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💪 | "Home training diet" 1 kg less in one year Goodbye to the aunt's body!

Photo "Don't give up on a beautiful mother!Life-changing crevice home training ”(SHUFUNOTOMO)

"Home training diet" 1 kg less in one year Goodbye to the aunt's body!

If you write the contents roughly
Nice butt training that approaches cellulite on the thighs and buttocks can be done while lying down in the room and looking at the smartphone.

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Cellulite(Cellulite)Adipose tissueRefers to the condition of the skin that appears as unevenness on the skin due to fibrosis and degeneration.[1].obesityDifferent from[1]..セルライトは主に成人女性の大半に生じるCellulite occurs primarily in the majority of adult women[2]..医学的には有害ではないがNot medically harmful[3], May be aesthetically pleasing[4]..腰、太もも、お尻の周りに形成されるFormed around the hips, thighs, and buttocks[3]..セルライトを目立たなくするには、体重の減量と筋肉を作ることが重要でありWeight loss and muscle building are important to make cellulite less noticeable[5], Some devices to reduce celluliteUS Food and Drug Administration Approved by (FDA)[4]..Good for topical creams to reduce cellulite,Aminophylline,caffeineXanthine andRetinoidIs compounded[4].

Origin and transition of the concept

As a compound word of Cellule (cell) + ite (mineral)FranceIt is said that he was born in. 1973,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfEsthetic salonAlthough he was the owner of the company, he wrote a book about cellulite and became a bestseller, so it became widely known.

In JapanNikkei Sangyo Shimbun, 1996 article introduced cellulite.It has become popular in Japan since the 2000s through related industries and mass media, especially TV health programs.

Physiology and causes

It is in a normal condition, not medically harmful.[3]..審美的に気にすることがあるMay be aesthetically pleasing[4]..肥満の兆候ではなく適正体重の場合にも生じるが、過剰な体重はセルライトの外観を悪化させるExcessive weight worsens the appearance of cellulite, although it also occurs with proper weight rather than signs of obesity[2]..女性の脂肪組織が多くなりやすい部位に生じOccurs in areas where adipose tissue tends to increase in women[6], Up to 90% of adult women have varying degrees of cellulite, 2% of men[2].

American National Library of MedicineAccording to the information page of, the fat near the surface of the skin is formed around the waist, thighs, and buttocks and appears as a depression in the skin, and the collagen fibers that connect the fat and the skin are pulled. It's just a state[3]..日本の『臨床皮膚科』に掲載された2015年の論文では、脂肪組織に線維化が起こり周囲の組織も線維化し、脂肪組織が変性して皮膚に凹凸となって現れるとされるAccording to a XNUMX paper published in Japan's "Clinical Dermatology", adipose tissue becomes fibrotic and surrounding tissues also become fibrotic, and the adipose tissue degenerates and appears as unevenness on the skin.[1].. orange peel appearance (オレンジの皮のような外観)として知られるKnown as the orange peel appearance[1].

As a causeLimiting excess carbsAnd alcohol overdose, aging, hormonal balance[1]..人種によってセルライトが生じやすい部位があるが、生活習慣が重要な要因で、高脂肪・高塩分で保存料が多い食事や運動不足、飲酒、喫煙が挙げられるDepending on the race, cellulite is likely to occur in some areas, but lifestyle-related factors include high-fat, high-salt, preservative-rich diets, lack of exercise, drinking, and smoking.[6]..こうした血管や内分泌系の要因がセルライト形成を加速させる可能性があるということは、単に美容上の問題というだけでなく、代謝に影響を及ぼす障害である可能性もあるThe fact that these vascular and endocrine factors can accelerate cellulite formation is not just a cosmetic problem, it can also be a metabolic disorder.[6].

Ultrasound tomography (ulrasonography) may be used to observe the structure of the dermis and subcutaneous fat under the epidermis.[7].


American National Library of MedicineThe information page states that to avoid cellulite formation, eat a fiber-rich diet, rehydrate, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and quit smoking.[3].


