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👶 | Mom of 2 children, Miho Kanno reveals shocking behavior that begins when a 2-year-old daughter is satisfied with rice

Photo 2 Miho Kanno talks about raising children

Miho Kanno, a mom of two children, reveals the shocking behavior that begins when her 2-year-old daughter is satisfied with rice

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(Wednesday, 10.00 later, screenplay by Eriko Kitagawa), Minami Hamabe's mother is played, and Shabekuri members Cream Stew and Teppei Arita also appear in the drama as editor-in-chief.

Actress Miho Kanno (43) will be on NTV's "Shabekuri 11" (Monday, 007 later) for the first time in about 10.00 years ... → Continue reading

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Teppei Arita

Teppei Arita(There was a top,1971Showa46 years>2/3 -) isJapanMen ofcomedian,chairperson,TV writer,An actor.. Comedy combinationCreamy ChuIn charge of blurring.My partner isShinya Ueda. Nickname isAlipay,Alipe.

KumamotoKumamoto-shiHigashi WardI'm fromNatural eightBelongs.height173cm.


Born February 1971, 2 in Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture.Growing up in a wealthy family from childhood to just after entering college.Kumamoto University Faculty of Education Junior High SchoolThroughKumamoto Prefectural Jisuku High SchoolEnrolled in.I met Ueda when I joined the rugby club[4], The story of professional wrestling and both were "Birth of a comedy star!!I was enthusiastic because I was watching[4]..After graduating from high school, I passed the night club of Meiji University,Ichinamido itRikkyo University Faculty of LawEnrolled in.LawyerAimed atWaseda UniversityTheDropoutArita also dropped out of college at the invitation of Ueda.1991Combi "Sea gravel water fishWas formed,Comte Yamaguchi and TakedaBecome an attendant.

20019To theNew Unnan feels great.In the project of "Rename if you lose"Sama-zuWhen he lost the confrontation with, the combination name was changed to "Sea gravel water fishFromUtchan Nanchan OfMitsuyoshi UchimuraNaming "Creamy ChuIt became a hot topic that the name was changed tobreak[5].

2008,DVDIn "Bonus Video"directed byDebuted as.

201612/5Broadcast "Talking 007Announced that he was enrolled with an ordinary woman on November 2016, 11.[3][6].

20187/19,NHKContinuous tv novel"Half, blue.It was announced on the official website that it was decided to appear in[7].

202012/7, Report the birth of the first baby girl[8].


school days

I was learning Japanese dance when I was in the first and second grades of elementary school, but now I don't remember anything.[9].

I've loved comedy since the middle of elementary school, and at that time, as mentioned aboveBirth of a comedy star!!I liked it.At the school festival in elementary school, I made a tale with my friends and played it, but the tale itself was a play that made me take off my clothes before I knew it.[10].

Kumamoto University Faculty of Education Junior High SchoolWhen I was in the second year of schoolAmericaTohome stayI have been doing it.

Of high schoolRugby clubUeda in the eraregularOn the other hand, Arita was a bench worker.[11]..On top of that, he doesn't understand the rules of rugby well, and Ueda has the ball in one game.TryWhen I ran toward the line as much as possible, Arita asked his teammate Ueda what he thought.TackleIt is said that it was set up.In the first match he played, he skipped Noji in an attempt to get used to the match and was warned by the referee.After that, when I was walking while hiding my awkwardness, I got caught in the side flag and broke my right arm.I was so embarrassed that I couldn't make a name for myself, and even though I tried to handle the ball with my left hand for several plays, it didn't work and I was warned by my unfamiliar teammates.Also, one day when everyone in the rugby club was talking about their dreams for the future, the other members said, "Lawyer""entrepreneur"I was seriously stating my goal, but Arita said," I amLight genji"Enter!"[12].

In active dutyMeiji UniversityFaculty of LawI passed the second part, but Ueda told me to join Waseda together.Kumamoto Tsubo Juku GakuenRonin.After a long time, UedaWaseda UniversityArita dared to fail, even though he passed.Arita thought that Ueda would be a ronin again, but he was told that "You should be Rikkyo" and eventuallyRikkyo UniversityEnrolled in.However, like Ueda, Arita couldn't get used to life at university and made few friends, so he often sat alone on a bench on campus and killed time while smoking. It is said that the reason why he dropped out was partly due to this.

According to Mr. Comte Yamaguchi and Mr. Takeda, Arita was worried about dropping out of college, but his father died and it became difficult to continue his student life, so he got sick.[13].

Family / relatives

The second son of three brothers.Younger brotherTV writer OfArita Shinpei, My brother is localteacherAre doing

Mother is水 泳OlympicHe was a player who could be a representative candidate for.Indoors still in Kumamoto prefecturePoolBeside the manager, he teaches children to swim.[14]..That mother2008To Masters FINA World ChampionshipsBreaststroke・ 6th place in the senior category[15].

My fatherAdvertising agencyWas running.According to Arita, Arita's father was strict and one-man, and all his brothers, including Arita, were not good at his scary father, and there was no conversation like conversation throughout the year.[16]..However, after entering Arita's university, the companybankruptcy, The tuition fee was delinquent.A report from my father about it and a "university" from AritaDropoutArita accidentally overlapped with the report saying "I want to make a comedy."DisrespectHowever, he was praised by his father, saying, "You are a filial son who doesn't have to pay school fees. It's wonderful to find what you want to do!"As I will know later, it seems that the company is leaning at that point[17]The parents' house, where Arita had lived for a long time since he became aware of it, was also on sale.After the father's business collapse, his parentsdivorceAnd soon after, my fatherDie..My grandfather and grandmother died in quick succession around that time.[18].

