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🧑🏻‍💻 TechAcademy | Explains how to cast data types in PHP [For beginners]

Explaining how to cast data types in PHP [for beginners]

Learn how to cast data types in PHP.


If you're not familiar with PHP in the first place, read an article that explains what PHP is for a better understanding.


This article is based on the contents of TechAcademy's online boot camp PHP / Laravel course.



What is a data type?

PHP is a dynamically typed language, so you don't really care about it, but there are types in your data.

You may be familiar with the var_dump () function, which displays information about the types that PHP knows internally.

Int type that handles integers (integer type)
Double type that handles real numbers (float type, real type)
String type that handles strings
Bool type (boolean type) that handles logical values
Array type that handles arrays
Object type that handles objects
Only null values ​​...

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