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📱 | "Project Sekai" Up to 80 free "New Year events" have started!Daily live performance of all 5 units ...

Photo "Project Sekai" Up to 80 free "New Year events" have started!Daily live performances of all 5 units, and a great first sale

"Project Sekai" Free "New Year Event" for up to 80 stations has started!Daily live performance of all 5 units ...

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You can draw fortunes once a day during the period on the special site of "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku".

Sega is about the smartphone app "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku" ... → Continue reading


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Project Sekai

"Project Sekai』(Project SEKAI)SegaとColorful PaletteBy collaboration ofVocaloid-Hatsune ミクCentered onMedia mixproject.Abbreviation is "Proceca'[3].

The core of the project from SegaiOSandAndroidGame app forProject Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku』Started service on September 2020, 9.

The genre isVocaloid,rhythm&Adventure games..Development will be handled by Sega and Craft Egg's development subsidiary Colorful Palette.The catch phrase is "sing together!'[4].


August 2019, 8,Hatsune ミクThe start of the project was announced as the new smartphone game project "Project Sekai" at "Magical Mirai 2019", which is one of the largest complex events among related events.[5].

Development is "Bandori! Girls band party!』Development and operationcyber-agentUnder the umbrellaCraft EggAnd, in the development of this work, the subsidiary Colorful Palette newly established in Craft Egg is in charge. Yuichiro Kondo, the first producer of the work, who has been involved since the launch of "Bandri! Girls Band Party!", Will be the producer and director of this work.The project was proposed by SEGA in 2017, and initially it was being developed at Craft Egg, but in order to develop a hit work following "Bandri! Girls Band Party!", It is necessary to create a situation that can not be closed later. Kondo, who thought there was, established Colorful Palette as a subsidiary in Craft Egg together with the core members of the project Sekai development team in the company.The core members of the development are the members who were involved in the early "Bandri! Girls Band Party!" At Craft Egg.[6][7][8][9][10].. In January 2021, the business was transferred from Craft Egg to Colorful Palette.From the beginning, the Colorful Palette was used consistently from the planning stage to the development, but at that time there was no development record for the Colorful Palette, so it was decided that it would be better to advertise under the joint name of Craft Egg.After that, since the application was released and showed sufficient results, it was judged that the business transfer was a good timing, and the business transfer was carried out on January 1, 2021.[6][11][12]..In development, we have inherited the production style of the parent company Craft Egg, and in addition to character design, key visuals, in-game card illustrations, costume design, card illustrations and background art in the story, logo design of various events, settings・ The Colorful Palette team also creates scenarios in-house.[13].

The genre consists of a "rhythm game" that uses Vocaloid songs and an "adventure game" that tells a story of Hatsune Miku and original characters.Sega's "Hatsune Miku was appointedHatsune Miku -Project DIVA-The direction of game design and concept is different from the previous works such as the series.In the past Hatsune Miku related works, the player and Hatsune Miku faced each other directly and communicated in a rhythm game.On the other hand, in this work, modern JapanShibuyaHatsune Miku and others are set in the two worlds of "Sekai," a place born from the "true feelings" of the original characters.Peer proThe characters "Virtual Singer" have a strong storyline that helps boys and girls who have troubles and anguish in the real world find out the true feelings of the 20 original characters of this work.Therefore, while focusing on the rhythm game part where you can play various vocaloid songs, we are particularly focusing on the story that depicts the story of the original characters, Hatsune Miku and others "Virtual Singer" and the original character of this work. It is a work with a strong aspect as character content, where you play a rhythm game while enjoying each youth story woven by 20 boys and girls.This work is "A work that embodies the existence of "Hatsune Miku" that supports the relationship between music and humans".The reason for this format is that this work is "I want the younger generation to listen to more vocaloid and internet musicBecause it was a project that started from the idea.Therefore, I dared to plan such a setting, knowing that there are some people who are reluctant to put out the original character.[14]..In addition, as a feature unique to this work, the live function "Virtual liveIs implemented[15][9][8][3].

This work isHatsune Miku -Project DIVA-From the series, producer Seiji Hayashi participates in music and scenario supervision support, and also "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-Marza Animation Planet, who is in charge of animation production and production of the series and live animation production of "Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai" and "SNOW MIKU LIVE", is in charge of 3DMV motion capture supervision, 3DMV animation supervision, and 3DMV production. ..Similarly, "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-The Solid Cube, who was in charge of the choreography and motion actors for the "Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai" series, is participating in the 3DMV choreography and motion actors.In addition, companies that have been involved in Hatsune Miku are cooperating in the project.[16].

Active in the industry for this workVocalo PIs participating as a music creator,DECO * 27,Mitchie M,Pinocchio P,Jig,Mafu MafuCreators such as create original songs for each unit and the theme song of this work.[8]..In addition, songs will be solicited from the general public, and if adopted, they will appear as songs that can be played in the 2D mode of the rhythm game part.[17].

In the game, you can change the costumes and accessories of the character 3D model.In addition to the participation of illustrators who are also related to Vocaloid, the costume design is also adopted by the design recruited by the general public.[18].

ス タ ッ フ

Development and operation staff[16][9][19][20][21][22]
PlanningSEGA[Staff 1]
Colorful Palette[Staff 2]
Colorful Palette
Krypton Future Media[Staff 3]
Development (UI / UX design, musical score, etc.)Colorful Palette from Craft Egg
producerShingo Kosuga (SEGA)
Yuichiro Kondo (Colorful Palette / Craft Egg)
Wataru Sasaki (Crypton Future Media)[Staff 4]
DirectorYuichiro Kondo (Colorful Palette / Craft Egg)
Main scenario writerAi Masui (Colorful Palette)
Setting / scenario productionColorful Palette Scenario Team (Ai Masui, Satomi Shiba, Azusa Yamashita, Natsuki Yamamoto)
scriptColorful Palette (Yuta Iijima, Keiichiro Ito, Kazuyoshi Otsubo)
art directorKohei Iinuma (Colorful Palette)
Character design, key visual production, card illustration & background art production
Illustration in the story & background art production, costume design, logo design
Colorful Palette Illustration Team
Character design cooperationiXima[Staff 5]
Live XNUM XDColorful Palette
3D design modelingSEGA
Colorful Palette
3DMV animation production / virtual live developmentTatsuya Matsuda (Colorful Palette)
Virtual live production and development
3D animation production in 3DMV / virtual live
Colorful Palette development team
3DMV productionYoshihiro Hanada (Marza Animation Planet)
Supervised by 3DMV motion capture and supervised by 3DMV animationMarza Animation Planet[Staff 6]
3D production cooperationDijji Co., Ltd.
3DMV choreography / motion actorSolid cube[Staff 7]
2DMV video productionomu
2DMV production cooperationVi Co., Ltd.[Staff 8]
Sound director (sound effects, etc.)Yisoch (Colorful Palette)
Music production (in-game BGM, etc.)Hiroshi Iwanaga (Sunrise music)[Staff 9]
Sound source production cooperationNippon Columbia[Staff 10]
Vocaloid voice tuning and various supervision supportKrypton Future Media
Music / scenario supervision supportSeiji Hayashi (SEGA)[Staff 11]
Operation / Marketing / PR
Promotional license management
Development staff footnote
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Newly written music production creator (original music production)[16]
Newly written music production creator (publicly recruited music)[16]
  • Ichinose LUPO
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Planning cooperation creator (2DMV illustration production)
  • En Morikura
  • Third eye YYB
  • Rella
  • apapico
  • BUZZ
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Planning cooperation creator (general open call for participants costume design)[16]
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  • Komu
  • Azaka
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  • Rezuki
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  • Senju
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  • Hebo


  • August 8-Announced the start of planning at "Magical Mirai 30".In addition to releasing the teaser site and teaser movie, the official Twitter was also released.[5].
  • October 10-Delivery of project presentation.Information on the world view, each unit character kiter, voice actor in charge, participating creators, etc. was released for the first time[8].
  • November 11st-Campaign to solicit in-game costume designs until December 1nd[8][18].
  • November 11-The 17D model of this work was unveiled in real live at Kawasaki Jazz 2019 "Marasy with Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin piano acoustic live"[8].
  • December 12-Profiles of a total of 13 people from 5 units appearing in the game are released[26]
  • December 12-With Hatsune MikuOtsuka PharmaceuticalFrom Project Sekai at the collaboration project "beyond 2020" byHatsune ミクBecame a Pocari Sweat Ambassador. On January 2020, 1, Ichika Hoshino was also appointed as Pocari Sweat Ambassador.This effort will take place for a year, during which time it will appear in multiple videos and ads.[27][28].
  • January 1-WEB radio program "Project Sekai Colorful Radio" starts 20 times in total for a limited time[29].
  • February 2-Kawasaki Jazz 10 Sapporo performance "Live Session!Marasy with Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin Piano acoustic live in SNOW MIKU ”will be held.In addition to Miku and Rin, a 2019D model of Hoshino Ichika also appeared, and the singing of "Sekai Ver" by humans and Vocaloid was unveiled for the first time.[30][31].
  • February 2-"Let's make together! Music contest" to recruit songs to be recorded in the game[17].
  • March 3-Information such as pre-registration information, game mode, and 9DMV was lifted at "Project Sekai Miku Day Presentation"[32].
  • May 5-Closed beta test limited to 8 people recruited from 5:8 on May 18 to 5:9 on May 1[33].
  • June 6-The first distribution of the live distribution program "Project Sekai Colorful Broadcasting Station" will be carried out.[34]..The result of the song contest was announced on the broadcast, and "alive", which Ichinose LUPO wrote and composed, was adopted from the total of more than 200 songs submitted.[35].
  • June 6-The 27nd Closed Beta Test was held from 2:6 to 27:12 on June 18, limited to 300 people.[36].
  • July 7-Pre-registration acceptance starts[37]..Newly written songs "Sekai" and "Warwa World" will also be announced as theme songs.[38].
  • August 8-As a special project, a short manga "Project Sekai Support Manga" in collaboration with nine writers will be released in sequence on an irregular basis.[39].
  • September 9-Trial version app will be delivered until noon on September 4th. In addition to the distribution of three songs, "Tell Your World," "Hibana -Reloaded-," and "Sweet Magic," each unit's "Virtual Live" was held multiple times daily during the period.During the periodYuki NakajimaAnd Virtual LiverCompany buildingA user-participation-type challenge project will be held to challenge the high score of "Hibana -Reloaded-" by[40]..On the first day of distribution, "Virtual Live Together! Live Broadcast" will be held on YouTube Live, Nico Nico Live Broadcast, and Periscope.[41].
  • September 9-Announced that the number of pre-registered users has exceeded 26 million at "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku" just before the release! New information announcement SP ".In addition, a 100-day continuous song addition campaign will be released.After the end of the broadcast, the song "I'm hated by life." 』FullVer.MV has been released[3].
  • August 9- iOSandAndroidStarted distribution as a game app for mobile phones.The final number of pre-registered people was 114.[42]..Official 4-frame manga distribution also started on official Twitter[43].
  • October 10-The number of users exceeds 2 million[44].
  • October 10-The number of users exceeds 8 million[45].
  • October 11-The number of users exceeds 20 million[46].
  • December 12st-Google Play Best of 1 Selected as the highest award in the Japanese version of the user voting category[47].
  • January 1-The number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel has exceeded 6.To commemorate this, we also decided to produce a voice drama of 25 units.[48].
  • October 2-The number of users exceeds 8 million[2].

development of


The project started around 2014.at firstSEGAとKrypton Future MediaIt started as a joint project of.Initially, the direction was not decided and the project was difficult, and the game software developed by SEGA around 2017Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-It was decided to make a work in a different direction from the series.Initially, there was a plan based on "DIVA", but in addition to the spread of smartphone apps,Virtual youtuberDue to the change in the barrier between viewers and distributors due to the increase in the number of characters, Hatsune Miku has more opportunities to play different Miku in various media and interact with various characters, so it is possible to develop something different from "DIVA". The idea that it might be raised[49].
However, even after that, the two companies did not come up with a plan for smartphones and felt the limit, so they asked an outside company for cooperation.In the processCraft Eggso"Bandori! Girls band party! 』Introduced Yuichiro Kondo who was the producer.Kondo had a period when he was active as Vocaloid-P, and in the present age when the chances of getting people to listen to Vocaloid songs are decreasing, I wanted to make a plan that can support such Vocaloid-Ps. ..Therefore, I agreed with this project, but at first I couldn't immediately answer about participating in the project.After that, Kondo reconsidered the plan and submitted it to both companies.Finally, the project started with a three-company system[49][9].
At the beginning of the project, the setting production was proceeding with a world view with a strong fantasy element.But one of the producersKrypton Future MediaHatsune Miku developer, voice team manager, Hatsune Miku development manager Wataru Sasaki suggested that "Vocaloid songs are many, and by dividing them into genres, it will be easier to introduce and listen to." , Kondo changed the setting significantly.Eventually, Craft Egg (currently Colorful Palette) said "BanG Dream!Girls band party! Incorporating settings and scenarios that make use of the "real world-centered youth group image" that was evaluated through the movie, the story setting that goes back and forth between the real world where the original character lives and the different world where Miku and his friends live has been completed.In addition, the stage will be changed to a modern age where young users can easily get into the work, and "underground" and "street", which are often featured in the genre in recent years, will be incorporated.The experience of "Bandri! Girls Band Party!" Produced by Kondo is utilized in the entire development including scenario setting.[49][10][9].