Arita later looked back at that time and said, "When I returned to my parents' house in Kumamoto during the summer vacation, the nameplate had changed to" Hasegawa. " I was doing it. "[19]..When Arita finally found the apartment, his father said, "It's not an excuse, but I thought it would be easier to live here if I started living here (cheap apartment)."[19]..After that, his father, who agreed that Arita wanted to be a comedy, gave Arita 50 yen, but apparently the money was made by borrowing money from Sarakin, and his father died at the end.[18].

When Arita was a regular in the relay corner of "King's Brunch", guest reporter X-GUN visited Arita's former parents'house with the purpose of "sneaking into Arita's sold parents' house". ..The place that used to be Arita's room was a storeroom, but it turned out that the letters "Hiryu" that Arita had scribbled on the wall remained, so Arita thanked X-GUN for reporting.[20].

To cousinNovelistThere is Unami Mifu (a representative work such as "Buun").

My uncle (Arita's mother's brother)Political scientistSo, Japan's firstNobel PrizeSelection committeeRoyal Swedish AcademyWas a member ofNobu Yano.. "Since I was a child, my parents often said,'University with relatives.教授I was told to emulate my uncle, but that personsexual harassmentWas sued inStory(For details on sexual harassment, seeYano caseSee).

Physical characteristics

Characterized by a chin.

He is getting fat year by year, and he has gained about 15kg compared to when he made his debut.From fans and UedaToro salmonIt has been pointed out that it resembles Kazunobu Kubota.AudienceHowever, when he saw Kubota, he sometimes made a mistake with Arita.Arita and Kubota are said to be too similar to each other, so September 2013, 9Muzzle CreamA project called "Which is Arita and which is Kubota" was held (the content of the project is to take the seat of the real Arita, and Arita and Kubota will face each other in various competitions that Arita is good at, and the winner will be the real Arita. It was to be certified)[21]..On the other hand, a senior entertainer in KantoHiromiRun byPressurized trainingI used to go to the gym.

From high school to before the comedian debutParasiteBecause I had it, I had a slim figure unlike the present.After retiring from the rugby club in high school, he couldn't quit the same overdrinking and eating that he had when he was doing club activities with Ueda, so in contrast to Ueda's sudden fattening, he never gained weight. ..On the other hand, at that time, he was suffering from severe itching of the buttocks about four times a year.

Thin hair, From my grandfatherAtavismStates to say[22].Hair restorerHowever, in order to strengthen the power of the hair restorer, a device for cleaning the scalp called "Momi Dash" is used.Perhaps because of that effect, it seems that the progress of thinning hair has stopped in recent years.

20085/1Broadcast of "Ariken』Planning, left cheekStainErasePetite shapingI went.



LargewrestlingAs a fanOwn art styleIt is also utilized in.Major indie organizationRegardless, he is very familiar with the trends of players and the mat world.Every weekWeekly wrestlingIn addition to reading (all from the first issue), he also owns many professional wrestling goods. "You can laugh!"Telephone shockingWhen he appeared in the magazineTamoriI have brought it as a souvenir to.

As an individual playerChoshu powerIn his book, Arita said, "It's not an exaggeration or anything (Choshu) is my master. If there is something, I've put a cutlet on myself by looking at the words, interviews and games of Riki Choshu. "[23](And many years of thought came true, and a dialogue between Arita and Riki Choshu was realized in the January 2011th to January 1th 17 issue of Weekly Playboy).

"Hustle Aid 2006』, In your own"President Takada"ofCosplayAnd appeared in the opening.Next time200712/31In "New Year's Eve! Hustle Festival 2007", Shogun Takada (Sengoku periodAfter the version) appearsPresident AritaAppeared in the ring as.

In July 2010, he published a professional wrestling book called "Pro Wrestler Legendary Big Mouse!".The book also includes professional wrestling fansKendo KobayashiA dialogue with is also recorded.Arita says that he learned from professional wrestling the mechanism and rebelliousness to activate the place, and that professional wrestling is an attractive genre and that wrestler's words have the power to influence and move people.[24].

January 2016With Arita and Weekly ProlessI started a professional wrestling talk show.Arita says "like a dream"[25]..In addition, this program is a talk show in which Arita talks for 30 minutes on the theme of "Weekly Pro", and the weekly professional wrestling issue that is the subject is handed over without being notified in advance by Arita.Therefore, program producer Akiko Ueda said in an interview article, "(Mr. Arita) doesn't know which issue will come out when the weekly professional wrestling is put out from the envelope, so it usually says" Ah "for about 5 seconds. I think that during those 5 seconds, while recalling the memory, I think that I have composed in my head where to start talking and where to bring it to the end.This program is about 1 minutes per episode, but the recording time is about the same.In other words, in the meantime, you're assembling and telling a 30-minute story.I always get goose bumps when I see it in the recording. "It has said[26].

