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🎁 | A campaign that allows you to play for up to 96 hours free of charge at "FINAL FANTASY XIV"!


A campaign that allows you to play for up to 96 hours free of charge at "FINAL FANTASY XIV"!

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* You can check the contract status of the service from "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station".

Square Enix will be holding the MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV" from February 2th today ... → Continue reading


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Final Fantasy XIV

Final fantasy series > Final Fantasy XIV

"Final Fantasy XIV(FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XIV ONLINE, abbreviation:"FFXIV], [FF14)) isニ ッ ク ス ク ウ ェ ア ス · エDeveloped byFinal fantasy series OfNumbering titleIn the 14th workFINAL FANTASY 11Second work sinceMMORPG.WindowsThis is the first time in the series that the edition will be original.

Windows(PC) Version was released on September 2010, 9, but the operation system will be renewed in December 30 because there were many defects and inadequacies in the initial state of the service. On December 2010, 12, the service was temporarily terminated for restart. After the renewal of the system, in parallel with the renovation of the old version of "FFXIV", "" using a new graphics engine and server to succeedFINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea("New FFXIV") was scheduled to resume service at the end of 2012, but it was delayed significantly. After that, at the end of 2012α test, From the spring of 2013Beta testAfter Phases 1 and 2, on May 2013, 5, we officially announced the release date and service start date of "New FFXIV" and started making reservations. It was officially released on August 24 of the same year.

Incidentally,PlayStation 3The (PS3) version was originally scheduled to be released in early March 2011, but since the release of the old version was canceled and it became compatible with "New FFXIV", it will be released at the same time as the Windows version on August 3, 2013. It became. Also in 8E3AtPlayStation 4It was announced that the (PS4) version is under development. The PS4 version started beta testing on February 2014, 2, the same day as the main unit's release date, and official service started on April 22, 2, two months later.[1][2].

This section describes both the old and new editions.



It is commonly called "old version" or "guts version" and is distinguished from the new version after 2.0. We are requesting high-end class at the time of release as recommended performance, and prior to releasebenchmarkThe software "FINAL FANTASY XIV OFFICIAL BENCHMARK" has been released. There was a phenomenon called "FFXIV special demand", such as the release of FF14 recommended PCs by PC makers and the sale of high-end graphic boards at PC shops.[3].

However, after the official service actually started,User interfaceUsers complain about the basic system as an MMO game, such as structural problems, many serious bugs, system or specification defects / defects, lack of infrastructure such as mail system, lack of content, and game balance problems. More and more came out. These dissatisfaction pointsBeta testAlthough it has been reported from the times, it was not actually improved by the official service.[4].. Therefore, even if measures such as extending the free period were taken, the complaints did not subside, and finally he was the president of Square Enix on the official website.Yoichi Wada"We deeply regret and sincerely apologize if we have not reached the level expected by our customers as FINAL FANTASY," and a major renewal of the development system, including the replacement of the producer, and immediate charges. Announced free continuation and postponement of release of PlayStation 3 version[5].. After that, the transition plan to "New FFXIV", which was completely re-developed, was announced, so this version will be completed in just two years. However, due to the delay in the development of "New FFXIV", the server restart of the old version "FFXIV" started on November 2st after the official service ended, but it ended on December 11st.[6].. It has been announced that the player data that will be taken over by "New FFXIV" is as of the "Character Data Final Save Maintenance" held on November 2012, 11, and the play for the extended operation will not be reflected.

The transition to the new version is treated in-game as part of the story "Eorzea's Cataclysm" ("Seventh Spiritual Disaster" and "Meteor Plan"), and after the new birth it is completely a new story (6th Star Calendar Era). The old version of the event will be unplayable due to the transition to. On the official website, a movie "The End of the Era", which depicts the ending of the XNUMXth spiritual disaster, which corresponds to the ending of the old version, is released.[7].

In addition, the staff of the development team calls this version "Gut version FFXIV" when distinguishing this version from the new version within the team. The origin is "because we have to do development with guts"[8].. Although it is an unofficial in-house dialect, some game media also have articles that describe "guts version" instead of "current version" after the operation ends.[9].

FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea (2.0)

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea(FINAL FANTASY Fourteen Shinsei Eorzea,FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, Abbreviation:newborn"FFXIV], [New FF14』) Is a new version with major changes from the old version. Currently, when playing "FFXIV" newly, the contents of the old version will be skipped and it will start from 2.0.

A new beta test was conducted from mid-February to August 2013. According to the roadmap at the time of the announcement, distribution of new clients started in October 2, and it was supposed to switch to the new version from mid-November, about a month and a half after the end of the old version.[10]Actually, the development was delayed and there was a big blank period between the end of the old version and the start of "New FFXIV".

Renewal of UI (user interface), major changes in battle system ("Cross Hot Bar", an operation interface system dedicated to gamepads, "Limit Break", a linked system that improves "Battle Regimen" in "Old FFXIV", etc. ), All map changes (Abolished seamless map,Final Fantasy XI], The map is divided into areas, and the structure and terrain of each area changes to completely different things.) The game changes to a completely different game from the old "FINAL FANTASY XIV". Regarding all the changes in the map, you can see the number of changes in the map and the production in the movie "End of the Era".[11].

We are renewing the development engine including the drawing engine[12],Crystal ToolsBut I developed a dedicated engine that is neither (currently Luminous Engine)[13].. Many of Luminous Studio's development teams, including this, also joined the engine development.

The characters cultivated in the old "FINAL FANTASY XIV" will be taken over by the existing game server as they are. The inherited character cannot be transferred to the new game server for a while.

When creating a new character, you can freely create it including the existing game server, and there are no restrictions. When a player of the old "FINAL FANTASY XIV" plays on the newly established game server, it is necessary to create a new character.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard (3.0)

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard(FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD) is the first expansion disc, a new version with new maps, new jobs, new races, and more.

Released on May 2015, 6.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren Liberator (4.0)

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren Liberator(FINAL FANTASY XIV: STORMBLOOD, the Liberator of FINAL FANTASY Fourteen) is the second expansion disc following Ishgard in the blue sky. Support for the PS3 version has ended, and it will not be possible to start it after applying the patch.

Released on May 2017, 6.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Rebel (5.0)

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Rebel (Villains)(FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS) is the third expansion disc following Guren's Liberator. With 32bit OS for WindowsDirectX9 will no longer be supported.

Released on May 2019, 7.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: The End of Akatsuki (6.0)

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: The End of Akatsuki (Finale)(FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER) is the fourth expansion disc following the jet-black Villas.

Scheduled to be released on June 2021, 11.


