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💼 | [Visit online graduates] Ask the University of Tokyo graduates and recruiters about job hunting points ② Miyagi Prefectural Government

Photo Taku Ariumi (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Regional Economy, Trade and Industry Group, Regional Industrial Infrastructure Development Division) Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 13

[Visit to online graduates] Key points for job hunting to ask the University of Tokyo graduates and recruiters ② Miyagi Prefectural Government

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Based on a thorough self-analysis, it is important to determine what you cannot give up.

In job hunting, it is important to look at many companies before choosing a career path.This time, we interviewed 6 companies in various industries and graduated ... → Continue reading

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Self-analysisWhat is (Jikobunseki)?自 分It is the work of searching for.

Self-analysis in job hunting

job huntingSelf-analysis in is a self-analysis performed by looking back on one's own past experience, and is regarded as the starting point of job hunting.[1].. What kind of self is it by doing self-analysisworkWhat kind of work you want to do, what kind of work is suitable for youCompanyRecognize things like whether you want to go toUnderstandingTo do. Self-analysis guidance is provided at an early stage in employment support by the employment section of the university.[1].

In job huntinginterview,entry sheetHow much you are because ofappealEven whether it can be done leads to pass or fail. For this reason, it is said that it is necessary to conduct self-analysis, understand one's own strengths and characteristics, and be able to explain these concretely.[2].

When doing self-analysis, it is convenient for me if I can not see myself very objectivelySubjectivity,InterpretationAnd you can change the result as much as you like by adjusting your own scoop. AlsoStudentWhen asked about their motives, some say that they wanted to do so because self-analysis revealed that they were suitable for this occupation. In this case, when deciding on a job type, it seems that it is because it is swayed by self-analysis rather than aspiring because it is what I want to do.[3].

There is also a view that self-analysis in job hunting bothers students and deprives them of their potential and contributes to early job hunting.[4], The "self-analysis unnecessary theory" that nothing is born when a person who has no notable experience in his life does self-analysis is increasing.[4].




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