Anime games

TV anime"Neon Genesis EVANGELIONA big fan of "Amethyoke!』Has also appeared as" Evangelion entertainer "(broadcast on April 2008, 4).

So-calledHeavy gamer.. In "All Night Nippon" etc., the game software "Jikkyo Powerful Professional Baseball 9』(Konami)of"Success modeI had been enthusiastic about "Power Pro Kun Pocket 7Arita forモデルA character called "Shugo Arita" has appeared.In addition, it is said that the staff of All Night Nippon is regularly gathered to hold a power pro tournament.But the actualbaseballI'm not very interested in it and I'm not very interested in it.

"Like a dragon(Sega <laterSega games>), Because he said that it was an interesting game on the same program.[27], "Cream Stew Arita is also very acclaimed" without knowing himselfcatch copyWas attached.It was later discovered that the manager Ohashi had taken over the job.


My favorite music genre iship hop..Hip-hop artistZEEBRAI have a friendship with him,Sugar Hill Street], "ALI-T(From the middleFAKE-ARenamed to) ”and acted as moderator with ZEEBRA.This is the edge, ZEEBRA's single "Stop Playin'A Wall"ofpromotion videoHas also appeared in.

Besides, from the influence of my brotherビ ー ト ル ズI'm also a fan of.I like the Beatles so much that I go to the Beatles copy band store.My favorite Beatles album is "Revolver"[28]..In addition, he also has the special ability to listen to all Beatles songs for only 1 second intro and guess the song title.[29].

またguitarPractice, "Cream NantokaWith the staffbandFormed,vocalAs a Beatles songLIVEOr hold[30],movies"Ironman"otherDVDIn the sales promotion campaign, he performed his own "cheering song"[31].

Watching movies

I like watching movies and I like itJapanese movie TheAmagi crossing (Matsumoto Kiyoharu)..I love moviesAnything Arita!"With Teppei Arita"ShitaraFeel free to use anythingFilm directorToShort filmI also did a variety show of the project "I have you take a picture."

In 2005Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the SithHe was addicted to Star Wars when he was released, but he said, "I get bored quickly when I get hooked", and when the manager came home, I handed over all the Star Wars goods.

September 2014, 4Ijuin HikariRadio,Let's rent this at TSUTAYA on the weekend of Hikari Ijuin!Guest appearance in.The movie Arita recommended is an American horror movie Esther[32].

Besides, released on December 2015, 12007 SpecterArita was appointed as the first official ambassador of "10" in the world of "007" series in October of the same year.[33].


casinoI like to travel abroad exclusively South Korea,AmericaMany countries have casinos such as.

Miho KannoLarge ofフ ァ ン.


  • Untouchable OfHiroya YamazakiIs the same as Yamazaki until 2013Apartment(Arita bought a detached house in Tokyo around January 2012 and moved in in the spring of 1, which was published in the weekly women's August 2013, 2013 issue).
  • Ogi and Hagi OfYahagiI was very close to him, and when I was single, three men, including Yamazaki, went on a trip every year.
  • Yamazaki, Ogiyahagi, between program recordingsDeputy managerIt is said that he gathers junior entertainers such as "Arita Juku" to give advice and uselessness to the art (called "Arita Juku"), but "only talks that are completely useless".Also,Akiyuki Tsuchida""Zentaro Kinata』Cry at the location. I advised[34]..On the other hand, he also gave accurate advice, and Tsuchida said to Arita, "When you have a street interview,'Who is your favorite comedian?', Your name may not be mentioned. Do you find Tsuchida interesting? ”, And become an entertainer who answers that 9% of people are interesting.”Hinadan entertainerHe said that it was important advice when deciding to work as a sub.
  • aboveAkiyuki Tsuchida TheU-turnAs a young man,GAHAHA KingdomWhen I was appearing on the program, I once told him that Arita was afraid when he was hit by senior comedians. In the GAHAHA kingdom, there was a short contest victory battle, and at that time U-turn participated and continued to win, but senior entertainers said, "U-turn is not interesting at all. Why is it winning? When Arita hit the back door in the dressing room, Arita told the entertainers who hit the back door of U-turn, "You guys, that's not the case! Because the turn won, the U-turn might be a good idea. "" You guys lost, "he said, and hesitated about the U-turn.[35].
  • Many co-starsネ プ チ ュ ー ン OfKen HoriuchiFrom, "I'm seriously thinking about the future and comedy,artI seesenseThere is also.Anyway, a really nice guy. It is said that.
  • There are also many co-starsBanana man OfShitaraDescribes Arita as an all-round player with high analytical ability and excellent sense of balance, and the ability of entertainers such as movement and talk.Radar chartI have said that he is a person who is as close to a pentagon as possible.[36].
  • Once a mimicry entertainerAkamasa HaraguchiI amCareerSince I entered the world of impersonation in the middle of the process, I was worried that my impersonation would not be similar to the arts of other peers, and I was wondering if I should stop imitating anymore.However, one day, at the drinking table, Arita said, "It's okay if Haraguchi's impersonation isn't so similar, but it's interesting," and I want to say that Haraguchi is more interesting than being said to be similar. It became so.Haraguchi later recalled that it saved his heart.[37].
  • When I was doing All Night Nippon, my partner, Ueda's two nieces (Ueda's brother, Ueda's brother)Keisuke UedaHe was very fond of his daughter (born after 1995) and was worried about his uncle, Ueda.Arita said, "I feel good no matter how crazy gag I say," so I went back to Kumamoto on holidays just to play with them, and it was popular at that time.Nalmiya InternationalFor juniorsBrand clothing"Meso Piano"It is said that he has also given gifts such as.At that time, the two called Arita "Aribusu" and were told a lot of things such as "Aribusu, your chin stretched."By the way, the untouchable Yamazaki is called "Yamabu".Eiji ShibataIs called "Shiba Menko", and both of themE-mailI was also reporting on the latest situation at.

