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👶 | Brushing your teeth will be fun!4 Recommended Picture Books Popular with Children in Nursery Schools


Brushing your teeth will be fun!4 Recommended Picture Books Popular with Children in Nursery Schools

If you write the contents roughly
After that, Nontan's friends Usagi, Tanuki, Buta, and Kuma will brush their teeth in the same way.

Kaoru Nakata, a nursery teacher, taught me a picture book that makes brushing teeth fun. "Nontan brushing Hami", "Hami ... → Continue reading

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"Nontan』(Nontan)Kiyono SachikoOf drawingPicture bookSeries, and the main character of the series.It features a simple pattern drawn with relatively thick wavy lines (*)Reasons described belowLater became the sole name of Kiyono Sachiko). As of December 2020, the cumulative circulation of the series has reached 12 million.[1].


LivelyCatIn a series of picture books with the boy Nontan as the main character1976å¹´The first picture book "Nontan Burankosete" was published in Japan.After that, not to mention picture books,CD,Television Animation, Character products are also popular.

Initially with KiyonoYasuomi Otomo TheKasei-shaTo the white childFoxI brought in "Akanbe Tsune" (the prototype of "Akanbe Nontan" later) with the main character.After that, at the suggestion of the editor, the main character was changed to a cat and the title was changed to "Akanbedora-kun".However, the word "Dora-kun" was difficult for children to pronounce, so it was finally decided to be "Nontan"."Nontan" is the nickname of the editor's daughter's friend.[2][3]..Also, in the early original picture, the screen was divided in the spread at first glance, but the screen composition is redrawn by the advice from the editor.[2].

The first published work was "Nontan Burankosete", and "Akanbe Nontan" was published as the third work. From the picture book situation at the time of 1, "Akanbe"mischiefI was afraid that the act would be rejected by my mother who bought the picture book.[4].


Almost all characters except Nontan and Tartan are not named because they "did not feel the need"[5].

The name of the character is described based on the original picture book version.Some characters have different names in the anime "Nontan to Issho" (described later).

The main characterWhite catBoy.It's naughty, naughty and full of energy, but it's also a little timid.He loves mischief, loves playing, and is interested in various things.It's selfish, but it's really a kind friendship.The treasure is a red car and a red guitar.
I live alone in a house with a flag on the roof, but since the advent of tartan, I have lived with tartan.
Age varies from work to work and is not constant[6].. 4 years old in "Nontan no Tanjobi".
ChildDream PorkBoy and nontanrival.. What is your favorite foodApples..Maybe 5 years old.
Pink tripletsRabbit.. One is a boy and two are girls, but they are indistinguishable by appearance.A boy with a broken ear.Gentle, playful and scared. All three are 1 years old.
The most crybaby among the members, always very brightRaccoon dogBoy.I like to look at the sky and the sea.I like singing, but quite a lotTone deaf.. 3 years old
He is a leader who helps everyone when they are in trouble, but he is usually very quiet.The most powerful.OurとnapとFishlike. 8-year-old.
Nontan's younger sister has a trademark blue ribbon.I love mischief and my brother.The whiskers are short, probably because they are small, with only three on the right and two on the left.2001å¹´First appeared in the publication "Nontan Ito Iina".The name comes from the nickname that Kiyono's son called his sister.The reason why the hierarchical relationship between the actual picture book and the picture book is reversed is that when drawing the picture book, Kiyono misunderstood that his son was older.[7].
Although it is not explained in the picture book, it is actuallyDeaf[8].
Fly around to watch over the nontansBee..Although he does not speak words, he seems to be able to communicate.

Although it has not appeared in the picture book, Nontan's father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather also exist as settings, and there was a plan to make it appear in the picture book as well.[9].

Anime version original character

Appeared in the episode "Naughty Squirrel" of the TV anime "Nontan and Issho".As the title suggests, he seems to like mischief.I have a father, a mother, an older sister, and a baby brother.Suddenly appeared at Kuma-kun's house and stole the bread with a smile to feed Kuma-kun's freshly baked bread to his family, but Kuma-kun immediately found out and escaped to Nontan's house, and the bag left at Nontan's house. I hid in the bag, but Nontan borrowed it from Tanuki-kun, and Nontan returned the bag to Tanuki-kun. I want to borrow Tanuki-kun's bag, "and lost the opportunity to escape, and had no choice but to hide in the bag again.Then, when the bag passed to Usagi-san, when he was put in a large amount of apples to deliver the apples to Buta-kun, he was unfortunately crushed by the apples.Then, when the bag crossed over to Buta-kun, he was almost grabbed by Buta-kun's hand with the apple, but he managed to get nothing.Immediately after that, however, Buta-kun delivered the apples to the Kuma-kun family in order to divide the apples he received from Usagi-san into the Kuma-kun family, and Risu-kun returned to the Kuma-kun family.Then, when Kuma-kun tried to take the apple in his bag, he tried to escape in a hurry, but Risu-kun's tail was misunderstood as an apple and was grabbed, and Risu-kun did not want to let go of the stolen bread. I imagined myself crying with a sad family who had no food in my head, grabbing bread in an apple.Finally, Kuma-kun was found and thought that the stolen bread would be recovered, but Kuma-kun forgave Risu-kun, and Risu-kun was delighted with that, bowed to Kuma-kun and returned with a smile.However, the bread was quite crumpled because a large amount of apples were put in the bag when Usagi delivered the apples to Buta-kun, but Risu-kun didn't care.

