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💳 | JR East starts "off-peak points" for commuter pass limited and staggered commuting

Photo Off-peak incentive to return 20 or 15 points daily on staggered commute

JR East starts "off-peak points" to return points for commuter passes only and staggered commuting

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Some stations and ticket gates are not eligible for point redemption.

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) announced the outline in advance, "JRE that suits diversifying commuting styles ... → Continue reading

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Ticket gate

Ticket gate(Kaisatsu) is mainlyTrainInStation staff,CrewStaff and agents (Automatic ticket gateEtc.)passenger(Passenger)ticketIt is an act of confirming the effect of and changing it to an existing one. Originally, it refers to scissors/imprinting that is performed when the use of a ticket (boarding) is started, but nowadays it is also called a ticket gate (onboard ticket gate) to confirm the validity of the ticket on the way.


On many Japanese railways,FareWill sell tickets in advance (Giving out) To collect, passengers have a system that allows passengers to board within the effective range of the purchased ticket. Under the system, a ticket (unused) that has been released is inspected at the start of boarding, and it is changed to an already used (starting to use) ticket. Specifically, there are scissors/imprints by staff, and printing/opening by machines.

At railway stations, areas where only passengers who have already passed the ticket gates can enter (Inside the ticket gateOr (in a narrow sense)[1]Is called) and is managed.aviationInBoarding procedure,ShipInMovie theaterEtc.amusement facilities OfRice ballIt is similar to (stub ticket collection).Transit BusButExpress BusThere are cases where similar systems are adopted on many long-distance routes. The ticket is basically the train end station (Getting off stationCall)) (Collecting bills) Will be done.

on the other hand,EuropeThere are no ticket gates at most railway stations[2]. On the European trainCredit boarding methodIt is common to use the to check the ticket gates in the car. That muchIllegal rideA fine amount of money is set up when is discovered to prevent unauthorized boarding.

In addition, there is a case where the ticket is checked on the bus,SingaporeThe bus is inspected irregularly, and if you do not have a valid ticket (even if you lose it), you will be fined.

Ticket gate

Railway stationSo where to go to the ticket gateTicket gateIt is called (Kaisatsuguchi). In rail termslatchorLatchAlso called.

Japanese railway station

JapanIn that case, station staff often stood at the ticket gates, but machines performed the ticket instead of the staff.Automatic ticket gateThe introduction ofMetropolitan areanot onlyLocal metropolitan areaIs also spreading. Even if an automatic ticket gate is installed, a double-handed window is often set up for tickets and settlement that do not correspond.

At the time of admission, a mark is put on the ticket indicating that it has been used (used). As a tool for manned ticket gates by staff, it has been a long time since the railway was established in Japan.Ticket gate scissorsI have made unique cuts with special scissors called (Kaisatsuki, Kaisasabashi), but since the 1990s, the station name andRailway operatorTicket gate ((name and date)stamp) Was introduced and many railway operators switched to this. Also, at the automatic ticket gates that became popular at the same time, when the ticket was inserted into the ticket gate, a hole was made in the ticket face. In either case, marking the ticket with ticket scissors or the like to indicate that it has been used (used) is called "nursing scissors". As a general rule, you will collect your tickets when you enter.

Although it is a minority, depending on the operator/station, the ticket gates at the entrance may be omitted and only the ticket collection and fare collection at the time of entry may be omitted, or the ticket collection and fare collection at the entrance may occur. There are various cases, such as omitting the operation at the time of participation, and the operation form is not necessarily uniform. The former isTosa Kuroshio RailwayNakamura Station,Hiroshima Electric RailwayHiroden Miyajimaguchi Station,Keifuku Electric RailwayShijo Omiya StationEtc.Shikoku Passenger RailwayA small station (JR Shikoku), the latter oneSkyrail line stations,Toden Arakawa LineOji station square train stopIt has been adopted in.

DifferentRailway operatorTransfers between lines operated by, and some railway operators transfer between their own lines (mainly trunk lines and local lines),ShinkansenShinkansen at the stop stationConventional lineMutual transfer, somePaid limited expressHomeAnd so onMiddle ticket gateIs provided. The main purpose is to check the ownership of valid tickets between operators in the former two cases and to pay for the transfer, and in the latter two casesShinkansen limited express ticket, limited express ticketIt is a confirmation of possession or restriction of entry by non-holders.

