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🛋 | Worcation is a new community network connecting cities and regions

Photo Pasona JOB HUB Business Development Manager and Social Innovation Department Ryo Kato Engaged in business development with the themes of talent sharing, circular economy, and sustainable tourism while working as if traveling all over the country.Also, IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab.He also serves as the director, the sharing economy evangelist of the Cabinet Secretariat, the regional power creation advisor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Tokyo tourism town development advisor, the director of the NPO support center, and the special invitation fellow of the Tama University graduate school. Working on innovation.

Worcation is a new community network that connects cities and regions

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In addition, he also serves as Director of IDEAS FOR GOOD Business Design Lab., Cabinet Secretariat Sharing Economy Evangelist, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Regional Power Creation Advisor, Tokyo Tourism Town Development Advisor, NPO Support Center Director, Tama University Graduate School Special Invited Fellow, etc. We are working on social innovation through public-social tri-sector collaboration.

Worcation and living [Part XNUMX] Worcation has begun to attract attention due to the spread of telework due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

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For more than 1986 years since it was first published in 30, we have been covering a wide range of coverage areas such as administration, housing / real estate, equipment / construction materials, and related services ... It is explained from the point of view of the person.

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Social innovation

Social innovationIs an innovative solution to social problems.It is more effective, efficient and sustainable than existing solutions and brings the value created to society as a whole.[1]..When you start a business with Social Innovation as a businessSocial entrepreneurCalled[2].


Social innovation becomes social change in Japanese.There are many interpretations of the definition, but "to tackle social issues by developing new social products and services and their mechanisms needed to create new social value, or by utilizing general businesses. It is the development of the mechanism. "[3]On the other hand, "it is difficult to define"[4], "The process of creating and implementing new solutions to social needs and issues"[5], "Introduction of new business models and market-based mechanisms that reflect sustainable economy, environment and society"[6]The definitions are different.Also, Social InnovationSocial entrepreneurIt is defined more broadly and entrepreneurship is not included in the definition.In all cases, the definition of changing society for the better is common.Also, as a means of social innovationFuture center,HackathonIs also attracting attention.[7][8] Also, as a concept close to Social InnovationAC innovatorIs recommended by the Economic and Social Research Institute of the Cabinet Office.

Education and initiatives for social innovation 

In educationDoshisha UniversityIs a social innovation course[9],Keio UniversityEstablished a social innovator course[10],Kanazawa Institute of Technology 虎ノ門大学院がソーシャルイノベーションプログラムを設けたほか[11],Nagano Prefectural UniversityEstablished a Social Innovation Creation Center[12], Sennan UniversityStarted the Social Innovation Minor Course in 2016[13]..In addition, for the purpose of fostering social entrepreneurs and social innovationBusiness school,Social Entrepreneurship UniversityEstablishment of[14]The educational environment is increasing.Also, TokyoBunkyo kuHas established a social innovation platform[15].

Spreading the concept of social innovation 

The concept of social innovation has traditionally been NPOs, etc.Social entrepreneurHas been used among, but recentlyFuture center,HackathonIt has also been used by companies that are not companies that started from social businesses. At the ICC conference TOKYO 2016 held on March 3, 24, "Creating the Impact of Social Innovation" attracted not only NPOs but also various companies such as IT companies and marketing companies, and the high level of interest in Social Innovation attracted attention. Was done.[16]

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