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👍 | What if you convert "SNS" and "first time use" to "Japanese style"? GENERATIONS's name answer is ...


What if you convert "SNS" and "first time use" to "Japanese style"? GENERATIONS's name answer is ...

If you write the contents roughly
Ryota replied "Chocolate Planet" after receiving a hint of a comedian's combination name for "Melting Sweet Planet".

Dance vocal group GENERATIONS from EXILE... → Continue reading


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Chocolate planet

Chocolate planetIt is,Japan OfComedy combination.Yoshimoto KogyoTokyo Head Office(Tokyo Yoshimoto)Belongs.Tokyo NSC11th generation.King of conte2008, 2014, 2018 finalists.Abbreviation is "Chocolate planet. "


Shohei Nagata(Shohei Osada 1980年1/28 -) (41 years old)
Blur-Tsukkomi・ In charge of creating material
KyotoKyoto CityKamigyo WardI'm fromBlood TypeA type.
Kenryu Elementary School, Kyoto Municipal Karaku Junior High School, Kyoto Gakuen High School,Saga Art Junior Collegegraduate[1].
Shun Matsuo(Matsuo Shun 1982年8/18 -) (38 years old)
KanagawaAshigarashimoHakone townI'm from blood typeO.
Hakone Municipal Hot Spring Elementary School(CurrentHakone Machi Elementary School),Kanagawa Prefectural Odawara Johoku Technical High Schoolgraduate.


  • Formed near NSC graduation2006å¹´1月。結成以前はそれぞれ、松尾はピン(松尾アンダーグラウンド)で活動し、長田はスリーポイントというトリオを結成し、 ピン芸人「長紫庄屋仁時」(おさむらさきしょうやじんとき) としても活動していた[1].
  • Yoshimoto ∞He won the remaining 2007 weeks on January 1, 16 at the survival show planned on Tuesday. Yoshimoto Fandango won the 10 minute crown program on TV.
  • October 2009, 4-November 28,Jimbocho KagetsuPerformed "Blind Turtle Uki" for the first time at. Currently boasts the most appearances in Kazuki Jimbocho.
  • Tokyo NSC A member of the unit "Tokyo Wonders" consisting of young Yoshimoto entertainers from the 11th term onwards. other than that,Yoshii Inoshita-Tumons-Jungle pocket-Naomi Watanabe-Meme.
  • The first victory (from Citisan, Armstrong, November 1, 2010). This project is for those who do not usually write material in combination (Chocolate Planet is Matsuo) to write material and to confront with that material.
  • 2012å¹´7/28Was broadcast onBomb red carpet』(Fuji TV series) was not selected for the comeback red carpet of the viewer vote,Naoto TakenakaWas selected by the "Red Carpet Award".
  • Irregular broadcast "Ariyoshi's wall]2015å¹´12/28Appeared every time from the 3rd broadcast. Matsuo won the most in the 4th, won the 6th, and won the 10th in the combination. In addition to showing his dexterity in the improvisational control, he will later become a storyGenya Izumi,IKKO OfImitation, The TT brothers mentioned later also debuted in this program,2018å¹´Led to a break in[2].. Become a regular performer when becoming regular in 2020[3].
  • 2019å¹´1/14Broadcast start "Affectionate reality show fetish love』(Abema TV) in charge of the first MC.
  • 2019å¹´1/31In charge of the first MC on terrestrial broadcasting in "The Brilliant Family Heretics" (TV Asahi), which started broadcasting.

Art style

mainlyControl. "Roman Empire"Or"torture," Closed room game", "Trader", etc. It is a theatrical thing that makes full use of props and costumes produced by Nagata, and the role of Tsukkomi and Bokeh changes depending on the control. There is also a pattern that there is no Tsukkomi and the interaction between the two people is blurred.

In addition,Comic,ImitationThe rhythm story is also diverse. In Manzai, Matsuo is in charge of blur and Nagata is in charge of Tsukkomi.M-1 Grand PrixIn 2018, he advanced to the quarterfinals.

Both are good at imitating[4], Matsuo from around 2017IKKO, NagataGenya IzumiTV exposure increased by impersonation.