Part ofBus terminal,Port-空港InPassenger terminalThere is also a ticket gate.

Mujin-eki,Electric stopIn such cases, you cannot use the ticket gates, so insteadconductorOften act as a ticket gate/collector. In addition, we may set up a boarding certificate ticket machine at an unmanned station and pay at the intermediate ticket gate at the arrival or transfer station. In addition, on the cecum line where the line is connected to the main line at one station by piston transport between only one station, the connecting station is equipped with a ticket vending machine and a ticket gate at the other station, and the other terminal station is an unmanned station. SometimesTobu RailwayDaishi Line,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)Wada Misaki Line(Sanyo Main LineThe branch line).

In addition, when passengers are temporarily concentrated during busy hours such as commuting to school,Temporary ticket gateIn some cases, there is a ticket gate called. However, even if it is called a temporary ticket gate, leave a gap so that people can pass through itCollecting billsOnly from what you do,Shibuya StationJust like the temporary ticket gates of Hachiko, we install an automatic ticket gate constantly, and in the immediate vicinity.Automatic ticket vending machineExcept that there is no, there are various things that operate as normal ticket gates.

If the train station is too crowded due to rush hours, etc., the ticket gates will be temporarily suspended and the aisles will be closed after a certain period.Ticket gate(Kaisatsudome) is sometimes held.

European railway station

As mentioned earlier, in the railways of European countriesplatformIn many cases, there is no ticket gate to go to the station[2].. If the date is not printed on the ticket, a system is generally used in which the customer stamps the date with a stamping machine installed at the station.[2].. For example, public transport in Austria requires stamps on ticket gates or on-board tickets[3].

on the other hand,subway,Big cityMainly on the suburbs, there are automatic ticket gates (with the above-mentioned Paris and metros in the suburbs)RER-UKsubwaySuch).

France OfParisAnd the suburbsMetroAt the station, you can only pass the ticket through the automatic ticket gate when you enter, and the tickets are not collected when you enter.

Wicket by train

Wicket by train(Let's talk)stationOne or two of the ticket gates of the列車It is a method to be carried out every arrival and departure. In this case, the ticket gates are run from a few minutes before the departure time to just before the departure time, and the ticket gate is closed at other times.Illegal ridePrevention, safety management by closing the boarding platformcostThe main purpose is to take measures and prevent passengers from making mistakes.Such a methodHokkaidoMany,Wakkanai Station(Unmanned early in the morning and late at night)Abashiri Station,Rumoi Station,Shintoku StationIt can be seen in.In this case, as a general rule, you cannot enter the home even if you take a picture or pick up and drop off, except for things left behind.AlsoSapporo Station,Kushiro Station,New Chitose Airport Station,Hakodate StationAlthough we have introduced train ticket gates for broadcasting, etc.Automatic ticket gateBecause there is, it is not compulsory like the former.Even before the ticket gate starts, the ticket gate will open if you pass the correct ticket.

This method becomes difficult when the number of trains is large because it is mainly performed at stations with a small number of trains.subwayIn most cases, it is not done by urban railways.

JapanThen, since the number of trains was small at the beginning of the railway, we had to go through the ticket gates for each train departure and arrival,Electric trainIn the section where frequent operation is possible due towaiting roomIt became difficult to carry out due to congestion, and they were gradually abolished. For exampleUeno Station(So-callednational railroadExcept)1954Until[4],Nagoya StationThen.1960Until[Annotation 1]It was carried out. CurrentlyHokkaido-Tohoku regionAt some stations, cable cars, etc., the ticket gates are running from 5 to 20 minutes before each train departure time.[Annotation 2].

South KoreaThen,Korea Railway Corporation (KORAIL) long-distance trains are basically ticket gates by train,Korean high speed train (KTX) There was no change at the time when the automatic ticket gates were installed at stations in the operating section. Therefore, if you insert a ticket into the automatic ticket gate before the ticket start broadcast, an error message will appear and the ticket gate will close. However, the use of automatic ticket gates was stopped due to frequent troubles, and because of the fact that it is a credit boarding system, except for some regional stations, ticket gates by train have not been done.