Art style

In recent years, there have been cases where a project is brought to a TV station, etc., and a program planned by oneself is performed.[38][39][40]..Regarding this matter, Arita wrote in an interview article, "I like to think about what I want to do. However, it doesn't always become interesting. So," I was able to do this kind of project. It's surprisingly fun to be told "please". "In addition, in that article, after Arita's remark, "But someday, I want to make sure that what I find interesting will be interesting to others."[41].

  • IncidentallyAll power! Weakness timesA comprehensive production that works with AritaMeijo LolitaIn his own interview, "Mr. Arita is a person who can hit hits without fail. Even when everyone is thinking about the program, very interesting ideas come out. The creativity and instantaneous power are really amazing." Is saying[42].
  • Also, on May 2019, 05 broadcastAmethystWhen talking about the variety shows that the performers like, "Entertainers who love to watch variety shows," "Arita-san's programs (Arita-san) often think about planning together as a writer, so it's interesting. It's been talked about. "[43].

Fighting sportsStoryI am good at it.ImitationRepertoire is bigwrestlingフ ァ ンBecause of that,Professional wrestlerIs the majority.Above allア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木The impersonation is "Uchimura ProduceIn "Produce to win with XX (sports series)"Mitsuyoshi UchimuraShow off by pretending to beIron plate materialIt became.

Choshu small forceTo doChoshu powerThe impersonation "I'm not sharp" (actually, "I'm not sharp") is based on Arita's story.later"Laughter gold medal』In collaboration with Koriki, showed off the story as" W Choshu ".

Impersonation repertoire



  • 20016, Was appearing with his partnerSeto Inland Sea Broadcasting(KSB)'s popular late-night program "Bachikoi!In the planning of "Bachicco!(Bachikko!) "Local idolTheProduceAnd made a wonderful debut.In addition, Arita's debut song "Let's fall in love!"WrapThe part is recorded.
  • It was also the origin of the new combination namecream stewWas professing to be a favorite, but "Suddenly! The Golden Legend.When I challenged the project "Combination to spend a week only with cream stew"VegetablesIt turned out that I hated it[45], Most of the cream stew was fed to his partner Ueda.Ueda says, "Arita likes cream soup."
  • "H / K (although the story changes)"Youth wordsmade. "Zentaro Kinata』I liked to use it in front of VTR in the midnight broadcast era.
  • Long time agoSmokersSince I was a young man, my partner Ueda often warned me to quit smoking.20112ToTBS TV OfCorridorAkiko WadaPassing挨 拶When I did, I was told, "I should definitely stop smoking," and I was converted.Non smokingsucceeded in[46].
  • Arita watches Ueda-chan Nell every week and also watches reruns.
  • I went to see an untouchable Yamazaki and Girls'Generation concert, and the members of Girls' Generation know that.
  • Until you can make a living as a comedianCabaret clubWaiter,Security guard,OkonomiyakiHave had a part-time job such as[47].
  • When Arita, a young man who was interviewed for entertainment production with Ueda to become a comedian, was asked by the interviewer in charge, "What are your dreams for the future?" Ueda was surprised and said, "I want to be.", And he said, "It's different!", But the interviewer misunderstood this series of exchanges as a story, so he passed the interview brilliantly.[48].
  • Arita has posted his memories of his school days in the Seiseiko Concentric Bulletin dated March 19, 3.When Arita was in the third year of high school, he decided to participate in an event called "Song Festival", which is an annual event at the school festival. I also ordered shirts, rehearsed many times, worked hard to prepare, and enjoyed the process of launching the event.However, one week before the performance, the condition of Emperor Showa worsened, so spectacular events were canceled or reduced all over the country, and the "Song Festival" was also canceled.Arita graduated from high school with a regret that he couldn't do the event, but the desire to realize the "song festival" that he left behind became one of the reasons for Arita to aspire to comedy later. It was.Arita wrote in the newsletter about this, saying, "I've left it in Seiseiko. I'm still doing it."

Female relationship

  • "London HeartsFrom his partner Ueda, "Joint partyI want you to discipline your favorite Arita, "and the program was asked to set up a deception joint party.This project was broadcast three times, but all were set up by the programPitfallIt has fallen to.When I was alone with a woman, Atsushi ordered that woman to say "CroutonsBecause I said "Can I call you?", In the program, "Crouton (Arita)[49]It came to be called.In return, Arita said, "I want to reduce Ueda's liking."Atsushi TamuraTo deceive Uedahoney trapUeda is the exact opposite of Arita.HardcoreShows good behavior, and after the broadcast ends, the programHome Page OfBBSA woman who praises UedaAudienceA lot of writings were received from, and on the contrary, the result was that Ueda's favorability was raised.After the broadcast, I heard that Ueda's hard-line characters are playing a joint partyUntouchable OfHiroya YamazakiHe was exposed to the same trick and was caught in a similar deception again, and finally fell into a pit again.
  • 20048,actress-Fukada KyokoStaying withA date Photo weekly magazine-FridayWas scooped on.In the same month, on the way home from a joint party with YamazakiLove hotelThe appearance of entering is photographed in the same magazine.Also with another womanAmphibiousWas also reported and did not look goodPlayboyFamous as.Ueda ridiculed me, "Do you have a serialization on Friday?"However, he has said that he has not been popular since the incident with Fukada.


