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👍 | Former villainous alliance Bull Nakano "This is a test. Ganguro" Mysterious Instagram is talked about

Photo Image: Bull Nakano Official Instagram

Former villainous alliance Bull Nakano "This is a test. Ganguro" Mysterious Instagram is talked about

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Bull Nakano's Instagram hasn't been updated since the evening of the 4th.

"Eyes are perfect" "!!" The woman with ganguro make-up whose followers responded one after another was Bull Nakano ... → Continue reading

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Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano(In the bull,1968 May 1 -) isJapanFormer girlsProfessional wrestler,talent,YouTuber.. My real name isKeiko Aoki(Keiko Aoki, maiden name Nakano).SaitamaKawaguchi cityI'm from.Nickname isBull,Bull.

America OfWWF World Women's ChampionshipThe only Japanese who won[1][Annotation 1].. otherWWWAHe has won many world heavyweight titles.JapaneseWomen's pro wrestlingClimaxed1990 era, Reigned as the pinnacle.

After retiring, he went to the United States and challenged a professional golfer, but was frustrated.After marrying a fighterNakanoRun a restaurant inside[2], Appeared in the media as a beautiful mom[3].


Before debut

Kawaguchi City Shibahigashi Junior High SchoolI'm from.He liked watching wrestling because of the influence of his mother, a professional wrestling fan, but he was reluctant to do it.At that time, most of the beginners to all-Japan girls were longing for female star wrestlers, but Nakano liked his mother.ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木I was longing for.Until middle school水 泳-judoAnd won the second place in the Saitama prefectural tournament of judo[4].

Fledgling era

1980 ,Junior high schoolWhen I was in 1rd gradeAll Japan Women's Wrestling OfauditionBecome a trainee aiming for an introduction[5]..Around this time, I dreamed of becoming an "idol wrestler who can sing and dance."[6].1983 , Introduction to All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling.After failing the protest twice, it was a formal introduction to the third protest.same yearMay 9 OfToda City Sports CenterAt the tournament, he made his professional debut with his real name Keiko Nakano.Nakano vsMasami Yanagishita&Mika KomatsuThe pair's one-on-two irregular match, all three were debut matches.As a female wrestler, she was tall and blessed (1 cm), but her athletic ability at the beginning was chubby and very dull.I improved it with more effort and practice than anyone else.Nicknamed "Newcomer era" because of his charming featuresPandaCalled "chan" (Nagayo Chikusa(Named by friends of the same period), he is said to have been good at cooking and has a rich repertoire since he was a newcomer.The face paint after becoming heels was also to hide the sagging eyes.

From the time of newcomers working under their real names, in autumn1983 Rookie of the Year TournamentHe was the winner, the main eventer, and has been loved since he was a newcomer.Nagayo ChikusaIn charge of attendants1984 May 9At the Toda tournamentAll Japan Junior ChampionshipIt was the beginning of the career in the same period, such as winning.On the other hand, bullying a certain synchronization (in Buru-channeru)Yumi OguraHe said he was bullying Kokura in a conversation with him. ) He also said that he was not dealt with by anyone, such as being glared at by senior wrestlers because he was disturbing the morals of all the women, and being ignored by senior wrestlers, and also suffering from unreasonable bullying. There was bullying, there was a problem even during the synchronization, and everyone was on bad terms[6]"Nakano himself said in an interview.During the new discipleship, the food situation was bad and there were factions, so the disciples were like a men's professional wrestling organization.Chanko potSince I didn't have a meal around, I had to make ends meet at 5 yen, which is the starting salary of 5 minus the dormitory fee of 4 yen, but I ate the leftover food that my popular seniors gave me. Was always the case.Cut offcucumberI was so troubled with food that I wondered if I should eat the end of the food that had been thrown away in the triangular corner.I often eat pickled ginger just on rice, and Nakano says that pickled ginger has become a trauma.[6].

I have been paying attention to Nakano for a long time, and since thenTeacherBecomeDump matsumotoFromVillainous allianceWould you like to come in and do it with me? At first, I absolutely didn't want to be a heel, so I refused many times. He said that he couldn't go against it because he was absolutely obedient, so he eventually broke and joined the villainous alliance, and he was taken care of by the dump truck in earnest and became loved.