Ticket gate

Japanese ticket gate

列車At the innerCrewIs especially important for passengers to inspect and confirm passenger ticketsTicket gateIt's called (Shinkai Kaisatsu).National railwayUntil the middle of the eraTicket inspectionI was saying. However, it is still often referred to as the “screening”. At one time, at ticket inspection and ticket gatesTicket checkerStamped with andpunchAlthough it was customary to put in, it is customary to affix a stamp with the description (depending on the company, there is a date, conductor name, and "Thank you").

Ticket gates for ordinary trains and non-reserved vehicles

local train(Rapid train(Including)Standard-sized carUnreserved seatIn many cases, the ticket gates inside the car are omitted (especially near large cities).Limited express train(ShinkansenHowever, it may be omitted if there is heavy congestion. The reason is that it is difficult to carry it out in a very crowded vehicle,Automatic ticket gateIn the area where is introduced, you can not participate unless you have a valid ticket,Boarding card(Magnetic or IC prepaid card,Mobile SuicaEtc.Osaifu-Keitai etc.It is difficult to confirm the admission record due to the spread of[Annotation 3], In the local wardOne-man drivingIt is due to what is being done.

A seating capacity liner operating in the Tokyo metropolitan areaShonan linerEtc.Door cutAt the entrance of the vehicle, the clerk checks the liner ticket at the entrance so that no unpaid passengers get on board.East Japan Railway(JR East) Rapid and regular train unreserved seats in the metropolitan areaGreen carThen.Suica green ticketThe user omits the ticket gate in the car only when he/she sits in the seat and touches the Suica used for the purchase to the green ticket information reading section on the ceiling to make it green.[5][6], A piece of paperGreen ticketTickets are paid to passengers in the car.

Ticket gates for reserved seat vehicles

Seat reservation systemFor limited express, rapid trains and regular trainsDesignated ticketAs a general rule, ticket gates will be carried out to confirm However, carrying the crewTerminalSince the introduction of a system for transmitting seat reservation statuses to, the situation is changing.

In JR East, "Hitachi""Azusa""Narita ExpressSuch asCapital AreaSuburbsLimited express trainIn many of theReserved seat ticketAt the stage of purchasing (reserved seat limited express ticket/reserved seat green ticket), the information is sent to the mobile terminal of the crew (DoPaUse a net),Standard-sized carAlso, we are proceeding in the direction that we do not carry out ticket gates for reserved seats of green cars[Annotation 4]. Instead of the ticket gate in the car, the crew member checks the reserved seat reservation information of the mobile terminal and the seating status of the passenger, and if they match, presumes that the passenger is a normal passenger and passes through. Only when the passenger is seated in a seat for which a designated ticket has not been issued, do the ticket gates in the car. HoweverTokai passenger railwayDirectly from (JR Tokai)Shinonoi LineLimited expressWide view shinano"Is not supported by the information terminal, so the ticket gate is unconditionally used. In the "Super View Odoriko" limited express, which has reserved seats for all cars, the staff checks the reserved seat limited express ticket after the door is cut to limit the entrance of the vehicle. In the limited express trains that have been introduced in recent years, the same lamps as those of ordinary train green cars are mounted on the ceiling, and the color of the lamps is changed according to the status of reserved seat release.

Similarly,Kinki Nippon Railway OfLimited express[Annotation 5],Keisei Electric Railwayof"Skyliner"Tobu RailwayMain line system,Odakyu romance car,Nankai Electric Railway,Nagoya Railway[7]Even in the case of limited express trains, the reservation status of reserved seats is transmitted to the conductor's mobile terminal, which simplifies ticket reservations for passengers seated in seats that are not reserved. This is why "you can see that you do not have a designated ticket in one shot". Passengers are generally well-received, such as "not disturbing sleep," so there is widespread movement to omit or simplify ticket gates inside the car.

Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido) some green carsu sheet,JR Kyushu Of885 series,787 seriesLike the limited express trains operated by, the seats are equipped with ticket holders, and there are some places where the conductor checks by inserting a designated ticket.

Shikoku Passenger RailwayIn the limited express trains of (JR Shikoku), in addition to the regular ticket gates for passengers from the midway station, it also serves as a ticket gate for passengers from the station on the way to the end point (eg Kojima-Okayama, Sakaide-Takamatsu, Imabari-Iyo Hojo -) Between Matsuyama, Tosa Yamada-Subsequent-Kochi) to collect free seat limited express tickets for passengers in free seats. In addition, on some limited express trains, passengers with reserved seats that meet certain conditions omit the ticket gates.

