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👩‍🎓 | YouTube video, in order not to keep watching ... It was a great success after deciding to be a child!New rules for a simple home 


In order not to keep watching YouTube videos, I decided to be a child and it was a great success!New rules for a simple home 

If you write the contents roughly
It's easy to get rid of smartphones, iPads, videos and apps as bad, but as your child grows up, you'll eventually use them out of sight.

With an unprecedented corona vortex, I was consulted by a friend that "I felt the limits of home-based childcare."My friend is a younger son ... → Continue reading

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iPad(IPad) isア ッ プ ルDeveloped and sold byTablet computer.


AmericaWest coast time Of20101/27,San FranciscoAt the product launch held inFirst iPadWas announced[1].

The product will be released by the companyPortable media playerIsiPod touch,SmartphoneIsiPhoneFollows theMulti-touchOperation method byUser interfaceMany functions such as the design of are shared.MoreoverE-bookNew features have been added, such as the ability to subscribe to.However, unlike the iPhone, it does not have a call function.

The model to be sold isWi-Fi(無線 LAN) Only, Wi-Fi and communication networks provided by mobile operators3rd generation mobile communication system(3G) or4rd generation mobile communication systemThere are two types of models equipped with (LTE) functions.

It is a small versioniPad miniAnd a thin and lightweight versioniPad Air, Large and high performance versioniPad ProSee individual articles for more information.

In addition, regarding the product notation, the official product name is "iPad", which has no spaces or hyphens and only p is capitalized.



  • Early prototype development begins[2][3].



  • 3/2 (US time) --At a product launch in San FranciscoiPad 2Announced.
  • 3/11(US time) --iPad 2 is now available in the US.
  • 3/25 --IPad 2 is now on sale worldwide.Initially it was planned to be released in Japan,Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeThe release was postponed in consideration of the large amount of damage caused by[9].
  • 4/28 --Launch of iPad 2 in Japan. SoftBank will sell the 3G version[10](Wi-Fi version is sold from multiple).


  • 3/7 (US time) --At a product launch in San Francisco3th generationAnnounced. Although there was an expectation of "iPad 3" and "iPad HD", the numbering was not used in the 3rd generation and it was expressed as "new iPad" on the official website.[11].
  • 3/16 --The 3rd generation is now on sale in the United States and other countries around the world.In Japan, the 3G version will be sold by SoftBank as before (Wi-Fi version will be sold from multiple).
  • 10/23(US time)- San JoseAt the product launch held inI / O interfaceAslightningIt was adopted4th generationAnd small version"iPad mini' Of1th generationAnnounced. About Cellular version In Japan, in addition to the existing Softbank,KDDIWill also be released.



  • 6/10 --From this dayNTT DoCoMoStarts handling Cellular version of iPad[14]..As a result, following the iPhone, the iPad will be handled by all three major Japanese mobile phone companies.
  • 10/16(US time) -The iPad Air will be the second generation at the product launchiPad Air 2And the third generation of the iPad miniiPad mini 3Announce[15].



  • 3/21(US time) --At the product launch9.7-inch iPad ProAnnounce[17].. ThisiPad ProWill be released with the same name but different screens.
  • 6/14(US time) --iOS 6 announced at WWDC 14 on June 2016th.iPad 2とiPad (3st generation)Was excluded.Therefore, iOS 9 series will be the final support.
  • 9/7(US time) --At the product launch, it was announced that 2GB will be added to the iPad Air 4 and iPad mini 32.In addition, 16GB and 64GB have been discontinued due to limited stock.





