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👩‍🎓 | [Campus person] Rika Sugata (Sentence III, 2nd year)

Photo in my garden (Photo provided by Mr. Sugada)

[Campus person] Rika Sugata (Sentence III, 2nd year)

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He summarized his own exploration activities and passed the Faculty of Education in the recommendation entrance examination.

Educational opportunities for all people are studied at a school for the blind until junior high school, and at high school, they belong to the international exchange department and participate in many international trainings ... → Continue reading

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Admission on recommendation

Admission on recommendation(Suisen Nigaku) ​​is mainlyUniversity,UniversityWhen recruiting students, is to select and enroll students who have been recommended by their school.


The criteria for selection are academics, sports,Art fieldGrades in specific fields required by universities and high schools, etc.SurveyEtc. In recent years, self-recommendation (appeal one's own ability and recommend it myself), member of society recommendation (entrance system for members of society with more than 2 to 3 years of social experience), etc.・RoninThe form of recommended admission is changing, regardless of (graduation period).Hokuriku UniversityTo make all high schools in Japan designated as recommended entrance exams[1],Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversitylikePrep school(Waseda Juku) Giving a recommendation entrance examination[2]Can also be seen.

Although it is not a strict recommendation admission system, more and more universities are using one of the criteria as a criterion for their special skills, achievements in club activities, student council activities, volunteer activities, etc. As an application qualificationInformation Technology Engineer Exam-Nissho Bookkeeping Test-Practical English Proficiency Test-Japanese Kanji Proficiency TestAdvanced certification ofTOEICHigh scores such as are required, and the results obtained through those studies and the intention of studying after admission may be asked at the interview.[Original research?].


Recommended entrance examinations can be broadly divided into two types: "designated school system" and "open recruitment system". You cannot apply for the designated school recommendation unless your school is a designated school, but you can apply for the open recruitment recommendation if you meet the high school recommendation criteria and university application requirements.[3].

Positive view

As a merit on the school side, it is possible to secure excellent students at an early stage. 2005Waseda UniversityIn the evaluation report ofFaculty of Political EconomyIt is shown that the average score of the students who enrolled in the designated school recommended entrance examination was higher than the average score of the students who enrolled in other entrance examination forms.[4].Saga Medical UniversityIn the follow-up survey, the ranking of the grades of the recommended students was shown to be better than that of the general students through general education subjects and specialized education subjects, as long as the trend of the school grades was seen.[5].Oshima College of TechnologyIn the results survey, recommended enrollees scored higher overall than academically enrolled students, but this is not a rule without exception, but the purpose and motive of the applicant are clear. It is important for the school to judge accurately[6].

As a merit for students, the examination subjects that are usually applied for the entrance examination are reduced or exempted in many cases, and the burden of the examination is reduced because the pass/fail judgment is made earlier than the normal entrance examination time. ..

Negative opinion

Nagoya Gakuin UniversityAccording to the survey, the number of students enrolled by the recommended entrance examination was higher than those enrolled by the general entrance examination[7]. Also,Tokyo Polytechnic UniversityIn the survey, the average score of new students enrolled in the recommended entrance examination was lower than the average score of new students enrolled in the general entrance examination in all 5 subjects.[8].

Especially in the case of a designated school recommendation, if you pass the exam, you must promise admission, and in exchange for an early pass, you will be forced to give up the opportunity to take the exam and pass the "Challenge School".In addition, the school you are from wants to secure a recommendation frame in the future, so if you enroll in the recommendation entrance examination,Dropout-TransferIt becomes difficult to do. furtherPublic universityIn the case of, the designated school recommendation is often stipulated to give preferential treatment to students attending the local high school where each university is located, and if the student passes, it will be sent to a non-local company from the viewpoint of local human resources development. It becomes difficult to get a job.If you have poor grades overall, or if you have passed the designated school system at a public university, but have found a job at a company other than the local one, or if you have indicated your intention, you may have to return the recommendation frame in the future. Have sex[Original research?].


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