View of the world

The story is set in modern JapanShibuya..The characters are a place born from the real world and the feelings of the characters "SekaiGo back and forth.You can come and go to Sekai by playing a silent song called "Untitled" that suddenly occurs on the devices of boys and girls with strong feelings and has no melody or lyrics.The characters who visited here met the vocaloid Miku and others, and by discovering their true feelings through interaction, the name "Untitled" was given and a song was born.Sekai's Miku and others are depicted as beings who support the owner of their feelings to find their "true feelings." "Sekai" is positioned as "a mysterious place born from" feelings "", and there are as many sekai as there are "feelings".Since Miku and others change their appearance and personality according to their "feelings," there are as many unique Miku as there are Sekai.On the other hand, Miku in the real world express songs created by creators all over the world as virtual singers, and are depicted as being the same as actual Vocaloid.[8][10].
In this work, the genres of Vocaloid are classified into five, "band", "idol", "street", "musical", and "underground", and five original units that spin each story are developed.[8]..Virtual singers exist in each Sekai, and each Sekai has a different personality and atmosphere.Also, apart from the original 5 units, Miku and othersPeer proCharacters[Annotation 1]There is also a story of "Virtual Singer" with the leading role, and the story of a total of 6 units will be developed.[14].


This work is "I want younger generation users to listen to more vocaloid and internet musicIt is planned from the idea.Therefore, we decided to incorporate "underground" and "street", which are often taken up in recent years, into the genre.[10][9].
Kondo wants to create a project that can support such Vocaloid Ps in the present age when the chances of getting people to listen to Vocaloid songs are decreasing, and songs created by creators who are active as amateurs. I want to create a system such as creating a mechanism to record songs little by little, get new motivation, create new users to make songs, and create one of the opportunities to excite the music scene on the net. Advance[9].
The reason why various units and genres were set in this work is that when considering the world view of "Hatsune Miku", the characters do not sing songs of different genres, but narrow down the number and genre for each unit. By setting, it is set because it expresses the diversity of Hatsune Miku and at the same time it becomes the number of categories that new users can easily touch.However, regarding the setting of genres, SEGA, Krypton, and Colorful Palette had a lot of discussions, imagining the genres of songs in the Vocaloid area, and finally it became the current five genres.[10][9].
At the beginning of the project, there was a category of "Japanese style", but Japanese style had stronger timbre and arrangement elements than musicality, so it was decided that it would be difficult to categorize it.Even among the categorized this time, "underground" was categorized as an absolutely indispensable element in making Vocaloid music games. In "Underground", it is assumed that the scenario will be developed as an important element of Vocaloid even for "view of life and death" which is difficult to do with character content.[9].
The character setting and story development were created after the five categorizations of "band," "idol," "street," "musical," and "underground" were decided. The setting "Sekai" was made from the judgment that "making only one character" Hatsune Miku "appear is something that should not be done to the history of Miku and existing fans."This is because "Vocaloid is important for diversity, and there are various Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid for each Vocaloid P and each song, and listeners who listen to the songs also have their own Hatsune Miku. ..Therefore, many people form various Sekai, and by making it into the form that there are Miku with various personalities according to Sekai, we express the diversity of Hatsune Miku. "Initially, there was a plan to create a secai for each song as well as for each category, but that would make it difficult for new players to enter, and there would be problems with the number of realistic development processes, so it was rejected.Since the setting was born from this idea, the world view of the base was created on the assumption that the current five Sekai could expand further in the future, and that new Sekai and new units would be born in the future. ing[9]..In addition, the setting is made leaving room for vocaloids other than krypton characters to be involved.[49].
This time, 20 new original characters will appear only in this work.Therefore, it was expected from the beginning that many Vocaloid fans would feel resistance, but this work is not trying to make something contrary to Vocaloid culture, but looking at the new fan base who touches Vocaloid at the entrance of this work. While aiming for it, I am aiming for a work balance that will be close to the fans so far.And the goal is to make the Vocaloid neighborhood more exciting as new people watch the original songs and sing and write songs.[49].
The reason for setting the mixed gender unit is that the virtual singers themselves are mixed gender units, and the vocaloid content itself has many fans regardless of gender, so the concept was created assuming from the initial stage.[50].. Under the supervision of Crypton Future Media and Sega Games, the original characters of "Project Sekai" have been created by the staff of Colorful Palette holding training camp meetings and other discussions.[51].
The catch phrase is "Let's sing together! 』.This is based on the idea that "Sekai will spread", and "Let's sing together!" Includes not only Miku and the original characters, but also various creators and users.In addition, the purpose is to create songs and illustrations with various artists and illustrators, and in addition to collaboration, we are actively recruiting the general public.[49].

Character design / 3D model

The design is produced in consultation with art director Iizuka et al.'S Colorful Palette illustration team and iXima, the character designer of "Hatsune Miku V3", "Hatsune Miku V4X" and "Hatsune Miku NT". It matches the design of iXima.Also, regarding the design, the design is created with the intention of clearly differentiating it from the design of the "Project DIVA" series.When designing, we work with each section and SEGA in the Colorful Palette so that there is no discrepancy with the design of Live2D and 3D models.[50].
Regarding the original characters, the concept was created from the music images of "band", "idol", "street", "musical", and "underground", and the design was created while gradually adding characters.At that time, it is adjusted so that it becomes a "design that can coexist with a virtual singer". "Leo / need" is a story that depicts the worries of life-sized high school girls, so the design is made with the image of "students" rather than bands.Therefore, the costumes are also based on "high school uniforms". "MORE MORE JUMP!" Is based on the concept of a royal road idol in the latter half of Heisei, and incorporates a stylish aspect so that it does not look like an old design even after 2020.In addition to incorporating a musical element into the skirt with a piano keyboard pattern, although it is a team of four, it emphasizes the flower word "hope" and adopts trefoil as an image design. "Vivid BAD SQUAD" is different from other units in that Kohane is casual and teenager, Kyou is sporty, Akihito is outdoors, Fuyaya is an artist, and the outfit is plain clothes. The policy is to not emphasize the feeling.Therefore, different clothing logos are created for each character.In addition, Crypton Future Media has a deep knowledge of street genre fashion, so it was produced after discussions between the two companies and iXima. "Wonderlands x Showtime" was designed based on the concept of a theme park cast, with the roles of prince, forest fairy, angel, and villain assigned. Regarding "Nene Robo", the concept is to create the mascot character of "Project Sekai", and the design is based on "Mikudayo" so that it can coexist neatly. "4 o'clock, with a night code." Is a fantasy design that is different from the concept of the work when trying to express darkness, so in order to express modern and realistic darkness, "Leo / need" is the same as "Leo / need". "High school uniform" is adopted. It is a costume based on sailor suit as a differentiation from "Leo / need"[50].
As for the uniforms of each school, "Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy" adopts sailor suits from the concept of a historic school, and "Kamiyama High School" adopts blazer from the concept of a newly established high school with a high degree of freedom.In addition, in order to bring out the individuality of the character, it is designed to be dressed according to each character.[50].
Among the character designs, there is also a character who was in charge of the design led by iXima, who cooperated with the design, and in addition to designing Hatsune Miku who appears in Sekai of "25 o'clock, at night code.", "Vivid BAD" While the original character design of "SQUAD" is handled by the Colorful Palette illustration team, 6% of the base part is handled by iXima.[50].
In the 3D model, even within the restrictions of moving with a smartphone, adjustments are made on invisible parts such as the back of the skirt, and resources are devoted to conspicuous parts.In addition, the outline is not a uniform line, but the thickness is partially changed to make the model closer to the illustration.As for the shaking, we adjust the interference and immersiveness as much as possible so as not to make us feel uncomfortable in the dance scene. It takes about a month to complete one costume model[50].


In the casting of the original character, singing ability is also emphasized, but from the idea that "the definition of good singing differs depending on the generation", auditions were conducted with an emphasis on "singing ability that suits modern songs". The voice actor of the character is cast.When it comes to singing, Krypton's latest technology is used to ensure that human singing and Vocaloid voices blend in well.[49]..Some of the voice actors are closely related to Hatsune Miku, who plays the role of Minori Hanari.Yui OguraIs in charge of Hatsune Miku's exclusive motion actor in "Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-" and plays the role of Fuyuya Aoyagi.Kento ItoHas a history of working as Vocaloid-P "21st Century P" in the past.


The concept of the whole story is created with an emphasis on making the story sympathetic to users and drawing the 20 boys and girls who are the original characters of this work as human beings.This is "BanG Dream!" Where Kondo used to be the first producer.Girls band party! (Garpa) ”is also alive, and Kondo, who was wondering how to step into the character game at that time, was deformed from the experience that the user gained a great deal of sympathy for the humanity of the characters through“ Garpa ”. Instead of making the characters "characters that seem to have been made somewhere", while adjusting them, human relationships that step into the line that can be expressed at all ages, such as realism and humanity, and "view of life and death" Emphasis is placed on drawing scenarios.In addition, since it is IP content that is deeply connected to music called Hatsune Miku, "necessity of music" is important throughout the story.[9].
In all the stories of all the units, Miku's standing position is thorough in the unit members' stance of "pushing their backs".This is the result of deforming and interpreting "Hatsune Miku" as vocal software as "Project Sekai".Hatsune Miku does not produce music by itself, but because there is a creator who has the desire to "express and create something," that desire is intertwined with a tool called Hatsune Miku to create music.As a result of facing the "origin" of Hatsune Miku, Miku and others are set in a standing position to support the "feelings" of the characters in "Project Sekai".In addition, Miku and other virtual singers sometimes interfere with the real world through hologram images of smartphones and devices.This comes from the interpretation that Miku's diversity is where you can freely jump over barriers.[9].
The story of the original characters is not limited to between units, but relationships with various characters such as brothers and classmates in order to depict various encounters and spreads that will be in the stage of growing as human beings from now on. Is drawn.However, there is no envisioned story of all five units and Miku gathering together to do something together with all the characters.This is because when drawing the "growth of an individual character" which is the basis of the story, if all the units gather and do something, it will be a festive content, and it is not possible to draw "growth of an individual" as the main. Because it was judged.Therefore, it is often assumed that the interaction between people belonging to other units will be drawn, but it is not assumed that all units will gather, and the story of each unit will be the main story.However, the element that encounters with other units leads to the growth of the character is important, and the story is structured so that if you connect all the relationships, all the characters will be connected before you know it.[9].
As a storyline, I do not assume that I will make a beautiful story just because it is a work of all ages.When I tried to make a beautiful story, the content became opportunistic, and I thought that I could not get the sympathy from the user, so I said, "Content that faces real problems] Is conscious of the story.This is also a work dealing with Vocaloid music, "Conflicts of young peopleIt is also derived from the fact that there are many contents that cannot be expressed only with beautiful contents in order to draw.However, even if Kondo sympathizes with the scenario of this work, he has no intention of imposing the production side's claim that "that's why it should be done", and even if it is a trivial problem for adults, it will be a generation that can have various conflicts with it. , Says that he wants to get courage through the original character who faces the same troubles.[6].

Player standing position

During the work, the player who plays this work meets "Hatsune Miku" who watches over the birth and whereabouts of "Sekai" in a certain space.The player and Miku in the space cannot interfere with each Sekai, and are in a standing position where they can only watch over the original characters and the virtual singers of each Sekai.Therefore, it is a specification that you can not directly contact the characters appearing in the work.
In virtual live, you can enter Sekai, which was born from the player's "desire to support the characters".A player who has become a temporary figure called an avatar in that space can watch and support the characters' performances in an area that is slightly connected to other Sekai.The scene cannot be basically observed from the Sekai side, but the scenes of the players may be seen by the characters on the Sekai side as "a light of shining feelings", and they respond to it. Sometimes.On the other hand, the virtual singers of each Sekai may be directed to see the player.Basically, the player cannot contact the characters even in this Sekai, and at present, the only character that the player can contact throughout the work is "Hatsune Miku", which is encountered in the early stages.