Specifications by model

 Support (repair acceptance by Apple) ended (in Japan)   End of sale (in Japan)   Available at Apple Store and mobile carriers 

Specification list for each model (Wi-Fi)
ModeliPad (1st generation)iPad 2iPad (3st generation)iPad (4st generation)iPad (5st generation)iPad (6st generation)iPad (7st generation)iPad (8st generation)
Initially supported OSiPhone OS 3.2iOS 4.3iOS 5.1iOS 6.0iOS 10.2.1iOS 11.3iPadOS 13.1
Supported OS latest versioniOS 5.1.1iOS 9.3.5iOS 10.3.3iPadOS 14.4
iOS final support seriesiOS 9 seriesiOS 10 seriesunpublished
CPUApple A4
1 core 1.0GHz
Apple A5
2 core 1.0GHz
Apple A5X
2 core 1.0GHz
Apple A6X
2 core 1.4GHz
Apple A9
2 core 1.85GHz
Apple A10
4 core 2.33GHz
Apple A10
4 core 2.33GHz
Apple A12

6 core 2.49Ghz

But by the full GPU acceleration techPowerVR SGX 535
1 core
PowerVR SGX 543MP2
2 core
PowerVR SGX 543MP4
4 core
PowerVR SGX 554MP4
4 core
PowerVR GT7600
6 core
PowerVR GT7600
6 core
Apple original design 4 core
Main memory256MB512MB1GB2GB3GB
Flash memory16 / 32 / 64GB16 / 32 / 64 / 128GB32 / 128GB
display9.7inch型TFT(IPS)Multi-touchliquid crystal
XGA (EXtended Graphics Array)
Number of pixels: 1024 x 768pixel
Resolution: 132ppi
Color depth: 6bit 26 color display[26]
Model: LP097X02 (LG)[27]
Retina display
9.7-inch TFT (IPS) multi-touch LCD
Number of pixels: 2048 x 1536 pixels
Resolution: 264ppi
Color depth: 8bit 1677 color display
Model: LTN097QL01 (SAMSUNG),
LP097QX1 (LG)[28][29]
Retina display
9.7-inch TFT (IPS) multi-touch LCD
Number of pixels: 2048 x 1536 pixels
Resolution: 264ppi
Color depth: 8bit 1677 color display
Anti-fingerprint oil repellent coating
Retina display
9.7-inch TFT (IPS) multi-touch LCD
Number of pixels: 2048 x 1536 pixels
Resolution: 264ppi
Color depth: 8bit 1677 color display
Anti-fingerprint oil repellent coating
Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon[30]対 応
Retina display
10.2-inch TFT (IPS) multi-touch LCD
Number of pixels: 2160 x 1620 pixels
Resolution: 264ppi
Color depth: 8bit 1677 color display
Anti-fingerprint oil repellent coating
Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon[30]対 応
Communication method (Wi-Fi)Wifi(802.11 a / b / g / n),Bluetooth 2.1 + EDRWi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n), Bluetooth 4.0 + HSWi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac), MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2 + HS
sensor3 axesGyroscope
Ambient light sensor
Fingerprint authentication sensor (Touch ID)
3-axis gyroscope
Ambient light sensor
Camera (back)Not equippedHD video shooting (720p, Up to 30fps, with audio)
Still image (5x digital zoom, 70 pixels)
HD video shooting (1080p, Up to 30fps, with audio)
Still image (5x digital zoom, 500 pixels)
HD video shooting (1080p, Up to 30fps, with audio, 120fps slow motion shooting compatible)
Still image (5x digital zoom, 800 megapixels, burst mode compatible)
Camera (front)Not equippedVideo shooting (VGA image quality, up to 30fps, with audio)
Still image (VGA image quality)
HD video shooting (720p, Up to 30fps, with audio)
Still image (120 million pixels)
External connection terminalApple Dock ConnectorLightning connector
batteryLithium polymer battery with voltage 3.75 volt, 24.8 watt hours
Battery-powered for up to 10 hours
Lithium polymer battery with voltage 3.75 volt, 42.5 watt hours
Battery-powered for up to 10 hours
32.4Wh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
size242.8 mm (length) x 189.7 mm (width) x 13.4 mm (thickness)241.2 mm (length) x 185.7 mm (width) x 8.8 mm (thickness)241.2 mm (length) x 185.7 mm (width) x 9.4 mm (thickness)240 mm (length) x 169.5 mm (width) x 7.5 mm (thickness)250.6 mm (length) x 174.1 mm (width) x 7.5 mm (thickness)
重 さ680g601g652g469g483g490g
Vintage products
Obsolete products
(Support by Apple)

[31][Note 1]
ビ ン テ ー ジ
(the whole world)
ModeliPad (1st generation)iPad 2 (2nd generation)iPad (3st generation)iPad (4st generation)iPad (5st generation)iPad (6st generation)iPad (7st generation)iPad (8st generation)

For details on the specifications of each model, including mobile network (3G / LTE) compatible models, refer to the article for each model.Also,iPad mini-iPad Air-iPad ProFor a list of specifications for each model, refer to each article.