Later, according to an interview with Dump, all the girls' superiors said, "You can pull out one junior who likes Dump from the baby face side to the villainous side," and it has become another popular with Nakano. He said he was thinking of deciding on one of the players.

Villainous alliance

Officially joined the Wrestling Alliance,1985 From February, the ring name was dumped by Matsumoto and Keiko Nakano said, "Bull中Renamed to.Nakano made a break as a wrestlerPunkEasy to understand with the motif ofHeelTo the appearance ofNunchakuAs a weapongimmickAfter the change, Dump Matsumoto,Crane YuHeel Corps teamed up withVillainous alliance"Activities at Dump Matsumoto, especially after Yu's retirement.Tag team TheBaby face OfCrash GalsConflict with (this tag team was American at the timeMadison Square GardenHowever, it has been reproduced), becoming the main eventer for all-Japan women and establishing itself as a top wrestler.Around this time, I spent most of my salary to increase my physique and weighed over 100 kg, but in the process I couldn't gain weight from 92 kg even with training and meals, so I injected male hormones to reach 100 kg. (When I later went on an expedition to WWE, I lost weight to the 90kg range). In 2018 coverage, to reach from 92kg to 100kgAnabolic steroidsConfessed to have used[6].

It is said that the role of Heel was not originally aspired by Nakano himself, but was due to instructions from his superiors, so he was not able to devote himself to Heal at the beginning of the villainy alliance.From the dump truck in the waiting room of the Kyushu tour, "From today"Mohawk cuttingBecome my partner! Suddenly in a strong tone, "But it's still half a serving, so I should cut it in half." Confessed in books and books (Dump says, Yu's partner of the dump at this timerefereeAfter the conversion was decided, he had to cut Nakano's hair in order to form a partner with Nakano and continue the villainous alliance).With this "half-mohawk", Nakano broke up with a man who was secretly dating at the time.[6], "Stop living as a woman and live in the world of professional wrestling," and recalls, "This is the moment when I became a professional wrestler for the first time."[7]This Mohawk head, with half the hair on the right, continued until the early days of the Prison Party.

Prison Party

1988 After the dump truck retired temporarily, he became the leader. "Prison PartyFormed.Grizzly Iwamoto,Aja Kong,Bison KimuraFollowing these talented groups, he continues to work as the pinnacle of heels.After that, dye your hair blue and rock bandBUCK-TICKInverted hair inspired bytrademarkBecame.After retiring from Crush Gals1990 May 1ToKorakuen HallMade inWWWA World Single ChampionshipIn the decision tournamentMitsuko KogaDefeat and win[8]And shines as the 37th champion.For about three years after that, he supported the backbone of All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling as a champion, and because of his strength, "EmpressIt came to be called.

After organizing the prison party to take over the villainous alliance, when asked about the dump by the media, he said, "Don't be with that guy. He just swung a bamboo sword. I have a professional wrestling heart. There is! "Like that word, he created a heel image that does not rely excessively on weapons and competes with the awesomeness and persuasive power of the technique.Even after drawing a line as a wrestler, he recalls that Dump Matsumoto as a wrestler was a "bad sample" and "if he stayed that way (without retiring the dump truck), I would definitely win."[9]..In other places, even though he expressed his gratitude for being taken care of by his master Dump, he did not make any remarks (even in front of him) to evaluate his skill as a wrestler, but he said, "The villainous alliance. Since joining the company, I have never paid for all the food and drinks until Dump retired, and after the second year of my debut, I haven't had any trouble eating. I'm very grateful. "" Dump hates practicing and I've never seen him practicing (laughs). "" The most useful thing I learned from Dump was to open a shop after retirement. "It made me remember sake" and "Dump's game was not basically a fight with techniques, but it was something that attracted customers with the weapon attack that is the royal road of heel wrestlers. That was great again, "he said.When he retired from dump truck, he was invited to retire together and perform entertainment activities by turning talent, and Nakano refused because he was aiming to be the top among all women. I couldn't hear you (laughs). "