Virtual live

Virtual live is between SEGA producer Kosuga and Colorful Palette producer Kondo, around September 2018 during the development period, "I want something new experience that other rhythm games do not have." The talk went up and the project started to move[52].
At first, development started with the concept of creating an environment where you can see the music scene unfolding in the story, which is difficult to express with the standing picture of the Live2D bust shot in the story.Also, initially,VRThere was also a plan to direct with.In fact, the VR mode was created by Tatsuya Matsuda of Colorful Palette, who is in charge of developing 3DMV animation and the current virtual live, and development was proceeding as VR content until the alpha version.However, Kondo commented that "it is not interesting as an experience just by looking at it alone", and development was promoted again focusing on the element of "viewing with other users", and in the process, the VR plan was proposed. It was abolished and changed to the current virtual live style.However, the VR proposal itself has been working until one month before the release, and Matsuda of development said in an interview that he would like to continue considering VR mode in the future.[52].
Since the current policy of virtual live, development has been carried out with the concept of "virtually experiencing the same experience as going to live in real life."At the development stage, virtual live was a style of viewing with fixed seats, but in the end it was changed to a form in which the avatar can move.There are pros and cons to this specification change within the development team, and after discussions it was decided to modify it so that it could be moved 4 months before the release, and it was completed in June 3 months before the distribution.[52].
Initially, there was no mode such as a waiting room, and the system was directly connected to the live venue, but a waiting room function was added as an avatar dress-up mode added during development and a place where users can communicate with each other.The default avatar design was first decided to "make it a design away from the design of the characters (humans) in the work, assuming that it does not destroy the world view."This is to express the avatar (user himself), which is a collection of human thoughts but is a different dimension from the world under construction.[52].
In live mode, the original concept was to have the experience of "tens of thousands of players watching the same live together."After that, at the release stage, a system was introduced in which up to 1 people could participate in one live venue.Later, the number of people was expanded to a maximum of 15 people.A "private room" can be created for players who want to watch live performances slowly.[52].


Shibuya, Tokyo.A girl in uniform walking around the city with an umbrellaHoshino IchikaLook up at the huge vision of the intersection.There is a virtual singerHatsune ミクWas in the picture.A song that looks at that figure.
"Wow, Miku. I've always been able to be in any way, and I'm so ... free."
When she comes home, a strange song "UntitledNotice that it contains.When you play the song, the song is wrapped in white light.It was "Hatsune Miku" that appeared before the song that opened her eyes.The story of boys and girls begins in order to find the true feelings and songs that are trapped in the heart.[53].
Leo / need (main story)
Hoshino Ichika, a first-year high school student, is a childhood friend because of a passing in middle school.Shiho Hinomori,Honami MochizukiBecome estranged.One day, I was being treated for illness since I was in junior high school.Saki TenmaReturn to high school.And when Saki appears in front of the songs, a big change comes in their distance.On the other hand, one song meets virtual singer Hatsune Miku in a mysterious space called "Sekai".In the wake of that phenomenon, Ichika and Saki face a certain past in middle school that happened to Shiho and Honami.Can the four songs overcome the passing?[54].
MORE MORE JUMP! (Main story)
A girl who dreams of being an idolMinori HanariContinued to fail the audition.However, Minori is a longing idol.Haruka KiriyaWith the existence of, I continued to apply for the audition without giving up.One day, Haruka suddenly quit idol and retired from the entertainment world, and returned to the same high school as Minori.Minori goes to see Haruka and tells her that she was a fan, but she has some mixed feelings.And Minori is a former idol who happened to be in the same high school.Airi MomoiAnd active idolHino ShizukuWill take idol lessons from.A girl who dreams of being an idol challenges her dream again with the girls who have quit idols.[54].
Vivid BAD SQUAD (Main Story)
A girl who is shy and is not good at appearing in publicAzusawa KohaneI heard from the back alley one dayKyou ShiraishiI am shocked by the singing voice of.On the other hand, Kyou also listens to Kohane's singing voice, and Kyou proposes to form a unit with Kohane so that she will be guided by that singing voice.Then, he decided to enter the world of street music so that Kohane could be guided by Kyou.Kohane and Kyou are female street units "ViVidsTo form.One day, a male music unit that has been active in music since junior high school in front of them "BAD DOGS"ofAkihito ShinonomeとFumiya AoyagiHowever, they stand up to crush them.To surpass the legend, the story of hitting the feelings of boys and girls begins[54].
Wonderlands x Showtime (Main Story)
High school junior·Tenma TsukasaWas a boy who cherished his sickly sister, Saki, and dreamed of being the best show star in the world.One day, Tsukasa is a popular theme park "Phoenix WonderlandAfter being interviewed, he will be hired as a part-time job.However, he was assigned as a cast on a lonely stage where the audience couldn't get close.On such a stage, Tsukasa is a girl who wishes for the stage to revive.Otori EmuMeet.Furthermore, as a new member of the theater companyGods,Nene KusanagiWill join and will be on stage together.Can they revive the lonely stage?[54].
At 25:XNUMX, with a night code. (Main story)
A withdrawal girl with trauma that caused misery caused by her own musicYoizaki Kan..She is a voice chat tool "Knight codeEvery day at 25:XNUMX, with friends who do not know each other's faces and names, the music circle "At 25:XNUMX, with a night code.』I lived a life of continuing to make music every day.However, one day, one of the circle friendssnowI can't get in touch with you.While searching for her whereabouts, Kanade notices that there is data "Untitled" in the snow folder, but tries to confirm the contents.In the wake of this incident, they will face their own desire to disappear.[54].
Virtual singer
In the unit story in which the virtual singer plays the leading role, behind the unit story of the original characters, "Side story that supplements the unit story of virtual singers in each SekaiIs developed in omnibus format.Therefore, by reading both the story of each unit and the story of the virtual singers, the story of one Sekai will be completed.[55].


20 original characters will appear in this work.Each unit is classified into 4 people, each of which is a band unit "Leo / need", an idol unit "MORE MORE JUMP!", A street unit "Vivid BAD SQUAD", a show unit "Wonderlands x Showtime", and unidentified. It is classified into the music circle "25 o'clock, with night code."[56].

Sekai is a place created with the thoughts of the original characters.However, as an exception, the Sekai of "Wonderlands x Showtime" is Tsukasa Tenma, and the Sekai of "25 o'clock, at night code." Is Mafuyu Asahina. It is in the form of being invited to the knight.Therefore, the change in Sekai is largely due to the change in the mindset of Tsukasa Yamafuyu.On the other hand, in Mafuyu no Sekai, there are some parts that are influenced by the feelings of the invited members, such as Kagamine Rin appearing due to a change in the mindset of the picture name.

The player never comes into direct contact with anything other than "Hatsune Miku" that appears in the early stages, and is watching over the characters from a different space that is different from the real world and each Sekai.

Virtual singer

The virtual singers who appear in each Sekai will only appear in the early stages, but as the story progresses, it will be possible to interact with other virtual singers.[55]..In the game, the voice of the virtual singer uses Vocaloid,Voice actorNo audio recording by.The audio source provider is credited as "ORIGINAL CV" in the game and on the official website.

Virtual singers have a big difference in personality for each sekai, and especially Hatsune Miku has a different appearance and hair color.Therefore, the virtual singer for each Sekai is drawn as a completely different entity even with the same name.

Hatsune ミク
Voice- Saki Fujita
Kagamine Rin
Voice- Asami Shimoda
Kagamine Len
Voice-Asami Shimoda
Megurine Luka
Voice- Yu Asakawa
Voice- Haikyo Meiko
Voice- Naoto Fuga

Leo / need

Leo / needIs a band unit formed by four childhood friends who attend Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy in Shibuya.Abbreviation is "Leoni".The genre is "band'[56]..The motif of Sekai is a school classroom.The virtual singers in Sekai are Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, and MEIKO.

In the past, they passed each other and fell apart, but they were formed overcoming the hardships.[56].

About the concept of "Leo / need" Masui, the main writer of this work, keeps in mind "drawing life-sized ordinary high school girls".Therefore, the story is not supposed to be a grand story in which a big event occurs and overcomes it, and it is a figure that overcomes difficulties while worried about friendship and relationships with childhood friends, sometimes fighting, and sometimes consulting with each other. Is emphasized.As a result, the incidents that occur are focused on friendships, etc., and they do not face major life-changing problems such as fantasy, but they have equally important and serious worries, and how to change them. I'm drawing some.Among them, the theme of the first story is "passing hearts", and I want to convey the feeling of "I really want to be together" but I can't say it, and I can express emotions such as "I can say" and "I can't say" that occur between girls. I'm drawing.Masui is the second of the five units to make fine adjustments at the scenario creation stage so that this emotional expression does not make the reader feel uncomfortable and the character is disliked. He said it was a difficult unit to create a scenario.[9].

Among them, one song of the main character is depicted as a young man of this time who could not decide "what he wants to do from now on" and somehow proceeded without knowing it, and such a song pushed his back to Miku. It is the composition of the story that you take a new step in yourself by being[9].

Hoshino Ichika
sound - Ruriko Noguchi
Birthday-August 8, Height-11cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-161-C[56]
A first year high school student attending Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy. In charge of guitar and vocals for Leo / need.Among the original characters, they are often depicted in key visuals and advertisements as the main character of the entire work.[57][10]..It looks cool, but it's actually a kind girl with a friendship.[56].
For some reason, there was a gap in the relationship between Honami and Shiho.At that time, the story begins when Ichika finds an unknown song "Untitled" on the device.[56].
I love Hatsune Miku and sang while playing Miku's songs on the guitar that my father gave me from an early age.[57]..The origin of the name is one song because the parents who met because they liked songs were "children who met and received in one song"[58].
Mafuyu, who says "At 25:XNUMX, at night code." Is a senior at school and also serves as a class representative, so there is interaction.Also, friends in the same class as Haruka Kiriya of "MORE MORE JUMP!". After listening to Nene's singing voice of "Wonderlands x Showtime", she studied under her and is taught singing in her spare time.
My hobbies are listening to Miku's songs and watching the growing cacti.His specialty is peeling apples.My favorite food is yakisoba bread and my dislike is green peas.What I'm not good at is riding screaming attractions[56][59].
Saki Tenma
Voice- Hanaiso Isobe
Birthday-May 5, Height-9cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-159-C, Brother-Tsuji[56]
A first year high school student attending Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy. In charge of keyboards for Leo / need.
A mood maker in the band with a bright personality that keeps smiling. He has a brother, Tsukasa Tenma of "Wonderlands x Showtime".He was ill from an early age and tended to take a leave of absence from junior high school.After that, he gradually got better and returned to high school.I haven't been in contact with my childhood friends for a long time[56]..My mother was a piano teacher and was learning the piano with her boss.Therefore, he will be in charge of the keyboard in the band.The meteor shower seen by four childhood friends is still an important memory even now as a high school student.[60].
Toya of "Vivid BAD SQUAD" is a childhood friend, and he calls him "Toya-kun" and loves it. Minori of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Is the first friend I made in another class, and I happened to have the same part-time job, so I have a friendship.
Hobbies include watching fashion and makeup videos, and making bead accessories.Special skills are hair arrangement and beanbags.My favorite food is snacks, and my dislike is porridge.I'm not good at being alone[56][59]..In high school, he belongs to the soft tennis club and works part-time at a cafe with Minori.
Honami Mochizuki (Honami Mochizuki)
Voice- Reina Ueda
Birthday-October 10, Height-27 cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-166-B[56]
A first year high school student attending Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy. In charge of drums for Leo / need.My father is a beautician, my mother is a stylist, and I have a younger brother.
Honor student of both Bunbu and Budo.Gentle and kind to everyone.An event in junior high school triggered me to keep a distance from the songs.[56]..In junior high school, he was in charge of percussion in the brass band, so he was in charge of drums in the band.Due to the influence of seeing meteor showers with my childhood friends when I was young, I still sometimes look at the sky.[61].
At the house of the performance of "25 o'clock, at night code."Housekeeping serviceI go to work part-time, and instead of doing housework, I do all the housework, and sometimes I get consultation from the housework.Currently, only Kanade's house goes to work part-time.[61].. Emu of "Wonderlands x Showtime" is a classmate and a friend who encouraged herself even during the period of estrangement from her childhood friend.In addition, Shizuku of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Is a sister of Shiho and the same beautification committee member, so there is a deep exchange.
My hobbies are walking the Shiba Inu, my dog, and the vegetable garden.His special skills are swimming and housework in general, and he belongs to the home economics department in high school.My favorite food is apple pie and my favorite food is cheese.What I'm not good at is drawing[56][59][61].
Shiho Hinomori
Voice- Yuki Nakajima
Birthday-January 1, Height-8cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-159-A, Sister-Shizuku[56]
A first year high school student attending Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy. Leo / need bass.
He has a lone wolf-like personality that dislikes getting along with others.Also, he has a personality to immerse himself in what he likes, and he doesn't care what people think about it.[56].
I used to cherish my childhood friends, but I've been away from them because of something that happened in middle school.[56].
My mother was a koto teacher and my father was a band guitarist.However, Shiho chose the bass because his longing bandman was playing the bass.[62].
Minori of "MORE MORE JUMP!" And Kohane of "Vivid BAD SQUAD" are classmates, and they are the only ones in the class who were estranged from their childhood friends and had no friends. A friend who treated me.Therefore, they may be vulnerable to invitations and requests from them.Shiho feels that they are "similar to Saki." Her singing ability was highly evaluated for Nene of "Wonderlands x Showtime", and she was influenced by Nene's way of thinking about professionals.
My hobbies are going to see the live performances of my favorite girl band and practicing and playing bass.Special skill is calligraphy.My favorite foods are ramen and hamburger steak, and my disliked food is tofu.What I'm not good at is my sister's Shizuku, but this is because I don't like the Shizuku sticking to each other and standing out, and my sister relationship is rather good.[56][59][62].


