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👶 | A daughter who is about 5 years old but does not stop sucking her fingers.Graduation from Assari with a word of dad! ??


A daughter who is about 5 years old but does not stop sucking her fingers.Graduation from Assari with a word of dad! ??

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As a countermeasure, around the age of two, apply nail polish (containing a bitter ingredient called denatonium benzoate, which is used to prevent accidental ingestion of toys, etc.) on the nails to prevent nail biting and finger sucking, which is harmless even if a child licks it. I did.

Finger sucking that I saw smilingly in infancy.When you grow up, you'll be worried that your teeth and your teeth may be affected ... → Continue reading

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Denatonium benzoate
Structural formula of denatonium benzoate
IUPAC nameN-benzyl-2- (2,6-dimethylphenylamino)- N,N-diethyl-2-oxoethanaminium benzoate
aliasDenatonium benzoate
Molecular formulaC28H34N2O3
Molecular weight446.59
CAS Registry Number3734-33-6
ShapeColorless solid
Melting point166–170 °C
SMILESCC1 = CC = CC (C) = C1NC (C [N +] (CC) (CC) CC2 = CC = CC = C2) = OO = C ([O-]) C3 = CC = CC = C3

Denatonium (denatonium) isAromatic compoundsIt is a quaternary ammonium salt with a 1-dimethylbenzeneamide structure.mainlybenzoic acidWithsalt(Denatonium benzoateorDenatonium benzoate, Denatonium benzoate), in the trade nameVitrex (Bitrex),Aversion There is (Aversion).


Very strong when humans say thisBitternessIs known to feelGuinness BookIt is also listed as the most bitter substance.Human is denatoniumconcentrationIs 10ppbHowever, since the bitterness can be felt, it is added to pesticides, detergents, antifreeze, industrial alcohol, etc. for the purpose of preventing accidental ingestion.

Also toys for toddlers,microSD cardEven small products such as, etc. may be applied to the surface for the purpose of preventing accidental ingestion (for this reason, in Japan, "Food additiveIs approved as).As an example,Nintendo Switch Denatonium benzoate is applied to the game card to prevent accidental ingestion.

Salt with saccharin, saccharin denatonium (also known as saccharin denatonium)Denatonium Saccharide) Is said to be XNUMX to XNUMX times more bitter than denatonium.

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