To the heroine beyond good and evil

Due to his ability, he occupies the highest rank in the women's professional wrestling world despite being a heel.At this time, the conventional confrontational structure that the baby face finally knocks down the heel collapses, and further, it is subordinate to the prison party.Aja Kong,Bison Kimura"" Consisting of both namesJungle JackThe unprecedented confrontational composition of heel vs. heel became the center of the group.Also, it was not before in women's professional wrestlingWire mesh deathmatch,Chain DeathmatchIt shouldn't be possible as a big wrestlerMoonsalt Press,Tope SuicidaIn every sense, it showed remarkable work to rewrite the history of women's professional wrestling, such as the splendid aerial killing method that dances in the air.In particular, the group competition (match with top players from other groups) that started around this time was exciting, and here (jumping over all the good and bad villains), I faced on behalf of the company.

1990 May 11ToYokohama Cultural GymnasiumWire mesh with Aja made inDeath matchI jumped from the top of the wire mesh cage and released it.Guillotine DropSo, it breaks at a stretch beyond the frame of women's professional wrestling.

1992 May 11,Kawasaki City GymnasiumLost to Aja inWWWA World Single ChampionshipAfter losing1993 からAmericaWWF (currentlyWWE) Long-term expedition,Luna VachonThemanagerAs the top heel of the women's frontAlandra BlazeConflict with[10].WWE World Women's ChampionshipIs also the only Japanese wrestler who won[1].. WWERAWAt the 10th anniversary eventSean MichaelsTouches her a little in her speech.Jim Ross TheUnforgiven 2007In the live situation ofBeth PhoenixWas described as "American Bull Nakano".

1994 Returned to JapanShinobu KamitoriAnd won the chain death match (Women's chain death match isDevil MasamiVSMonster ripperIs the first).Kandori marveled at "Is there a female professional wrestler in Japan who could do such a great thing" after seeing "Diving guillotine drop from the top of a 4m high wire mesh" that Nakano once released in the game, and chained with Bull Nakano. It is said that he has become anxious for deathmatch.In the match that was realized at a later date, Kandori requested, "I want you to lengthen the chain so that you can rampage as much as you like."Nakano accepted this offer and accepted almost all of Kandori's wishes before going to the match.Nakano released a diving guillotine drop with the long chain wrapped around his leg and won a great victory.Kandori injured his face with this technique, but he said, "Because of Mr. Bull, I dropped that (guillotine drop) on my face without hesitation. The customer was pleased with the really wonderful match, and I think it is the best bout for me. "I remember.

1996 Expedition to America again.WCWAtMedusaWe fought with them.From around this time, from one heel wrestler to the opinion number of the women's professional wrestling world, such as "I will show you Bull Nakano's professional wrestling even if you get married and have children" for a long time.Heel,Baby faceBeyond that.

Although he was a great success as a heel wrestler, Nakano was originally a gentle and fairly gentle personality, and like the members of the villainous alliance such as Dump, Yu, and Condor, he was very good at taking care of and caring for his juniors, and even now I am very much loved by many juniors[11],Yumiko Hotta,Aja Kong,KAORU,Kahoru Kage,Etsuko Mita,Toshiyo Yamada,Kyoko Inoue,Takako InoueThere was also one side that loved many juniors such as privately.Before becoming a professional wrestlerAkira HokutoIs a fan of Bull Nakano and is privateFan clubHave made.They are seniors and juniors in professionals, and later became rivals, but in private they were close friends.A junior who is in sync with HokutoFumie KanzakiHe was a close friend and was very close.

1997 , Left knee that I had previously owedLigamentA professional wrestler due to a serious injury that tears twoRetirement..In 2001, after retiring, the American professional wrestling magazine "Wrestling Observer NewsletterHas been inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

After retiring-I gave up playing golf

After that, in the process of quitting professional wrestling and focusing on golfdietWas carried out, and the weight was reduced to 50 kg.Based on this diet experience, I later wrote a diet book (described later).TV program"Ring soul』Also in the project, I have opened a diet school.