Picture book

Dozens of books have been published by Kaiseisha, starting with "Nontan Burankosete" and "Nontan Good Night".

1976å¹´From "Nontan Burankosete-Nontan Play (8)" published in August1982å¹´Until the September issue of "Nontan Ball Matemamate-Nontan Asoboyo (9)", the author was only "Otomo Yasumi", but later "Otomo Yasumi" and "Otomo" It is a joint name of "Sachiko".For subsequent works, the author is only Sachiko Kiyono.

The following works currently available from publishers are all labeled "Saku / Picture: Kiyono Sachiko".

Baby version, nontan

17 cm x 16 cm, from 0, 1 year old, August 1987-Released in December 8

  1. Nontan garlic smile
  2. Nontan Mogu Mogu Mogu
  3. Non-tan pee
  4. Nontan play
  5. I don't have nontan
  6. Nontan Jidosha Bubu
  7. Nontan Good morning
  8. Non-tan brushing
  9. Nontan Hakushon!

Let's play nontan

19cm x 16cm, from 3-4 years old, August 1976-September 8 release

  1. Non-tan
  2. Nontan Good night
  3. Akanbe Nontan
  4. I like non-tan
  5. Nontan fluffy fluffy
  6. Non-tan
  7. Nontan!It's Santa Claus
  8. Nontan Awa Pukupuku Pupupuu
  9. Nontan Tanjobi
  10. Nontan ball
  11. Non-tan Pappara Pana
  12. Nontan Kocho Kocho Kocho
  13. Nontan Birthday Book
  14. Nontan Ghost Village Meiro
  15. Non-tan squeak
  16. Nontan is good
  17. Nontan I want to go!
  18. Non-tan fluffy tartan
  19. Thank you for being non-tan
  20. Nontan Fun Book
  21. Nontan Spoon Tantan
  22. Non-tan picnic la la la


22 cm x 18 cm, from 3 or 4 years old

  • Nontan Ganbarumon (released in June 1998)
  • Non-tan Tetteke Musimushi (released in July 1997)

Nontan board book

13 cm x 14 cm, released in September 3 from 4 and 2004 years old

  • Nontan Aiueo
  • Nontan 1, 2, 3
  • Nontan A / B / C


  • Touching Picture Book-Tenji Tsuki Touching Picture Book Nontan Jidosha Bubu (19cm x 17cm, released in February 2 from 2013 years old)
  • New Edition Nontan Karuta
  • Nontan Tartan Play Picture Book

Sales record

  1. Nontan Burankosete-215 million copies
  2. Nontan Good night-200 million copies
  3. Nontan! Santa Claus-- 193 million copies
  4. Nontan Onessho-176 million copies
  5. Nontan and I love it-176 million copies
  6. Nontan Tanjobi-157 million copies
  7. Akanbe Nontan-156 million copies
  8. Nontan Awa Puku Puku Pup Puu --150 million copies
  9. Nontan Ball Mate Mate ――136 million copies
  10. Nontan Howa Howa Howa-132 million copies

Tohan"Million Book" 2008 edition. Cumulative total up to September 2007.


Nippon ColumbiaHas released a series of picture book story-telling CDs, "Ohanashi Nontan."The theme song and narration were in chargeIkue Sakakibara.

Picture encyclopedia

1984å¹´ToKyuryudoAs a related book, "Omi-chan Sacchan's Children's Ejiten" (written and illustrated by Yasuo Ohtomo and Sachiko, written by: Shiono Yonematsu (Yonematsu Shiono)) Has been published.

This is an encyclopedia for children that explains the meaning of various words and the synopsis of famous fairy tale works with simple kana texts and illustrations modeled on the characters appearing in the picture book version "Nontan". is there.As mentioned above, the characters of "Nontan" will appear, but the main characters are the white rabbits "Omi-chan" (boy) and "Sacchan" (girl).Also, regarding other characters, different settings can be seen from the picture book version "Nontan".An example is described below.