Yamagata Shinkansen-Akita ShinkansenAlso includes[Annotation 6]ShinkansenHas a function to read the seat information of the reserved seat from the reserved seat limited express ticket inserted in the automatic ticket gate, so that when the limited express ticket is inserted into the ticket gate, the seat information is transmitted to the mobile terminal of the crew. It has become. JR East,West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan),Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu) has omitted the ticket gate in the car based on that information from early on, but for a long timeTokai passenger railwayOnly (JR Tokai) has continued to use ticket gates inside the car.

Tokaido/Sanyo ShinkansenSo now, we have abolished the ticket gate only for reserved seat vehicles (it continues for free seat vehicles), but previouslyTokai passenger railway(JR Tokai) andWest Japan Railway CompanyCorrespondence was divided with (JR West Japan). On the Sanyo Shinkansen, which is under the jurisdiction of JR West, trains that are completed within the Sanyo ShinkansenKyushu ShinkansenDirect train to (Hikari Rail Star,MizuhoThe ticket gate inside the car was omitted, but it is under the jurisdiction of JR TokaiTokaido ShinkansenAlso, on Sanyo Shinkansen trains that board the line, all trains were subject to ticket gates until March 2016, 3.

Similar to JR East and JR West, mobile terminals were introduced in JR Tokai, and although they were checking using those mobile terminals, it was negative to completely abolish the ticket gates inside the car. In addition to the mobile terminal, the conductor has a card that describes the seating status of each vehicle.Passengers who sit in unchecked seats wicket their tickets and after completion check their seat numbers and write down which station they will take. It was

  • The fact that JR Tokai has continued to use ticket gates in the train is also due to the characteristics of the line and train users. Tokaido ShinkansenTomeisaka 3 metropolitan areasThe main reason for passenger flow is the movement of passengers, and it is considered that the ticket gate inside the car could not be abolished for the following reasons.[8].
  1. About 7% of passengersBusinessThe number is overwhelmingly large for the purpose, and passengers are frequently replaced. In addition, since the service interval is short, if you arrive at the station earlier than planned even if you have a reserved seat ticket, you can board the preceding train without performing the train change procedure, etc. Sit in a reserved seat that you are willing to buy a ticket, or move to another seat if you are seated on the planned train (moving to the side of the window or aisle, or to a seat with no other passengers next to you) There are many acts such as doing, etc., and you will miss the reserved seat fee unless you pay the ticket in the car.
  2. Full moon,Japan Rail PassSuch asHopeThere are many passengers who accidentally board Nozomi with a planned ticket that cannot be used, and it is necessary to collect the ticket and limited express ticket fees from that passenger.
  3. terrorismThere is also the aspect of patrol inside the car as a measure.

ButExpress bookingSince the increase in the number of users and the improvement of the system has made it possible to omit the ticket gates inside the train, JR Tokai also intends to abolish the ticket gates for reserved seats as a rule from the timetable revision on March 2016, 3. Shows[9][10][11], As a general rule, it was abolished only for reserved seat vehicles.

As an example of the omitted ticket gate in the car,Odakyu Electric Railway OfLimited express romance carAtMobile phonebyインターネットUse the serviceLimited express ticket"Romance Car @ Club" is a ticketless version of. Detail isThe itemPlease refer to. The Kinki Nippon Railway limited express isKintetsu Limited Express Ticketless Service", the limited express of Nankai Electric Railway is "Nankai Railway ClubInternet reservation service called "Nagoya Railroad"[7]Has spread to other companies.

Mobile ticket gate

In JR West,Management stationEmployees belonging toManaged station(mainlyMujin-eki) And trains, etc.Mobile ticket gateIt is called (Kidou Kai Satsu). When introducing an automatic ticket gate in the Kinki area, mobilize employees from all JR West branch offices to collect materials such as cost-effectiveness,Urban networkAll trains running inside the train were ticket gates for all passengers at all stops between stations. During this period, passengers received ticket gates at each station from boarding to getting off. Because several staff members were on board one vehicle, sometimes there were multiple ticket gates in one section due to sharing mistakes. This isMediaThe word "mobile ticket gate" was used when it was reported to.