2000 FromFloridaOrlandoGo to the United States alone and start golf training.As a second lifeProfessional golferAim forTourist visaAlthough I entered JapanAmerican terrorist attacksSince then, it has become difficult to travel between Japan and the United States, and it has become a breach to obtain a student visa for an English school in a hurry.After that, the achievements of "the only Japanese wrestler who won the WWE World Women's Championship in the overseas expedition match" were successful, and it was unusual.Green cardI was able to get it, but I gave up because I did not pass the protest after that2008 I returned to Japan.When I went to the United States, I heard that I had used up the hundreds of millions of yen I had saved since I was active."Don't be like me !!』Speaking in.

Marriage-store management

2010 Broadcast on January 422:XNUMX of the witches』Appeared on TV for the first time in 10 years.The diet technique introduced here was a special one, in which "blue" was spread all over the room, and the psychological effect reduced appetite.[12][13]..Also, as a kickboxer 15 years younger at the Muay Thai Dojo, which I went to to keep my weight after returning to Japan.Muay ThaiIt was announced in the same program that he met as a player and joined on February 2010, 2.While dating, it was hard to say that I was "Bull Nakano", and I hid it until I received a proposal, and Aoki also searched for Nakano's real name on the Internet because Nakano did not talk about his past career at all, and Nakano He said he knew before talking to himself, "I never thought she was that Bull Nakano."

On July 2010, 7, the small restaurant "Nakano Noburu-chan" was opened.After that, the small restaurant closed and on February 23, 2011, the girls' grandmother bar "Nakano Noburu-chan" was opened.At the same store, he is a junior of All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling and is loved by Nakano even in private.Toshiyo Yamada,Etsuko Mita,Mariko Yoshida,Miho Wakizawa,Rie Tamada, Of active wrestlersMaiden name Sakura HirotaEtc. helped the store as a staff member.

Retirement entertainment

Until then formalRetirement matchAlthough he did not hold a retirement ceremony, he returned his weight to the 100 kg level at the time of active duty and it is also Nakano's birthday.2012 March 1Tokyo Dome City Hall"I didn't want to use the name Bull Nakano or appear in public after I was away from professional wrestling for 15 years and then frustrated by golf.After getting married, I decided to live positively from now on, and it was a regret that I hadn't played a retirement match until then. ”The retirement ceremony was held.After that, he declared that he would go on a diet again to reach the 60 kg level.However, due to an injury, he did not play his own game, only the ceremony.

It's been 21 years since the haircut match with Aja & Bison (partner Kyoko Inoue) after retiring.May 1At a hotel in Tokyo, a hair-cutting ceremony was held by inviting athletes and related parties, and senior and junior athletes and related parties in turn cut their hair with scissors and hair clippers, and finally became a buzz-cut shaved head.Start dieting again, exercise, pelvic correction andHydrogen waterAs a result of trying to use, we succeeded in losing 32.5 kg in half a year.

after that

After that, while running a bar, he performed entertainment and lecture activities as a talent.Relationship with the professional wrestling industry continues,FIGHTING TV SamuraiIn addition to serving as a commentator for the women's professional wrestling broadcast in 2012May 3Night·StardomKorakuenConventionWorld of Stardom Championship Match,Nanae Takahashi(Champion) vs里 村 明 衣 子(Challenger) Served as a witness in the war.Also2013 May 10 OfNagaharu ImaiIn the memorial service, he was appointed as the tournament executive committee chairman, and in the main game where the dump truck participated, he was in an out-of-field brawl.Bamboo swordI am encouraging the dump truck with. On March 2014, 3Ota City GymnasiumParticipated in the second of the villainous alliance at "That's Women's Wrestling" produced by Chigusa Nagayo.

In February 2015, due to repeated successful diets and rebounds in the past, the knees have been strained since the active days and it has become severe.Osteoarthritis of the kneeAs a result of struggling to reduce the burden on the knees, he has undergone weight loss surgery to reduce the amount of food consumed by removing 9% of the stomach.