  • 2009
    • "" Held in the United States on June 6Electronic Entertainment Expo In 2009, it was announced that "FFXIV" will be released in 2010. On the same day, a teaser site was opened (it turns out that the next-generation MMORPG, which was previously called "rupture", was "FFXIV").
  • 2010
    • On May 6benchmarkThe software "FINAL FANTASY XIV OFFICIAL BENCHMARK" has been released.
    • "FINAL FANTASY XIV Collector's Edition", which allows you to log in in advance, will be released on September 9nd.
    • March 9Official service started.
    • The 10-day free charge period that came with the package was extended by 15 days on October 11th and November 15th.[14][15].
    • On December 12th, the president apologized, announced a major renewal of the development system, and announced that it will be free for the time being[5].
    • December 12, American game information site "GameTrailers"FFXIV" was selected as the grand prize in the "Most Disappointing Game" category of the "Game of the Year Awards 2010" held by[16].
  • 2011
    • Official forum is opened.
    • Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeDue to the power shortage caused by the service, the service was suspended from March 3th to 13th.
    • On October 10th, the official website announced the outline of "FINAL FANTASY XIV" and the future development roadmap under the title "About the future of FINAL FANTASY XIV".[17].
  • 2012
    • From January 1th, the first billing will start since the start.
    • On March 3, the server was merged from the previous 27 worlds to 18 worlds.
    • On July 7, the official name of the renewal version, which had been called "New FFXIV" until then, "FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN" and the new title logo were announced, and the official website was released. Opening[18].
    • A special event for the finale, such as the final save maintenance of character data on November 11 (the subsequent play will not be carried over to "Newborn"), and after that, a large number of high-level monsters will invade the city. Was done[19].
    • The old version of World Down at 11:11 on November 17th.
    • From November 11st, the world of the old version "FFXIV" will be temporarily restarted, but December 21, 2012Official service is temporarily terminated.
  • 2013
    • From the end of February, "New Final Fantasy XIV" β test phase 2 will start (β test phase 1 to phase 1 will be closed).
    • Held on April 4th and 27thNico Nico Conference 2It was announced that beta test phase 3 (the first test including PlayStation 3 version) is scheduled to start in early June.
    • On May 5, the planned release date and service start date of "Shinsei Final Fantasy XIV" Windows PC version and PlayStation 24 version were announced as August 3, and reservation sales were started at the same time.
    • From June 6th to July 14th, "New Final Fantasy XIV" beta test phase 7 was held.
    • From August 8th to 17th, "New Final Fantasy XIV" beta test phase 19 (open beta) was held.
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Early accessHas started.
    • With the release on August 8Official service (2.0) "New Eorzea"Has been resumed.
    • December 12, patch (FFXIV PATCH) 2.1 "Awakens" (A REALM AWOKEN) Has been released.
  • 2014
    • On January 1, we started accepting pre-order sales of "FINAL FANTASY XIV" PlayStation 27 version.
    • From February 2nd to March 22rd, "New Final Fantasy XIV" PlayStation 3 version beta test phase 3 was held.
    • March 3, patch 27 "Chaotic Whirlpool" (THROUGH THE MAELSTROM) Has been released.
    • From February 4nd to March 4rd, "New Final Fantasy XIV" PlayStation 4 version beta test phase 7 was held.
    • On April 4th, Early Access for PlayStation 11 was launched.
    • On April 4, official service started with the release of "New Final Fantasy XIV" PlayStation 14 version.
    • July 7th, Patch 8 "Guardian of Eorzea" (DEFENDERS of EORZEA) Has been released.
    • October 10, patch 28 "Illusion of Freezing" (DREAMS of ICE) Has been released.
  • 2015
    • January 1, Patch 20 "Light of Hope" (BEFORE THE FALL) Has been released.
    • On March 3th, reservations for "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard", the first expansion disc, have started. In addition, we have started accepting pre-order sales of "FINAL FANTASY XIV Online," an integrated package of "Newborn XIV" and "Soten no Ishgard."
    • Early access began on June 6th.
    • With the release on August 6Official service (3.0) "Soten no Ishgard"Has started. Also, the Mac version of the service has started.
    • On July 7rd, it was announced that Yoshida producer and director would apologize, suspend sales of the Mac version, and provide refunds for Mac version purchasers.[20].
    • On August 8, it was announced that the total number of registered users in the world has exceeded 21 million. Refers to the cumulative number of accounts in the four regions of Japan, North America, Europe, and China, and does not include the free trial version.[21].
    • November 11, patch 10 "Boundary between Light and Darkness" (AS GOES LIGHT, SO GOES DARKNESS) Has been released.
  • 2016
    • On February 2st, it was announced that the Mac version will be reopened from February 1rd and that refunds for Mac version purchasers will end on February 2nd at 23:2.[22].
    • February 2, Patch 23 "Gears of Destiny" (THE GEARS OF CHANGE) Has been released.
    • June 6, patch 7 "The Last Roar" (REVENGE OF THE HORDE) Has been released.
    • September 9, patch 27 "Soul Inheritors" (SOUL SURRENDER) Has been released.
    • 10月17日、拡張ディスク第2弾となる、『ファイナルファンタジーXIV: 紅蓮のリベレーター』の発売が2017年初夏になることが発表された。それに伴い、『紅蓮のリベレーター』のリリースと同時にPlayStation3版のサービスを終了することを発表。併せて当日より2017å¹´12月31日までの間、PlayStation3版からPlayStation4版へのアップグレードキャンペーンを実施すると発表[23].
    • At FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 12-24 held on December 25th and 2016th, the release date of "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren no Liberator" is scheduled for June 2017, 2017, and January 6. It was announced that reservations will start on the 20th[24].
  • 2017
    • January 1, Patch 17 "The End of Destiny" (THE FAR EDGE OF FATE) Has been released.
    • On January 1, it was announced that Early Access is scheduled for June 20, 2017 (Friday) at 6:16 in the "Live Broadcast Immediately Before Reservation for Guren's Liberator".
    • On January 1th, reservations for the second expansion disc, "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator," have begun. In addition, we have started accepting pre-order sales of the integrated package "FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack" of "Newborn XIV", "Soten no Ishgard", and "Kuren no Liberator".[25].
    • On April 4, the benchmark software for "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator" was released. Along with that, the release of the old benchmark software (new Eorzea version, Soten's Ishgard version) has ended.[26].
    • On June 6, it was officially announced that the early access start date and time of "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator" and the end date and time of the PlayStation 2 version service will be June 3, 2017 (Friday) 6:16.[27].
    • Early access began on June 6th. Also, the PlayStation 16 version service has ended.
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Official Service (4.0) "Kuren no Liberator"Has started.
    • In July, the number of registered accounts exceeded 7 million (cumulative number of accounts in 1000 regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, including free trial version accounts)[28].
    • October 10, patch 10 "The Return of Heroes" (THE LEGEND RETURNS) Has been released.
  • 2018
    • January 1, patch 30 "Akatsuki no Ki" (RISE OF A NEW SUN) Has been released.
    • May 5, patch 22 "Flowers under the Moon" (UNDER THE MOONLIGHT) Has been released.
    • August 8, at the same time as patch 7 implementationCollaboration event with "Monster Hunter: World"Has been implemented.
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Smartphone app "Companion"Has been released.
    • In July, the number of registered accounts exceeded 8 million (cumulative number of accounts in 1400 regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, including free trial version accounts)[29].
    • September 9, patch 18 "Frenzy Prelude" (PRELUDE IN VIOLET) Has been released.
    • November 11, the third expansion disc,FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas to be released in early summer 2019Was done. Along with that, at the same time as the release of "Jet Black Villas", it was announced that support for 32-bit OS and DirectX 9 will be terminated for Windows version. The startup itself is possible even after the end of support, but it will be difficult to deal with problems caused by both environments because the operation is not guaranteed.
  • 2019
    • January 1th, Patch 8 "Requiem for Heroes" (A REQUIEM FOR HEROES) Has been released.
    • On May 5, the number of registered accounts exceeded 24 million (cumulative number of accounts in 1600 regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, including free trial version accounts)[30].
    • On April 4, it was announced that support for the 19-bit Mac version of the application will end and that it will be transferred to the 32-bit application. ApplemacOS MojaveTo discontinue support for 32-bit apps. As with the Windows version, the startup itself is possible even after the end of support, but it will be difficult to deal with problems caused by the same environment because the operation is not guaranteed.
    • Early access began on June 6th. At the same time, distribution of the Mac version 28-bit application started.
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Official service (5.0) "Raven Villas"Has started.
    • October 10, Patch 29 "White Constraints, Black Secret Agreement" (VOWS OF VIRTUE, DEEDS OF CRUELTY) Has been released.
    • On May 12, the number of registered accounts exceeded 14 million (cumulative number of accounts in 1800 regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, including free trial version accounts)[31].
  • 2020
    • February 2th, Patch 18 "The Evil Star of Recollection" (ECHOES OF A FALLEN STAR) Has been released.
    • On May 7, the number of registered accounts exceeded 22 million (cumulative number of accounts in 2000 regions of Japan, North America, Europe, China, and South Korea, including free trial version accounts)[32].
    • August 8, patch 11 "Afterglow of Crystal" (REFLECTIONS IN CRYSTAL) Has been released[33]..At the same time, we have also made significant expansions to the free trial (play rights up to Soten, release of level caps, availability of 3 jobs for Soten implementation, etc.).CoronavirusDue to changes in the development system, etc., it was a little less than two months behind the original release schedule.
    • December 12, patch 8 "Another Future" (FUTURES REWRITTEN) Has been released.
  • 2021

Our Products

"FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea", "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Soten no Ishgard", "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren no Liberator", and "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas" provide the following three environments.

  1. Windows PC
  2. PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5
  3. Mac PC

In addition to the aboveBroadband environmentAnd in the case of PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 versionPlayStation NetworkID is required.

The PlayStation 3 version, which was provided by "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Online Eorzea", is no longer supported with the implementation of patch 2017 on June 6, 16.[35].

The software versions (packages and download types) required to play the game are as follows. For details on software prices, etc., see "Official website (product information)"checking.

Patch 5.3 expanded the right to play Starter Packs and Free Trials (until patch 5.2, only the new Eorzea was available).

Software version

Windows PC version

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack (Package, Download)

* Only the software of "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Eorzea" and "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard". Subsequent expansion packages are not included.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Normal Edition (Package, Download)

* A package that includes "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea", "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Soten no Ishgard", "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren no Liberator", and "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas"

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Normal Edition (Package, Download)

* To play, play with any of "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea", "FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack", or "FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack" sold before July 2019, 7. A ration code is required, but the software for "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator" is also included inside, and even if you only have the right to play the new Eorzea Soten's Ishgard, you can purchase this software to Guren. You can also play the content after the Liberator.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Collector's Edition (Package, Download)

* Includes benefits for the new Eorzea, Soten no Ishgard, and Guren Liberator

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Free Trial Version (Download)

* You can play "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Eorzea" and "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard" for free with restrictions. For more information, seeFree trial (FREE TRIAL) official website"checking.

PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 version

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Normal Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Collector's Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Free Trial Version (Download)

Mac PC version

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Normal Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Free Trial Version (Download)

Discontinued version

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea Normal Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea Collector's Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE (package, download)

* A package that includes "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Eorzea" and "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard"

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard Normal Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Ishgard Collector's Edition (Package, Download)

* Windows PC version, PlayStation 3 version, PlayStation 4 version

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE (package, download)

* A package that includes "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea" to "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren no Liberator"

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Normal Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren Liberator Normal Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator Collector's Edition (Package, Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack (Package, Download)

* Only for "FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea" software. Expansion packages are not included.

* Both are for Windows PC and PlayStation 4

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Free Trial Version (Download)

* You can play "FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea" for free with restrictions.

* Windows PC version, PlayStation 4 version, Mac PC version

Mac PC version

* A package that includes "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Reborn Eorzea" to "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren no Liberator"

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Normal Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Complete Pack Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren Liberator Normal Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Guren's Liberator Collector's Edition (Download)
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ONLINE Starter Pack (Download)

* Only for "FINAL FANTASY XIV: New Eorzea" software. Expansion packages are not included.

About Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition comes with a variety of benefits, including in-game items, soundtracks, and art books. In addition, if you purchase with a reservation privilege regardless of the regular version or collector's edition version, you can get in-game items as a reservation privilege and advance login right in a limited quantity.

There is also a "digital upgrade" that upgrades from the regular version to the collector's edition. The only perks in the digital upgrade are in-game items, and the other perks that come with the Packaged Collector's Edition are not available.

Older version purchaser

Former FINAL FANTASY XIV players (including accounts that have been frozen due to non-payment) will be provided with free downloads of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Online Eorzea software. If you purchased the collector's edition in the old "FINAL FANTASY XIV", if the registration code is linked to the service account, it will be automatically treated as the collector's edition and you can get in-game items. However, in-game items with reservation benefits cannot be obtained without purchasing a new package.

Contract plan for newborn

If you purchase "FFXIV" ("FINAL FANTASY XIV Starter Pack" or "FINAL FANTASY XIV Complete Pack"), you will have a free play period of 30 days, but if you want to continue playing after that, subscribe to the following plan There is a need[36](For legacy plans, only older paid users, see Legacy Campaign below for details). For details on the contract fee of the plan, see "Official website (regarding usage fees, etc.)"checking.

Service nameContract cycleUsage fee (automatic renewal of credit card or Crysta)Number of characters that can be created per world
entry30 Day1,280 yen (tax included 1,408 yen)1
OUR STANDARD30 Day1,480 yen (tax included 1,628 yen)8
OUR STANDARD90 Day4,140 yen (tax included 4,554 yen)8
Legacy30 Day980 yen (tax included 1,078 yen)8
Legacy90 Day2,640 yen (tax included 2,904 yen)8
Legacy campaign

A campaign that can be used permanently at a discounted rate from the entry and standard plans, and also includes other benefits. For those who paid the service usage fee of the old version for 90 days or more before the beta test of "New FFXIV" started[37][38].

Operating environment

Current (5.0) operating environment. Please note that the operating environment has been raised since 4.0.

Windows required operating environment

  • OS Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • CPU Intel Core i5 2.4GHz or higher
  • Main memory 4GB or more
  • Hard disk / SSD free space 60GB or more
  • Graphics card NVIDIA® Geforce GTX750 or higher, AMD Radeon R7 260X or higher
  • Screen resolution 1280 x 720
  • Internet broadband connection
  • Sound card DirectSound compatible sound card (DirectX 9.0c or higher)
  • DirectX DirectX 11

Windows recommended operating environment

  • OS Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
  • CPU Intel Core i7 3GHz or higher
  • Main memory 8GB or more
  • Hard disk / SSD free space 60GB or more
  • Graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX970 or higher, AMD Radeon RX 480 or higher
  • Screen resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Internet broadband connection
  • Sound card DirectSound compatible sound card (DirectX 9.0c or higher)
  • DirectX DirectX 11

PlayStation 4

  • Free storage space 60GB or more
  • Wireless controller (DualShock4) Required
  • Keyboard optional (keyboard mode operation possible)
  • PlayStation Network required
  • Compatible video output 1080p, 720p
  • Compatible with PS4 Pro ENHANCED
  • PlayStation Vita remote play compatible
  • Share function support

Mac required operating environment

  • OS macOS Mojave 10.14.3
  • Model iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inch, Late 2014) and above
  • Hard disk / SSD free space 60GB or more
  • Graphic card AMD Radeon R9 M295X or above
  • Screen resolution 1600 x 900
  • Internet broadband connection

From the official website price and compatible models[39][40][41][42].