MORE MORE JUMP! (More More Jump!)Is an idol unit formed by four high school girls who attend Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy.Abbreviation is "Momojan".The genre is "Idol'[56]..The motif of Sekai is the live stage.The virtual singers in Sekai are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, and Megurine Luka.

One girl who dreams of being an idol and three girls who quit idols meet at a certain opportunity and become a unique idol unit formed overcoming hardships.[56]..The motif of the team is "three-leaf clover"[63].. In order to carry out the desire to work together with four people, we are working as a free idol group mainly for online distribution.

The concept of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Is "an idol unit that keeps trying even if it hits various walls and continues to deliver hope to the surroundings."This story also depicts the "egumi" of the idol industry, and depicts a story that goes one step further into the existence of an idol.This comes from the idea that the players may be able to show their efforts because of the wall, but the degree of "egumi" is adjusted so that the feeling after reading is also important.In addition, in drawing the element of idol, the experience of the idol band drawn by producer and director Kondo in "Bandri! Girls Band Party!" The experience of "Is it okay to step into the elements?" Is also utilized in the scenario of this work.[9].

The main character, Minori, goes to help Haruka, who became the catalyst for herself to become an idol, just with the desire to become an idol like her.In this way, it depicts idols who give each other feelings and hit the wall while getting each other, especially the relationship between Minori and Haruka is "an ordinary girl who continued to fall into the audition is the top of the idol industry. The scenario was designed with an emphasis on telling the player the persuasive power to "step into the heart of the idol who kept on stretching".[9].

Minori Hanasato
Voice- Yui Ogura[Annotation 2]
Birthday-April 4, Height-14cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-158-A[56]
A first-year high school student who is often hit by bad luck but continues to work hard with a pure personality and a single-minded heart[56]..At school, he serves as a breeding committee member with his classmate "Vivid BAD SQUAD".I have a younger brother in elementary school.
Haruka Kiriya's words from the popular idol group "ASRUN" that I happened to see on TV led me to aim for an idol like her.However, even though I have undergone various auditions so far, all of them continue to fall.[56].
Kohane in the same class are best friends who can confide in anything.In addition to being friends with Saki of "Leo / need" who is a part-time worker, she is also a classmate with Shiho, and sometimes invites her to live with Kohane.
My hobbies are copying idols, diary, and taking care of animals.A special skill is to add a catchphrase.My favorite food is salmon and my dislike is broccoli.I am not good at taking calm behavior[56][59].
Haruka Kiriya (Haruka Kiritani)
Voice- Mayu Yoshioka
Birthday-August 10, Height-5cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-163-C[56]
He was a charismatic presence in the idol industry who belonged to the nationally popular idol group "ASRUN", and when he belonged, he was extremely popular within the group.Minori's longing and goal was, but one day the group suddenly broke up and retired from the entertainment world.Return to Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy[56].
Minori respects him as an idol he admires, and he is happy with that feeling, but when he first met, he had mixed feelings.[56]..Originally a shy girl who couldn't laugh well, she entered the entertainment world longing for the idol who made her smile.[63].. Although the school is different from Kyou Shiraishi of "Vivid BAD SQUAD", they are also close friends from elementary school and junior high school, and they are rivals who often competed for the speed of their feet and the speed of finishing eating lunch.Therefore, they are still close friends, and sometimes they talk about their worries.[64].. One song of "Leo / need" and Saki are classmates in the same class and friends.Also, although it was disbanded, it still has a good relationship with the former members of "ASRUN".[65].
My hobby is collecting penguins.His specialty is basketball.My favorite food is sweet food in general, and my disliked food is wasabi.I am not good at being lazy due to my strict personality.[56][59]..My mother is a manicurist.
Airi Momoi
Voice- Ai Furuhata
Birthday-March 3, Height-19cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-156-D[56]
A second-year high school student who is confident and aggressive against others, but has love, passion, and pride in his work as an idol.[56]..My father is my husband.The family has an older sister and a younger sister, and is the second daughter of three sisters.Especially for my sister, I'm scared and can't get up.The club activity is the tea ceremony club.
It used to be popular mainly for variety shows, but for some reason he quit the office and retired as an idol.I spent my time as an ordinary high school student, but after something happened, I decided to coach Minori to become an idol.Minori loves Sparta as a reliable senior[56].
Shizuku is the same period as a research student, and she is a fan of her and at the same time feels envious of her talent.[56].. Shinonome Ename of "25 o'clock, at night code." Is a friend from junior high school, and even now as a high school student, he still interacts through his hobbies.[66].. Saki of "Leo / need" is one of the fans who was saved by her appearance during the fight against illness.
My hobbies are idol research and shopping.Special skills are cooking and caring for children.My favorite food is Japanese sweets and my disliked food is liver.I'm not good at it because I have cat allergies, but I don't dislike it, but rather I want to interact with it.[56][59].
Hinomori Shizuku
Voice- Rina Motoizumi
Birthday-December 12, Height-6cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-168-D, Sister-Shiho[56]
A second year high school student with a mysterious atmosphere that can't be beaten.He loves his sister, Shiho, and interacts with Leo / need members.[56][67]..Belongs to the beautification committee at school[68].
He is also an active idol who belongs to the popular idol group "Cheerful * Days", and he is captivated by his fans with his unique atmosphere and charm.However, they are jealous of their existence within the group.[56]..Meanwhile, Shizuku himself doesn't understand the meaning of continuing to be an idol.[69]..He left the office in the wake of a certain event and later joined "MORE MORE JUMP!".
The reason I became an idol was because my friend applied for an audition.Airi is the same period as a research student, and at the same time she is a fan of her, her existence supports her heart. "Playing Hino Mori Shizuku that the surroundings want" I'm worried about my own idol image, but Minori's dream is cheering[56][69]..Belonging to the Kyudo club, Mafuyu of "25 o'clock, at night code." Is a classmate of the same club activity.
My hobbies are reading and walking.Special skills are archery and embroidery.My favorite foods are udon and yuba, and my dislikes are all spicy foods.What I am not good at is reading maps and operating machines, and I am also struggling to operate smartphones.[56][59].


Vivid BAD SQUADIs a high school girl street unit "ViVids", A high school boy music unit"BAD DOGSIs a street unit jointly formed to surpass the legend.Abbreviation is "Bibibus".The genre is "ス ト リ ー ト".The motif of Sekai is on the street, and there is also a cafe run by MEIKO.The virtual singers in Sekai are Hatsune Miku, MEIKO, Kagamine Rin, and Kagamine Len.

Vivid BAD SQUAD is a legendary event held by KEN, a musician and apricot's father.RAD WEEKENDAbility group street unit gathered to hold an event that exceeds[56]..Even after the team was formed, the unit activities continued as "ViVids" and "BAD DOOGS", and for Kohane, various activities regardless of the team format, such as participating in multiple battle-style events alone as training. I am doing.Also, as a team, they have high technical capabilities such as being called by guests of big events.

In "Vivid BAD SQUAD", "aspiration" and "belief" are important, and through music, we find commonalities and draw a story that becomes one.This concept comes from the "coolness of belief" received from street music, and depicts boys and girls repelling their dreams and growing while colliding with each other. There is.It also focuses on how to handle street music, and incorporates many opinions from Krypton producer Sasaki, who is familiar with street music.[9].

In this story, Kohane, who is in the main character position, meets Kyou and steps into a new world that she did not know, and creates a new place with her own hands.While hostile to Akihito and Toya, the relationship between the characters changes drastically as Kohane grows up.Also, in order to draw why they have a passion for music, the viewpoints of the main characters are fixed to some extent in other units, while in this unit, the viewpoints of all four people are switched and the story is told. Has progressed, and everyone can be the main character[9].

Azusawa Kohane (Azusawa Kohane)
Voice- Akina
Birthday-March 3, Height-2 cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-156-A[56]
A shy first-year high school student who is not confident in himself.At first, he wore glasses with pigtails, and he was often down all the time.[56]..At school, I am a breeding committee member with my classmate "MORE MORE JUMP!"[70]
One day, I happened to hear Kyou's singing voice at a live cafe and bar that I passed by, and I was shocked by the rap and intense tempo music that I had never heard or seen and became captivated.After that, when she sang at Kyou's request, she confessed that she wanted to be a partner, and formed a high school girl street unit "ViVids" with Kyou.[56].
Kyou is an important friend who gave me an opportunity, and I admire him as an irreplaceable companion.[56]..Minori is a close friend who can confide in anything, and sometimes goes out with Shiho of the same class "Leo / need".He is a regular customer who attended "Phoenix Wonderland" once a week, and is attracting attention as a "regular customer who clearly evaluates good and bad" by the members of "Wonderlands x Showtime". , She also knows about the cast.He was also good at art and knew the names of the same unit members, Akihito and Toya no Chichi's father.
My hobby is taking care of snakes that my father keeps.His specialty is photography.My favorite food is peach dumplings and sesame dumplings, and my disliked food is vinegared food.I'm not good at standing in front of people, but I'm gradually overcoming it, and Miku from "Street Sekai" is paying attention to "She may be the one who will lead the unit in the future."[56][59].
An Shiraishi
Voice- Tomomi Jiena Washimi
Birthday-July 7, Height-26cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-160-A[56]
A first-year high school student with a cheerful and cheerful personality.My father is a former musician, KEN, who is famous on the streets of Shibuya.My dad runs a live cafe and bar called "WEEKEND GARAGE", and Kyou also helps a lot.[56]..He is a disciplinary committee member at school, and he himself corrects his uniform during the committee activities.[71].
I dream of creating the best event with my own hands that goes beyond the live event "RAD WEEKEND" that my father once held, and even if I receive invitations from other musicians, I keep refusing and continue to search for the best companion. I came.At that time, I happened to meet Kohane who heard Kyou's singing voice, and after that, I invited her because I felt that she wanted to sing with this child, and formed the unit "ViVids".[56].
I feel that Kohane is my best companion, and I cherish it as my favorite existence.Akira is always a quarrel with dogs and monkeys, but those who have the same dream recognize their abilities as rivals.[56].. Although the school is different from Haruka Kiriya of "MORE MORE JUMP!", He has been a close friend since elementary and junior high school, and he is also a rival who often competed for the speed of his legs and the speed of finishing eating lunch.[72].. Mizuki of "25 o'clock, at night code." Is a friend of the same class, and is one of Mizuki's irreplaceable friends. The boss and kind of "Wonderlands x Showtime" are regulars for her to be cracked down by the disciplinary committee and cause headaches.
My hobby is mint cultivation.His specialty is brewing coffee and tea.My favorite food is ram raisin ice cream and my dislike is tomato.I am not good at ghosts and ghost stories[56][59].
Akito Shinonome
Voice- Fumiya Imai
Birthday-November 11, Height-12cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-174-C, Sister-Picture name[56]
A first year high school student who is serious about music and his dreams.Although he seems to have a friendly atmosphere when he meets for the first time, he does not hide his dry words and deeds from his close friends and often quarrels with Kyou.He has been active in music since junior high school, admiring Kyou's father, and sings with his partner Fumiya at event houses as a vocal unit "BAD DOGS".That ability was already a hot topic in the neighborhood at the time of the main story[56].
I feel that Toya is the best companion I trust, and I sometimes have troubles with him for him.Although he has a fight with Kyou, he admits his ability.On the other hand, Kohane initially took a chilly attitude as an unprepared amateur, but after recognizing her ability, she is recognized as a companion who can take care of her while making fun of her.[56]..My sister's picture name is sometimes associated with shopping and collecting reference photos of illustrations, and is swayed.However, there are scenes where she cares about her and quietly supports her from behind.[73].
My hobby is fashion coordination.Special skill is human beatbox.My favorite foods are pancakes and cheesecake, and my disliked food is carrots.I'm not good at dogs[56][59].
Toya Aoyagi
Voice- Kento Ito[Annotation 3],Emi Hirayama(childhood)[74]
Birthday-May 5, Height-25 cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-178-B[56]
He has a cool, reticent and calm personality.Under the influence of his father, who is involved in classical music, he was educated as a gifted child from an early age.Therefore, he has an outstanding musical sense, but he is disgusted by his strict father and starts music activities on the street.At that time, I met Akihito, heard his dream, and decided to form a unit together.[56]..He is a library committee member at school.
I feel that Akihito is a benefactor who gave me a place to stay.I feel that Kohane is a weak girl, but I feel the talent hidden in it.[56]..The two older brothers are musicians, but they agree with his father's ideas on the issue of his father and Toya.Tenma brothers and sisters are old friends through their parents, and they respect the boss who saved their childhood at that time, and they are still worried about Saki for a long time.Later, through Tsukasa and Saki, she began to interact with all the members of her childhood friend "Leo / need".In addition, he became friends with Mizuki, who said, "At 2:25, at night code."
My hobby is reading.With his father's education, he specializes in piano and violin.My favorite food is coffee and cookies, and my disliked food is squid.I am afraid of heights and am not good at high places[56][59].