TT brothers

  • When the brothers in white gym clothes with the letter T written on it find something that looks like the letter T, they open their hands and sing "Tee! Titi! Tee Tea Titi!!"
  • My name is Takeshi (Nagata) and Teruo (Matsuo).
  • 2018å¹´Broadcast on SeptemberAriyoshi's wall2018秋の陣SP」の企画『「流行語大賞の壁を越えろ!2018年ブレイク芸人選手権」で流行語を生み出しそうなキャラになりそうな芸人』というお題に急遽作ったネタキャラクター。単発の即興ネタだったが、キャッチーなリズムネタが受けて、多数の企業コラボ・CMにも出演するチョコプラの代表するネタになった[5].. There are sub-versions such as low GI brothers, DD brothers, CC brothers, II brothers etc.[6].
  • October 19, 10 Released the picture book "Let's look for the TT brothers' kissing T !!" from Wanibooks.[7].
  • In the spring of 5th, "TT Squadron Hit Runger" was formed because the surnames of five young horse racing reporters of Sports Nippon happened to start with T. We had an expected confrontation in G20.In Japan Derby that year, an expected collaboration with the head family TT brothers was realized.

Mr. Parker Jr.

  • A man (Nagata) who calls himself Mr. Parker Jr. says "Cover" to a boy (Matsuo) who is in trouble in various situations.RapperSay it to the wind,ParkerThe material that solves the problem by wearing the hood.
  • Used in the storyBGMIt is,Lenny Kravitzof"Sprint to freedom].
  • After the explosive hit of the TT brothers, the story that was shown in the "Ariyoshi Wall" project "Cross the Wall of the Buzzword Award! Break Entertainer Championship 2020".
  • After that, as the story progressed, Dr.turtleneck(Matsuo) and Ms.Cancangirl (spike・ Haruna Ogawa), MasterhelmetNight (boy friend・ Eiji Miyakawa), AfricaBandana(Corona crown・ Various characters such as Leroy Taro) have come to appear.
  • July 2020 "Mr. Parker jr. Dance Championship" held.On his own, he won a prize of 7 million yen, a special prize of 100 yen, and a kids prize of 10 yen.EXILE NAOTOFamous dancers also applied.
  • October 2020, 10 "Mr.parka.jr[8]』Distribution release. DJ SAATIs the producer,DJ WATARAIWas in charge of the beat, and in addition to Mr. Parker Jr. for the lyrics, he achieved the second consecutive victory in the national MC battle tournament "ULTIMATE MC BATTLE".ShinpeitaIs involved[9].
  • November 2020, 11 Matsuo said "the only rapper who can't write lyric (lyrics) in Japanese hip hop" when he appeared as Mr. Parker Jr. and Dr. Turtle Neck on the Youtube channel "HIPHOP DNA" specializing in HIPHOP. As a result, the genre of the distributed music is HIPHOP, and the artwork intentionally incorporates a tribute to the movie familiar to HIPHOP enthusiasts.It seems that Matsuo, who has been a hip-hop heads (enthusiastic fan) for a long time, has a great influence on this, and Matsuo said that it is a "collection (including HIPHOP-like personal connections) since he came out of Tokyo".[9].
  • Karaoke distribution from JOYSOUND on November 2020, 11.
  • As a Dr. turtleneck,Tokyo Ueno ClinicAppeared in CM[10].
  • From October 11th, "niko and ... ”and some large stores and official WEB store .st (dot esti), released items in collaboration with Mr. Parker jr.


Kinichi HagimotoWas broadcast in 2014King OBucont2014As for the impression when watching ", about the chocolate planet that advanced to the final, "I got a young laugh lately, I know the movement" "I lost the final game because the material was bad, but the movement was crazy" "After the movement It is able to hold the feet and fingers of the beautifully," and evaluates the movement of the chocolate planet as a comedian.[11].

Award race results

  • 2008 King of Comte advance to final (3rd place in B group)
  • 2009 King of Cont 3rd round advance
  • 2010 King of Comte semi-final advancement (advance additional pass to semi-final)
  • 2010 1st F-1 Grand Prix winner (November 2010, 11) ArmstrongFrom Sichisan)
  • 2011å¹´ R-1 Grand Prix Advance to the semifinals (Nagata)
  • 2012å¹´ LOL red carpet Red carpet awards
  • 2014 King of Comte runner up
  • 2015 ABC Comedy Grand Prix Final 5th
  • 2015 King of Comte advance to the semifinals
  • 2015 NHK Newcomer Comedy Award
  • 2016 King of Comte advance to the semifinals
  • 2017 King of Comte advance to the semifinals
  • 2018 R-1 Grand Prix final advance B block 3rd place (Nagata)
  • 2018 King of Cont Final 3rd
  • 2018å¹´ M-1 Grand Prix Quarterfinals advance
  • 2019 R-1 Grand Prix final advance (Matsuo) Semi-final advance (Nagata)
  • 2019 King of Comte advance to the semifinals