World server

The old version was initially 18 worlds, but was later integrated into 10 worlds. The combination in parentheses is the old server name. After the service was temporarily terminated, data centers were set up in Europe and the United States, and five of the existing 10 worlds were moved to Europe and the United States.

40 worlds were newly established at the start of "New Eorzea". The breakdown is 20 worlds each for Japan data centers and Western data centers, and 5 of the Western data center worlds are for Europe.

After that, due to the influence of the increase in the number of users, server expansion and relocation (the North American data center was relocated and separated from the European data center) was carried out, and the number of worlds at the start of "Kuren no Liberator" was 67 worlds. It has increased significantly compared to the new birth. The breakdown is 32 worlds for Japan data centers, 25 worlds for North American data centers, and 10 worlds for European data centers.

Since then, as the number of overseas users has increased, the North American and European data centers have been expanded and existing servers have been reorganized, and the number of worlds at the start of "Jet Black Villas" is 68. The breakdown is 32 worlds for Japan data centers, 24 worlds for North American data centers, and 12 worlds for European data centers.

Existing server from the old version

(Legacy server)

World in Japan Data Center
  • Durandal (Rabanastre + Cornelia) * Gaia Data Center
  • Masamune (Wutai + Gysahl) * Mana Data Center
  • Gungnir (Istory + Mysidia) * Elemental data center
  • Aegis (Melmond + Figaro) * Elemental data center
  • Ridill (Selbina) * Gaia Data Center
World in North America Data Center
  • Hyperion (Trabia + Kashuan) * Primal data center
  • Sargatanas (Saronia + Lindblum) * Aether data center
  • Balmung (Fabul + Besaid) * Crystal data center
  • Excalibur (Karnak + Palamecia + Bodhum) * Primal data center
World in European data center
  • Ragnarok * Chaos data center

New server from the new version

World in Japan Data Center
Elemental data center
  • atoms
  • Carbuncle
  • Garuda
  • Kujata
  • Ramuh
  • Tonberry
  • Typhoon
  • Unicorn
Gaia data center
  • Alexander
  • Bahamut
  • Fenrir
  • Ifrit
  • Tiamat
  • Ultima
  • Valefor
  • Yojimbo
  • Zeromus
Mana data center
  • Anima
  • Asura
  • Belias
  • Chocobo
  • Hades
  • Ixion
  • Mandrake
  • Pandaemonium
  • Shinryu
  • Titan
World in North America Data Center
Aether data center
  • Adamantoise
  • Cactuar
  • Faerie
  • Gilgamesh
  • Jenova
  • Midgardsormr
  • Siren
Primal data center
  • Behemoth
  • Exodus
  • Famfrit
  • Lamia
  • Leviathan
  • Ultras
Crystal data center
  • Balmung
  • Brynhildr
  • Coeurl
  • Diabolos
  • Goblin
  • Malboro
  • Matthew
  • Zalera
World in European data center
Chaos data center
  • Cerberus
  • Louisoix
  • Moogle
  • Omega
  • Spriggan
Light data center
  • Lich
  • Odin
  • Phoenix
  • Shiva
  • Twintania
  • Zodiark

Benchmark software

Benchmark software for Windows of "FINAL FANTASY XIV: Jet Black Villas" is available.Download from the official websitecan do.

Only DirectX 11 is supported, and DirectX 9 is not supported.

It supports three displays: window, virtual full screen, and full screen, and also supports SLI and CrossFireX.

The currently distributed version allows you to make characters.

The created character can be saved as data and used as appearance data of player characters and retainers in the game.

In domestic media magazines, it is frequently used as measurement software to show the performance of CPUs and graphic boards.


  • Over 7000: Very comfortable
  • 5000-6999: Very comfortable
  • 3500-4999: Comfortable
  • 2500-3499: Somewhat comfortable
  • 2000-2499: Normal
  • 1500-1999: Recommended to change settings
  • 1000 to 1499: Setting change required
  • Less than 1000: Difficult to operate

Officially, as mentioned above, users tend to recommend a score of "7000 or more if you want to play comfortably, and 10000 or more if you purchase a new computer."The average score of 60fps or higher can be maintained throughout the entire benchmark with a score of about 7000, and in the actual game, a situation where a higher load is applied can be seen. (In the city during busy times, during large-scale battles, etc.)


  • Although it is evaluated as "normal" with a score of 2000 points, it is actually difficult to play comfortably.
  • The total score of the entire computer is displayed, and it is not known which part of the computer is holding the score.
  • Since we have not tested the network, even a high score may not be able to withstand the actual gameplay.
  • It corresponds to SLI / CrossFireX, but since there is no notation to that effect in the score notation, the reliability of the high score that others are raising on SNS is low.
  • Benchmark makers put benchmark scores on FF14 recommended PCs, but there are cases where they sell with the score of the old benchmark (the score is displayed higher than the current benchmark software) displayed.
  • The BTO maker puts the benchmark score on the FF14 recommended PC, but there are cases where the setting is changed so that a high score is displayed and it is written in small letters so that it is difficult to understand.


Armory system

A system that allows you to change classes simply by changing weapons.

After the game starts, the player will take a "class" that is good at handling each weapon and magic such as a swordsman and a spearman. Prior to patch 3.0, the skill was called additional action, and the skills acquired by raising the level in each class could be used in other classes with restrictions, but from patch 4.0 it was called roll action, and each roll for each LV. I learned the actions common to all of them, and changed to a style that uses the same roles.

Combat jobs are classified into TANK (shield role), DPS (attack role), and HEALER (recovery role) according to their roles.Furthermore, DPS is divided into three types: melee (proximity physics), range (remote physics), and casters (remote magic).

  • Fighter
    • Swordsman (TANK): A class with a one-handed sword and a shield that excels in defense. In addition to sword skills, he has the ability to use shields.
    • Axman (TANK): A class that excels at range attacks and attracting single enemies.
    • Fighter (DPS): An attacker who gradually increases the attack speed each time the LV rises.Prior to patch 5.3, it was a specification of an attacker who gradually increased the attack speed by repeating attacks.
    • Spearman (DPS) ... A standard attacker with easy-to-use performance.
    • Archer (DPS): A ranged attacker with many stochastic skills.
    • Twin Swordsman (DPS) ... A new class from "New FFXIV" patch 2.4. An attacker whose main weapon is a pair of double swords, consisting of daggers such as knives and daggers.
  • Sorcerer
    • HEALER ... A recovery role that masters a lot of recovery magic.
    • Magician (DPS) ... A magical attacker who makes full use of MP consumption / recovery mode.
    • Tomoe (DPS) ... A new class from "New FFXIV". An attacker who attacks with weak / DoT skills and summoned pets.
  • Gatherer
    • Miner
    • Gardener
    • Fisherman
  • Crafter
    • Woodworker
    • Blacksmith
    • Armorer
    • Goldsmith
    • Leather craftsman
    • Seamstress
    • Alchemist
    • Cooks

Job system

A system that allows you to change jobs to a more specialized "job" state by satisfying specific conditions in each class of combat jobs.

"Dark Knight", "Mechanic", and "Astrologer" added from patch 3.0 do not have a prerequisite class, and will be released by completing the main quest of patch 2.5.The starting LV will be 30.Prior to patch 5.3, it was necessary to have the rights to the expansion disc "Soten no Ishgard", but now the acquisition restrictions have been lifted due to the expansion of the above-mentioned play rights.

There are no classes that require "Samurai" and "Red Mage" added from patch 4.0. It will be released when you have the right to the expansion disk "Kuren no Liberator" and set the LV of any one of the class jobs owned by the character to 50 or more. The starting LV will be 50.

There is no class that requires the first limited job "Blue Mage" added from patch 4.5.If you already have the rights to the expansion disk "Kuren no Liberator" and complete the main quest of patch 2.0, it will be released.The starting LV is from 1.At the time of patch 5.45 implementation, the upper limit LV is 70.Limited jobs are treated differently from existing jobs, such as restrictions on participation in various contents and the inability to proceed with the main quest.

There are no prerequisite classes for "Gunbreaker" and "Odoriko" added from patch 5.0. It will be unlocked if you have the rights to the expansion disc "Raven Villas" and set the LV of any one of the class jobs owned by the character to 60 or higher. The starting LV will be 60.

Warrior (WARRIOR / TANK)
Dark Knight (DARK KNIGHT / TANK)
Monk (MONK / DPS)
Dragoon (DRAGOON / DPS)
Samurai (SAMURAI / DPS)
Bard (BARD / DPS)
Ninja (NINJA / DPS)
Machinist (MACHINIST / DPS)
Odoriko (DANCER / DPS)
Summoner (SUMMONER / DPS)
Red Mage (REDMAGE / DPS)
Blue Mage (BLUE MAGE / DPS)

Battle system

An orthodox target format is adopted in which an enemy is selected and attacked by performing an auto-attack or action.

There are four main attack methods: auto attack (automatic attack at regular intervals), weapon skill, magic (for convenience, magic may be included in weapon skill), and abilities, all within the effective range. Attack, heal, and buff / debuff by moving and executing. In some cases, you can activate combos by performing specific actions in order to obtain additional effects such as damage increase. There are also gimmicks that attack using specific installation objects in dungeons and quests.

Weapon skills, magic, and abilities have a cast time (time required for the action to be activated) and a recast time (time required for the action to be reused). Since actions cannot be used during casting or recasting, and some actions share the recast time, the selection and timing of the action to be used is important.

The hate that determines which character the enemy attacks against changes depending on the character's actions. Especially when you're in a party, use the ability of Tank to grant a permanent buff with the effect of increasing enmity to prevent DPS and Healer from being attacked. However, it is not necessary to pay attention only to the enemy's view, because some enemies attack with a random target regardless of the enemy's view or react to the operation of a specific object installed.

In "New FFXIV", the attack range of special attacks is now displayed visually, and the tempo of the overall battle has become faster, so it is sometimes required to perform severe operations after identifying the seconds. Sometimes.