Transition of iPad model

11インチiPad Pro (第2世代)12.9インチiPad Pro (第4世代)11インチiPad Pro (第1世代)12.9インチiPad Pro (第3世代)10.5インチiPad Pro12.9インチiPad Pro (第2世代)9.7インチiPad Pro12.9インチiPad Pro (第1世代)iPad mini (第5世代)iPad mini 4iPad mini 3iPad mini (第2世代)iPad mini (第1世代)iPad Air (第4世代)iPad Air (第3世代)iPad Air 2iPad Air (第1世代)iPad (第8世代)iPad (第7世代)iPad (第6世代)iPad (第5世代)iPad (第4世代)iPad (第3世代)iPad 2iPad (第1世代)


Based on iOS (former iPhone OS), the OS of iPhone, which is Apple's smartphone that was released earlieriPad OSAdopted.It has a multi-touch screen interface that uses the screen, and the iPhone app basically works as it is.There are two modes, one is to display in the center of the screen without enlarging it, and the other is to enlarge it to twice.Previously, Japanese input was in QWERTY layout or Kana Japanese syllabary layout (iOS2 or later).Software keyboardIt was only compatible with input by, but it has been adopted in iPhone from iOS 5Flick inputAlso corresponded to.In addition, taking advantage of the large screen size, the number of applications registered per page on the home screen has increased to 1, and the number of applications that can be registered to the dock bar has increased to 20.

iOS is as alwaysWeb browser OfPluginDoes not supportAdobe FlashIs not supported.

iOS9からは、マルチタスク機能が強化され、iPad Air/Air2/mini2/mini3/mini4/Proでは横から小さいウィンドウを引き出す形でアプリを重ねて表示する「Slide Over」、Web上やアプリで見られる動画を小さい窓で表示し任意の場所に置くことができる「Picture in Picture」、さらにAir2/mini4/Proでは1:1または2:1で2画面に分割して2つのアプリを同時表示できる「Split View」が使えるようになっている。

iPadOSIn 13.1, the multitasking feature has been further enhanced to allow you to switch between multiple apps with Split View and Slide Over.

ア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ン

iBooks is an application for reading e-books. iBooksEPUBThe format is adopted. In addition to purchasing, downloading and using from the iBookstore in the iBooks applicationDRMTransfer books without iTunes from iTunes.Books can be displayed as if they were lined up on a bookshelf, and when reading, they can be displayed in full screen and displayed like an e-book reader.You can also select a font and change the font size.From version 1.1PDFFiles in the format can also be viewed. When you select and open a PDF document on Safari, a button that says "Open with iBooks" appears, and you can import it to the iPad itself (download and save) with the button operation.
iWorkIPad version can work. On April 2010, 4Keynote,Pages,NumbersWas released and was initially sold as a download from the App Store for $ 9.99 per item (Japanese version 850 yen), but from October 2013, 10, it became available for free when a new iOS device was purchased. It's also compatible with iWork with the Mac version, but has limited fonts and Keynote visual effects.
GarageBandとiMovieFrom February 2011, 3,iPhotoHas been released since March 2012, 3. GarageBand is designed with the iPad's large screen in mind, allowing you to email your songs, register them in your iTunes library, and transfer them to GarageBand for Mac. iMovie has improved its functionality from the previously released iPhone version, providing an interface for large screens that allows for detailed editing and waveform confirmation of audio files.
Photo booth
A photo editing app installed as a standard app from iPad 2.You can apply various effects to the image taken by the front camera.
Standard app
Unlike iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation), it is not available as a specificationFaceTimeStandard apps such as (1st generation iPad only), SMS (iMessage installed in iOS5 can be used), clocks that are considered to be infrequently used (installed from iOS6), weather, etc. are omitted (third-party apps) Will be used).In addition, the video playback function is prepared as an independent application (it is forced to change to low resolution when using a 3G line, but it can be seen in high resolution on the video site that is also available on iPad 2 from Safari).