  • Characters that do not appear in the picture book version "Nontan" are scattered, including "Omi-chan" and "Sacchan".For example, "Wani-san" (sometimes "Wani-kun"), "Kon-chan" (fox), "Momo-chan" (a character with a ribbon on Nontan's ears).
  • The name "Buta-san" in the picture book version "Nontan" is not fixed to "Buta-kun" and "Buta-san" in this encyclopedia ("Buta-san" will be described later).In addition, there is one part where the picture book version "Tanuki-san" is called "Tanuki no Ponta-kun", and there is a part where "Kuma-san" is called "Kuma no Boya". No (there is no apparent difference).In addition, there are some places where "Omi-chan and Sacchan" are collectively called "Rabbit-san", but the three picture book versions of "Rabbit-san" are also drawn as different characters in the encyclopedia. Is considered to be a different personality.
  • The gender and age of the character do not match the picture book version "Nontan".In particular, "Buta-san" is not only named as a girl as mentioned above, but is sometimes depicted as a girl, and there is a depiction of wearing make-up and wearing a skirt.In some cases, the character is depicted as an adult, and in the "Otome-san" item, "Buta-kun" is married to "Buta-san", or in the "Yopparai" item, "Kuma-san". "Buta-san" is depicted as being drunk and drunk.


With KiyonoYasuomi Otomo(The divorced ex-husband) becomes a "nontan picture book trial" due to the difference in copyright recognition held by both parties (Otomo died during the trial).As a result of the trial, it was decided that "the actual author is Kiyono, and Otomo only did auxiliary work."[10]..Otomo's proceeding successor appealed but was dismissed[11].

Anime "With Nontan"

1992年から1994年UntilFuji Television Network, IncChildren's program "UgogorugugaWas broadcast onCorner drama..A total of 265 episodes have been produced, two of which have not been broadcast.Theme song and nontan roleVoice actor TheChiakiWas in charge.The narration isPlain text.

In charge of animation productionStudio PieroAccording to the website of, this work is planned as a "musical-style animation", and comical sound effects and music are effectively used.One whole episode insidemusic clipThere are times like (new, not omnibus).

Also, even though it is for young children, "Golf course" etc.SocialistThere are also episodes.

OVAAlso produced "Nontan and Together Obenkyo Series (New Obenkyo Series)".

Difference from the original

  • Some characters are written as "○○ -kun" such as "Buta-kun" instead of "○○ -san" such as the original "Buta-san".
  • The personality of Buta-kun and Tanuki-kun are interchanged.

Voice appearance

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Opening theme "Dancing with Nontan! Bibidena Step"
Lyrics- Akimoto Yasushi / Composition / Arrangement- Yusuke Homma / song - Chiaki
The ending theme "Nothing is as nice as the finale"
Lyrics --Yasushi Akimoto / Composition / Arrangement --Yusuke Honma / Song --Chiaki
Video version ending "If from the sky"
Lyrics- Urasawa Yoshio / Composition / Arrangement-Yusuke Honma / Song-Chiaki / Dialogue- Naomi Nagasawa,Takanorei,Yokoyama Chisa,Chiaki Morita
  • The lyrics are "if something else comes in instead of rain", which is very surreal.

List of stories

Anime "Genki Genki Nontan"

2002年11/4からKids stationWas broadcast on3DCGAnime.It has also been broadcast on some terrestrial television stations.Even after the final episode has finished broadcasting, we will return to episode 1 and repeat the rebroadcast, sometimes sandwiching new works.2012年4/4Was being broadcast.As a general rule, it was broadcast every Monday to Friday (2005年4/4~2006年4/3Is broadcast only every Monday), and the broadcast time fluctuates several times depending on the broadcast time. There were times when the same episode was broadcast twice a day, and two episodes a day.Theme song and the role of NontanVoice actor TheSaito AyakaIs in charge.Even after the broadcast at Kids Station, OVAs containing new episodes are on sale.

2015å¹´4/6, Started broadcasting the digitally remastered HD version at Kids Station (although it is treated as a new program, it can be said that the broadcast is virtually resumed).

Voice appearance (2nd work)

Staff (first work)

Theme song (first work)

Opening theme "Genki Genki Nontan"
Lyrics --Sachiko Kiyono / Composition / Arrangement-- Toshihiko Sahashi / Song-Ayaka Saito
Ending theme "Genki Genki Nontan" (Instrumental)
Composition / Arrangement-Toshihiko Sahashi

List of stories (first work)

Here, we will post the number of stories when it was broadcast at Kids Station.As for episodes 1 to 15, the number of episodes was assigned at the time of rebroadcast, so the number of episodes and the order of the first broadcast date do not match.