Wonderlands x Showtime

Wonderlands x Showtime (Wanda Lands Shotaimu)Is a popular theme parkPhoenix WonderlandA high school musical unit that works as a member of a theater company on the stage stage.Abbreviation is "Wandasho".The genre is "musical'[56]..The motif of Sekai is a theme park.The virtual singers in Sekai are Hatsune Miku, KAITO, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, MEIKO, and Megurine Luka.

I am lonely and dreaming of a revival of the stage where the audience does not come.The watchword is "Wanda Hoi!"[56].. Sekai of "Wonderlands x Showtime" is born from the thoughts of Tsukasa, and other members are invited there.Through Tsukasa, he interacts with all the members of "Leo / need".

"Wonderlands x Showtime" is depicted as a lively festival unit, and will be the only unit where the ideas from the early stages of the project remain until the end.At the beginning of the project, Vocaloid not only wrote songs, but also drew pictures and manga, and brought together what each person could do.Nico Nico DougaThe topic that it was attractive that everyone could enjoy together in the place was raised in the scenario team, and this unit was conceived to draw a place where individuality gathers like that and everyone creates new fun together. ..Hatsune Miku that appears in this unit also has an upper and chaotic atmosphere because it is a unique unit.[9].

At first, the main character, Tsukasa, is depicted as a character with a strong self-assertion, but it is depicted as gradually changing as he meets his unique friends.Also, for Tsukasa, the existence of his younger sister, Saki, is depicted as an important element that leads to his foundation.The existence of Saki is also an element necessary for the user not to misunderstand and receive the character image of Tsukasa, and the past recollections of Tsukasa and Saki drawn at the opening of the beginning of the main story are rewritten after the scenario is completed. But also[9].

Tsukasa Tenma
Voice- Hirose Daisuke,(childhood)[74]
Birthday-May 5, Height-17cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-A, Sister-Saki[56]
A second year high school student who is overconfident and wants to stand out.She cherishes her sickly sister, Saki, and interacts with her childhood friend Leo / need members.Sometimes I'm worried about Tsukasa's behavior and Saki and Leo / need members think about Tsukasa's poses and lines together, and Tsukasa can also be helped by a song or Honami.[75][56][76].
It has a personality that makes it easy to get on and off, and its straightforward personality can be disappointing from the surroundings.On the other hand, he is a relatively common sense person among the members, and recognizes Emuya as "unreasonable guy" and "bad guy".[56]..Contrary to what he usually shows, he has a realist perspective, and at first he felt that Sekai was also a dream.Admiring the show of the theater company that I saw as a child, I was interviewed by Phoenix Wonderland aiming to be the best star in the world[56].
He seems to have a personality that seems to float from the surroundings, but he has good friendships in the class. I used to be familiar with Toya in "Vivid BAD SQUAD", and I still have a scene where I am concerned about the relationship between him and his father.Sometimes he is made fun of by Toya's companion, Akihito. An exchange was born with Mizuki at the school festival, "At 25:XNUMX, at night code." Mizuki recognizes him as an interesting senior.
My hobbies are watching musicals and making costumes.His special skill is the piano.In addition, although it is possible to make a cool pose immediately, there may be a subtle reaction from the surroundings.My favorite food is aqua pazza and grilled ginger, and my dislike is peppers.I'm not good at insects, especially multi-legged insects[56][59].
Otori Emu (Otori Emu)
Voice- Kino Hina
Birthday-September 9, Height-9 cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-152-B[56]
A first-year high school student with a bright and innocent personality.As soon as you think of something, you take action, so you can get involved.[56].. I have two older brothers and one older sister.
A member of the Phoenix Wonderland theater company, he is working to revive the stage.[56]..The name Emu means that she can always smile and that people who hear it laugh when it's funny, and she likes it too.[77].
Because of his personality, he is thought to have an unrealistic way of thinking, but he sees things from a realistic point of view, and the management's circumstances are hidden so that the showcast can be put on the stage. However, while acting as if he believed in Santa's existence, he actually pretended to believe for the sake of his surroundings, thinking and moving so that the people around him could smile.I sometimes assert my opinion clearly to seniors in high school, but I often struggle to think of a way to clearly realize the idea I came up with.I treat my seniors with honorifics.
Honami of "Leo / need" is a friend of the same class, and sometimes takes action for her who is worried.Honami's childhood friend Saki and Haruka of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Became friends through the athletic festival, and they were also influenced by Emu's ability to act. Mafuyu of "25 o'clock, at night code." Is a senior who has deepened exchanges since the athletic festival, and although she is afraid to feel the inside of her heart, on the other hand, she wants to see her true smile. There is.
My hobby is exploring the neighborhood.Special skill is acrobatics.In addition, there is a special skill that any dish can be eaten deliciously.My favorite food is Taiyaki.What I'm not good at is dusk[56][59].. "Wandahoi" is a habit.His parents run the Phoenix Group, the parent company of Phoenix Wonderland, and he is also the daughter of a family-owned business.He loved his grandfather, the founder of Phoenix Wonderland, and his favorite "Wonder Stage" was a big favorite, but the situation changed when his grandfather passed away a year ago and his management rights were transferred to his father.The father decides to demolish and renew the "Wonder Stage", which is expensive to maintain and unprofitable, but Emu repels it.The demolition was postponed on the condition that the father gathered enough customers to make a profit by the holidays this year.In fact, Zhang himself hired a boss who originally failed the recruitment test.
Nene Kusanagi (Nene Kusanagi)
Voice- Machico
Birthday-July 7, Height-20cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-156-B[56]
A first-year high school student who doesn't appear in public with a poisonous tongue for anyone.Kind is an older childhood friend[56].
Join the theater company by recommendation of the kind.I dream of a musical stage, and from my experience in a children's theater company, my singing voice is at a level that I can't think of as a high school student.However, he did not appear in front of Tsukasa and Emu, and he operated a robot made by a kind called "Nene Robo" and made him stand on the stage instead of himself.Later, after facing his own trauma, he began to stand on the stage, and his singing voice was enough to be recognized by other theater company casts.[56].
He is the most common sense person among the members, and is sometimes swayed by Tsukasa and Emu.I feel that kind of thing is a nosy childhood friend[56]..Nene Robo was initially investigated by Nene himself, but now it is equipped with a self-sustaining AI, and sometimes takes action to support Nene's true feelings. In addition to teaching the song for one song of "Leo / need", he influenced Shiho's thoughts on the professional path.
My hobbies are playing competitive games and watching musicals and movies.His special skills are singing and general machine operations.My favorite food is grapefruit and my dislike is mint-flavored food.I'm not good at places with a lot of traffic[56][59].
Kamidai (Kamishiro)
Voice- Toichi Junichi
Birthday-June 6, Height-24cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-180-B[56]
Although he has a self-paced personality, he has a genius brain and is often treated as an eccentric by his surroundings because he has a unique idea.[56]High school junior.
The theater company produces stage productions, while also producing robots for shows.I used to go to another high school in Shibuya, but recently transferred to Kamiyama High School.
Nene is a childhood friend because the houses are next to each other.I recommended her to the troupe, hoping to overcome her trauma.I'm interested in Tsukasa as an interesting actor who is worth directing.[56].. Mizuki, who said "At 25:XNUMX, at night code.", Were strangers at the same school in junior high school, and they still care about each other.Mizuki is working on the costumes for the show of Kin and Nene.
My hobbies are thinking about the production of shows and balloon art.We always have a policy of making "shows that make the audience smile" and "shows that satisfy ourselves", but the eccentricity and danger of the show are on our own (the kind also includes safety as an element of the show). There is a past where there was no one who agreed with the kind and the show was held alone.Even before joining Wonderland x Showtime, he held a guerrilla show alone without getting permission, and repeatedly angered the guards and ran away.Even now, the guerrilla show continues, and Tsukasa and Emu have jumped in and participated.
His special skill is the invention of robots.My favorite food is ramune sweets and my dislike is vegetables in general.On the other hand, I am not good at cleaning and simple work[56][59].

At 25:XNUMX, with a night code.

At 25:XNUMX, with a night code. (Nijugoji, if you don't have it.)Is a chat tool "Knight codeAn unidentified music circle that works with the arrival at 25:XNUMX.Abbreviation is "Nigo".The genre is "Underground'[56]..An inorganic place with no Sekai motif.The virtual singers in Sekai are Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin.

Members interact with each other using the chat tool "Knight Code", and at first they did not know each other's face or real name at all.[56].. "Nobody's Sekai" was born from Mafuyu's thoughts, and other members were invited by Miku, who wanted to save Mafuyu, asking for help.Nowadays, there are some scenes where Sekai changes under the influence of other members.

"At 25:4, with a night code." All four members have problems that cannot be easily solved, and among them, if they can get a certain degree of conviction, they can move on to the next step. It has become.Therefore, it is not a story with a feeling after reading, but a story development that "if they decide so, the surroundings have to support".Also, for a certain character, he goes a little deeper into the view of life and death.It is also the only story on the creator side of all the units.[9].

When drawing a theme peculiar to "underground" such as the view of life and death, if the theme is too shallow, the content itself should not be dealt with, so we are identifying the last-minute lines that can be drawn with content of all ages.Also, the elements included in the "underground" song, "I can be here because there is desperate music in a desperate situation," are important, and those who were saved by that song The story is drawn with the desire to have those people sympathize with the fact that they are taking it seriously and not accepting it for everyone.From these factors, main writer Masui says that the story of this unit was the most difficult unit to write a scenario.[9].

