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💬 Coconala | Answer (almost) anything about Python Consultation over a dozen years of Python experience from web development to machine learning and image processing | IT / programming ...

Answer (almost) anything about Python. From web development to machine learning to image processing, dozens of years of experience in Python | IT · Programming ·…

The price is set assuming about one hour of advice. Machine learning, web development, DB design, image processing, work efficiency, testing, coding method and tips etc., I think that I can answer most requests. However, please note that support for Windows-specific development is difficult because there is no environment here.

Not limited to Python, I am also good at Go language, Scrum development, domain driven design, pair pro/mob pro, test driven development, software team creation, etc.

Please be as specific as possible in your consultation.

・Operating environment (win, Mac, linux, etc.)

In addition, we may not be able to answer the problems specific to windows because we do not have a windows environment.

Also, instead of using this service, it may be good to consult on the python-jp mailing list.

→See more in detail in the skill market “Coconara”