Data communication charges for 3G / Cellular models

Japanese iPad is a communication company that can be used by Softbank, au (KDDI / Okinawa Cellular Telephone, 4th generation / mini or later), and NTT DoCoMo (Air / mini2 or later). We have a data communication plan exclusively for iPad.

The plans for both companies are roughly as follows.

  • Flat flat rate plan
  • For mobile phone / smartphone subscribers of the same company, the basic usage fee and communication volume are free up to a certain amount of communication (however, subscription to public wireless LAN service is required), and after exceeding, a certain upper limit is set. Flat-rate plan
  • A plan for smartphone subscribers of the same company that allows you to add up and share the amount of data communication with smartphones by paying a certain option fee
  • Prepaid plan that can be used until the specified data limit or number of days is reached per charge (up to SoftBank's 3rd generation model, or LTE compatible iPad to which au's LTE data prepaid is applied)

In both cases, the excess of the flat-rate plan or the two-stage flat-rate plan is subject to the rate discount service, so a fixed amount will be deducted from the usage fee for 2 months after purchase.In addition, an internet connection fee will be charged separately when using the service (monthly for flat-rate flat-rate plans, data communication for 24-step flat-rate plans, and for each charge at SoftBank for prepaid plans, au LTE data prepaid. Includes connection fee).

Both plans are offered by their respective companiesPublic wireless LANservice(Softbank Wi-Fi spot(I),au Wi-Fi SPOT,docomo Wi-Fi) Can be used.As a carrier mail, Softbank is "Email (i)", but au isEZwebEmail (using the @ ezweb.ne.jp domain account with the standard email app), DoCoMoDocomo mailIs available.It is also subject to the overseas packet flat-rate service when using international roaming.

Since the 4th generation and later of the iPad and the mini series communicate by LTE, a speed limit is usually imposed when the communication volume exceeds 7GB, and there is also an option to cancel it.In addition, all three companies have optional services.TetheringIt also corresponds to.

on the other hand,Japan CommunicationsWill provide the dedicated micro SIM communication service "b-microSIM Platinum Service" for the SIM-free version of the iPad from December 2010, 12, and use the NTT DoCoMo network for 1 months or 6 year in advance. Will be able to[32]..In addition, NTT DoCoMo has also started exchanging existing SIM cards with microSIM cards (docomo miniUIM cards) by bringing them to the docomo shop in conjunction with the SIM unlock that started in April 2011, and use this. The SIM-free version of the iPad can be used with DoCoMo's network and data communication charge system.

Also, as an Apple measure, if you purchase a SIM-free model of Air 2 / mini 3 or later / Pro in the United States, a SIM card called "Apple SIM" is included as standard, and it is on the setting screen with this installed. It is possible to select any telecommunications company on the spot in the form of a short-term contract[33](Apple SIM can be purchased separately. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro has Apple SIM built-in and can be used separately from the SIM card). Since July 2015, prepaid communication services have been available in 7 countries around the world in partnership with GigSky.[34]In Japan, au's LTE data prepaid will support Apple SIM from November 2015, 11, and at the same time, Apple SIM will be released at the Apple Store in Japan.[35].. In September 2016, Softbank's 9G data prepaid also supports Apple SIM[36].

SIM lock

In the product announcement in January 2010, in the cellular modelSIM lockIt is said that it will be released as a SIM-free terminal that does not have a problem, and it is actually sold as a SIM-free terminal outside Japan.Therefore, it is possible to use an iPad purchased overseas in Japan.However,Radio ActDue to the relationship, iOS 4.2 update will be on the software screenTechnique markIs a condition that can be displayed.

