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👩‍🎓 | Gakken Prime Seminar, all question commentary video of university entrance test "English" is now available for free


Gakken Prime Seminar, all question commentary video of university entrance common test "English" is being released for free

If you write the contents roughly
Mathematics and modern writing are scheduled to be released in early February.

Gakken Plus is a popular lecturer, Hironobu Takeoka, on the official website of the video course "Gakken Prime Seminar" for students taking the difficult university. → Continue reading


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Modern language

Modern languageWhat is (Gendaigo)?modern OfA humanUsed byword.


JapaneseThen usuallyMeijiSince the times, orSecond World WarAfter thatModern languageCalled.In the latter case, from the Meiji eraPrewarUp toModern languageIn the former case, modern language and modern language are synonymous.AlsoDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular OfSubjectsThe modern sentence of is the former, the national language defined in the Meiji era (Standard language).


EnglishThen about16st centuryAfter thatModern EnglishThat is. Although it is named "modern"HistorySayThe early modern periodThe range is rather wide.Modern EnglishIn that case, it is used especially after the war.


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