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🎁 | School uniform free cleaning "Corona support" Yamato City, Sawada Cleaning

Photo School uniform free cleaning "Corona disaster support" Yamato City, Sawada Cleaning

Free school uniform cleaning "Corona sickness support" Yamato City, Sawada Cleaning

If you write the contents roughly
It will be finished on Sunday, so I can wear it from the beginning of the week on Monday. "

Sawada Cleaning (Representative of Kiyohiro Sawada / 60-11 of Tsuruma 33), which celebrates its 1th anniversary in the city, is January 2 ... → Continue reading


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Sunday(Nichiyobi) isSaturdayとMondayIs between週One day.カレンダーThen.redThere are relatively many examples written in.

Name in each language

The Japanese name isSeven daysIs one of(I.e.The date of.

JapaneseOther thanEnglish: Sunday,German: Sunday,Dutch: SundayLike Japanese, these are derived from "Sun's Day". Besides that"SundayMany languages ​​are called by the name derived from.

In many European languages, words from the SabbathSaturdayI am devoted to it.


The Old Testament

It is said that God completed the creation of heaven and earth in 6 days and took a rest on the 7th daySabbath TheSaturdayAnd the first day of the week is Sunday.


Hellenistic cultureDevelopedMediterranean worldSo, it first appeared in the 1st century BC as a sun-controlled day of the week, and it has been passed down to the present day.astrologyAs a result, Saturday became a bad day instead of being considered sinister and avoiding going out.

Nationalization of Christianity-as a worship day-

Since the 1st century, the sun god of Persia, India (Mithra) Is the main deityMithraism Roman EmpireAnd was widely worshiped. Ancient times,Sun godWas widely worshiped on SundaysworshipIt was a day.

キ リ ス ト 教Then,Gospel(Established in the 1st century-Christian chronology(See) Jesus is JewishSabbathThe day after (Saturday)ResurrectionIt is believed that I did it, but later, in commemoration of this, every Sunday(I.e.The worship service has started. Since the 2nd centuryRoman churchIs every yearPassover(14th lunar calendar)SacramentInstead of eating, he fasted until the end of Saturday and began to have the sacrament on Sunday. Then in the 4th century, Sunday in the Roman EmpireDays OffAnd then leave the emperor (Constantine I) Ordered. Although the emperor has certified all religions such as Christianity,state religionI didn't decide.In the 4th century, when the Roman Empire decided that Christianity was the national religion, worship days were set aside to widely repatriate heathens, and it is said that the Christian worship day was Sunday. The influence of the Roman Church increased,PascalProtected the (passover) sacramentAsia MinorThe Church's claims were rejected and it was decided to change to Sunday, which was considered a holiday.[Source required]

Popular as a holiday

Generally in the Christian world this dayDays OffBesides, nowadays, even outside of Christianity, the custom of taking Sunday as a holiday is spreading.

In England1802The world's first “Factory Law” was established in theLabor movementAgainst this background, employers were legislated to give workers one day off per week. In some countries/regions, workers' rights are late to be recognized.PortugalHas legislated six days a week1911And1918South AmericaコロンビアNow, farm workers demand long-term work 6 days a weekstrikeI fought, but had been defeated. Postwar in Japan1947With the Constitution of JapanLabor Standards ActIt was stipulated that one day per week or four days per four weeks should be given. On the other hand, in the rural areas, a "living improvement campaign" was organized, and in order to realize the holidays for women who work as farmers, it was only once that they had set up regular holidays twice a month due to the autonomy of residents. Due to the increase in the number of workers in urban areas through the movement, the custom of working adults on Sundays has become widespread in Japan.

In the early daysMajor league baseballSo, because Sunday is a SabbathtabooWas being seen. HoweverAmerican associationAlso actively held games on Sunday and contributed to the increase in the number of spectators.

Sunday in Japan

In Japan, the Europeanization policy (Civilization) Was introduced in, and spread to rural areas through municipal offices, primary schools, etc. By the way, before the introduction, the government agency had a 5-day holiday (XNUMXthAs a result, the working hours increased by setting Sunday as a holiday.

