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💬 Coconala | Unity game programming teaches Active game PG teaches the basics (Petit programming school) | Programming

I will teach game programming in Unity Active game PG will teach the basics (Petit Programming School) | Programming

To be able to develop games with Unity
I will teach you the basics of C # programming

XNUM X days

【Service contents】
・ Explanation from the beginning of how to write programming
 You will learn while actually writing the programming
・ Exercise questions
 Not only as "knowledge" from what you learned
 You will be asked to take exercises to make it usable as a "practical skill"
・ Answer any questions or concerns during learning

If you are self-taught, you often go on with the question "why?" That occurred during your studies.
We will answer questions and unclear points at any time, so you can study without leaving any sickness.

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