Limit break is a special action that can only be activated when you are in a party. Limit breaks have powerful effects that overturn the battle situation, such as reducing damage received from enemies / large damage to single enemies and areas / reviving and recovering allies, and can be an important key to capture, especially in boss battles. .. In order to activate the limit break, the limit gauge accumulated by battle and special actions (stopping the enemy's attack with Tank's low blow, defeating a specific enemy, etc. There is also a hidden bonus (called fine play)) It is necessary to accumulate to the required level. The limit break has a maximum level depending on the number of parties, level 4 for light parties with 8 or more and less than 2 people, and level 8 for full parties with 3 people.

-TP was abolished in patch 5.0, and MP was fixed at 10000 for all classes.


Mirage prism
Orderable level (Lv13 ~)
Content that changes the appearance of equipment, commonly known as "Mirapuri," to different equipment.
You can change each part of the equipment to your liking.
The conditions are "must be in the same part" and "must be able to equip in that class job".
Gold saucer
Orderable level (Lv15 ~)
Content that exists like an arcade.
There are "Triple Triad" and "Chocobo Race", and you can get a return if you win by spending a certain number of points or if you win a prize at the top.
You can collect these points and exchange them for minions, mounts, appearance equipment and hairstyles as prizes.
Duma type mahjong
Orderable level (Lv15 ~)
Authentic mahjong content.
In addition to casual battles with NPCs, there are also interpersonal battles with variable rates, "general table" and "stepped table".You can also party with your friends and surround the table.
There is no rate fluctuation in the state of forming a party.In addition, there is a complete system for mahjong beginners, such as displaying dangerous cards and chatting while playing.
The level of "Yudan Taku" is very high, with many players coming from professional mahjong players and other online mahjong games.
When implementing Doma Mahjong, "Mahjong" was ranked second in the search word on Google in the United States.[43].
For a while after the implementation, it was only "Hanso Battle", but in patch 5.4, "Dongfeng Battle" was implemented.
Deep dungeon
Palace of the Dead
Orderable level (Lv17 ~)
The content is mainly played to raise the level to Lv60, but it takes ability and luck to reach the final 200 layers.
You can also play with a ranking that competes for how far you can go by rushing solo and aiming to traverse 4 layers with a maximum of 200 PTs.
Especially after the 181st layer, it is difficult for even a player who breaks through the zero formula to clear one shot, and the content can be enjoyed widely from the light layer to advanced players.
Ameno Mihashira
Orderable level (Lv61 ~)
To open it, you need to advance the main quest of LV63 to a certain place, and you need to go through the 50th basement floor of the "Palace of the Dead".
The content is mainly played to raise the level up to Lv70, and the final layer is 100 layers.
The basic rules are followed from the Palace of the Dead, but there are also newly implemented systems such as magic stones.
In the palace of the dead, it was in the form of going underground, but in Ameno Mihashira, it is in the form of climbing in the opposite direction.
Adventurer platoon
Orderable level (Lv47 ~)
Content in which the player becomes the captain of the adventurer platoon, collects NPCs and dispatches them to missions to earn points and items.
Dispatch mission
Collect four squadrons and dispatch them to a mission of 4 hours each time. If you succeed, you can get items.
Strategy mission
You will be able to go to the dungeon with the squad members with the player.
The system introduced in patch 5.0.
A system that allows you to capture the dungeon that appears in "Raven Villas" with the main NPCs in the scenario.
Roles are set for each NPC, and the specified TANK: 1 person / HEARER: 1 person / DPS: 2 person configuration will not be broken regardless of the player's role.
It will be released from Lv71 at the same time as the dungeon, and you can select from the NPCs on the spot and rush while the scenario is in progress.
After capturing the main scenario, it will be possible to train any NPC from Lv71.
-Only applicable to dungeons that appear in the main scenario of Jet Black Villas. Subquest dungeon "Otherworld Remains Silks Twinning" is not applicable.
-Subjugation / defeat content such as "Titania Defeat Battle" is also excluded. For this reason, it is not possible to proceed with the scenario completely in solo play.
-It does not support content before Jet Black Villas.
Strong and new game
Orderable level (Lv60 ~)
Recollection system implemented in patch 5.1.
Unlike the "favorite travelogue", which is only a recollection of the movie, you can re-experience the past scenario on a quest basis with the current Lv and equipment status.
Renewable scenarios are broadly divided into "Soten no Ishgard", "Kuren no Liberator", and "Raven Villas", from which you can select several chapters.
After the new game is released, you can resume / interrupt the specified scenario at any place and timing.
-No quest rewards can be obtained.
-As of patch 5.1, it's only a recollection of the main scenario.
-Some functions, such as calling retainers, are restricted during the new game.
-There are no restrictions on the use and transfer destination of the teleport, but depending on the chapter played, the scenario being played and the state of the field may be inconsistent.
Weapon training content
Orderable level (Lv50 ~)
Weapon training content is content that allows you to create high-performance weapons without performing high-difficulty battle content.
Instead, it takes time to produce and is implemented one tempo later than the weapons available from the high difficulty content.
Please note that in order to obtain a high-performance weapon with a level cap (currently Lv80) or less, it is faster to acquire a weapon by making it with the main story, dungeon, market board, crafter.
・ Lv50: Zodiac Weapon
・ Lv60: Anima Weapon
・ Lv70: Eureka Weapon
・ Lv80: Resistance Weapon
PvP (Player vs Player)
Orderable level (Lv30 ~)
PvP content where players fight against each other.
Wolves Jail
There are 8 to 8 "casual matches" and 4 to 4 "rank matches". PvP content that focuses mainly on defeating enemies.
Front line
24vs24vs24 3 powers.Content that fights with up to 72 people.Unlike Wolves Jail, it also engages in interpersonal combat, but at the same time it also defends, suppresses, and destroys bases, and the team that reaches the target point earliest wins.
Rival Wings
Two powers of 24vs24. Content that fights with up to 2 people. PvP whose ultimate goal is to destroy the core of the enemy base that can attack after destroying two towers. If the time runs out, the side that damages the enemy's tower will win. Compared to the front line, the importance of interpersonal warfare is lower, and the operation of three types of mechanic weapons and the quick destruction of enemy mechanic weapons determine the outcome.
Forbidden Land: Eureka
Orderable level (Lv70 ~)
Content created around the 1st generation MMORPG.
Content that allows up to 144 people to enter one area and advances for the purpose of leveling up and dedicated stories.
Elements such as despenalty (experience value lost, level down) that were not in the previous "FFXIV" have also been added.
Southern Bozya Front
Orderable level (Lv80 ~)
Content that allows up to 72 people to enter one area and promotes rank-up and exclusive stories.
It is also the purpose of strengthening the Resistance Weapon.
The basic system is similar to Eureka, but the penalty is only lost battle record and there is no rank down.
Characters with LV71 or higher can enter the dedicated area.
Internally, a special level sync forces the character to sync to LV80 even if the LV is less than 80.Since the experience points acquired internally are added to the original character, it can also be used to raise the level after LV71.


Common MMORPG quests that can be accepted repeatedly are called "leaves" in this game.
You can get a right called "acceptance right" at regular intervals, and you can accept it repeatedly within this range.
You can receive it from the adventurer's guild in each city or the accepting NPC at the base, and you can get rewards for delivering items and achieving specific purposes.
In the game setting, it is treated as the adventurer's "main job", and it is said that it is a business to receive this repeatedly.

  • Guild Leaves: Leaves ordered from guilds in each country. You can get experience points and gil.
  • Grand Company Leave: A leave ordered by a grand company in each country. You can get experience points and Grand Company warbonds.
    In addition, each leave is divided into three main categories.
Mercenary business
Reeve for the purpose of monster subjugation and escort. Can be cleared in battle class
Gathering business
Reeve for the purpose of collecting specific items. Can be cleared in the gatherer class
Production business
Reeve for the purpose of creating and delivering specific items. You can get experience points of the crafter class, but you can clear it even if it is created or purchased by another player without creating it yourself.


There are more than 2020 quests as of the release of patch 12 on June 08, 5.4.

It is roughly classified into "main quest", "sub quest", "content release quest", and "class job (role) quest".

Main quest

The main quest is a quest that depicts the main story of FF14.

As the level of the character goes up, you will be able to order quests one by one.

  • New Eorzea Edition (Lv1 ~ Lv50)
  • Seventh Star Calendar (Lv50)
  • Soten no Ishgard Edition (Lv50 ~ Lv60)
  • Dragon Poetry War Complete Edition (Lv60)
  • Dragon Poetry War Postwar Part 60 (LvXNUMX)
  • Guren's Liberator Edition (Lv60 ~ Lv70)
  • Liberation War Part 70 (LvXNUMX)
  • Jet Black Villas Edition (Lv70-Lv80)
  • Akatsuki's Return (Lv80)
  • Overture of the End (Lv80)

In addition, most of the following "sub-quests", "content release quests", and "class job quests" will not be released unless you proceed with this main quest, and they are quests that you must play in order to proceed with the game.


The above quests that will be released in sequence by advancing the main quest or raising the level of the character.

From quests with rich stories to quests you use.

In addition, this quest can be arbitrarily selected by the player, and even if the subquest is not advanced, it does not affect the strength of the character.

However, clearing the subquests may change the conversation of NPCs appearing in the main quest and other subquests, or add special cutscenes.

Content release quest

Quests for dungeon, subjugation battle, other contents and system opening.

Occurs by advancing the main story or completing certain subquests.

A + (plus) mark is attached to the lower left of the subquest mark, and the official recommends aggressive quest orders.

Class job quest

A quest dedicated to the class job selected by the player.

You may get powerful actions by ordering or clearing.

Class quests from Lv1 to 30 in crafter gatherers and combat jobs.

A job quest is a battle job from Lv30 to 70.

If you raise the class of the battle job to Lv30 and report the completion of the class quest of Lv30, you will be able to receive orders for job quests, and by clearing the quest you will get an item called "Soul Stone". By equipping this, the class will be changed to an upward compatible job, and the attack power and defense power will increase.

You will also learn powerful job-specific actions.

Roll quest

A quest dedicated to each role that replaces the job quest, implemented from patch 5.0.

It is prepared for TANK roll, HEARER roll, physical DPS roll, and magic DPS roll respectively, and one of them must be ordered and cleared in order to complete the 5.0 main quest.

Each roll quest will follow in the footsteps of the "Warriors of Light," who once worked in Norwland and later became the great sinners.


The difficulty level is set according to each content name.

Normal content

"Instance Dungeon" aiming to clear with a party formation of 4 people, "Subjugation / Defeat Battle" "Normal Raid" aiming to overcome the boss character with a party formation of 8 people, clear with 3 people each in 8 groups, 24 people in total There is "Alliance Raid" aiming at.

Most of these, "instance dungeon" and "subjugation / defeat battle" are related to the story, and the content must be passed in order to proceed with the story.