The following is a list of programs that only Teppei Arita appears on.The program that appears in the combination isCreamy ChuSee item.

Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

TV drama


Television Animation

Theater animation







Representative song

  • I found a small autumn



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Related item

外部 リンク

Minami beach

Minami beach(Hamabe Minami,20008/29[1][2] -) isJapan Ofactress..Nickname is "Mi-chan"[5]"Bayan"[6].IshikawaBackground[1][2].

Horikoshi High Schoolgraduate[7].. belong toEntertainment office TheToho Performing Arts[1][2].


2011, 7thToho Cinderella AuditionApplication[Note 1]Receives New Generation Award and Enters the Entertainment World[9].. Became a member of the Cinderella Room of Toho Performing Arts. Actress debut in the movie "Ari to Koibumi" released in the same year[10].

2015, Released 5st photo book "Shun" on May 25th. Special drama "September 1 of the same year"We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.』Mame Homma plays a lot of attention[11].

2016,Ritsu KobayashiPopular mahjong mangaSakiThe main character (the role of Saki Miyanaga) was played in the live-action drama of "," and the first starring in a TV drama (theatrical version was released in February 2017).[12][13].

2017,SuminoThe best-selling novel "I want to eat your pancreasIt becomes a hot topic that he played the main character (Sakura Yamauchi) in the live-action movie of[Note 2][Note 3][14].. 42nd in the same workHochi Film AwardNew face award[15], 30thDaily Sports Movie AwardsNew face award("Alien])[16],41st Japan Academy Award, New Actor AwardAward.

2018January,Homura KawamotoBased on the manga "Betting kegurui] Starring in the TV drama version (role of Yumeko Snake)[17].. April 4 of the same yeartwitterOpened the official account of[18][19].. On July 7, the same year, the official website "Hamabe Minami OFFICIAL SITE" was opened.[20][21][22].. In October of the same year, it became the first regular radio programNippon Broadcasting System, Inc."Minami Hamabe Midnight Cinderella" Starts[23].. In December of the same year, after graduating from high school, he expressed his intention to concentrate on the actress business without going on to university.[24].

2019January,Horikoshi High SchoolGraduate from[7].. In May of the same year, the movie version of the starring "Bet Kegurui" was released.[25][26].

May 2020,We are crazy』W starring with Ryusei Yokohama.



To the target actor,Masahiro Takashima-MasanobuSiblings[27].. As an admired actress,ShibaAre listed[28].

In an interview in the spring of 2019, ``I think that an actress is a career worth living, so I would like to keep it going. "[29]"(Since I graduated from high school and devoted myself to acting as an actress) I just want to continue as an actress. I am willing to help myself, be more sensitive, and be influenced by various things (I want to be an actress). "[30]"I think that envy (some people can be proud of) and such inferiority are the driving force (activity)."[31]It has said. In addition, since he starred in "Bet Kegurui," he was able to express "fun" on his face, especially in terms of personality. ing[32].

Personal characteristics, etc.

Listed as one of the entertainers with a "real name like a stage name"[33].. About this name, at the event in October 2018, he said, "It's quite a sea-like, summer-like name." "There was a choice between real name and stage name, but the name my father gave me. So, I really liked it, so I said "By all means," "I still love it very much."[34].

The name of "Minami" is "touch] HeroineAsakura MinamiDerived from[35].

The nickname he recommends is "Bayan"[6].

When I applied for "Toho Cinderella Audition", I wasn't an actressdentistMet[36].. When I was little,Cirque du SoleilWas also admired[37].

Regarding his personality, in an interview in the spring of 2019, ``I think it is a stubborn personality because I can not make a decision once I make a decision, but I do not give it away''[29].. There is also one side of ``natural character'', and in the opening greeting on the opening day of the movie ``Bet Kegurui'' released in May 2019, it was a topic that I accidentally walked in a place different from the passage planned for the platform became[25][26].

According to him, his charm point is "the face is not very characteristic".[38].. In addition, it is occasionally evaluated as a "transparent owner".[39][40].

Reading as a hobby[1][2].Miyuki MiyabeMystery novels andKeigo HigashinoWork of,Harry Potter Series,Boy cartoon-Girl cartoon("Akatsuki Jonah, Etc.)[8][41][42].

I was not very good at exercise, but the movie "AlienKawaei RinaIt was said that they became motivated by their actions and began to make exercise habits.[28].. Kawaei said, "Sensei monarchTWICEI'm dancing together in a dance collaboration project, but "Dance is really charming" "I want to give 10 to my best, but maybe 3 or 4" "I feel OK because my face is cute" Have a strict evaluation[43].

Birthplace in Ishikawa PrefectureHard writingReceived the Calligraphy Special Award[1][2].. In middle schoolBrass band clubfluteIn charge of[44]The current official profile section lists flute as a special skill[1].

