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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Active engineers explain how to use JavaScript's Array map () method [for beginners]

An active engineer explains how to use the Array map () method of JavaScript [for beginners]

TechAcademy mentors (active engineers) will explain how to use JavaScript's Array map () method for beginners using real code.

If you are not familiar with JavaScript in the first place,What is JavaScriptFor a better understanding, read the article that explains what it is.


This article is an online boot camp of Tech AcademyJavaScript/jQuery courseIt is based on the contents of.



What is the Array map () method?

You can extract array elements one by one and call any function (callback function).Until now, I think that the array elements were extracted one by one and processed while looping the subscripts, but this can be described simply.The return value returns the result of processing for each element as an array.



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