Kanade Yoizaki
Voice- Kusunoki Tomori
Birthday-February 2, height-10 cm, school-correspondence high school sophomore (154 years old)[56][78]
A girl in a jersey who always stays at home.Music circle "25:XNUMX, with a night code. 』Composer[56]..The handle name is "K".His father is a composer and his mother is ill and died.For some reason, I am currently living alone.My favorite is the music box that my father sent when his mother was alive.
Two years ago, when my father was making a song to apply for a commercial competition, he was boiled down and was advised by the performance, but as a result of his love of the song with arrangements and passing it through the competition, his song was released. It was adopted but used was a phrase arranged by Kanade.Since then, the number of requests for work to his father has increased, but the contractor has begun to request requests like that phrase.As a result, he began to struggle to write songs, and his contractor called him old-fashioned, and the song that Kanade addressed to his father chased him, and he finally collapsed.Although he was saved by his prompt response, he suffered from memory problems and is still hospitalized.After that, Kanade thought like a curse, "I have to keep making songs that make someone happy," and lived just for that. "At 2:25, with a night code. It was this trauma that led to the formation of[56].
At first, Mafuyu, who always cares about the members, felt some sympathy even though his personality should be completely different from himself.Later, one of the goals was to save her, and it became a "curse" to save each other.[56].. Honami Mochizuki of "Leo / need" goes to Kanade's house as a part-time job of housework service, and instead of Kanade who can not do housework at work, he does all the housework and also consults with Honami about his troubles. Many[61].
My hobbies are listening to music and watching movies, manga, anime, and art works.A special skill is to be able to measure time with a sense.My favorite foods are cup noodles and canned foods, and my disliked foods are coriander and natto, which have a unique smell.I am not good at direct sunlight and general housework[56][59].
Asahina Mafuyu (Asahina Mafuyu)
Voice- Rie Tanabe
Birthday-January 1, Height-27 cm, School-Miyamasuzaka Girls' Academy, Class-162-B[56]
A bright and humorous second-year high school student who can be relied on.Music circle "2:25, with a night code. 』\ Lyrics charge.The only member of the circle who normally attends school[56]..The handle name is "Yuki".
He always cares for his friends and members and behaves like a perfect honor student to everyone.[56]..He serves as a class representative at school and is acquainted with the song "Leo / need", which is also a class representative.Club activities belong to the Kyudo club, and the drops of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Are from the same grade who belong to the same club activities.Since I was in elementary school, I was an honor student and grew up with expectations from my parents.However, it became a weight, and when I was in elementary school, my classmates refrained from going to play, and when I was in junior high school, I confessed to my parents that I wanted to be a nurse in the future, but my dream was denied and instead I was advised to aim for a doctor with this academic ability. ..However, he accepted them gently and gradually began to push his emotions, and one day he lost himself because he didn't know what he liked and what he wanted to do.At the same time, he has lost his sense of taste.Even now as a high school student, he still plays an honor student, but his heart remains empty.
A junior who has come to interact with each other through the athletic festival, Otori of "Wonderlands x Showtime" feels the inside of Mafuyu's heart.Emu may take a frightened attitude toward Mafuyu, and I feel that Mafuyu Moemu may be aware of her inner self.Even so, she feels that Emu is a "funny child" when she actively interacts with herself, and is interested in talking about her to members of Nigo who do not usually talk about school.
My hobby is an aquarium, but there are no fish in the aquarium.However, the reason I like aquariums is that "when I look at them, I feel like I'm becoming more transparent."[79]..Special skill is English conversation.My favorite food is my mother's home cooking and I don't dislike any food.Nothing I'm not good at.I don't really know what he likes or dislikes, so there is a part of his mother's home cooking that he says in front of him.[56][59][80].
Shinonome picture name (Shinomeena)
Voice- Suzuki Minori
Birthday-April 4, Height-30cm, School-Kamiyama High School (night part-time), Class-158-D, Brother-Akihito[56]
A second year high school student with a strong desire for approval.Music circle "2:25, with a night code. 』Illustration charge[56]..The handle name is "Enana".
It depends on SNS and does not miss selfies and egosearch.My father was a famous painter, and under the influence of that, he drew pictures and posted them on SNS.Joined the members of the circle because he was called out to play when he found it.[56].
I admire Kanade as a benefactor who gave me the value of existence in my paintings.He is always in a fight with his younger Mizuki, but he has a mysterious relationship with him in many ways.[56]..9% of chats in voice chat are often filled with chats like the fight between the picture name and Mizuki.[81].. Airi Momoi of "MORE MORE JUMP!" Has been a friend since junior high school, and even now as a high school student, she still interacts through her hobbies.It can be seen that Akihito is also grateful for treating Airi as one of the few friends with a picture name.[82].
He hates his father as a denial of his painting, and is worried that no one will recognize his painting.His younger brother, Akihito, was also concerned about her.Later, due to the influence of Rin, Nigo members, and Akihito who appeared in response to the feelings of the picture name, he chose to continue drawing even if he was not recognized.Rin feels her appearance as a "curse" and thinks it will be a salvation for her.
My hobbies are drawing pictures, uploading selfies to SNS, egosearch, etc.His special skills are researching fashion and accessories, and guessing the ingredients for cooking.My favorite foods are pancakes and cheesecake, and my disliked food is carrots, and my younger brother Akihito has the same taste.I'm not good at getting up in the morning[56][59].
Mizuki Akiyama
Voice- Hinata Sato
Birthday-August 8, Height-27cm, School-Kamiyama High School, Class-163-A[56]
A first-year high school student with a mood-like personality.Music circle "1:25, with a night code. 』Video production charge[56]..The handle name is "Amia".
I was attracted to the songs I listened to by chance, and personally created and posted a music video.It caught my eye and was invited by a circle member to be in charge of the video.I have an older sister who lives abroad.
She likes cute frilled clothes and wears uniforms for girls, but students can avoid saying "I don't know which one" or on the contrary, they are interested and talk to me, so except for supplementary lessons for credits. I continue to refrain from attending school.Gender is unknown, but it is known that he had short hair and wore a men's uniform when he was in junior high school.There is a secret that I have not told any of the circle members, but the content is unknown[56].
From this background, I am grateful for the performance that accepted me as I am.I enjoy making fun of the picture name, which often leads to a fight with the picture name.[56].. The kind of "Wonderlands x Showtime" is old friends. Kyou of "Vivid BAD SQUAD" is a classmate and one of the few real friends.Through Kyou, he interacts with all the members of "Vivid BAD SQUAD", and in particular, he never calls Akihito by name, but plays by calling him "younger brother of the picture name" and "younger brother".In addition, through the school festival, I had an exchange with Nene, the boss of "Wonderlands x Showtime".
My hobbies are collecting materials for making videos and collage.Special skill is clothes arrangement.My favorite foods are curry rice and french fries, and my disliked foods are mushrooms.I'm not good at hot food with a cat tongue[56][59].

Related person

In this work, many of the characters other than the 20 original characters have appeared in Live2D and full voice support.

Voice- Sasamoto Natsue, Live2D available, full voice support
Leader and vocalist of the band "STANDOUT" who is active in the studio where Shiho works part-time.He is stoic about music and is looking for members who can really play music together.
With a major debut coming up, he is looking for a new bassist.After hearing the bass of Shiho who works part-time at a live house, he has invited Shiho to his band many times as a bassist.
Voice-, with Live2D, full voice support
A former member of "ASRUN" and a junior of Haruka.Aspiring to be an idol, he overcame auditions and joined "ASRUN".
He built a friendly relationship with Haruka and worked hard on special training with her words in mind.However, one day, three years after joining, he fell into a slump because he couldn't sing well with the new song, and after repeated excessive training, he broke his throat and was forced to retire as an idol.Mayi, who is desperate for the reality, hits Haruka with harsh words.Haruka who was traumatized by this word and could not go up to the stage retired from the idol, and ASRUN was also disbanded.
Mayi, who has recovered to the point where she can face reality, regrets what she has done to Haruka and contacts Haruka Minori again to convey her feelings.
After Haruka overcame the trauma, the relationship was restored.Haruka tells Mayi that she will continue to be an idol.
Former ASRUN member
A former member of ASRUN who was working with Haruka and Mayi. Transferred the office when ASRUN was dissolved.He is cheerful and energetic even in an office without a budget, and he also cares about the members after the dissolution and supports them.
Appeared in the Haruka side story of the event "From here RE: START!".Haruka calls Haruka after hearing rumors that he is looking for an office by forming a new group.However, the purpose of the phone call was not to solicit Haruka, but to find out what kind of girl Minori was when she brought Haruka back to being an idol.For Haruka, she was the first person to show interest in Minori, who had never been interested in any office.For Haruka, he was the first person to talk about Minori except for Mayi.When she heard about Minori Haruka, she said, "I'm definitely going to be a great idol in the future."
Cheerful * Days members
Members of the idol group "Cheerful * Days" to which Shizuku belongs.He was dissatisfied with Shizuku, who was given preferential treatment because of his popularity, and was harassing and harassing him.Even after Shizuku declared that he would retire as an idol, he had an aggressive attitude toward Shizuku, which led to a quarrel with Airi and his friends.In the wake of this turmoil, Shizuku decided to break up with Cheerful * Days.
Nanami Hayakawa
Live2D available, full voice support
An internet distributor boasting about 80 registered users.The compatibility is "Nanamin".
He was a former member of the idol group "CreamBerry" and was one of the most popular idols in the industry.However, he suddenly retired from being an idol and is now active mainly in online videos as a distributor.I belong to an agency specializing in distribution to receive support for selling songs and holding live performances.
He has a close friendship with Haruka and has been consulted to find an office.That was the trigger for MORE MORE JUMP!I was interested in and proposed a joint collaboration distribution project.Haruka was listening to the story of what caused her to return to being an idol, and was interested in Minori who saved her.Also, MORE MORE JUMP!I also support about.MORE MORE JUMP triggered by the collaboration distribution with Nanami!Shows his first live performance in front of fans and successfully collaborates.It also became an opportunity for fans to recognize Minori.
Ken Shiraishi
Voice- Nakamura Taishi, Live2D available, full voice support
Musician "KEN" who was the father of Kyou and held the legendary live "RAD WEEKEND".The legend is still being passed down, and the live cafe & bar "WEEKEND GARAGE" run by Ken attracts customers to meet their former friends and Ken.The regulars call him "Ken-san".My wife is a school teacher and seems to be poor at cooking.
For Akihito and Toya, he is another father, and he is watching the activities of four people, including Kohane.
ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン
Voice- Yume Mineta, Live2D available, full voice support
He is a trader of Akihito and Toya, and is active on the same street.
He respects the musician KEN and also appreciates the ability of the award winners BAD DOGS.On the other hand, I feel that KEN's daughter, Kyou, is in the limelight with her parents' seven lights, and she interferes with the live performance in order to fall into her and her splashes. Create an opportunity for ViVids and BAD DOGS to confront each other.
Later, after seeing the live performance of ViVids and showing their abilities, I apologized to them.He confessed that BAD DOGS had nothing to do with the obstruction, and told him that he would do his best.
Harumichi Aoyagi
Voice- Kenichi Ono, Live2D available, full voice support
Toya's father.Known as a classical musician, Toya's two older brothers are also educated by him and are on the path of classical music.
With the belief that classical music enriches life, Toya has been educating classical musicians from an early age without doubt.The strict education cracks the parent-child relationship with Toya.
He cut off street music as "play" and had a long clash with Toya, who continues the music.However, when he later realized that his father had taught him from the desire to "know the goodness of classical music," he tells Harumichi his true feelings.After that, Harumichi seemed to be secretly going to see Toya's live performance, and although he couldn't get an understanding of street music, the stalemate between the two was gradually resolved.
Azusawa Kohane's father
Kohane's father.Wear glasses.He buys Count Pearl of the Snake, takes care of him with his snake, and his hobby is camera, and his daughter's snake is also influenced.
He was cheering without objecting to what Kohane did, but he was worried about going in and out of the live house alone, and at one point he was reluctant to go to the live house.However, Kohane invited me to "see the live performance and decide", and by actually feeling the singing voice of her daughter and the atmosphere of the venue, she acknowledged her continuation of activities.
Voice- Naoyuki Shimotsuru, Live2D available, full voice support
One of the cast of Phoenix Wonderland who takes care of Emu.I always wear a costume.He is engaged in various activities such as Emu's bodyguard and the cast of plays.We value Emu, and prioritize what is good for Emu rather than the judgment of the management.
Rabbit plush toy
Voice- Akina, Live2D available, full voice support
One of the dolls in Sekai, Wonderland.The identity is the stuffed animal that Saki had.Tsukasa forgot about that, but he will remember it later through exchanges.
Seiryuin Sakurako
Voice- Toshiro Hisako, Live2D available, full voice support
A diva representing the most popular theater "Phoenix Stage" in Phoenix Wonderland.The singing voice is so powerful that even his rivals Nene and his friends can't hide their surprises.He is proud of his troupe and singing voice, and was initially in conflict with Wonderlands x Showtime.
He is very sensitive and sometimes looks down on the other person or makes unpleasant remarks, but he calmly assesses the other person's ability, and even if he feels good, he can not lie, even if he is an enemy.At first, he made a disgusting remark about Nene, because he was aware of the shortcomings of Nene's song, and later heard her grown-up singing voice and acknowledged her ability.
Otori Emu's grandfather
Founder of Phoenix Wonderland.He passed away about a year before the unit story.
He is the person who laid the foundation for Emu, and one of the purposes of Emu is to leave the amusement park that his grandfather loved.In the past, when a show contest was about to be held, it was canceled, saying, "You don't have to decide the number one show. Everyone is different and everyone is good."Therefore, Emu has mixed feelings about the decision to hold a show contest again after her grandfather's death.
Otori Emu's father
Live2D available, full voice support
After the death of Emu's grandfather, he is currently a management audit of Phoenix Wonderland.He takes a fair position with Emu and others, such as giving a grace to Emu's wish to stop the demolition of the Wonder Stage.
Keisuke Ootori
Live2D available, full voice support
The eldest son of the Otori family and the older brother of Emu.He is in charge of managing Phoenix Wonderland.
In order to improve the management of Phoenix Wonderland, where the rate of attracting customers is declining, it is constructing and demolishing attractions and is trying to form a character license alliance with other companies.I think that it is only ideal for the feelings of Imu who protected the amusement park as it used to be.
Shosuke Otori
Live2D available, full voice support
The second son of the Otori family, he is in charge of managing director of Phoenix Wonderland.
He is even ignorant of Emu's ideals, and his attitude creates a source of confrontation with them.
Hinata Otori (Hinata Otori)
Live2D available, full voice support
The eldest daughter of the Otori family and Emu's older sister.Students attending college.
With a gentle personality, he listens to the worries of Emu.Like Emu, he is reluctant to demolish attractions, but he also understands the position of his brothers and the need for management improvement.
Yoizaki Kan's father
Voice- Wataru Isami, Live2D available, full voice support
Kanade's father and composer.My wife has already passed away.
As a composer, he has worked on music for corporate commercials, etc., and raised his performance with just one man.However, two years before the unit story, when he was boiled down in the production of music for the CM competition and received advice on the performance, the performance was adopted as an arrangement of the song, and as a result, his composition part Was not used.After this commercial, although the number of requests for composition work increased, he began to worry about songwriting, and the contractor said that his song was old-fashioned, and the song that Kanade addressed to his father was a catch-up, and he finally collapsed.Although he was saved by the prompt response of the performance, he suffered from memory problems and is still hospitalized.This incident was traumatic for Kou and is still eroding her like a curse.
The work room that Kanade is currently using is the room where his father originally composed.
Asahina Mafuyu's parents
Mafuyu's parents.Mizuki says that his personality is "a type that naturally imposes values", and he is trying to take Mafuyu on the path that he thinks is good.Therefore, for what Mafuyu wanted to do, we are trying to cut off everything that is different from our intentions.Due to the curse of these parents, Mafuyu's personality will change drastically.
Shinonome picture name, Akihito's father
Voice- Takanori Hoshino, Live2D available, full voice support
A well-known painter, his paintings are so familiar to him.
The parent-child relationship was cracked by the cold contact with the picture name aiming to be a painter, saying "You have no talent", and after that, the parent-child relationship deteriorated so much that it was severely rejected every time the picture name met.However, he simply said that he had no talent because he thought that the name of the painting was not strong enough to lead a painful and difficult life like himself, and he never denied drawing.Later, when Akihito argued that he was "correct as a painter, but not as a father," he added the word "father" to the name of the painting.