* For solo appearancesEach individualItemsSee.

tv set

Current regular program

Irregular appearance

  • I'm sorry for my gaya!(Nippon TV)ほぼ毎回出演しており実質レギュラーである

Past regular appearance programs

  • Yoshimoto ∞Entertainer Securities Tuesday (Yoshimoto Fandango TV,-March 2007)
  • Power pudding(TBS TV, October 2011, 10-December 12, 2013)
  • PON!(NTV, March 2015, 3-September 31, 9) In charge of "Assault PON!"
  • 4-frame control (NTV, October 2015-December 10, 14)-Semi-regular
  • Episode 1(Asahi Broadcasting TV, April 2019-July 4, 21) Nagata-Osada, Matsuo-Matsuo
    • #12 Criminal drama "Criminals" (July 7) Nagata-Hakuuchi Police Officer, Matsuo-Weather Detective

Special program (MC or main cast)

TV drama

Television Animation

Theater animation





Jimbocho Kagetsu

  • THE MOMO-TARO (July 2007, 7-July 18, 7)
  • Shonan Suzuran University Story # 1 Sea, Celebrity and Hetare (September 2007, 9-September 1, 9)
  • Shonan Suzuran University Story #2 The really scary club room (October 2007, 10-October 2, 10)
  • The final chapter of Shonan Suzuran University Our Big Wave (November 2007th, 11-November 6th, 11)
  • Jinbocho Kagetsu Countdown '08-Yukushi Play Kuru Play- (December 2007, 12)
  • We're nobody # 1 casually met and stared at something (January 2008, 1-January 8, 1)
  • We are nobody # 2 150 grams dignity (February 2008, 2-February 5, 2)
  • We are #3 Eleven Riders of Love and Courage (March 2008, 3-March 4, 3)
  • People at Hanasakaso # 1-Are you hungry? ~ (April 2008, 4-April 15, 4)
  • People at Hanasakaso # 2 -Brothers & Brothers- (May 2008, 5-May 13)
  • People at Hanasakaso # 3 -From Here and Here- (June 2008, 6-June 17, 6)
  • Shonan Suzuran University Story 2008 ~ I Know Everything about Waves ~ (August 2008, 8-August 19, 8)
  • Audition (November 2008, 11-November 5, 11)
  • Hanasakaso Monogatari: Christmas for you (December 2008, 12-December 23, 12)
  • Friend, sleep peacefully (March 2009, 3-March 12, 3)
  • Blind Turtle Uki (April 2009-May 4, 28) * Starring
  • Kazuki Jimbocho x Confetti Project "3rd All Night Jimbocho Echu 1 Grand Prix!!" (May 2009, 5)
    • Nagata won the event.
  • Phantom of the Ribe (2009 June-6 June 23)
  • Temptation (November 2009th-11th, 24th, 26th, 28)
  • Tokyo NSC 11th generation performance memory (September 2010, 9-October 28st, 10)
    • Nagata was in charge of the production.


  • LUMINE the Yoshimoto industry buys Aoda 2008 Autumn (2008)
  • "Chocolate Planet" (2015)
  • "Chocolate Planet vol.2" (2018)

Live alone

  • 2008å¹´
    • August 1- "Birthday party"(Theater Bratz/Tokyo) First solo
    • August 8- "BAKKI BAKI!!"(Sasazuka Factory/Tokyo)
  • 2009å¹´
    • August 2- "-EARTH-"(Theater Bratz/Tokyo)
    • August 7- "Tetrapod"(Theater Bratz/Tokyo)
  • 2012å¹´
    • August 8- "Thousands of knife shoulders"(Kitazawa Town Hall/Tokyo)



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Duo(Futari Gumi and Ningumi)2Consisting of peopleグループRefers to.A human 組織It is the smallest unit for working in and is found in various fields. In conversationFutari Gumi, Incident reports oftenGarlicIs used. Depending on the field,duo,combination[1],pair,Couple,BuddyThe term such as is also used.



MusicIn the performance ofMusical instrument(Vocal musicThe minimum unit of division is a two-person structure.duet(twoSingingOr twoDuo) Is a duoduoAlso called (duo).

Classical musicIn the twoStringed instrumentTo useDuoIs often seen. AlsoOperaIn, duo is often used to express the conversation between two characters.

