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👩‍🎓 | American song for Olympic athletes Ale Hanamaki Kita High School, relay video recording

Hanamaki Kita High School students singing the national anthem of the United States with all their heart

Ale Hanamaki Kita High School student, relay video recording for Olympic athletes in American song

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The project will be completed by connecting videos taken by local governments registered in "Host Town", which aims for mutual exchange with the United States participating in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Hanamaki City is a "US national anthem singing relay video production professional ..." sponsored by the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Promotion Headquarters → Continue reading

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Interaction(Good morning),Interaction(This is good)Mutual exchange(Sogokouryu),Interaction(So ​​good), orInteractionIsBritish: interaction, alone: interaction Was assigned toTranslation-Foreign wordsAnd the core of the meaning is that "two or more things influence each other". Derivatives and adjective formsInteractive.

Etymology and meaning

EtymologyIt is,LatinMeans “mutual” and “between”prefix inter- Means "to do" and "to do"verb agō Derivative of āctiō Plus.

In European languages,interaction(English/French),interactionIt is written as (German) and is a word of the same system. The basic idea is the same, and the basic concept is shared across borders and fields. On the other hand, in Japanese, there are various translations such as "interaction", "interaction", "interaction", or phonetic transcriptions such as "interaction" that appear as translations of the above-mentioned words. It is used in various notations for each field. However, no matter which of these translations or phonetic transcriptions are applied, it is an equally important concept.

European people interaction When I use the word, I often use it more or less consciously about the usage in other fields. On the other hand, translated words are not absolute, and even the same field may change over time. It is very inconvenient that the original word is written in the same word, but the continuity of the concept is divided by the selection of the translated word, and the history cannot be read. May not capture the deep intentions of the original author. Therefore, based on these, in this section, in European languages interaction System words (derived Interactive , Etc.) will be dealt with collectively, and standard Japanese translations in each field and specific usages and developments of concepts in that field will be broadly explained.


In philosophy, interaction isInteraction,Interaction,InteractionCan be translated. Two entities (or two or more entities) interact with each other.


CantIn (1724-1804), the concept of relationship is "entity and inner attribute" and "cause and effect", but interaktion is the third relationship next to it. Mutual actions as human actions are social actions in which multiple individuals work together. And it is contrasted with acts such as production and production for natural objects.


As a well-known theory of interaction in philosophy,Fichte(1762-1814) in the Basics of Natural LawMutual recognitionIs mentioned. It is said that even if a person has formal conditions (abilities) in both consciousness and self-awareness, then it is simply "possible". Prompting ofalone: request) Is required. It is said that such a prompting is a kind of call, and it occurs when people mutually recognize each other as intellectual beings of the same kind as themselves. Once the self-awareness of the actor is realized by the prompting, he will treat the other person according to the concept of the intellectual being. This is a legal act ormoralIt is assumed to be the basic form of physical act.


Hegel,MarxThe interactive formation of human cognition and social relations presented bydialecticIt is explained using the concept of.

In Hegel, the conflicting perceptions of an individual (an sich) and an anti-self (für sich), or a thesis (positive) and an antithesis (anti) within an individual or group are not denied.StopThen, it is explained how to proceed to higher recognition and social order.


In Marx, the structure of subjective conflicts and interactions in Hegel's dialecticMaterialismAs a production styleFoundation(Substructure) And as a political and social system / ideological cultureSuperstructureInteraction / dialectic betweenMaterial dialectic), The human society is explained.


George Herbert Mead

George Herbert Mead(1863-1931), this theory is generallySymbolic interaction theoryIs translated as The movement of one organism stimulates another organism to provoke a reaction, which is the originalBiology It is based on the composition of "stimulation-reaction", which is a stimulus for the body, and the repeating/chaining has social consequences. Then, the interaction of gesture conversation (body language) eventuallysymbolIt became an interaction using言语It describes the developmental mechanism of reaching mutual conduct controlled by. This theory of MeadpragmatismIt is also said that they are categorized as, and later (along with the mutual recognition theory of the German idealism system).Harbor Massof"communicationThe theory of physical action”.


In sociology, the actions/results of social activities of the constituent units of society are called social effects, and the social effects that are exchanged between the constituent units and the overall results handled in sociology are called “social interactions”. I'm calling. Or, it is a social act that dynamically changes by changing the behavior and response according to the behavior of the partner. Social interactions can be categorized as follows.

  • Contingency (British: accidental)-Not scheduled and will not be repeated. Examples include directions and sales of products.
  • Iteration (British: repeated)-Not scheduled, but repeats. An example would be walking along a road and occasionally meeting neighbors.
  • normal(British: regular)-Not scheduled, but happens on a daily basis. For example, if you make a mistake, you may be wondering, or you may encounter a doorman or security guard at a work place on weekdays or a restaurant used for dinner.
  • Limit (British: regulated)-Scheduled and restricted by direction and by law. Since there is a definition, doubts arise when mistakes occur. (Working, meeting, etc.) Relationships at work, home, etc.

