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📷 | The mayor greets the camera at the beginning of the year ... The beginning of work changes in Corona, and some people are greeted at home by teleworking


The mayor greets the camera at the beginning of the year ... The beginning of work in Corona has changed, and some people are greeted at home by teleworking.

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Many employees start work at home.

Mayor Yada, Tsubata-cho, Ishikawa: "Happy new year" One camera is in the line of sight of the mayor ... → Continue reading

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Start working

Start workingWhat is (Shigotohajime)?New yearBecome1The first in earlyworkThat.


Western styleBusiness practiceBefore it became widespread1/2There was a habit of doing only the usual work and wishing for the improvement of labor safety and skills of the year.

RuralThen.Rice fieldfieldTohoeOrropeStarted making work, rice field神EnshrinedRice,MochiAnd so on.Mountain villageThen, I worshiped the god of the mountain and started cutting trees.fishing villageThen, I worshiped the ship spirit and started to board the boat.BusinessmenThen,First sale,First shipmentIs the beginning of work.

Japan OfGovernment officeThen, the law on holidays of government agencies (Showa 63 Year12/13, Law No. 91)12/29から1/3Up toDays OffIt is defined as1/4TheBeginning of useAs the first business day of the year[1].. January 1thSaturday-SundayWhen hitting, each1/6-1/5Is the beginning of use.

Local governmentIt is,Local government lawAccording to Article 4-2Days OffIs stipulated by the ordinance, and it is stipulated in Paragraph 2, Item 3 that "the day at the end of the year or the beginning of the year is stipulated by the ordinance".Therefore, the year-end and New Year holidays are set by the ordinance, and the next day will be the start of use, but if the ordinance stipulates a schedule other than December 12 to January 29, January 1 will not necessarily be the start of use. Not that, the day after the year-end and New Year holidays stipulated by the ordinance will naturally start to be used, and that day will be Saturday, Sunday, andpublic holiday(EspeciallyHappy Monday systemFixed the day of the week成人 の 日), The next weekday will be the start of use.

This is often the case for general companies,1/5Some companies start their work (if January 1th falls on Saturday)1/7There are also companies that start work).ShowaUntil the second half, especially female employeesEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn some cases, I went to work wearing.

New Year holidays in many countries outside JapanNew YearOnly, normal business will start on January 1nd.WesternNew Year's Day in each countryChristmasIn many cases, it is the last day of the holiday, and the New Year is celebrated with the lunar calendar.Greater ChinaIn each country, the new year of the new year1/1Only are holidays.

201912/6,AichiToyota CityHas a work payment ceremony and a work start ceremonypaid holidaysAnnounced that it will be abolished as a work style reform of acquisition.NationwideNagano,ShigaHikoneetc2018~2019Abolished during the year-end and New Year holidays[2].

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