Since "subjugation / defeat battle" and "normal raid" correspond to "medium difficulty content" described later, they also function as end content for users who do not play high difficulty such as "extreme" and "zero type". ..

As the name suggests, the difficulty level is low enough for the user to clear it in normal play, but the final "subjugation / defeat battle" in the main story in patch x.0 will be treated as the last boss and the difficulty level will be slightly higher. ..

Medium difficulty content "true" (old content)

As of patch 2.0, it is between normal and extreme, which is the second level of difficulty.

From patch 2.1 onwards, the subjugation / defeat content that will be released as the main quest progresses will now bear "true", the normal difficulty level will be abolished, and rewards will no longer appear.

The "Three Fighting Gods" in patch 3.x have been given their respective nicknames, and since patch 4.0, "true" has been removed, and they have been virtually abolished.

It corresponds to the "boss character" in a general game.

High difficulty content "extreme"

At the time of patch 2.x, the difficulty level is the third level, normal and true.

It is a difficulty level that can be used for subjugation / defeat battles like Ifrit.It corresponds to the end content of a general player.

Since the difficulty level of "Soten Illusion Knights of Round (commonly known as Goku Knights)" implemented in patch 3.1 was too high, the difficulty level of "Goku" after that was greatly adjusted.

Difficulty is less than zero for those implemented with even patches (x.0, x.2, x.4), and those implemented with odd patches (x.1, x.3, x.5) The difficulty level is equivalent to the 1st and 2nd layers of Type-XNUMX.

Weapons or accessories will drop as rewards, and there is a low chance that mounts will drop.

High difficulty content "Final Fantasy Type-XNUMX"

High difficulty raid content that challenges with 8 players. There are 1 to 4 layers. Even-numbered patches of x.0, x.2, and x.4 are prepared in three stages in one season.

As of July 2019, ``Great Labyrinth Bahamut""Kiko Castle Alexander Type-XNUMX""Dimensional gap Omega Type-XNUMX""Garden of Hope Eden Type-XNUMXIs implemented.

It is an end content targeting experienced players, and requires appropriate mitigation buff / debuff matching, highly complex gimmick processing, and firepower, although not exquisitely.

In particular, at the initial stage of implementing the relevant content, it is impossible to overcome it without the best equipment at that time, the maximum firepower of each job, the optimum turn around, and the meeting of various skills, as in the "Zetsu series".As the equipment IL increases with each week, the hurdle to clear is relatively lowered.At the time of implementation, a user-sponsored world race will be held.

Basically, if you break through the normal raid content, it will be released, if you clear the 1st layer of the 2 type, the 4nd layer of the XNUMX type will be released, and the XNUMXth layer of the XNUMX type will be the last.

The Type-4 XNUMXth layer has a special enemy that does not appear in the normal raid.In the case of Dimensional Space Omega, "Neo Exdes" appears in the Delta edition, "Kefka (commonly known as God Kefka)" in the Sigma edition, and "Omega (commonly known as Final Omega)" in the Alpha edition.

As a reward for clearing each layer, you can get the highest IL equipment for about 7 months after implementation.

  • Although it does not bear the name "Final Fantasy Type-2", "Final Fantasy Type-XNUMX" can be thought of as the Type-XNUMX in patch XNUMX.x.
  • Content Roulette: Normal Raid is not supported because the above-mentioned normal difficulty does not exist in 2.x "Great Labyrinth Bahamut".Many players questioned the so-called "Final Fantasy Type-XNUMX" in order to progress through the story.[Source required].
  • For that reason, the difficulty level of "Normal Raid" for users who want to enjoy the story has been added from the 3.x implementation "Kikojo Alexander" and later, and two weeks after the release of Normal, the "Zero type" of that raid has been added. The difficulty level has been released.
  • Only "Great Labyrinth Bahamut: Invasion" has a type-2.3. It was implemented in patch XNUMX as "an invasion that is based on something under development and is not supposed to be cleared". The reward is the same as that of the invasion edition, but you can get the title of clear achievement for each layer. Its difficulty level is not comparable to the normal invasion edition, and it is close to the current "absolute".
  • "Kikojo Alexander Zero Type: Start-up Edition" and "Kikojo Castle Alexander Zero Type: Rhythm Edition" implemented in patches 3.0 and 3.2 are set to be even more difficult than "Great Labyrinth Bahamut". At the time of 3.x, "Final Fantasy Type-1" is the most difficult content, and especially "Kikojo Alexander Zero Type-3: Start-up" has 292 people who have completed 4 layers and 0 people who have completed XNUMX layers even one month after implementation. Because of the situation, many users who experienced that time said that it was beyond "absolute".[Source required].
  • The difficulty level of patch 3.4 "Kikojo Castle Alexander Type-XNUMX: Tendou Hen" has been reduced.This is because the difficulty level of the Final Fantasy Type-XNUMX and the Rhythm Type-XNUMX was so high that many of the parties that challenged them disbanded due to discord.
  • After patch 4.x, it was designed based on the difficulty level of the Tendo edition, and the highest level content was replaced with the Zetsu series.
  • The "Dimensional Space Omega Zero Type: Alpha Edition 4.4 Layers" implemented in patch 4 has a high gimmick difficulty and required firepower instead of "Zetsu" not being implemented, and 1 layer at the stage of 1 month after implementation. Although more than 10,000 parties cleared, only about 4 parties could be completed in the 400th layer.Especially in the latter half of the 4th layer, although multiple strategies were established, each was an independent strategy that was completely inflexible to another strategy, so it became a source of fire and users who were capturing at stray parties. Created a conflict called "religious war" centered around[Source required].

High difficulty content "Zetsu"

The highest difficulty content for top players.Immediately after implementation, a long-term fixed party is essential.

After a certain period of time, the strategy will be established and even players who do not belong to the fixed range will be able to clear it.

During the user-sponsored world race, each team distributes on the Internet.When it becomes world first, words of praise are sent from the management through SNS etc.

It is also essential to adjust the timing of various mitigation skills, buff skills, debuff skills, etc. against enemy attacks, and you must always keep producing the maximum firepower of your job while processing intense gimmicks.

When someone becomes incapacitated, it is easy to collapse, and even if you can recover well, it will be very difficult to traverse due to lack of firepower, so all 8 people will grasp the actions of 7 people other than themselves regardless of roll There is also a need.

If you do not have the skill to overcome "Final Fantasy Type-XNUMX" with the lower limit equipment, it is so difficult that you can not even proceed to the next phase in terms of firepower before the gimmick.

There is also a limitation that the content will not be released unless the final layer of the zero formula implemented immediately before is cleared. The clear rewards are "special legend title" and "shining weapon that only the breakthrough can possess".

Unlike other high-difficulty content, the number of people cannot be lifted, and if there are not eight players, you cannot apply for entry and the content will be synced to the level and item level set for each content.

Since it takes at least 100 to 200 hours or more for top players to capture "Zero" at an early stage, most of them have a fixed schedule on a monthly basis. There are many players who say[Source required].

  • As the first step, "Bahamut Defeat Battle" was implemented in patch 1 on October 2017, 10.It took about 24 hours / 4.1 days to clear the fastest, and the JP team was world first. The EU team won the world second in 150 days.
  • As the second step, "Operation to destroy the Ultima Weapon" was implemented in patch 2 on June 2018, 6.It took about 5 hours / 4.3 days to clear the fastest, and the EU team was world first. In 110 days the NA team got the world second.
  • As the third installment, "Zettai Alexander Defeat Battle" will be implemented in patch 3 on November 2019, 11.It took about 12 hours / 5.11 days to clear the fastest, and the NA team was world first. The JP team got the world second in 70 days.At the stage when the top players who are distributing videos were capturing the middle stage, a completely unknown NA team suddenly declared a breakthrough on Twitter, which caused various speculations mainly in Europe and the United States, but officially the world by management There is a history that the controversy has settled down because it was recognized as first[Source required].


New Eorzea (Lv1 ~ Lv50)
Eorzea has begun to show signs of recovery from the Seventh Spiritual Disaster.
An adventurer who has landed on the land faces various problems such as "barbarians, savage gods, the Gallemar Empire, and the black shadow."
A story in which an adventurer transforms from the XNUMXth spiritual disaster to the XNUMXth star calendar under the guidance of Crystal.
Seventh Star Calendar (Lv50)
Adventurers who led the "March of Alcons", a large-scale counter-offensive operation unprecedented in the history of Eorzea, to success and eliminated one of the threats of Eorzea.
However, the human-to-human conflict only instilled fear in the barbarians.
To protect yourself. To regain the stolen territory. To retaliate against betrayal. And because the second self is not born.
The gods are called down again to the land of Eorzea.
Soten no Ishgard (Lv50 ~ Lv60)
The hero is now chased by one plot.
An adventurer who has lost his former fame and friends escapes to the northern land "Kurzas".
And what I saw in the mountain city "Ishgard" was a 1000-year battle between humans and dragons.
In the battle called "Dragon Poetry War", the adventurer notices that the origin of the Dragon Poetry War, which is talked about by humans and dragons, is different.
Dragon Poetry War Complete Edition (Lv60)
Adventurers who have reached the truth of the Dragon Poetry War.
However, the truth was difficult for everyone to accept and convince.
Those who cannot throw away the false truth.
Those who do not want to fight the dragon in the past.
Still, the adventurers move on to the final battle to end this long and sad battle.
Dragon Poetry War Postwar Part 60 (LvXNUMX)
The adventurers who led the end of the Dragon Poetry War had a fleeting peace.
However, a girl is seriously injured or put into Ishgard where she was staying.
According to her story, a group of adventurers summons a savage god and defeats them themselves.
Why are you doing that?
The adventurers take action to prevent the next summoning of the savage god.
Guren Liberator (Lv60 ~ Lv70)
From the long-standing oppression of the Gallemar Empire, the Eorzea Alliance begins its march with the aim of liberating "Aramigo."
Preparations were steadily progressing with the cooperation of the Aramigo Liberation Army, which is engaged in resistance activities.
However, just before the start of the "Operation to recapture Castellum Verozina", gunshots rang from the base of the Aramigo Liberation Army.
Detecting the incident, in front of the rushing adventurers, there was a figure of the devastated Aramigo Liberation Army and the Imperial Army attacking.
After that, the allied forces rushed in and the Imperial Army withdrew, but the damage of the Aramigo Liberation Army was enormous, and it took time to recover.
There, the adventurer heads for "Doma", which is under the control of the same Imperial Commander as "Aramigo", in order to save time and shake the Imperial Army.
Liberation War Part 70 (LvXNUMX)
  • Aramigo Complete Edition
After a fierce battle, the adventurers finally succeed in liberating Aramigo from the Gallemar Empire.
People were forced to make various choices about how to face the new era.
  • Doma Complete Edition
An Imperial airship flies to Doma, where reconstruction is progressing at a rapid pace.
A man of the Imperial Army, who was wary but invited, calls himself an "Ambassador of Plenipotentiary" for peace and proposes peace negotiations and prisoner exchange.
Although completely unreliable, Doma, who emphasized the return of those who were POWs of the Imperial Army, decided to take the man's proposal.
Jet Black Villas (Lv70-Lv80)
A certain world is about to reach the time of destruction. People were overwhelmed by despair and fought over policies and resources left.
Even so, there were those who did not give up on the future.This is the story of those who stood up against history and fate.
Akatsuki's Return (Lv80)
Joining the Akatsuki sages in the First World, the adventurer who removed the flood of light begins to search for a way to return to the primordial world.
On the other hand, on the Asien side, there is only one "original" left, and the adventurer is judged to be the greatest threat ever.Embark on eradication.However, the method was to restore the honor of the "light warriors" who were said to be the great sinners in the First World, and to mass-produce the "light warriors".
Akatsuki's finale (Lv80-Lv90)
Adventurers and Akatsuki sages who have returned to the primordial world.
However, what awaits them is the return of the "end" that struck the world long ago.
At the end of all destiny, the battle between light and darkness is about to end.

