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🎁 | Karina Maruyama is puzzled by a gift of unknown sender A paper bag is on the windshield of a car ...


Karina Maruyama is puzzled by a gift of unknown sender A paper bag is on the windshield of a car ...

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Maruyama announced his marriage to former Japan national football team Kenji Honnami in September last year.

Karina Maruyama reported that she received a wedding present of unknown origin.There was wine inside ... → Continue reading


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Former soccer representative from Japan

Kenji Honnami

Kennami Honnami(Honomi Kenji,1964May 6 -) isOsakaHirakataFormer originサ ッ カ ーPlayer, soccerCommentator, Soccer leader. Blood type B[3].. ExJapan national football playerAnd my wife is exJapan national soccer player OfKatsura Maruyama[4].


Matsushita/Gamba era

Seifu High School,Osaka University of CommerceThrough1986,Gamba OsakaIs the predecessor ofMatsushita Electric Industrial Soccer ClubJoined the team. In the Matsushita era, one grade higherYuji KeietsuHowever, due to the transfer of Keietsu, he seized the position of regular GK.

1993Since the launch of the J League, he has become one of the most popular players because of his sharp reaction that he often shows and his aggressive attitude that jumps out to the very limit of his own team. At that time, G Osaka was a small team, and Honnami often appeared due to the weak defense.

Sudden serious injury and crisis of player life

May 7 OfSanfrecce HiroshimaIn the battle, a corner kick bid just before the end of the second halfTadashi TaguchiViolently contact[1],kidneySeriously injured[1].. Match immediately after the start of extensionV goalGamba was defeated and ended, but it was a serious injury that was diagnosed as "I would not have been saved if extra wars were continuing." Honnami had already been electedJ League All StarNot only was his participation canceled, but the life of the athlete was at the risk of death. Surgery removed one-fourth of the kidney[1].

However, he showed amazing recovery power, and the next day after 7 months1994In the Suntory series, he again stands on the pitch as a positive GK.FalkanWas the directorRepresentation from JapanIt was also this year that was elected. It's a debut matchGiraffe cup OfFranceParticipated in the second half of the match, including two goals including a tunnel (participation from the second half, match results 2-1[5]), and then played two games (of the ASICS Cup in July 2)ガーナAfter two goals), both teams lost their voices and the representative cap remained at 2 in the end.

At the club, he continued to play an active role as the face of the team,1995ToNikkan Sports"Mr. GAMBA Silver Legs" award on paper,1996Was awarded the "Mister GAMBA Golden Leg" award. HoweverYozip KuzeFrom a feud with the director, after the middle of 1996, he became a regular GKHayato OkanakaThe opportunity to participate was drastically reduced.

Verdi era

Honami, who has not been given the opportunity to participate in G Osaka, responds to Verdi Kawasaki's invitation1997Transferred rental during the season[1].. For Honnami, this was the first time he played in a team other than Osaka, including when he was a student.[1].. After the 1997 season, G Osaka asked that he be a coach.[1], Chose to continue his career, and transferred to V Kawasaki completely in 1998[1].. Until this yearShinkichi KikuchiIn 1998, only one league match and one Emperor's Cup match were used.[1],1999Became regular because Kikuchi recurred back pain before the season[1],2001Until the end of his retirement, the sharp reaction that was a weapon from the J. League Genesis showed his success in the second heyday.

In November 1999, I was selected as a national team candidate,[2]After all, I was never selected as a representative. There are 209 games in the J-League.

After retirement

2003からYoshimoto Kogyo(laterHoripro) And a management contract. In addition to being in charge of commentary and reporters at any time during soccer broadcasts,Sport!』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) 『GAMBA TV''Chichin Puipui』(BothEvery day broadcasting) And other TV programs as a soccer commentator. On the other hand,2003Temporarily fromKyoto Sangyo University,Sokai High School attached to Tokai UniversityHe was a coach in the soccer club of.