The law that sets Sunday as a holiday for government offices throughout the country is"Law concerning holidays of institutions placed in the Diet" "Law concerning holidays of courts" "Law concerning holidays of administrative bodies"Therefore, the holidays of the relevant organizations such as administrative agencies and courts are set as Sundays (and Saturdays, holidays, and designated days). However, it also applies to private companiesLabor Standards ActNo specific day of the week regarding holidays is specified. Holiday lawTransfer holidayAlthough the provision of (XNUMX) does not apply to private companies, it is generally recognized that Sunday is a holiday because it is based on the assumption that Sunday is a holiday.

In the government office1876Until Sunday introductionFifty daysThe public holidays were the day after Satoshi and Saku (Tatsutachi: the first day of the month) (XNUMXth). However, for farmers who accounted for the majority of the population, the day when a regular "city" stands every month as a day off for agricultural work,A lectureThere are no weekly holidays, but rather the school was closed during the agricultural season to help the family business.1945In the past, depending on the location, there was only one monthly holiday.

Depending on the event or custom that has a fixed date and time, if the day hits Sunday, it may be changed to the next day or the Friday immediately before.

Transfer holiday

Nowadays, it is often a holiday, but there are some schools that do not have a holiday due to the nature of their work, as well as the school where they go to school for the sake of events. In this case, it is the closest to that dayWeekdayTheTransfer holidayOr take a regular holiday. Including the retail business that faces the consumerTertiary industryThe percentage of the population engaged in is increasing, and many business establishments do not close Sundays. In typical workplaces in the manufacturing industry, transfer holidays prescribed by the Public Holidays Act are ignored (Toyota calendarreference).

Apart from this, in Japan1973More Sunday andpublic holidayIn case of overlapping, transfer holiday will be established.

Traffic situation

Unlike weekdays, there are few train users in the morning and night, and a few train users during the day.[1]. for that reason,last trainThere are routes that will be advanced,Tsurumi Line-Meitetsu Chikko Line-Wada Misaki LineAs in the case of railway lines that are mainly used for commuting to factories, there are some routes where the number of trains decreases significantly from weekdays.

Route bus is mainly used to attend school (especially in rural areas) on Sundays (or holidays) may be closed on some routes.

In road traffic, roads may be crowded during the day around tourist destinations and commercial facilities, but it is a closed day for the logistics industry, so it is actually the day with the least traffic.[2][3][4].

Industries to be closed

bank-Government office-post officeMany of them are closed on Sundays. This was stipulated by law, but it has been amended so that it can respond flexibly according to the actual situation, and there are places that work on Sundays.[5].

publiclibrary-Museum-博物馆Most of them are closed on Mondays (closed days), butNational Diet LibrarySunday is a closed day[6].

Most medical institutions are closed on Sundays. Although there are no clear rules or restrictions regarding the setting of holidays, it is said that there is a problem with coordination with other services and staff.[7].

Sunday shock

Private middle schoolThe so-called prestigious schools in theTokyoInMay 2) By taking the entrance examinationConcurrent applicationIs restricted. However, if the day falls on a Sunday, someChristian Private Middle SchoolIn the case, the entrance examination is not conducted and may be set the next day. Therefore, the examinees of that year will be able to take the examinations in a combination of schools that cannot be applied in parallel, which increases the chances of admission. On the other hand, taking a test from a different group of test takers from the average year may change the difficulty level of not only the school concerned but also the school in the whole region, and it may be difficult to predict whether the student will pass or fail. In someSunday shockCalled.

A historical event on Sunday

In history, about the mayhem and slaughter that occurred on Sunday,Bloody Sunday Incident Sometimes called (Bloody Sunday). There are several cases referred to by this name, but the most representative of them are:

Articles whose etymology is "Sunday"

Program with "Sunday"

tv set

News and information programs broadcast only on Sundays
TV drama title


Works on Sunday





symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Full-width bracketed day
Full day


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  1. ^ East Japan RailwayAccording to the data of (JR East), the number of migrants for each time zone is from 7 o'clock to 8 o'clock and from 18:19 to 10:16 The results show that holidays have a slightly higher number of travelers than weekdays. Source:Research and study on movement and consumption around stations (PDF) .
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Monday(Getsuyoubi) isSundayとTuesdayIs between週One day.