Rhythm game mode

The operation method is to tap the notes coming from the back of the screen to the front when it comes to the judgment line.There are four types of notes: tap, hold (hold), slide (trace), and flick (play).[14]..Notes size can be changed, and it corresponds to users who are not good at rhythm games[10]..Various vocaloid songs are recorded in the rhythm game.The songs will be recorded in two versions: "Virtual Singer Ver." Sung only by the virtual singer and the original character, or "Sekai ver." Sung by the virtual singer and the original character together.Some songs will be recorded only in either ver.[32]..Vocaloid songs made by other companies are also added in this work, and in particular, in Virtual Singer Ver., Some songs by other companies' Vocaloid such as "Happy Synthesizer" and "Charles" are recorded as the original version."Another vocal ver" exists in many songs in Sekai ver., And by increasing the character rank, you can get another vocal ver sung by each character.[3].

There are 5 levels of difficulty: "EASY" for beginners, "NORMAL" for beginners / intermediates, "HARD" for intermediates, "EXPERT" for advanced users, and "MASTER" for super-advanced users. ing[8]..There is a "live alone" mode where you can play alone and a "live together" mode where you can play with up to 1 people.[83]..In addition, the auto live function is also implemented.

Two modes, 2D live mode and 3DMV mode, are recorded. In 2D mode, there are two patterns: a song in which 2DMV is prepared according to the song, and a song in which an illustration of the song is displayed in the background. In some cases, the original MV of this work by a video creator / illustrator may be produced in the 2D mode video.[84]..In addition, at the time of implementation, even in the case of 2D mode, it is a policy to listen to the user's response and aim for 3DMV.[32].. Even for songs with 3DMV mode, there is a 2D mode in which only the illustrations of the songs are displayed for users who want to concentrate on playing the songs.[85].

In 3DMV mode, you can freely change the character's costumes and accessories.[32]..Hairstyles can also be changed under certain conditions[86]..It is also possible to switch the 3D model of each character for each song and play it, and it can be organized by other unit members.[85]..Costumes can be created at the costume shop by collecting materials that can be obtained live, and can also be obtained at gacha, and if you get 4 members with costumes, you can get the corresponding costumes together.[14].

As a member training system, organize the main unit to clear the rhythm game, and raise the character rank and unit rank by completing "practice" using items and "character mission" set for each character. Can.In addition, there are "special training" that raises the upper limit of the level, "skill up" that strengthens the skills of individual members, and "master training" that consumes special items to improve the overall strength of members, and utilizes these training elements. By strengthening the members, it will be possible to increase the clearing rate and score of the rhythm game.[14].

Adventure part

In the adventure part, by tapping the SD character that is randomly displayed in the real world city or spots such as SekaiLive2DYou can see the characters interacting with each other, and you can purchase costumes and songs at shops in some spots.The original character is fully voice compatible[14]..In addition, all the voices of Miku and Vocaloid are tuned with krypton and produced, and it will be full voice compatible in the story and in virtual live.[9].

To open the main story of each unit, you can gain experience points for each unit in the rhythm game part and raise the unit rank to see the story prepared for each unit.[14]..On the other hand, event stories can be released by playing a rhythm game and accumulating points, but stories that have passed the event period can be viewed at any time in the archive.

There are two types of stories, a "main story" that depicts the formation of each unit implemented at the earliest stage, and an "event story" that is delivered regularly. "Main story" has been implemented in all 6 units from the beginning, and there are 20 episodes in each unit. The "Event Story" is held regularly three times a month, and the story after the main story is drawn.

The event story includes a "unit story" in which each unit plays a leading role and a "mixed story" in which various characters are woven together. In the "unit story", newly drawn songs and after-lives are implemented.The main story of the unit is the Leo / need event "Ichibanboshi after the rain", which was delivered from October 2020, 10, and the mixed story is "Run! Sports Festival!", Which was delivered from November 9, 2020. ~ The executive committee is busy ~ "[87][88].

In addition to the above stories, the "side story" that can be viewed from the card reward is divided into the first part and the second part, and stories that supplement the main story and event story are developed.In order to lift the ban, it is necessary to use items and raise the rank of the character.The "area conversation" that can be viewed by tapping the SD characters that appear randomly at the spots on the map has many contents that supplement the settings of each character and the everyday scenery, and also includes hints of each story.In addition, new area conversations may be recorded after the event story is read or after the event is over.

On December 2020, 12, an "archive function" was implemented that allows you to view past event stories and after-lives.[89].

Regarding "Main Story", from January 2021, 1, the main story video with cast commentary of all 16 units has been distributed 5 times in the form of "Pro Seca Story Theater" on YouTube official account.[90]..Regarding the event story, from February 2021, 2, in the form of "Proceca After Talk", a program that looks back on the event and watches the after-live in real time with the cast will be delivered on YouTube officially from 26:21 immediately after the event ends. Has been[91].

Virtual live

A function that allows users from all over the country to enjoy live performances by virtual singers and characters in the game.Live will be delivered in real time only for a specific period.Therefore, it is not always possible to watch it repeatedly, and it is necessary to participate in live performances held several times a day in real time.However, after-lives can be viewed at any time from the archive.In addition to the mode in which multiple people can watch the live performance, it is possible to create a private room that can be watched by one person.[15].

In the waiting area before the start of the live, you can communicate with other players using the stamp and comment functions.Players can operate their avatars to move around the waiting area and live venue freely.Avatar can be dressed up.At the venue, you can change the color of the penlight and swing it around freely.You can also swipe to move around the venue and view the stage from various angles.In addition, you can liven up the live by various means such as virtual items, stamps, actions, etc.[15].

The live will start automatically at the start of the performance, and the characters will perform songs, and there will also be an MC part that speaks to the audience.At the live, it is composed of singing one to several songs at one time, and another character may participate from the middle.[15].

The types of virtual live are "after live" where the story is later talked about immediately after the end of the unit event, "birthday live" which is held on the character's birthday, and "birthday live" which is held on various anniversaries. There is an "anniversary live", and you can watch the after-live again in the event story archive.From the above contents, the holding frequency will be 3 times or more a month[52].

Initially, the after-live was held only for unit events, but after the mixed event "Tenma-san Chino Hinamatsuri" held on March 2021, 3, after-lives will also be held for mixed events.[92]..In addition, in the mixed event, the story of the units that appeared in the work from a different perspective is developed, and the sekai of each unit does not intersect.

With the update on December 2020, 12, the waiting area can be expanded and 30 people can watch live at the same time.[93].


As of March 2021, 3, 22 original game songs, 21 cover songs (Sekai Ver), and 41 virtual singer independent songs are included.Contains a total of 24 songs[Annotation 4]..Of these, 3 are 32DMV songs and 2 are game original 12DMV songs.

"Another vocal ver" exists in many songs in Sekai ver., And you can get another vocal ver sung by individual characters by raising the character rank or completing the event.[3].

Vocaloid songs made by other companies are also added while considering the balance.Especially in Virtual Singer Ver., Some of the songs by other companies' vocaloids such as "Happy Synthesizer" and "Charles" are recorded as the original version.[84].

Regarding the release of the full version of the original song, for the 2DMV song, the full version with 2DMV will be released on the YouTube official account from the period of the event to be implemented immediately after the event ends[94].. The full version of 3DMV songs may also be distributed on the official YouTube account.[95]..Also, regarding cover songs, the full version may be distributed irregularly with 2DMV on the YouTube official account, and if the released song is not included in the 2DMV version, it will be recorded in the game at a later date. There is also.

3DMV has been released sequentially on YouTube official account from December 2020, 12, and for 4DMV that implementation started after the same day, 3DMV is posted to YouTube official account at the same time as implementation.[96].

The pace of adding songs is about 1 to 4 songs added per month, of which 5 to 1 songs are newly written by the creator for each unit, and the remaining 2 to 2 songs are recorded with existing Vocaloid songs. ..In addition, 4DMV will be recorded up to 3 per month.In addition, there are also occasional additions due to campaigns, and multiple songs are added at once irregularly, mainly at milestone times and anniversaries.This is a measure to record as many Vocaloid songs as possible with a large number of songs.[97].

In this work, songs created by creators who are active as non-professional amateurs will also be added regularly in some way.[97].

Original song

Prior to implementation in the game, the creators of the original songs of this work often distribute the original songs, Vocaloid Ver. And Self Cover Ver., On their own sites and accounts.

Theme song
SekaiIchika, Tsukasa, Kanade, Hatsune MikuDECO * 27kemuRockwell
Wow Wow WorldMinori, Kohane, Hatsune MikuMitchie MJig・ Mitchie MJig
Leo / need
needLeLeo / need, Hatsune MikuDECO * 27Rockwell
Wait for the hazeOrangestar
Idol new corpsMORE MORE JUMP! ,Hatsune MikuMitchie M
more!Jump!more!Nayuttan Alien
Color of DropsMORE MORE JUMP! ,Megurine Luka40 mP
Ready SteadyVivid BAD SQUAD, Hatsune Mikuq * LeftJig
ForwardR Sound Design
RAD DOGSq * LeftHachioji
Wonderlands x Showtime
Sekai hasn't even started yetWonderlands x Showtime, Hatsune MikuPinocchio P
Become a potatoNeru
Nijiiro StoriesNene Kusanagi, Kamidai, MEIKO, KAITOOSTER project
Once Upon A DreamWonderlands x Showtime, Kagamine LenYASUHIRO
At 25:XNUMX, with a night code.
Mirai writes that she regretsAt 25:XNUMX, with a night code. ,Hatsune MikuMafu Mafu
Mobile love storyMafu Mafu
Jackpot sad girlsyudou
Infinitely grayAt 25:XNUMX, with a night code. , Kagamine RinSurii
Virtual singer
alive[Annotation 5]Kagamine RinIchinose LUPO-
Brand New Day[Annotation 6]Hatsune ミクOr ice cream

Deployment related to each unit

Leo / need

  • Leoni's daily life
An SNS posting project where Leo / need members post everyday scenes on SNS. Irregular posting started on Twitter official account from March 2021, 3[98]..As for the content, the daily scenes of Leo / need members will be posted along with the tweet contents of the members and the newly drawn illustrations with photos.[99].