"Nakano Noburu-chan" will be closed on March 2019, 3[14]..The site was reopened in May of the same year by Toshiyo Yamada as "Nakano's Pawasupo".[15]It was open,New coronavirusThe store was closed on April 2020, 4 due to the influence of.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYouTubeThe channel "BULLCHANNEL" has been set up to distribute interview videos with famous players and active players in the past by making use of the connections in the professional wrestling world.August 8, the same year,New coronavirusAnnounced on YouTube channel that he was infected with[16].. A big senior in the video delivered on October 2021, 10Mach FumiakeWhen we welcomed the guest, in fact, it was a professional wrestling technique of yesteryear.Cobra twistI confess that I didn't know.Surprised Mach and experienced for the first time at this time[17].

On October 10th of the same year, the video delivered to "Buru Channel BULL CHANNEL" "[Sake wrestler 16nd place]" That player "who was drinking crazy every night to forget the pain of the game ranked in"[18]So, he revealed that this liquor wrestler was his own.It has been a long-standing habit of drinking alcohol almost every day since the days of active duty, and it is alcoholic for nearly two months from around May 2020.CirrhosisHe was hospitalized at. Since he was running "Nakano Noburu-chan", his physical condition has changed, and the reason for closing the store was his own deterioration.He says he refuses to drink alcohol after discharge.[19].

Special skill as a professional wrestler

Combined with his professional wrestling sense, he was known for his various skills during his active career.

Nakano's pronoun technique,Wire mesh deathmatchThe diving guillotine drop from the top of a 4-meter-high wire mesh cage in is legendary.Also, as a variation of this technique, there is a rotary guillotine drop that is decided while rotating in the air.
The best special move here, which is performed when the finish is not reached after performing a big move such as guillotine drop.
Mainly used in younger days.Because of his flexible body, he was a hidden master who drew a supple bridge when holding.
Boston crab that bends the opponent's leg greatly like a shachi (name is derived from this).Although it has been used less frequently, it has been given up in games using it.
  • Bulls Angelito
The leg is a sharpshooter, a technique of turning around and taking both arms to lift the opponent's body.Mainly a connecting technique to the next technique.
Vertical drop type reverse suplex.DRAGON GATE OfGenki HoriguchiUses the same type of technique as a beach break.
It was rarely seen in late games, but I used to use it a lot.He was an unrivaled user, both as a performance when the ring appeared and as a weapon during the game.You can also use double nunchaku.
  • lift up
Devil MasamiAlong with, he is one of the few female professional wrestlers.
Mainly used as a connecting technique before the guillotine drop.

Title history

All Japan Women's Wrestling

Admission theme song

  • Empress ~ Boss of the World ~ (included in "Complete Edition All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling Theme Song Collection")

Bull Nakano retired

1997 He announced his retirement without holding a retirement match or ceremony, and lived a life away from the professional wrestling world.2010 Looking back on his wrestler era, which he hated when he got married, he announced that he would hold a retirement match on his 44th birthday.


  • Participating athletes themselves inspected the performances of each group and handed the envelope with the application for participation to the athletes for negotiations.As a result, almost all women's professional groups became an all-star game with participation.
  • The only men's match was a tag match between Jinsei Shinzaki, Osamu Nishimura, and Super Delfin, who helped each other in the overseas era, and ZERO1 who supports this business.
  • Declared that he will increase the weight to 100 kg when he was active.At a press conference, her husband Daisuke Aoki asked him to lose 40 kg within half a year after the show, and Bull signed a pledge and promised.[20].
  • At the box office, eight games were played by active players, and then three "retirement games" and a retirement ceremony were held by Bull himself and his rivals during his active career.In the game, an attempt was made to perform the battle of the active era with the video of that time and the reproduction scene on the ring.[21].
  • In half-time in the middle of the box officeHideyuki Yurioka Q, In the final half-timeAntonio Small InokiHas appeared.