Also the companyOne-man trainEven in the carIllegal rideI sometimes fly irregularly to prevent it, so uniforms/plain clothes (suit) Regardless of wearing"Mobile ticket gate"To sayArmbandAre doingconductorIn some cases, the driver will open and close the doors and carry out the guide broadcasting.

Boarding personnel report

Also, at the ticket gates in the carconductor 列車Grasp the number of passengers on board and report at major stations for drivingBoarding personnel reportTo create. For shortRegisterFrom (riding), it is called "Noriho" and "Noriho" internally. The notation isHiragana-KatakanaIt doesn't matter which one is used, but katakana is usually used and the pronunciation is smooth.

Based on this,Diamond creationIt is used as a reference for the composition of trains and trains.

European ticket gates

Since trains in European countries use the credit boarding method, in many cases there are no ticket gates at stations, so trains are frequent and often congested. In trains, etc., the ticket gates are unannounced by ticket checkers,Honor trainFor long-distance trains and local trains other than those in the suburbs of metropolitan areas, the crew will almost always inspect the ticket gates and a fine will be charged if the appropriate ticket is not purchased.

The London Underground does not have a transit check-out system when getting off, and it is supposed to definitely purchase a ticket to the destination, and it is a system that will be fined if you get over[12].

In addition, Austrian public transportation will be fined if you have the wrong ticket when checking by the ticket inspector[3].

Ticket gate scissors, ticket gate stamp, stopover ticket

Ticket gate scissors(Kaisai Tsubasa/Kai Satsuki) is mainlyTicket gateIt is a tool to put a mark on the ticket to indicate that it has been used (used) when entering at. In addition,Ticket gateThen, it is issued to passengers who buy tickets in the car or change boardingRefill ticketThen mainlyholeApproximate scissors to open the door are used, and in the trains of the excellent trains of the former JNR/JR, etc.Flower shapeThe ticket gate scissors used to make the uneven shape were once used a lot.

scissorsAlthough it is called, unlike generalPuncherSimilar to the above, it was only for "drilling" and could not be used for "cutting".

At some railway operators' stations that do not have personnel at the ticket gates, there is a case in which this trouble was omitted by marking the ticket face as "no scissors". In addition, even when a clerk may still allow the admission just by checking the ticket, such as a commuter pass at the time of rush hour, the entry is marked as "skipping scissors omitted" (Seibu Tamagawa LineSuch).

With the rationalization and the introduction of automatic ticket gates since the 1990s, the entrance date and station name are indicated from the ticket gate scissors.Wicket stampHas been changed to. If you enter from a station that does not have an automatic ticket gate and enter from a station that has an automatic ticket gate, if you insert the ticket gate scissors at the time of entry, the automatic ticket gate may get stuck at the time of entry, which is not preferable from the aspect of maintenance. It has been changed to a ticket gate, but this is not the case on routes where automatic ticket gates are not introduced. Even at the ticket gates in the car, the ticket scissors have changed to stamps with the date and other information. Also at Shinkansen stations, if you board a train from an unmanned station on a local route and leave the Shinkansen ticket gate, you can not pass through the automatic ticket gate if there is no entry record recorded in the ticket. There is an example of doing.

on the other hand,Taiwan Railway Management BureauAlso from February 2008, it has been announced that the ticket gates in the train (tickets, tickets in the train) will be changed to stamps.[13].

Incidentally,Automatic ticket gateThen.ticketMake a hole inNumber of ticketsIs printed with the station name and boarding date to prove the boarding station.ShinkansenSome machines installed at ticket gates etc. list the station name and boarding date and time when you board the Shinkansen.

In addition,TochugeshaAt this time, in order to prove the stop station on the ticket,Stop signThere is. The former JNR/JR stipulates that the stop sign on the way has the station name written inside the ellipse, but the station name is written inside the rectangle.Station name stampIn some cases, it is used instead. However, this is a misuse.1990 eraAfter that, when you get off at a JR station, you often don't imprint the embarkation mark, but even if you don't normally imprint it, it will be imprinted at the user's request.

Besides, for the process of invalidating the ticketInvalid signThere is, for the purpose of making the ticket a souvenir,Collecting billsSometimes used instead of collecting tickets. In recent years, some stamps have been marked "riding" instead of "invalid". If you request that when you get off at an unmanned station, the conductor (driver in the case of a one-man train) will replace the invalidity mark.SignOrsealAfter stamping theTrain numberFill in.


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