Place name

Planet Hyderin
The name of the planet in terms of the entire world of this work. Eorzea, the setting of the story, is part of this.
A civilized sphere consisting of the small continent Ardenard, which is the setting of the story, and the islands scattered around it, or a group of city-states.
Limsa Lominsa
Inland Sea Bylebrand, an island in the Rotano Sea, is a marine city-state that occupies the southern part of the island.
Innumerable small islands scattered in the sea bay, iron bridges over reefs and white houses form the cityscape.
The main industries are fishing, shipbuilding, blacksmithing, and shipping. Operates a powerful navy under the territory elected by the city people called "Admiral".
He has almost control of the sea near Eorzea, but the frequent piracy incidents cast a shadow over it.
Worship the goddess of voyage, Lim Lane, as a guardian deity.
One of the starting cities.
A garden city nation that occupies dense forests and rivers in the eastern part of the small continent Ardenado.
The cityscape is formed by water wheels and huge wooden buildings facing the innumerable canals that flow inside.
The main industries are forestry and agriculture, wood industry and leather industry.
Powerful ranger troops, including the Demon Corps, constantly patrol the forest to protect the city.
The guardian deity is officially regarded as the goddess of fertility, Nofika, but in reality, the national policy is determined by the oracle of the spirits by the prophets of three young siblings.
One of the starting cities.
A trading city-state that occupies the desolate rocky desert in the southern part of the small continent Ardenado.
Entertainment facilities such as a arena and amusement park with high barriers and crowded inside. And the appearance of the city is formed by the dome-shaped residence in the center.
The main industries are commerce, mining, and textiles.
Officially, the queen of the historic Ul'dah dynasty is referred to as the head of state, but in reality it is an oligarchy with the face of a city of six people called the Scorpions.
It worships Narzar, the god of business with two sides, as a guardian deity, and there is a large chapel in the east and west.
One of the starting cities.
A religious city nation that occupies the mountainous Kursath, located in the center of the Abalasia Mountains extending east and west of the small continent Ardenado.
There are many dragoons in a nation that has been fighting dragons for a long time. Currently, he has refused diplomatic relations with other countries, and has only exchanged with some people outside the city.
The "Pope", the leader of the Orthodox Church of the State Religion, also serves as the head of state. Worship the goddess of war Haruone as a guardian deity.
Ala Mhigo
A former military city-state that was destroyed and swallowed by the Gallemar Empire.
While those who were lucky enough to flee the empire became refugees in each country, some are still persecuted in the imperial territory of Aramigo.
Mor Dhona
The Lake District in the interior of Eorzea. It is the fierce battlefield of the first aerial battle in the history of Eorzea, "Air Battle over Lake Ginbo".
Garlean Empire
A military nation that invades each country to unify Eorzea, which occupies almost the entire northern and eastern states, excluding the western state, among the "three major states" of the world. An imperial nation headed by the "emperor".
Since many of the Galeans, who are the ruling people, cannot use magic innately, "magical technology" that replaces magic with high technology is widespread.
After the Seventh Spiritual Disaster, "magical techniques" are gradually spreading to Eorzea by the exiled Galeans.
A mysterious academic city nation allegedly located in the northwestern part of the small continent Ardenard.
A city-state located on the small continent of Osard, East Province. It was a peaceful country that required ninjas and samurai from the land of Hingashi, but the castle fell due to the Gallemar Empire, which plans to expand its territory. It has been ruled as a province of the empire for 25 years.
In recent years, a large-scale rebellion has failed, and the modern governor-general is said to have intensified the crackdown on the people.
Hingashi no Kuni (The Far East)
It is an island nation in the Far East, which is located beyond the eastern sea of ​​the Othard minor continent.
Currently, the country has a policy of seclusion, but only the trading port "Kugane" is the only port open to foreign ships, and ships from all over the world, not only the Gallemar Empire but also the Eorzea countries, Enter the port.
Therefore, it is said to be a commercial city boasting a gorgeous cityscape, as well as being at the forefront of intelligence and politics.


Highlander women, Miqo'te men, and Rugadin women will be able to choose from "New FFXIV". For the Aura tribe, you will be able to choose from "FFXIV: Heavensward Ishgard". For the Viera and Rosgar tribes, you will be able to choose from "FFXIV: Jet Black Villas". However, only women can be selected for the Viera tribe, and only men can be selected for the Rosgar tribe.

Most close to a real human being. A populous ethnic group in Eorzea. Compared to other ethnic groups, nationalism is weak, so there is a strong tendency to pursue freedom.
The Hulan tribe, which accounts for the majority of Hulan. It is called "Midlander" because many people settled in the lowlands in the past.
The personal name is close to the name used by the Anglo-Saxons, Celts, and Brintons of real-life medieval Europe. The surname comes from the occupation.
The Hulan tribe that dominated the highlands of Girabania. It is called "Highlander" as opposed to "Midlander". It has a slightly larger and stronger body than the Midlander tribe.
Although it was a major ethnic group of the fortified city "Aramigo", it lost its homeland due to the invasion of the Gallemar Empire and became a migrant, and many moved to the trading city "Uldaha".
The personal name is close to the name used by the Germanic and Normans in medieval Europe. The surname comes from words related to battle.
A race characterized by large overhanging ears and a supple long tail. A descendant of the hunting people who chased their prey in ancient times and crossed the frozen sea, it is a small population in Eorzea.
Seekers of the Sun
A tribe of Miqo'te who has many followers of the sun god Azema and calls himself "the messenger of the sun". Live a life centered on daytime activities. There are many odd-eyed cats.
It is a type that acts immediately when you think about it, but on the other hand, it is easily bored and is recognized by other races as a mood shop.
Moonkeeper (Keepers of the Moon)
A tribe of Miqo'te who has many followers of the moon god Menefina and calls himself "the guardian of the moon". Live a life centered on nighttime activities. Many people wear war makeup.
An ethnic group characterized by petite, pointed ears and a chunky system. It is difficult for other ethnic groups to determine the age because they grow up like infants and do not change with age.
Settled in Eorzea through trade ancestors of the South Sea Islands agricultural people. He is active in interacting with other ethnic groups and has a friendly relationship with all ethnic groups.
A tribe of Larafel settled in plains suitable for farming, such as the La Noscea region. Many people live in agriculture, but there are also people who live in the marine city "Limsa Lominsa" and live in shipping and fishing.
A tribe of Larafel who settled in desolate desert areas such as the Thanalan region. The main ethnic group of Ul'dah.
A race characterized by slimming, long limbs. An indigenous people of Eorzea, he is proud of having occupied a dominant position in ancient times. Slightly longer life than Hulan.
The name is close to real French.
A tribe of Elezen based in a forest area centered on the Kuroko Forest. We value order and discipline. Many live in "Ishgard" and "Glidania", which were involved in the founding of the country.
A tribe of Elezen based in a limestone cave in the woodlands for the past XNUMX years.
An ethnic group with a strong and strong body. A descendant of the pirates who once devastated the North Sea, they have been sailing from the sea to Eorzea since ancient times.
A tribe of Rugadin feared as a "sea wolf" invading from the North Sea. The main ethnic group of the marine city "Limsa Lominsa". Many are sailors and sailors.
According to ancient customs, the name is derived from the ancient Lugadin language. The surname comes from the father's personal name.
A minority tribe of Rugadin who settled in the mountains of the Northern Abalasia Mountains. Give a common name that is easy to remember from other races.
Au Ra
A race with roots in the Osard minor continent far east. It is characterized by a scaly part of the hardened skin and two horns extending from the temporal region.
Aura Ren
Aura tribe with pale glowing white scales. As a whole, there are many people who like quietness and are patient. In recent years, he has traveled to Eorzea by sea.
Aura's tribe with black scales that glitter in the dark. As a whole, there are many who like courage and are fierce. Known as a nomadic people, it is said that a small number of families will continue their travel-to-travel life.
An ethnic minority on the Osard minority, whose name means "forest people". Since ancient times, it has a history of living in a unique community deep in the forest, and until recent years it rarely even appeared in the living spheres of other races. In particular, adult males have a tradition of living alone, so even witnesses are rare. The appearance is similar to Hulan and Elezen, but it is characterized by large ears.
A tribe of Viera with brown skin that blends into the darkness of the forest.He defines himself as a "forest guardian" who protects the Golmore Forest, which is a sacred place, and responds mercilessly with spears and arrows to those who enter without permission.Even under the control of the former Dalmasca kingdom, he was granted autonomy and maintained his old life, but some had advanced into the outside world.
A tribe of Viera with snow-capped white skin that colors the mountains. Based around the hillside on the south side of the Skatei Mountains, he has lost contact with the outside world and continues his hunter-gatherer life for a long time. It is said that some of them left for Eorzea in the aftermath of the war, abandoning such an ancient life and getting off the mountain.
An ethnic group derived from the continent of Ilsabad. It has sharp claws and fangs on its developed muscles, and its face is reminiscent of a lion or leopard. Due to its appearance, it was seen as a barbaric people in ancient times, and there was constant conflict with other races, but as the common language permeated, mutual understanding progressed and exchanges gradually increased. There is an extreme bias in the birth ratio of men and women, and women are rarely seen.
A tribe of Rosgal with warm coats.He lived mainly with the Queen in the Bozuya region in the southern part of the continent of Ilsabad.In their own words, there was no word for tribe, but the social structure in which many men act, centered on one female leader, is likened to a comet that revolves around the sun. Is called.
The Lost
A tribe of Rosgal with cool coats.People who have abandoned their sedentary life in the distant past and have started to live on the move.Seasonal workers who carry out hard work, mercenaries who undertake rough affairs, or peddlers, etc., change their livelihoods from time to time and live freely.This way of life is called "lost" by comparing it to a comet that has left the sun.
A nomadic tribe of the grassland "Pakarzan" who worships the flame god "Ifrit". In order to recapture the sanctuary "Thanalan" located in the east, he has repeatedly dispatched troops to Ul'dah.
A small people who live in the forest of Kuroko who worship the thunder god "Ramu". Originally friendly to other races, the invasion of the Gallemar Empire rapidly hardened his attitude.
A warlike mountaineer based in the great valley "Zelfatl" who worships the storm god "Garuda". It has a hostile relationship with Glidania.
Underground people who worship the rock god "Titan" and live in the tunnel of "O Gomorro" in the northern part of Bylebrand Island. He had a non-aggression pact with Limsa Lominsa, but in recent years there has been constant conflict over natural resources.
Marines who worship the sea god "Leviathan" and live in the undersea city of "Aoiyo" off the coast of Bylebrand Island. He is looting at sea and has a hostile relationship with Limsa Lominsa.
Vanu Vanu
Aboriginal people who worship the cloud god "Bismarck" and live on floating islands floating in the sea of ​​clouds. It has a hostile relationship with Ishgard.
The Gnath
An insect-like hunter based in the southern part of the highlands of Ravan, who worships the god Ravan. It has a hostile relationship with the dragons.
A barbarian who worships the great god "Susanoo" and walks on two legs with a turtle living in the "Red Sea" in the eastern region. He is good at underwater activities and has lived on the blessings of the abundant sea. Believing in the eight million gods that dwell in things, he is eager to collect the masterpieces and gems that will replace him.
Indigenous people living in the remote areas of Girabania who worship the goddess "Lakshmi". Its upper body resembles a human and its lower body resembles a snake, and is characterized by being composed only of women. In addition, he has inherited the technique of molding metal by magic to create beautiful jewelry.
The Garleans
A race that has a dominant position in the distant Gallemar Empire. The Imperial soldiers witnessed in Eorzea have only been confirmed to be in full-body armor. For that reason, it is rumored in Eorzea that "armor and machines are transplanted to the skin, and you can see different places with the third eye", but the reality is shrouded in mystery. ing.
Peddler people found in various parts of Eorzea who have a friendly relationship with humans. It looks like a mouse.
Mamool Ja
A lizard-like-looking race whose livelihood is mercenary business. We are active mainly in La Noscea.
Wandering people found in various parts of Eorzea. It has a petite appearance wearing a mask.
A rare race of Eorzea.
A beast race in the Yansa region governed by "Doma". It looks like a normal Hulan body with a wolf's head. He understands human language and interacts with Doma people in the same way as ordinary villagers. He has served the king of Doma for a long time, but after becoming the rule of the empire, some were taken by soldiers or refused to become burglars.
A race that has lived in river basins in the eastern region for a long time. It looks like a catfish walking on two legs. Speak in a characteristic way with "pe" at the end of the word. It is said that while they are generally friendly due to their interaction with people, there are also those who live in the wild and those who have been robbed.
A race that looks like a lizard. It has a larger body shape than the Mamuja tribe. It is said that he once lived with the Hulan in the Kingdom of Dalmasca. It has a longer life than the general human race.
A barbarian who appears in the First World, which is the stage of "FFXIV: Jet Black Villas", and is a fairy race that lives in the fairy town "Il Meg". Very petite, flying in the sky with wings reminiscent of butterflies. An excellent magician, he has both innocence and cruelty. I like mischievous things.
Nu Mou
A barbarian tribe that appears in the First World, a fairy race that looks like a dog somewhere. He likes to interact with people and once had a close relationship with the Kingdom of Hubboot. Even now, he lives in Il Meg while coexisting with other fairies. It is an honor to visit people in need, help them, and get paid for them.
A barbarian that appears in the First World, it looks just like the Kikirun in the primordial world.