Participating organizations

Ice ribbon(ribbon)セ ン ダ イ ガ ー ル ズ プ ロ レ ス リ ン グ (Senjo)Wrestling WAVE (WAVE)
JWP Women's Wrestling (JWP)World Women's Wrestling Diana (Diana)Stardom
OZ Academy (OZ)REINA Women's Wrestling (Reina)LLPW-X (LLPW)
Esovation (S Obe)Triple Tales.S (TT.S)SMASH
OSAKA Women's Wrestling (OSAKA)Union Wrestling (Union)Villainous alliance
Michinoku wrestling (Michinoku)Okinawa wrestling (Okinawa)ZERO1


First Match ■ Special Single Match 30/1
(OZ) ●Aja Kong15 minutes 14 seconds
AP cross
Ayako Hamada○
referee:Kyohei Wada
Second match ■ Battle royale None / 1
○Sakura Hirota25 minutes 26 seconds
Urakan Lana
Yumiko Hotta (Reina),DASH and Chisako (Senjo),Sachiko Sendai (Senjo),Hamuko Hoshi (ribbon),Miyagi Mochi (ribbon),
Makoto (SMASH),Misaki Ohata,Mio purple thunder (TT.S),Kaoru Ito (Diana),Uematsu Hisae (WAVE)
Yumi Sakura (WAVE),Kasuga Moeka (WAVE),Hiroyo Matsumoto (S Obe),Kuragaki Tsubasa (JWP),Command Bolshoi (JWP)
Mima Shimoda,Takako Inoue (LLPW),Mt. Yoneyama Kaori (JWP),Mayumi Ozaki (OZ),Shuu Shibutani (WAVE)
Third Match ■ 6 Men's Tag Match 30/1
(ZERO1) ○Shinjiro Otani
(ZERO1) Ikuto Hidaka
(ZERO1) Daichi Hashimoto
11 minutes 51 seconds
Spiral bomb
White messenger (Michinoku)
Osamu Nishimura
Spell delphin● (Okinawa)
Fourth Match ■ Guillotine Drop Match 30/1
(JWP) Kayoko Haruyama
(Senjo) ○Ryo Mizunami
13 minutes 34 seconds
Diving guillotine drop
Maki Narumiya● (ribbon)
Fifth Match ■ 50's & 40's & 30's & 20's & 10's 10-person Tag Match 60/1
(Diana)Jaguar Yokota
Manami Toyota
(S Obe) Tomoka Nakagawa
(Stardom) Natsuki Taiyo
(Union) ●cherry
16 minutes 15 seconds
Power bomb
Dump matsumoto (Wrestling Alliance)
Kyoko Inoue○ (Diana)
Leon (JWP)
Sawako Shimono (OSAKA)
Horsetail (ribbon)
Sixth Match ■ Special Single Match 30/1
(TT.S) ○Chinese name11 minutes 23 seconds
Chicken wing type body tightening bare tightening
⇒ Referee stop
Kagetsu● (Senjo)
Seventh Match ■ 6-person Tag Match 60/1
(Stardom) Nanae Takahashi
(Senjo) 里 村 明 衣 子
○Emi Sakura
21 minutes 41 seconds
Nyan Nyan Press from the 2nd floor
Ayumi Kurihara
World IV Tiger (Stardom)
Tsukasa Fujimoto● (ribbon)
Main event ■ Special single match 30/1
(Stardom) ○Aikawa Yuzu season15 minutes 11 seconds
Yuzu Pon Kick Red
Shida Hikaru● (ribbon)
Retirement Ceremony ■ Legendary VTR Highlights
Bull Nakano
Dump matsumoto
With Shiro Abe
Wrestling Alliance vs Crush GalsFake Crush Gals
referee:Crane Yu, Ring Anna:
Bull NakanoLegendary Chain DeathmatchShinobu Kamitori (LLPW)
referee:Tommy orchid, Ring Anna:Nagaharu Imai(Dainippon Pro Wrestling)
Bull NakanoLegendary wire mesh deathmatchAja Kong


In the name of Keiko Nakano




  • "TOKYO POP" (1987) --The gown used when shooting the movie was actually used as the gown when entering the WWWA World Championship match.



  • During my first diet and when I was traveling to the United States aiming for a professional golfer,Mobile phoneI was trying to cut off the relationships and temptations of friends and acquaintances, such as erasing all the address books up to that point, and refused to retreat, but only my teacher Dump Matsumoto kept in touch regularly for several years. It is said that he had met again once, and he is still loved.Dump has been nicknamed Nakano since the days of the villainous alliance.BullIt is said that he is an existence that does not raise his head.


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