2005Obtained the JFA official S class leader license[6]Against that background,2012May 8WithNadeshiko League-Speranza FC Osaka TakatsukiAppointed as director of[7].. He was appointed with a half-year contract from the middle of the season, but he left the club whose performance was sluggish at that time in the first division of the Nadeshiko League, so he signed another three-year contract after the season.[8].2013 seasonWas forced to be demoted to the Challenge League (1nd division) at the bottom of the 10st division (2th place),2014 seasonBy winning the 2nd division, he returned to the 1st division in one season.2015 seasonIs in 9th placeNojimastella Kanagawa SagamiharaThe contract period was extended by one year because the first copy was decided to remain due to the victory in the replacement game with the first and second copies. But,2016 seasonAlso finished the first part in 1th place. further,AS Elfen SaitamaThe club was relegated to the second part after losing the replacement game with[9].. Due to the expiration of the contract period,2016May 12Retired as supervisor[6].. Next day2017FromChiba Prefectural Shirai High SchoolCoach of the soccer club[10][11].

2020May 9, The main player (currently Speranza FC director)FW)wasKatsura Maruyama(From Horiprotalent) WithMarriage registrationTheTokyo metropolitan area OfWard officeSubmit to[12].. Next day5 days"31st Tokyo Girls Collection"(Saitama Super Arena) As a guest model, the theme of "real wedding" was set up.Mynavi WeddingOn stage,Maesono MasakiAnnounced the marriage for the first time before (Japan national football team and teammates from Verdy)[4].. Re-marriage for Honnami and first marriage for Maruyama. Honnami said that when he was the coach of Speranza FC, he was careful not to be alone with all the players (including Maruyama) at that time except in public.[13].. Honnami retired from coaching in 2016, and Maruyama retired from Speranza FC in the same year, and after that, his activities at HoriPro led to dating from 2020.[12].

After marrying MaruyamaEntertainment showsThere are many opportunities to co-star with a married couple, but as the first professional league in Japanese women's soccerWE LeagueWas established2021IsMay 9Opening roundINAC Kobe LeonessaversusOmiya Ardija VENTUSBattle (Noevir Stadium Kobe)relay(Asahi Broadcasting TVIs broadcast to the Kansai local area by terrestrial broadcasting), and the soccer commentary for the couple is realized for the first time.[14].


  • I used to play baseball for a long time, but at the invitation of a friend, I started playing soccer in the third year of junior high school.
  • Among the teams, especially when he was a member of G Osaka, which was a small team at the time, Honnami, who surpassed the repeated pinch, was often noted. However, he himself reiterated, "The fact that GK stands out means that the team is in a pinch, which is not a favorable situation." Furthermore, when he was selected for the "Silver Leg Award", he commented, "I'm happy, but I really have to make sure I'm not selected." In a Verdi era interview, he said that his dream was that the team would win 30 points and win one of them.


  • He has a tall nose and a deeply carved face, but his parents are Japanese, and his appearance is made into a story.1999ToJOMO CUP J League Dream Matchに外国人選抜登録選手チーム側で出場した[Source required].
  • During the active age,Naniwa Italian[15](The official nickname for Verdi isAkashi familyが命名した「浪速のイタリアーノ」)の愛称で親しまれた。
  • school days,Takoyakiを食べる大会があり、その際に240個を平らげ、優勝した事がある[Source required].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchJSL Cup/Nabisco CupEmperor's cupTotal period
1987松下22JSL part 225000
1988-8921JSL part 116000
1992G Osaka-J-202040
V Kawasaki161100000110
2001Tokyo V1500000150
JapanJSL part 13302000190
JapanJSL part 225000

Other official games

Representative history

Participation meet

Representation from Japan(1994)

Number of matches

  • International A Match 3 Matches 0 Goals (1994)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match

Teaching history

Supervision results

年度Affiliationク ラ ブLeague matchNadeshiko cupEmpress cup
2012Nadeshiko LeagueOsaka Takatsuki8 bit911324Group league lostEliminated the second round
201310 bit1840414Group league lostEliminated the second round
2014Challenge leagueWin22531651-Eliminated the second round
2015Nadeshiko League
Division 1
9 bit*24204515-Eliminated the second round
20169 bit*18113213Group league lostEliminated the second round

Media appearance

tv set


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