  • Voice drama
MORE MORE JUMP!A plan to distribute the program delivered by YouTube as a voice drama on the official YouTube account. After November 2020, 11, MORE MORE JUMP!Delivered every time at noon the day after the end of each event story[100].
MORE MORE JUMP!In the event story "Kokokara RE: START!", The main activity will be distribution as a free idol, and the distribution content will be posted as a voice drama on YouTube officially with illustrations.


  • Vivibus Archive
A project in which members of Vivid BAD SQUAD sing various vocaloid songs. Scheduled to be delivered irregularly on YouTube officially from the middle of March 2021.The content of the delivery will include a short story in addition to singing[101].

Wonderlands x Showtime

  • Project Sekai Wandasho Channel
An internet program by voice actors that has been broadcast irregularly on YouTube Live, Nico Nico Live, and Periscope since October 2020, 10.
Details belowRelated programSee.

At 25:XNUMX, with a night code.

  • At 25:XNUMX, on the night radio.
A radio program by voice actors that is being distributed every other Saturday on YouTube "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku Official Channel" from October 2020, 10.
Details belowRelated programSee.

Other planning development

  • Voice drama planning
A plan to produce a voice drama for each unit. On November 2020, 11, the project was announced at "Project Sekai Wandasho Channel". A voice drama will be produced when the number of registered YouTube official accounts exceeds 25[102].. On January 2021, 1, the number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel exceeded 6.To commemorate this, we also decided to produce a voice drama of 25 units.[48].
  • Music production project
A voice actor who plays the role of Toya Aoyagi, and has experience working as Vocaloid P "21st Century P"Kento ItoIs a project to produce original vocaloid songs to be recorded in Project Sekai. Plan announced on January 2021, 1[103].. Arranged on February 2ndOSTER projectWas announced to be in charge[104]..The state of production will be introduced at any time in "Project Sekai Wandasho Channel".

Open call for participants

As a general open call for participants, from November 2019, 11, before the release of the app, the "Let's Make Together! Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign" will be held until December 1nd.[18].. On December 12th, the female character category adopted the daily flower "Flying in the future!", And the male character category adopted Ei-Flow's "Starlight Brick", which was later implemented.[24][25].. From February 2020, 2, the "Let's Make Together! Music Contest" will be held to solicit songs to be recorded in the game.[17].. The results of the song contest were announced at "Project Sekai Colorful Broadcasting Station" delivered on June 6, and "alive", which was written and composed by Rupo Ichise, was adopted from a total of more than 13 songs submitted, and was later implemented. It was.

From October 2020, 10 after the app is released,Let's make it together!Music Contest Proceca NEXT"When"Let's make it together!Project Sekai Costume Design Campaign!] Are being held with different application themes.You can apply by posting songs and designs according to the theme of each song and costume design, songs on YouTube or Nico Nico Douga, and costume designs with hashtags on Twitter.When adopted, you can play music as a 2DMV virtual singer Ver in the game, or it will be implemented as a costume for 3DMV.[105][106].


Sekai's one frame & 4-frame cartoon
A one-frame manga that can be seen on the screen such as when loading in Project Sekai.Before this distribution, 40 episodes were released in advance on Twitter[107]..From September 9th, when this distribution started, a four-frame manga series was also started on official Twitter.The drawing is Usaki lie[108].
Pre-delivery Twitter manga
An illustrator who created the design of Hatsune Miku as a special project before the distribution of "Project Sekai" started.KEIReleased all 4 episodes of 6-frame manga by[109].
Project Sekai Support Manga
As a special project before the start of distribution of "Project Sekai", a short manga "Project Sekai Support Manga" in collaboration with nine illustrators and manga artists who participated in the closed beta test was released irregularly from August 9, 2020.The content of the publication is freely written by each writer based on the closed beta test.[39].
Participating artists[39]
  • Ayasaka
  • Omu the Rice
  • Tomoe Kitahara.
  • Tomonari Kimino
  • Kyo
  • Sumire theory
  • Takeharu
  • Tuna Mayo
  • Mid-tone Nata
Official Web Anthology
Anthology works such as 2020-frame manga and short manga were released on the official website on December 12, 21.[110].
Participating artists
  • Usaki lie (key visual)
  • Tanukichi
  • Shinnosuke Fujishima
  • Oimoto Jiro
  • Ui Tgo
  • Omu the Rice
  • Kinsan
  • Ginmoku
  • Zunda croquette
  • East 385
  • Mizumi

Related program

Internet show

Project Sekai Colorful Broadcasting Station
From 2020 year 6 month 13 dayYouTube Live,Nico Nico Live Broadcast,PeriscopeAn internet program that is broadcast irregularly on.The content is to disseminate various projects such as new information on the work and viewer participation projects.[34]..It was distributed 5 times in total until the distribution of "Project Sekai Wandasho Channel", which will be described later, started.
Project Sekai Wandasho Channel
An internet program that has been broadcast irregularly on YouTube Live, Nico Nico Live, and Periscope since October 2020, 10. "Wonderlands x Showtime"Hirose Daisuke(Tenma),Kino Hina(Role of Otori),Machico(As Nene Kusanagi),Toichi Junichi(The role of Kamidai) turns around and acts as MC.Delivered about once a month.It will be delivered focusing on the latest information on the game.
Pro Seca Story Theater
From January 2021, 1, a program with a cast commentary of the main story of each unit was distributed on YouTube official account, Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, Periscope for all 16 weeks[90].
Proceca After Talk
From February 2021, 2, from 26:21 immediately after each event, a program that looks back on the event story and watches the after-live in real time with the cast is distributed on the official YouTube account[91]..The target of distribution is the events after "Unsatisfied Pale Color" that was held until the same day.


Project Sekai Colorful Radio
From January 2020, 1 to February 8, 2020YouTube"SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project Official Channel" "OtozumiWas delivered every Wednesday.Delivered 8 times in total[29].
In the radio program, the cast of "Project Sekai" will appear as a personality each time, and the content will cover game information and memories of the cast and Hatsune Miku.[29].
At 25:XNUMX, on the night radio.
From October 2020, 10, it is being distributed on YouTube "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku Official Channel" every other Saturday.It will be delivered at 31:25 according to the program name.
Hinata Sato (role of Mizuki Akayama), "At 25:XNUMX, with a night code."Suzuki Minori(Role of Shinonome picture name), Rui Tanabe (role of Mafuyu Asahina),Kusunoki Tomori(Yoizaki Kanade) takes turns and acts as a personality.

Derivative work guidelines

In this work, on September 2020, 9, the day before the release started,Secondary creationGuidelines are published on the official website[112].

For original characters, secondary use is permitted within the scope of the guidelines set by SEGA, Colorful Palette, and Crypton Future Media.Specifically, for non-profit purposes only, create, display, and distribute douujinshi, doujin goods, illustrations, manga, novels, etc. based on this work, and create, distribute, and photograph cosplay costumes for all ages.・ Videos are allowed.Non-profit purposes include the case of receiving compensation at the actual cost, and sales within that range are permitted.However, content that infringes this work or the rights to others is prohibited.[112].

In addition, posting of play videos, story content videos, still images, etc. of this work on SNS and video sharing sites is permitted as long as the videos deal with the in-game contents of this work, including songs.On the other hand, if there is an application from the right holder (composer, etc.) of each song or if there is an infringement of the rights to the people concerned, it will be deleted, and live-action / live-action programs such as officially released animations, live shows, and live broadcast programs will be deleted. Individual users are prohibited from copying and posting animated works.[112].

"MEIKO", "KAITO", "Hatsune Miku", "Kagamine Rin Len", "Megurine Luka" owned by Crypton Future MediaPeer proRegarding characters, "Piapro Character License (PCL)", which has already been established before the release of this work, has been established.[113]", And based on that," Guidelines for using characters[114]Is applied preferentially.If it is in line with the contents of this license, secondary creative activities using characters are officially permitted within the free range.In addition, if you receive compensation for the actual cost, "Piapro Link" will be used for the distribution of derivative works.[115]Is provided.In addition, regarding the original characters of Project Sekai, posting to "Piapro" is permitted as well as Piapro Characters within the scope stipulated in the rules.[116][112].

Real live

At Project Sekai, real live performances have been performed twice since before the release.

The jazz festival "Kawasaki Jazz" has been held since September 2019, 9. November 6,Kaltz KawasakiThe final performance held atMarasy With Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin piano acoustic liveIn the second part, the 2D model of Project Sekai's Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin by SEGA and Colorful Palette was unveiled for the first time, and the pianist on stage.MarashiTogether with, he performed a total of 10 songs such as "Chocolate Disco", "Core Meltdown", "Senbonzakura" and "Amatsu Kitsune".Among them, "Love Letter to Fancy Girl" has been released on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga.[117].

On February 2020, 2, as an additional performance of the aforementioned "Kawasaki Jazz", "Live Session!Marasy with Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin Piano acoustic live in SNOW MIKU"ButSapporo Civic HallHeld at[30]..Continuing from the previous time, Project Sekai models Miku and Rin performed songs, and Hoshino Ichika appeared for the first time from the original character, performing "Lost One's No." and "Loki"."Sekai Ver" by humans and Vocaloid was unveiled for the first time[31].

Related event collaboration

  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical ――A project in which Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Hatsune Miku have teamed up as part of the cultural program "beyond2020" that delivers information and songs to survive the hot summer to the whole world.From Project Sekai, Hatsune Miku will be appointed as Pocari Sweat Ambassador on December 2019, 12, and Hoshino Ichika will be appointed as Pocari Sweat Ambassador on January 20, 2020. Develop various activities throughout the year[27][28][118].
  • JOYSOUND --A collaboration campaign was held from November 2020, 11, and all 28 songs with in-game 3DMV were distributed.[119].
  • Animax CAFE --A collaboration cafe was held from January 2021, 1 at Animax Cafe + (Harajuku, Tokyo) and from January 6 to CoLaBoNo (Aichi, Nagoya) until February 1, 15.[120].
  • Ongeki-maimai deluxe-Chuunism --From January 2021, 1, collaborations with "Ongeki," "maimai deluxe," and "CHUNITHM" provided by Sega will be held.Music for each unit has been added[121]..Among them, the "Time Machine" virtual singer Ver added to "Ongeki" will be released prior to the app game.[122].
  • Tower Record --A collaboration cafe will be held at TOWER RECORDS CAFE.Held from March 2021th to April 3th, 6 at the Shibuya store, Nagoya Sakae Skyle store, and Umeda NU Chayamachi store.A menu with each unit as a motif is provided[123].
  • Yamaha --A company that develops, manufactures, and owns VOCALOID. On March 2021, 3, the production of "Project Sekai Piano", a piano that allows you to enjoy "Mirai's music experience" as a collaboration project with Project Sekai, was announced.[124].. Details will be released on March 3, and when the score of "Senbonzakura" is played by Yamaha's AI technology, Hatsune Miku and Hoshino Ichika will sing Senbonzakura along with the performance, and the score cannot be read due to stream rights. It is equipped with a function that allows the performer to play according to the light above the keyboard.[125].

Events / Meetings

  • RAGE
One of the largest in Japane sportsEvent "RAGE". In 2020, "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku" prize money competition, "RAGE Project Sekai 2020 Winter powered by AQUOS" will be held. Qualifying was held from November 11nd, and the main race was held on December 22th.[126][127].. On February 2021, 2, the e-sports event "RAGE PARTY 23 powered by SHARP" was held only by entertainers, voice actors, streamers, and game commentators, and Project Sekai was selected as a competitive game.[128].
  • Digital coloring contest "Coloring book!"
Ltd.CelsisContest by SNS Post-type painting contest where you can freely color the line art downloaded from the site, attach a hashtag to Twitter and tweet it. In-game card illustration of "Project Sekai Colorful Stage! Feat. Hatsune Miku" will appear as a theme line art at the 2th Digital Coloring Book Contest "Coloring Book!" Held from February 4th to February 2th. did[129].. Winners announced on March 3th[130].


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