As a favorite local dish of my hometown Ishikawa PrefectureCod fishBoiled eggs"[45].. Also, my favorite place in Kanazawa is "21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa[37].

Social MediaI was not good at, and I had not updated the blog opened in March 2016 for more than 3 years. Therefore, it opened in April 2twitterThe official account of the company is joint management with the manager[18][19].. The number of followers exceeded 2020 million in March 3[46]..In June of the same year, an official Instagram account was opened by himself and his staff.[47][48]..The number of followers also exceeded 8 million in August of the same year.[49].

Because of my brotherKamen Rider seriesI love Kamen RiderMasked Rider Wizard.

March 2021, for the first timehay feverOnset[50].



TaiziMain or protagonist.

TV drama


Web drama

Television Animation

Theater animation

News, documentaries, educational programs


  • Exciting TV Sukatto Japan(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • The 15th "Short cut!!!" (April 2015, 4)
    • The 30th "Muscle Cunning Strictly High School Debut" (September 2015, 9)-played by Miho Hasegawa
    • Studio Guest (December 2019, 12)
  • Cheers for a family of cranes(July 2019, 7, NHK General)




Aiba MasakiCo-starred with. With adult AibaCurry and ricePlay one of the kids eating. The age of the first broadcast is about 10 years and 9 months.
  • "Refill Vermont Version" (June 2011-Season 6)[118]
  • "Lack of information"
  • "Toro-Ritama New Potato Beef Curry" (April 2012-Season 4)[119]
  • "Aozora Vermont" (July 2012-Season 7)[120][121]
  • "Energetic Secrets" (January 2013-Season 1)[118]
  • "Children's Chorus" (April 2013-Season 4)[118]
  • Stew Mix-the role of a daughter (October 2011 -). In the role of mother and daughterHikaru NishidaCo-starred with.
  • "Gutto Hen" (October 2011-Season 10)[118]
  • 25 "Manners are Caring" series (January 2014 -)
  • "Education for manners at train stations and trains" Ringtones and calls on mobile phones and smartphones (January 2014 -)[122][123]
  • "Daily Life"/"Workplace" (August 2014 -)[124]
  • BlazeGames Little noah -Product image model (June 2015 -)
  • "My Cute Warriors: Hen" / "My Cute Warriors: The Long Line"-Game Player (November 2015, 11 -)[125][126]
  • Mother-daughter series-daughter role (April 2017, 4[127] -As of December 2019)
Mother's roleKimura YoshinoCo-starred with[127][128].. Playing the daughter of a solid person who is enjoying himself while watching over a childish and free-spirited mother like a parent.
  • FY2017 1st "GW festa" (April 2017, 4-Season 26)[127][128]
  • The 2017nd edition of FY2 "Summer sale" (June 2017, 6-Season 19)[128]
  • FY2017 3rd "Autumn Point Up Day" (October 2017, 10-2 season)[128]
  • 2017th Fiscal 4 "XMAS" (December 2017, 12-4 season)[128]
  • Fiscal 2017 5th edition "Winter sale" (December 2017, 12-Season 28)[128]
  • 2017th FY6 "Spring Point Up Day" (March 2018, 3-Season 16)[128]
  • FY2018 1st "GW festa" (April 2018, 4-Season 23)[129][128]
  • 2018 2nd "Summer Bargain & Point Up" (June 2018, 6-25 season)[128]
  • The third edition of FY2018 "3's Revival Fashion Festival" (October 90, 2018-Season 10)[128]
  • 2018 4th "Xmas Edition" (November 2018, 11-Season 19)[128]
  • 2018 5th "Winter Bargain & PUP" (December 2018, 12-End of the year)[128]
  • 2018 6th ``New Life Edition'' (March 2019, 3-Season 18)[128]
  • The first edition of the 2019 "GW festa held version" (April 1, 2019-Season 4)[130][128]
  • The 2019nd edition of FY2 "Summer sale" (June 2019, 6-Season 28)[130][128]
  • 2019 3rd "LaLaport Numazu Open Announcement" (October 2019, 10-End)[128]
  • 2019 4th "Hybrid Fashion Festival & 1st Anniversary" (October 2019, 10-8 season)[130][128][131]
  • 2019th Fiscal Year 5 “Hybrid Fashion Festival in Progress” (October 2019-Season 10)[130][132]
  • Fiscal 2019 6th edition "Winter sale" (December 2019, 12-Season 23)[133]
  • "HUNGRY DAYS Kiki's Delivery Service"-I'm 17Kiki(Voice charge) (June 2017-End)[134][135]
DifferentView of the world・Positioning as one of the "HUNGRY DAYS" series in which the characters of the masterpiece animation are drawn as ordinary students/students on different time axes,Anime movie "Kiki's Delivery Service"Kiki (1989 years old) (released in 13) appears as a 17-year-old Japanese high school girl in Japan, but the beach is Kiki'sVoice actorVoice actor of the role of a dragonfly classmate who became 17 years oldKaji YukiCo-starred with[134][135]. "Kiki's Delivery Service #Anime CMSee also.
  • "Let's do it together!" / "I'm in trouble"-Game player role (October 2017, 10 -)[136]
  • Menicon -Corporate image model (December 2017-As of December 12)