In the duo of popular music, a duo is often formed, but sometimes a duo is formed only during a specific lecture period or when a music is presented. Also, one of the instruments (guitar,ピ ア ノEtc.) while performingSimon & Garfunkel,CherishYou can also see the performance form.

In addition to this, there is a duo where one person is in charge of playing only and the other person is singing.

In the popular music from the middle of the 20th century onwards, the main members are two people, and in addition to other people (support members, studio musicians, guest musicians, etc.), they often play music using various musical instruments. (access,B'z,Dreams Come TrueSuch).


musicalIn the production of popular musicLyricsとCompositionOften, the duo sharing the task are often active. A well-known example was playing an active part in the American musical field.Rogers & Hammerstein, Married coupleYoko Aki-Ryudo UzakiAndEtsuko after birth-Takao after birthExamples include sisters and brothers.


Two people work together to form a combinationcomedianThere are many. There are many cases that invite laughter due to the contrasting nature.

Many of the world-famous duo areAmerica OfcomedyIt was in a movie. In the 1940sAbbott and CostelloHowever, again in the 1950sDean MartinとJerry Lewis), each appeared on television and other mass media from the stage, gained fame. In the 1970sJohn BelushiとDan AcroidIs a TV showSaturday Night Live内 のス ケ ッ チでBruce BrothersFormed a combination (actually a band composition that includes other instruments) called, and based on this, the movie of the same name "Bruce Brothers] Was also produced.


JapanThen, of two people who are commonly called bokeh TsukkomicomedianComposed byComicIs common. The comedian duo is sometimes called a duo abroad, but in Japan, the name "combi" (abbreviation: Combination) has become popular.

For the duo classified as Japanese Manzai,List of Manzai MastersSee.


Genres such as movies and dramas where the main characters are active in a duo are often buddy movies (Buddy film)It is called. Narrowly defined buddy movies are limited to male duo[2]But is often broadly interpreted to include women or men and women duo (egX-fileSeries etc.).

A particularly popular buddy movie is the American movie "Lethal Weapon』Series, French "TAXi] The series can be mentioned. Japan also"Dangerous criminalAnd 'Partner] Was made into a movie along with the popularity of the TV drama.


In sports, the smallest unit of a team competition is a match between two people. There are a wide variety of disciplines, and in many cases, the competition method by a duo has its own discipline name. Competitions that include a duo competition system include the following (the name of the duo competition in parentheses).

Other artistic activities

Even in the field of art creation other than music, it is often the case that two people continuously work together. In that case, the shared writing name is often used as the author's name.Category: Shared pen nameSee also

In the field of literature, in the old days of Jacob and WilhelmGrimm brothersTogetherGrimm Fairy TalesAnd compiled a German dictionary and the like (for Grimm's fairy tale, the younger brother Ludwig, who wrote the illustration, may be included in the author). Famous American detective writerEllery QueenIs a shared pseudonym of Frederick Danei and Manfred B. Lee.

In the field of comics, especially in JapanFujio Fujiko Hiroshi FujimotoとAbiko MotooIs a well-known shared name, but the actual joint production of manga was in the very early days of his career. In continuous co-production with the coupleKaoru Shintani-Kayo Saeki,Hirokane Kenshi-Fumi ShibamonAre famous. As a brother who works under a shared nameMayumi Muroyama,Maeda idealAnd so on.

In the anime field, Japanese screenplay productionStudio orpheBelonging staffYousuke Kuroda(Current director)Kurata Hideyuki"Hell Gumi" by both people (currently disbanded)Mitsuo Fukuda-Chiaki RyozawaThere are examples like the couple.

In the field of cinema, AmericanCohen brothers,Wachowski brothers(Sister and brother) have succeeded in continuous collaborative production.


Repeated heinous crimes in the history of crimeBonnie and ClydeAre known.

Also recentlyspy(Intelligence activities) The main theme is "Special Detective Detectives", which also incorporates storiesSuper squadron series36st workTokumei Sentai Go BustersIt is also an exceptional case in which multiple anime production companies have participated in special effects or live-action works.Mobile Investigator 7』, has also attracted attention because it adopts the setting such as "a machine with a variable mechanism is a buddy".


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Combi is an abbreviation for combination (a combination of multiple), but in this case it means two people. A combination of two or more people, but not a combination.
  2. ^ The Complete Film Dictionary. Penguin, 41. ISBN 0140513930

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