko Hayashi (Orthopedic Surgery, Showa University Hospital). "A case of cervical vertebral arch crush fracture due to bite wound" published in Kanto Orthopedic Surgery Society Magazine Vol. 1, No. 17 (published in October 5).


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