Number of storiesStory / SubtitleLet's try ・ SubtitleAirdate
Episode 1What is Maigo?Shiritori play2002å¹´
Episode 2Mimicking tartanEkaki Uta11/26
Episode 3Akai Happa Kiiro Happa7 Igaguri11/8
Episode 4Bicycleタ イ ヤ11/11
Episode 5Mahou color boardThere are various11/29
Episode 6Daisuki ABCWhat is your favorite food?11/14
Episode 7Shaka Shaka KakigooriWhat?12/3
Episode 8Genki Genkiwhat time is it now?12/4
Episode 9Don't squeezeWordplay11/4
Episode 10DandelionDandelion11/7
Episode 11Can you say the words?CoroCoro words11/6
Episode 12Good cookieWhat kind of shape?11/19
Episode 13Appup SumoWhat is your favorite food?11/13
Episode 14Yuki playWhich is bigger?11/12
Episode 15Get to Ten Made TodokeHow to count11/15
Episode 16Who's the karuta?Eigo de Nakigoe2004å¹´
Episode 17Are you ready?hide-and-seek4/21
Episode 18Always togetherTashizan Hikizan4/22
Episode 19Do you understand the hiragana ball?Tongue twister4/23
Episode 20Nontan's treasureHachi-san Ekaki Uta4/26
Episode 21Polishing Shuko ShukoVarious horse mackerel4/27
Episode 22Jump out! EnglishGreetings with Eigo4/28
Episode 23Chapuchapu in the bath123 Hifuumii4/29
Episode 24When it gets bigButterfly4/30
Episode 25Glitter Shanshan Good nightGood night nontan5/3
Episode 26Good luckI'll do my best2006å¹´
Episode 27Tenten-kun and Manmaru-chanIt's tiny, Yuyo10/3
Episode 28I love youSea creatures10/4
Episode 29Play with de re miPlay10/5
Episode 30Nontan TanjobiHow to make cookies10/6
Episode 31I want to go!Various vehicles10/9
Episode 32Eigo de 1, 2, 3English words10/10
Episode 33I'm waiting for the ballVarious balls10/11
Episode 34Clean upPaper plane10/12
Episode 35Junban JunbanLet's hang out10/13
Special episode
  • Utaou! Christmas (broadcast on December 2004, 12)

Broadcast on terrestrial television (2nd work)

  • 2004å¹´12/26~2005å¹´In 3 monthKansai TVBroadcast every Sunday from 6:45 to 7:00 (JST).
  • 2012å¹´1/7~ 20125/5ToTOKYO MXBroadcast every Saturday from 18:15 to 18:30 (JST).After that, it was rebroadcast twice and 21/26Broadcast up to. In the broadcast on TOKYO MX, two episodes of the "Talk" part are broadcast at once, and the "Let's try" part is deleted.The order of broadcasting is also different from that at Kids Station.

DVD (2st work)

  • Genki Genki Nontan Maigo Hadaare? (Released on February 2003, 2)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Daisuki ABC (Released on February 2003, 2)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Can you say the words? (Released on February 2003, 2)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Hamigaki Shuko Shuko (released March 2004, 3)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Happa Karuta Who's Koe? (Released on March 2004, 3)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Utaou! Christmas (released on November 2004, 11)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Itai no Tondeke ~ ☆ (Released on June 2006, 6)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Ganbarumon (released June 2006, 6)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Big Thank You (released February 2009, 2)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Spoon Tantantan (released April 2013, 4)
  • Genki Genki Nontan Ghost Murameiro (released June 2015, 6)


List titles that have been made into computer games.

Voice appearance (3DO software only) The same voice actor as the animation is in charge.

Nontan (voice: Chiaki)


  • 2003å¹´The first video / DVD of "Genki Genki Nontan" released in February is2004å¹´By March, it had sold about 3 titles (8 titles in total) and won the Columbia Golden Disc Award.[12].

Character products

Character products were temporarily released at the time of the broadcast of "Nontan and Together".

after that,2000年3In addition, ITOCHU announced "Nontan" and "Nontan".Tom Tom ☆ Boo』Introduction of the seriescharacterWill be developed as a character product as the "Mama Nontan World Series"[13].. "Mama Nontan" is the nickname of the author, Sachiko Kiyono.

After thatPlush Doll-文 房 具-Tableware-BagsVarious goods such as are on sale, and it has become a popular character.


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