Handle iPhone in JapanSoftbankIncluding the trend of, the handling of cellular SIM free terminals will be attracting attention, and in response to the announcement of iPadNTT DoCoMoHowever, at the financial results briefing for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2010 held on January 1, 29,micro-SIMExplained that it is almost possible to deal with[37]In addition, at the financial results briefing for the fiscal year ended March 4 on April 28, 2010, for iPadSIM cardShowed a policy to sell[38].

However, unlike Apple's explanation at the time of the announcement in January, the 1G compatible model released in Japan will be SIM-locked, so Softbank Mobile (currentlySoftbank) Cannot be used[39].. The reason why the SIM lock was applied isMasayoshi SonThe president said, "SoftBank is assigned to other carriers.800MHz bandI don't have a handicap race, and because I have a handicap race on radio waves, I will fight with new civilization's tools and different perspectives. "[40].

In response to this, NTT DoCoMo announced that it will abandon the release of micro SIM[41], President Takamochi Yamada also said, "There are people who want to use the iPad with a DoCoMo 3G line."Mobile Wi-Fi routerI recommended the use of[42]..After that, in November 2010, NTT DoCoMo became a competing model of this machine. AndroidTablet terminal,GALAXY TabIs on sale.

On the other hand, according to the information at the time of announcement世界The handling of SIM lock in was not clear, but at that timeChief executive officer,Steve JobsWants to unlock the SIM from a Japanese user電子 メ ー ルOn the other hand, "Overseas in Japanese specificationsMobile carrier OfSIM cardSIM lock is not applied for[43], And then an Apple spokeswoman said about this.Wall Street JournalFormally responded to the interview and stated that overseas SIM can be used[44], President Son also gave the same answer as Apple in the interview on the iPad release date[45]..For this reason, the Japanese specification 3G compatible model is released with an irregular specification that "SIM lock is applied in Japan, only SoftBank Mobile can be used, SIM lock free overseas"[46].

After that, the Japanese domestic specification was released with SIM lock only in Japan, but from July 2014, 7, Apple has released it.Apple Online StoreSo, we have started selling iPad with completely SIM-free specifications[47]..Also, from May 2015Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIn response to the mandatory SIM unlock, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro and later models released after that will be able to unlock the SIM if 100 days have passed since the split purchase date.

Units shipped

The changes in the number of shipments and cumulative shipments in the world are as follows.

periodUnits shippedCumulative shipmentsNEWS
July 2010-December 4327 millionAbout 327 million[2]
July 2010-December 7419 millionAbout 746 million[3]
July 2010-December 10733 millionAbout 1,479 million[4]
July 2011-December 1469 millionAbout 1,948 million[5]
July 2011-December 4925 millionAbout 2,873 million[6]
July 2011-December 71,112 millionAbout 3,985 million[7]
July 2011-December 101,543 millionAbout 5,528 million[8]
July 2012-December 11,180 millionAbout 6,708 million[9]
July 2012-December 41,704 millionAbout 8,412 million[10][11]
July 2012-December 71,403 millionAbout 9,815 million[12][13]
July 2012-December 102,290 millionAbout 12,105 million[14]
July 2013-December 11,950 millionAbout 14,055 million[15]
July 2013-December 41,460 millionAbout 15,515 million[16]
July 2013-December 71,410 millionAbout 16,925 million[17]
July 2013-December 102,600 millionAbout 19,525 million[18]


"iPAD"FujitsuIs the name of the product developed by Fujitsu, but Fujitsu transferred the trademark to Apple.[48].People's Republic of ChinaShenzhenIn the electric town in, it looks just like an iPadiPed""aPadThe product is sold in Japanese yen for about 1 yen.[49][50].

2014XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Microsoft OfficeIs the iPad version ofOffice for iPadWas announced.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Obsolete products are products that are no longer supported in the world including the United States (7 years after sales). Vintage products are no longer supported outside the United States (5 to 7 years after sales)


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