Name in each language

The Japanese name isSeven daysIt is one of the (seven administrations, seven stars period)MonthThe date of. As wellEnglish OfMondayAlso named after the moon.The order of the seven days of the week is Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, Friday, Wednesday, Monday, and Saturday, but the order of the days of the week is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.In Arabic and Vietnamese, this order makes Monday the "second day" (al-athnayni, ngày). Monday), And there is a difference between the day of the week number and the day in the aviation calendar.Modern chineseThen "MondayOr "ReiichiIt is represented by the number of the same day of the week as the aviation calendar.However, until the end of the Kiyosue, it was called "Monday" or "Month XNUMX" in the Chinese calendar.

What happened on Monday

New York stock market crashed1987May 10Was Monday, soBlack MondayCalled.


Transfer holiday

JapanThen, the Sunday beforeNational holidaysIfTransfer holidayBecome[1]. There are also national holidays (partially) that are set to be Mondays of certain weeks of certain months (currently,成人 の 日,Marine Day,敬老の日,Sports day). this is,Saturday・The date was changed in anticipation of 3 consecutive holidays including Sunday, fixed Mondays and mandatory Monday holidays ・Happy MondayHowever, as a reaction to forcing Monday to be a holiday, the burden on the day after the previous Friday and three consecutive holidays will increase, so some people and companies may not accept Monday fixed holidays as holidays ( Treated as a weekday notation on the calendar.Toyota calendarSee also ) And other disadvantages are occurring. Due to the eventHoliday workIfTransfer suspensionBecomes

Blue Monday syndrome

Trouble that physical and mental disorders appear due to depression appearing on Monday mornings (including fixed holidays)Blue Monday syndromeCall. Most of the weeksuicideIt is Monday that there are many people.

Industries to be closed

Professional baseballIn principle, Monday is a spare day, so it is considered a holiday. In addition,Pacific LeagueThen.2001から2005UntilMondaypa LeagueWas done.

combinationIs a member ofBarber shopMost of them had Monday as a regular holiday[2] Because,combinationThere are also occasions such as sponsored workshops.Happy Monday systemThe situation has changed due to the abolition of regulations and optimization regulations.

Public bathHowever, since there are few users on Monday, there are many closed days on Monday. At the Tokyo Bathhouse AssociationOil shockSince then, it has been difficult to obtain fuel, and a weekly break is obligatory.[3].

restaurantSince Saturday and Sunday are the time to write in, there are places where Monday after that is closed[4].

Public libraryIs often closed on Mondays. "Library Reader" (Book Magazine, 2000,ISBN-4 938463-85-7According to a questionnaire conducted by ), as of 1998, 426 public libraries were closed on Monday, accounting for 75% of the total.[5]. The runner-up will continue on Tuesday (44 buildings) and Sunday (27 buildings)[6]. It is often closed in the general publicSundayThe next day instead of openingTransfer holidayIt is because it is closed as[7]. However, some libraries have introduced a designated manager system to reduce the number of closed days.[8], "Monday or closed day" is becoming a thing of the past[7].. As a serial publication that summarizes the closed days of public libraries, there is "Japanese Library Statistics and Roster", and a CD-ROM version is also on sale.

博物馆Many of them also closed on Mondays. However, on MondayNational holidays,Transfer holidayAt the time of openingTuesdayOr nextWeekdayIs closed on many days[7].


It is a day when the morning rush hour is intense on the railway. This is because there are many businessmen who go to work, and there are no people who do not go to work directly because of business trips or going out compared to other days of the week.[9].. To match thisWest Japan Railway Company(JR West) Every Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday) Early morningSingle assignmentFor peopleExtra trainAsBusiness ThunderbirdIs operating.

It is said that road traffic tends to be congested because road traffic is also closed for the logistics industry as described above.[10]Is actually not as prominent as Friday[11][12][13].

Release date

In the weekly magazineWeekly post-Weekly Hyundai-Weekly mass-Weekly playboyWith a weekly magazine for menWeekly diamond-Weekly Toyo Keizai-economistIt is the release date of the economic weekly magazine. In Manga Weekly MagazineWeekly Shonen JumpとWeekly Young MagazineとBig Comic SpiritsIs the release date of.

Works on Monday


symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Full-width bracketed month


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  1. ^ However,2005ToHoliday lawHas been revised,2007からGolden week OfMay 5Is a holidayGreenery DaySince May 5th, or the day beforeMay 5(Constitution Memorial Day Holiday) Overlaps with Sunday, regardless of the day of the weekMay 5Will be a transfer holiday
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