A flame god worshiped by the Amarja tribe. With a burning breath, iron-melting claws, and heavenly horns, those who challenge will be burned in the "flame of hell."
A thunder god worshiped by the Sylph tribe. It is folklore as an intelligent "old elder" with ancient knowledge, but as a strict judge, he gives "thunder of judgment" to those who violate the sanctuary of the forest.
A storm god worshiped by the Ixal tribe. Its appearance in the air with its wings is truly elegant, but it is awe-inspiring as a "ruthless queen" due to its bloody and brutal nature.
A rock god worshiped by the Kobolds. A gentle god who loves the Kobolds like his own child, but in battle the situation changes completely.
A sea god worshiped by the Sahagin tribe. The great tsunami "Daitile Wave" was once thought to be a grudge against Leviathan, and was sacrificed in ancient times to calm its anger.
In Ishgard, who is devoted to the battle with the dragons, those who participated in the dragons or refused to fight are called heretics, but the leader who bundles them, Izel, the "ice shrine maiden", is himself. A "possessed savage god" who summoned the soul of "Saint Shiva". It has two names, "Ice God".
An ancient dragon god that was sealed on the moon satellite "Daragab". The seal was broken, causing the "Seventh Spiritual Disaster" that burned down Eorzea with the flames of Megaflare, and disappeared.
An ancient fighting god. Straddling the tough war horse "Sleipnir", he is wandering in the forest of Kuroko in search of an enemy to defeat.
A savage god who controls beauty.
A savage god who does not have a unique myth.
Talldan (Knights of Round)
Toldan VII and his guard, President Zephyran (voice:Yasuaki Nakusho) Is the leading savage god who manifested in Yorishiro.
In the battle, a battle with a very unique knight is unfolded.

Guardian deity

The player decides the guardian deity at the start of the game, but currently there is no discrimination regarding the status, so it is up to the individual to choose. In addition, before patch 4.1, the attribute status itself was abolished in patch 4.2, although the initial status of the attribute was given a bonus by selecting the guardian deity.

  • Haruone ... The goddess of glaciers and war, and the guardian deity of the city-state Ishgard.
  • Menefina ... The goddess who controls Sogetsu and charity. There are many followers in the Moonkeepers of Miqo'te.
  • Saryak ... A god who controls rivers and knowledge, and a guardian deity of the city-state Shalean.
  • Nimeya ... The goddess who controls the planet and fate. Many seamstresses follow the goddess Nimeya, who is said to spin the spinning wheel and spin the lives of people.
  • Lim Lane: The goddess of ocean and voyage, and the guardian deity of the city-state Limsa Lominsa.
  • Oshuon ... A god who controls mountains and wanderings. Many miners worship the wandering god Oshuon from the established theory of continental drift.
  • Biergo ... A god who controls architecture and crafts.
  • Largar ... A god who controls comets and destruction, and a guardian deity of the city-state Aramigo.
  • Azema ... The goddess who controls the sun and the hearing. There are many followers in the San Seeker tribe of Miqo'te.
  • Narzar ... A god who controls the underground and business, and a guardian deity of the city-state Ul'dah. According to popular wisdom, it is a two-sided god, Naru and Zaru, and is interpreted as twins.
  • Nofika ... The goddess of the earth and fertility, and the guardian deity of the city-state of Glidania.
  • Arjik ... A god who controls gravity and time. It is the object of worship of historians seeking the past and fortune-tellers seeking the future.



Nanamo Ul Namo
sound - Mariya Ise
The 17th generation of the Ul'dah royal family, the woman of Larafel, the Queen of Ul'dah.
Raubahn Aldynn
Voice- Hiroki Yasumoto
A Hulan man who is one of the scorpions of Ul'dah and is the representative of the Grand Company "Immortal Corps". Takes the nickname of "Thunderstorm Warlord".
There is an adopted child of the Larafel tribe called Pippin.
A woman from Larafel, the proprietress of "Quicksand", where the Adventurer's Guild of Ul'dah is located.


Kan E Senna
Voice- Rie Tanaka
A woman of Tsunomikoto, the chairman of the Spirit Council of Glidania and one of the three illusionary emperors. Representative of the Grand Company "Souja Party". It is called "Twin Snake General" and "Indomitable Priestess".
Raya O Senna
A woman of Kakuson who is one of the great priests of Glidania and one of the three illusionary emperors. Kanu e Senna's younger sister.
A Ruhn Senna
A young man of Kakuson who is one of the great priests of Glidania and one of the three illusionary emperors. Kanu e Senna's younger brother.
A woman from Elezen who is the master of the "Carline Cafe" where the Adventurer's Guild of Glidania is located.

Limsa Lominsa

Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Voice- Atsuko Tanaka
A woman from Rugatin who is the Admiral of Limsa Lominsa and the representative of the Grand Company "Black Vortex Group". Called the "Invincible Admiral".
Rayner Hansred
A Hulan man who is the leader of the Knights of Barracuda, the Navy of Limsa Lominsa.
A Hulan man who is the master of the "Drowning Kaibutei" where the adventurer's guild of Limsa Lominsa is located. A former mercenary.
A Lugatan man who was once the leader of the Knights of Barracuda, the Navy of Limsa Lominsa. Currently, he changed his name to Rostnsthal and works as a leader of Skysteel Machinery Studio in Ishgard.


Count Edmont De Fortemps
Voice- Ikuya Sawaki
Elezen man. One of the four great Ishgard families, the current head of the Fortan family, accepts adventurers as guests.
Aymeric de Borel
Voice- Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Knights of the Elezen tribe, who is the president of the Knights Templar of the Ishgard Temple. Although not from a prestigious aristocrat, he climbed to the top of the Knights Templar at a young age due to his talent and numerous achievements.
As the endless battle with the dragons continues, he struggles to protect the people of the imperial capital.
Haurchefant Graystone
Voice- Masakazu Nishida
Elezen man. A knight of the Fortan family, one of the four great Ishgard families.
Settled in "Camp Dragon Head" in the Central Highlands of Kursath. Since Ishgard is in a state of seclusion, it has a bad influence on others, but it is a strange person who is active in accepting mercenaries and adventurers.
Growing up with a mother who was physically and mentally weak, she has a strong respect and admiration for her strong body and mind.
Estinien (Estinien Wyrmblood)
Voice- Kenji Hamada
A dragon knight of the Elezen tribe who fights against the dragon tribe as a "blue dragon knight". He is the successor to the "dragon's eye" that the founding hero stole from the evil dragon "Needhögg", and draws out its power to fight like a dragon.


Hien Rijin
Voice- Katsuyuki Konishi
Hulan's man. A young man of the blood of Cayenne, the legitimate monarch of "Doma".
Voice- Rina Sato
Aura Sui woman. A leader of refugees who have fallen to Eorzea from the remote city "Doma" on the continent of Othard, far east. When I came to Eorzea, I covered my whole body with clothes to hide my identity as Aura. I have ninjutsu knowledge. Yugiri is a doma-like notation.
Voice- Akimoto Yosuke
A samurai from "Doma" and a Rugadin man. A heavyweight who has served the Doma monarch for many years, he was defeated 25 years ago when he was invaded by the empire. Since then, he has continued to fight for the revival of his country. Bold and compassionate, he is known as a swordsman.