    • SMART TOUCH (December 2017-December 12)
      • Web video "Contact GP-VS gymnast-" (released December 2017, 12)[137]
      • Web video "Contact GP-VS Visual System-" (released on December 2017, 12)[138]
      • Web video "Contact GP ~ VS Macho ~" (released on December 2017, 12)[139]
      • "Common sense Kururi" version of TV commercials (April 2019, 4-as of December 1)[140][141]
    • MeniconMiru (March 2018 -)
      • For contact, see Miru / "What if Shop" edition Host Club (March 2018, 3 -)[142]
      • For contact, see Miru/"What if the shop" version Sushi restaurant (March 2018, 3 -)[143]
      • For contact, see Miru/"What if shop" edition Laboratory (March 2018, 3 -)[144]
    • Four Seasons (October 2018 -)[145]
      • "Feel the four seasons" (October 2018, 10 -)[146]
    • Mels Plan (April 2019, 4-As of December 1)
      • "1DAY is a Mercus Plan" (April 2019, 4-as of December 1)[147][148]
  • Ajinomoto "Cook Do-Product image model (early February 2018-as of December 2).Ryoma TakeuchiAnd Minami Hamabe co-starring as the eldest son and eldest daughter of seven brothers and sisters[149][150][151].
  • The 1st round pot meat “Chinese makes family hot” (February 2018, 2 -)[149][152]
  • 1st Sichuan-style mapo tofu "Chinese makes family hot" (February 2018, 2 -)[149][152]
  • The 2nd Sichuan Danmen "Chinese family heats up" (mid-February 2018 -)[153]
  • 2nd Jajangmen “Chinese makes family hot” (mid-February 2018 -)[153]
  • Chinese pepper meat gourd "Chinese makes family hot" (April 2018, 4-as of December 5)[152][154]
  • Red Mapo, Black Mapo "Both Yes Hen" (October 2018-December 10)[152][155]
  • Hiyaki Ejin, “Chinese Makes a Family Hot” (November 2018, 11-As of December 26)[152][156]
  • JA mutual aid Corporate image model/Product image model (March 2018 -)
  • 3Q visit activity Web-only CM "Information from Minami Hamabe to subscribers" (released on March 2018, 3)[157]
  • Life Disability Mutual Aid “Working My Sasae” (FY2018: April 2018-March 4)
  • "Goodbye" (April 2018, 4 -)-"Mr. Risk"Jiro SatoCo-starred with[158].. Phantom "Mr. Risk" is an incarnation of all risks such as illness and injury, and is "making" (attaching to) a young woman, Minami Hamabe. Web-only commercial "shooting" version (released on March 2018, 3)[159], "Life Movie" version (released on October 2018, 10)[160], "Risk SONG" version (released on November 2018, 11)[161], "Virgin Road" version (released on November 2018, 11)[162] Then, it is drawn according to the setting, but it is not drawn clearly on the TV commercial.
  • Life Disability Mutual Aid “Working My Sasae” (FY2019: April 2019-March 4)
  • Episode 1 "First Visit" (April 2019, 4 -)
Arimura KajunCo-starred with. The first episode of a series that depicts a woman, Kasumi, who began working as a life adviser (saleswoman) after working for JA Mutual Aid, and her sister, Minami. Minami in Episode 1 was in charge of narration only. The theme songIkimonogakariof"(I.e."Tie up.[163][164][165]
  • Episode 2 "Strawberry" version (June 2019, 6 -)-Co-starring with Arimura Kasumi.Shortcake OfstrawberrySisters holding each other[163][164].[166]
  • Episode 3 "Shogi" (July 2019, 7 -)-Co-starring with Arimura Kasumi.[167]
  • Episode 4 "Guarantee Inspection" (November 2019, 11 -)-Co-starring with Arimura Kasumi. Checking your belongings while they are preparing for a trip[163][164].
  • Episode 5 "Review of Security" (November 2019, 11 -)-Co-starring with Arimura Kasumi. Play a sister who teases a man who thinks of his sister[163][164].
  • Auto Mutual Aid "Kuru Master"
  • "Mr. Risk Dissatisfaction" (April 2018, 4 -)-Performed with Jiro Sato, who plays "Mr. Risk".[158][159][168]
  • Specified Severe Illness Mutual Aid "Familiar Risk Ale" (March 2020, 3 -)
  • "The second button" (March 2020, 3 -)-WEB video[169]
  • "Snooze" (March 2020, 3 -)-WEB video
Taiho Tsuchiya-Hirose Tin-Matsui AiriReplaced by "Ghana's 3 daughters" in the previous term, Minami Hamabe (17 years old)Anna Yamada(17 years old)·Ryuka Kumada(17 years old) will be appointed and will also appear in commercials[171].. In addition, I am a senior at the office to which the beach belongsMasami NagasawaHas appeared from 2006 to 2013[171].
  • "My mother is one pattern" / "My mother is boring" / "My mother is really sweet" (April 2018, 4 -)[171]
  • "Hot Ghana" (November 2018, 11 -)[172][173]
  • "Valentine's Day Gacha Ghana" (February 2019, 2 -)[174][175]
  • "Thank you for the red chocolate" version (April 2019, 4 -)[176]
As a new theme song, Yumi Arai (currentlyYumi Matsutoya)of"Rouge messageIs used in chorus style[176].. Shooting is "Sacred placeFormer Ashikaga West High School (formerly Tochigi Prefectural Ashikaga West High School) became famous as "(Tochigi PrefectureAshikagaIt was held in Omae-cho) and in Sakaya.