It is said that social interaction is based on social relationships.

Communication technology

Interactive communication

Also translated as "two-way communication." Two-way communication occurs when information sources exchange messages with each other.


"InteractivityIs translated as In communication media, this is the function to ask questions to the communication media. The digitization of media and the integration of media have increased the degree of interactivity in the amount of media used. Interactivity in the media is a cultural trend.

Overall design


statisticsIn the field ofInteractionIs often translated as A factor in an experimental design that has more than one factorDependent variableIt means that the magnitude or direction of the influence on the value depends on the level of other factors. Design of experimentsThis is an event that needs to be considered when an experiment plan with two or more factors is created.


physicsThe concept of two or more substances exerting force on each otherInteractionExpress.

Before the 19th centuryElectromagnetic forceAlso重力AlsoRemote actionWas thought to be, but today, all four basic forcesPlaceActs on the objectPowerOccursProximity actionIt is thought to be caused by the mechanism of. That is,PlaceThe mechanism by which an object and an object act in proximity is called an interaction.

There are various other interactions between fields and objects, and their properties have various appearances. For exampleSuperconductivityIs believed to be manifested by the interaction between the crystal lattice and Cooper pair electrons via the phonon field. Even in this case, between the crystal lattice and the electronElectrostatic interactionIs fundamentally influenced by phonon fields and Cooper pairs, so the interaction in physics is fundamentallyBasic interactionYou can ask for the source.

In addition, the result that two or more objects influence each other other than the proximity effect of the field and the object may be called interaction. For exampleSpin-orbit interactionIt is,Electronic OfspinとAtomic orbitEtc. expresses the result that each other influences each other, and this is an example where the place is not particularly involved.Quantum chemistryAlso inMolecular orbitalThis is an example where spaces influence each other. Alternatively,MechanicsIn some cases, the interaction between the action and the reaction is called the interaction. Also,Fluid mechanicsThen,波The action that works between them is sometimes called interaction.

Basic interaction

Basic interaction(British: Fundamental interaction) Works on the objectStrong power,Weak force,Electromagnetic force,重力Represents the mechanism by which a particularElementary particlesとPlaceIt develops when and act in proximity. OrThe four forces of natureAlso called simply interaction.

NameRelative strengthImpact range (m)Mediate powerGauge particles
Strong interaction104010-15%Gluon
Electromagnetic interaction1038Infinity (strength is 1/r2Proportional to)Photon(Photon)
weak interaction101510-18%Weak boson(W±,Z0)
Gravity interaction1Infinity (strength is 1/r2Proportional to)Gravity child(Graviton)

List of interactions in physics


ChemicalThen.Intermolecular force(That is,Between moleculesInteraction)Covalent bondIt is called "interaction" in the sense that it is weaker than that of, but the stronger one is also called "binding". In particularInteraction between ions(Also called ionic bond),Hydrogen bond(This often uses the word "bond"),Dipole interaction,London dispersive power(Van der waals force), these areElectromagneticsFactors (Coulomb force) Based on the power. Included above but as a special one (between two moleculesElectronicMove and form a complex by Coulomb force) orπ-π interaction(Transfer interaction:Aromatic ringThere is a particularly strong dispersive force that works between.

Besides that,thermodynamicsFactors (when the system is viewed as a macroFree energyIs lower, it stabilizes)Hydrophobic interactionThere is. They areSupramoleculeFormation of thecrystalConstruction,liquid,liquid crystalPhysical properties of biopolymers (DNA,proteinEtc.) plays an important role in the structure.

またBiochemistryThen.proteinSpecific association of molecules such as (specifically due to the above various interactions) is called interaction.Protein-protein interactionSee.

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In the field of pharmacy, it is generally translated as "interaction".

PharmacologyThen multipleDrugWhen (or ingredients contained in food etc.) is ingested, its medicinal effect orSide effectsIf there is a difference compared to when taken alone, this is called interaction. This pharmacological interaction

  • Pharmacokinetic (British: Pharmacokinetic) Interactions: absorption, biodistribution,metabolismIn excretion, one drug changes the concentration of another drug. (Example: drug metabolizing enzymeCytochrome P450Other drugs and food (grapefruitEtc.) affect)
  • Pharmacodynamic (British: Pharmacodynamic) Interaction: There is an effect between drugs at a stage directly related to efficacy and side effects. (Example:NattoIncluded inVitamin KBy anticoagulantWarfarinThe medicinal effect of

Can be divided into two.


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