According to the information page of the American Society of Dermatology (AAD), cellulite is not fat itself, so effective methods for removing fat are not always effective for cellulite, and weight loss makes cellulite less noticeable, but weight loss If the skin becomes sagging, it may be noticeable, and if fat is replaced with muscle, it will be less noticeable.[5]..ほかに最良の証拠があるとされているのは、サブシジョンのセルフィーナ (Cellfina) による2年以上の効果とその真空補助による3年以上の効果、セルレイズ(Cellulaze)というレーザー(1440nm Nd:YAGレーザーThe other best evidence is the effect of subcision Cellfina for more than XNUMX years and its vacuum assist for more than XNUMX years, and the Cellulaze laser (XNUMXnm Nd: YAG laser).[4]) Has an effect of at least 1 year and is decomposed by sonic therapy[5]..レーザーによる脂肪吸引や超音波では不確実であり、推奨できない方法は、クリオリポリシス、成分が各社多様であるメソセラピー(脂肪溶解注射The uncertain and uncertain methods of liposuction with a laser or ultrasound are cryopolisis and mesotherapy with a variety of ingredients (liposuction injection).[8][9]), Supplements such as caffeine and ginkgo have no evidence to reduce cellulite[5].

Selfina[10], Approved by the FDA for long-term treatment of cellulite, used manually or with vacuum assistance, and confirmed to be effective even in the third year with a single treatment.[11], The American Society of Dermatology reported that it was confirmed up to the 5th year, and the severity scale of cellulite with a maximum of 5 points decreased by 3 points in 2.1 months, 3 points in the 2rd year, and 5 points in the 1.8th year. Was[12]..レーザーのセルレイズは1度で効果があるLaser cell raise is effective once[4]..音波療法には、セルアクター (cellactor) や Z-wave があり、圧力波が脂肪分解を促進し、平均7回の施術を受けるが麻酔は不要であるSonic therapy includes cellactor and Z-wave, where pressure waves promote lipolysis and receive an average of XNUMX treatments without anesthesia.[4]..またFDAが承認した新しい世代のAlso a new generation approved by the FDARFThere are several (high frequency) irradiation devices such as VelaSmooth and VelaShape, which require about 10 treatments.[4].

As an external medicine on the information page of the American Dermatological AssociationRetinol(Vitamin A, retinoid) and aminophylline are listed.[5].. In 2014Meta-analysisSo, there are 21 studies, 7 of which are compared, and statistical analysis concludes that cellulite-reducing cosmetics moderately reduce the perimeter (thickness) of the thigh. Half of the ingredients were xanthine, herbal ingredients, and retinoids, and most of the rest were compound creams containing xanthine.[13]..Retinoids andAminophylline,Theophylline,caffeineMethyl xanthine is often blended in cellulite cream, and the main manufacturers are(English edition),Clarins, Shiseido, etc.[4]..成分ではほかにIn addition to the ingredientslotus,Coleus barbatus,CarnitineIt is mixed in various ways[2].

Injectables of calcium hydroxyapatite are also used[4].


Some trials of the cream scored a reduction in apparent cellulite, which was significantly lower than the placebo, showing a greater reduction of 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months.[2].. 2018年にイギリスで放映されたAired in the UK in XNUMX The Truth About Looking Good Aired a five-week experiment at the University of Sunderland, 5% with a dry body brush massage, 26% with caffeine-containing cellulite cream, and exercise (en: Toning exercises) Obtained an improvement of 11%[14]..リンパドレナージ(マッサージ法の一種)では、2週間にわたり1.5時間かかる施術を10回受け、腹、太ももなどの周囲の長さは減少したLymph drainage (a type of massage method) received XNUMX treatments that took XNUMX hours over a two-week period, reducing the length of the abdomen, thighs, etc.[15].

With 105 peopleRandomized controlled trialThen,collagenPeptide intake reduced cellulite after 6 months compared to placebo, and a rating of up to 5 decreased by about 6 points after 0.3 months.[16].

In test tube researchCoptisThe extract had the effects of suppressing the induction of adipocyte differentiation and promoting the decomposition of fat.[17].


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