  • Persol carrier "an''-Product image model
    • "The byte debut is "an"! Minami Hamabe, Pop Team Epic" (April 2018, 4 -). Manga/AnimePop Team Epic"Popuko, Pipimi co-starring.[177]
    • "The byte debut is "an"! Domo, an girls!" (October 2018, 10 -). ComedianUn GirlsCo-starred with.[178]
  • LINE MUSIC(March 2018 -)
    • "Singing" (April 2018, 4 -)[179]
    • "# Kimi's BGM Unrequited Love" / "# Kimi's BGM Answers" (May 2018, 5 -)[180]
  • NTT DoCoMo -Corporate image model / product image model (September 2018-as of December 9)
    • Corporate CM "Star Pro" series-as Monjurou (September 2018-as of December 9?)
Hoshino Gen-Nitta Shinken-Hiromi HasegawaCo-starred with. What is Monjurou?The whole body was covered with shocking pink hair可愛 いSystemmonster(monster), you can transform into human form like your friends. In the monster form, the beach is in charge of the voice, and in the human form, it is the live form.[181].. Monjurou is a star PproducerAyumu Hoshi (act: Hoshino) serves as presidentEntertainment officeNot available for sale because it belongs to "Hoshi Chara Production (common name: Hoshi Pro)"characterSo, I am working hard toward my dream with Donimaru (act: Nitta) and Kosmov (act: Hasegawa).[181].cf. NTT Docomo's image character # Current character
  • "The Beginning Story" / "Character Introduction" (September 2018, 9 -)[182][183]
  • "Everyone's expectations" (September 2018 -)[184]
  • "Monjurou Special Skills" (November 2018, 11 -)[185]
  • "Kosmov's Rocket" (November 2018, 11 -)
  • "Donimaru's English" (December 2018, 12 -)[186]
  • "Youth Domanaka Start" (December 2018, 12 -)[187]
  • "A new start for Hoshi Pro" (January 2019, 1 -)[188]
  • Corporate CM "Hoshi Pro" Series Special Edition "Kanna and Minami"-Minami (December 2019 -)
Kanna HashimotoWith the double hero with, togetherCollege studentTo play[189].. The characters of the high school students to play are Hashimoto's extrovert and beach's introvert.
  • "Prices Kanna and Minami" / "Prices Kanna and Minami (for Kanna)" / "Prices Kanna and Minami (for Minami)" (December 2019, 12-as of the same month)[190][191][192]
  • "Kanna and Minami's Graduation" (February 2020, 2 -)[193]
  • Corporate CM "Teacher" series (October 2020-)
    • "Teacher, do you know 5G?" (October 2020, 10-)[194]
    • "From Teacher to Everyone" (December 2020, 12-)[195]
  • d book
    • "I'm addicted to the beach (d point)" (December 2020, 12-)[196]
    • "I'm addicted to the beach (popular work)" (December 2020, 12-)[197]
  • Kao Biore -Product image model (June 2019 -)
    • Smooth powder sheet "1 sheet vs 4 sheets" (March 2019 -)[198]
    • Cold sheet "Surprise"[199]/ "Men's Level"[200]/ "Tokyo"[201]"Sendai", "Nagoya", "Osaka", "Fukuoka" (March 2019, 3 -)
    • Cold towel
      • Birth of a cold towel (March 2020 -)[202]
      • Web limited CM "Cold towel dance OkazaemonWith"[203]/ "Cold Towel Dance Minami"[204](Published March 2020, 3)
  • Kyoto Kimono Yuzen -Corporate image model (July 2019-as of December of the same year). Appoint the beach as a modelFurisodePromote the latest product development of[205][206][207].
    • Furisode "Unchanging Beauty" Hen 2019 Summer (2019th July 7-19 season). 1 beaches wearing kimono sleeves that image Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei, Reiwa, appealing their charm[206][208][209].
    • Furisode "Unchanging Beauty" Hen 2019 Winter (December 2019, 12-Season 21)[210]
  • Shiseido -Product image model (June 2019 -)
  • Web-only CM "Product Appearance"[212] / "To your own big eyes" version (released on August 2019, 8)[213]
  • Web-only CM "Tones that are perfect for you."[214] / "Compass" version[215](Published September 2019, 11[216]
In the 2019 heroine role in a series in which a young actress plays the heroine,Takeshi OkadaAnd male and female double starring[217][218].. On a ski tour last winter for studentsTwinkTo "Chest Kyun"You play a young woman[217][218].. On the beach when shooting this CMノ ノ ー ボ ーI am trying for the first time[219].. The theme song Eve of"SilverTie up[217][220].
  • "This snow will not disappear." (December 2019, 12-Season 18)
  • Toyama newspaper -Refer-a-friend campaign (April 2020 -)


Music video



Photo album

Photo essay


Magazine serialization


Participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2017/2/1You waltz/NO MORE CRY[251]Kiyosumi High School Mahjong Club[Member 1]"You waltz"TV drama"Saki"Opening theme
"NO MORE CRY'TV drama "Saki-" ending theme


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Unit member


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