Akatsuki's clan

An organization that merged the Twelve Traces Investigation Committee and the Salvation Poetry League after the Seventh Spiritual Disaster. It was formed for the purpose of salvation of Eorzea.

It is considered to be the main organization of the main story and is deeply involved with adventurers.

Minfilia Warde
Voice- Sawashiro Miyuki[44]
Hulan woman. Former chairman of the Twelve Trace Investigation Committee and leader of the Akatsuki clan. A woman who has no way of fighting unlike other members, but has a strong will to not give in to difficulties.
Thancred Waters
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura[44]
Hulan's man. At first glance, he looks like a flirty Yuu, but he is a striking dagger user and a person who is not just a person. A former member of the Salvation Poetry League who was in charge of Ul'dah. In charge of Ul'dah in the Akatsuki clan.
Yda Hext / Lyse Hext
Voice- Endo Aya[44]
Hulan woman. Causes various uproar with his partner Paparimo. He is a master of martial arts, although he sometimes takes a frivolous attitude. A former member of the Salvation Poetry League who was in charge of Glidania. He will continue to be in charge of Glidania in the Akatsuki clan. It was later revealed that the name Ida was the name of his real sister (deceased) and his real name was "Lise".
Papalymo Totolymo
Voice- Eri Kitamura[44]
Larafel youth. It is not uncommon for people to disagree with their straightforward partner, Ida. A chilly poisonous tongue who doesn't look good on the outside. Familiar with ether science. A former member of the Salvation Poetry League who was in charge of Glidania. He will continue to be in charge of Glidania in the Akatsuki clan.
Y'shtola Rhul
Voice- Ai Chino[44]
Miqo'te woman. A mysterious beauty who is an advanced magician and is familiar with ancient languages ​​and folklore. A former member of the Salvation Poetry, who was in charge of Limsa Lominsa. In charge of Limsa Lominsa in the Akatsuki clan.
"Dissidia final fantasyAppeared in.
Louisoix Leveilleur
Voice- Kiyokawa Motodream[44]
The old man of Elezen. A wise man from the North Pacific Islands "Petri dish home country". Former lord of the Salvation Poetry. Unknown after the XNUMXth spiritual disaster.
Urienger Augurelt
Voice- KENN[44]
Elezen man. A wise man from the North Pacific Islands "Petri dish home country". A former member of the Salvation Poetry League who was working with Louis Zova.
A mysterious man who always wears a hood and is characterized by poetic lines.
Alphinaud Leveilleur / Alisaie Leveilleur
Voice- Shinnosuke Tachibana[44] / Rie Murakawa[44]
Elezen's twin brothers and sisters. The grandson of Louis Zova.
His older brother, Alfino, is familiar with politics and has an intellectual impression, but he is a boy who stands out for his age-appropriate naive and boring behavior.
My sister, Alize, is a tomboyish girl who has a strong spirit toward her brother and has to act on her own.
Tataru Taru
Voice-Mariya Ise
Larafel woman. Akatsuki clan clerical staff. We carry out various tasks from reception to accounting.

Garlond Ironworks

A main story event that occurs when you complete each specific Grand Company quest.

Biggs & WedgeOften collaborates with Akatsuki's alliance. Sid will meet again in a later main quest.

Sid・ Cid nan Garlond
Voice- Rikiya Koyama[44]
President of "Garlond Iron Works". The Gallemar Empire who has been in exile in Eorzea. A genius magic engineer who was awarded the title of "Mechanic" in the empire.
Voice- Go Inoue
An employee of "Garlond Iron Works". Rugadin man.
Voice- KENN[45]
An employee of "Garlond Iron Works". Larafel man.

Valdesion Commission

An organization that is investigating the "will of the stars" and the "power to exceed" that can come into contact with them. The headquarters is located on Bar Island in the North Pacific Islands, the home country of Shalean. It provides knowledge, technical, and financial support to the Akatsuki clan, and is a backing.

Kurile Baldesion
Voice- Aino Nanjo
Larafel woman.A member of the Valdecion Committee.He is a friend of Minfilia and is an old friend of Ya Stra and Alfino Alize.I have a grandfather named Garraf.

Gallemar Empire

Solus zos Galvus
Voice- Hiroki Takahashi
One of the three original Asiens who became the first emperor who founded the Gallemar Empire and took the seat of Emetselk. Born into a well-known family of the empire's predecessor, the "Galemar Republic," he made numerous military achievements and climbed up to the rank of a corps leader.
With the overwhelming support of the citizens for his achievements, he became the head of state, the "dictator." After that, he moved to the unification of the northern provinces and became the emperor.
Valis zos Galvus
Voice- Joji Nakata
The second emperor of the Gallemar Empire. Sol Zos Galvas is the father of his grandfather, Zenos Ye Galvas. Among the royal family, it inherits the blood of Emperor Sol most strongly. Before the throne of the emperor, he was named Valis Ye Galvas. He has a track record of serving as a key position "General" for nine years, who controls the entire corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army.
The demise of the Emperor Sol Zos Galvas of the Gallemar Empire (which was the plan of Emetselk) was reported, and at the same time the battle for succession was reported. At this time, a faction that disliked the policies of Emperor Sol's "expansionism" and "aggressive subjugation of the savage god" intensified the battle for the throne by supporting Valis's uncle (the second son of Emperor Sol), but eventually Valis -Ye Galvas won the battle for succession and soon became the second emperor "Valis Zos Galvas".
Zenos yae Galvus
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi
The real child of the current emperor Valis Zos Galvas. Crown Prince of the Gallemar Empire (successor to the orthodox throne) and Commander of the XII Corps. A warlord who regards battle as "hunting" and always wants to meet strong enemies. He has the intelligence and armed force that is comparable to his title, and he is feared by both his enemies and allies, but he is also a charismatic owner who also has intoxicating subordinates. Unlike other Galean men, it has a medieval look.
"DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY] Also appeared as a character on the Villains side.
Gaius van Baelsar
Voice- Akio Otsuka[46]
He is the commander of the XIV Corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army and the temporary governor of the Aramigo Territory. Takes the nickname of "Raven King Wolf". There is a conflict with Nehru over the emperor's love.
In the past, he has conquered five city-states and made them provinces, and has excellent political skills not only in the military but also in occupation and governance.
Nael van Darnus
Female corps leader of the VII Corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army. His real name is Yura. Takes the nickname of "Silver Bird". There is a conflict with Gaius over the emperor's love. He inherited that position due to the illness of his father, the founding hero. Shortly after taking office, he executed the staff members who were subordinates of his late father's confidant, and those who faced himself are notorious for their brutality, even if they are on their side.
Nero tol Scaeva
Voice- Riki Kitazawa[46]
Chief of Staff of the XIV Corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army. He was involved in the development of numerous magical weapons as a mechanic in the empire's home country, and was bought by Gaius for his skills and assumed the position of Chief of Staff.
Livia sas Junius
Voice- Sayaka Ohara[46]
Decentralized commander of the XIV Corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army. Gaius, who saw her as a natural military talent, became his guardian. After growing up, he made a number of military achievements and worked as expected.
Rhitahtyn sas Arvina
Voice- Daichi Endo[46]
Captain of the XIV Corps of the Gallemar Imperial Army. Although Rugatin is from a province, Gaius recognized his skillful tactics and became the captain of the camp.


An immortal being who has been dying on the planet Hyderin since ancient times, causing destruction and chaos.

Ascian Lahabrea
Voice- Shuichi Ikeda[46]
An original asien that has existed since ancient times in the seat of Lahabrea. A heavenly leader wearing a jet-black robe and a red mask.
Ascian Elidibus
Voice- Ishida Akira
An original Asien that has existed since ancient times in the seat of Elidibs. Wearing a white robe and calling himself a "mediator". Its appearance can only be recognized by those who have "power to exceed".
Ascian Pashtarot
Ascian Igeyorhm
Voice- Ai Orikasa
Asien, a woman who was in charge of the thirteenth world.I was impatient and made the thirteenth world a void.
Ascian Nabriales
Voice- Masumi Yoshida
Asien of the reincarnated group who was in charge of the twelfth world.
Ascian Emet-Selch
Voice- Hiroki Takahashi
An original Asien that has existed since ancient times in the seat of Emetselk. The coat of arms on the face is the angel of death, Zaruela.

ス タ ッ フ

Changes in the development system have been announced on December 2010, 12[5].

  • Naoki Yoshida --Producer and director
  • Shintaro Tamai-Assistant Director
  • Nobuaki Komoto --Lead planner (former director)
  • Akihiko Matsui --Lead Battle Planner
  • Yoshihisa Hashimoto-Technical Advisor
  • Akihiko Yoshida --Lead artist
  • Hiroshi Takai --Lead Designer (currentlyFF16In charge of director)
  • Hiroshi Minagawa --Lead UI Artist and Lead Web Content Artist
  • Kenichi Iwao-World Setting
  • Yayoko Sato-Scenario
  • Yuichi Kikuchi-Cutscene Designer
  • Tomoki Chiba-Map Designer
  • Keiichi Baba-Character Designer
  • Shinya Ichida --Motion Designer
  • Kazuyuki Ikumori --Movie director
  • Yoshitaka Amano --Title illustration
  • Masayoshi Soken --Sound director, composition (songs that were not ordered from the current version of Uematsu, most of the additional songs after patch 1.18, a considerable number of songs of "New Eorzea")
  • Nobuo Uematsu --Composition (current version α / β / all songs at the time of official service start)
  • Naoshi Mizuta --Composer (part)
  • Tsuyoshi Sekito --Composer (part)
  • Ryo Yamazaki-Composition (part)
  • Susan Callaway-Singer, sang the theme song.
  • Hiromichi Tanaka ――Retired from the producer position, taking responsibility for the change in the development system and the poor content.
  • Hideyuki Kasuga-Lead Programmer (Retired from Square Enix in 2018)



Operated by PASELA ResortsCollaboration cafeOpened in Akihabara / Osaka. Offers dishes implemented in the game.
Yokohama for a limited timeWas also open.


web radio

With love from Yoshino Nanjo and Eorzea
From 2014 year 11 month 7 dayOtozumi[1],HiBiKi Radio Station[2]Web radio program delivered on. Updated every Friday. PersonalityAino Nanjo.. Nanjo is in charge of Maidy's voice in "Hikari no Dad", which will be described later.

TV drama

Final Fantasy XIV The Father of Light
Although it is different from "Final Fantasy XIV's TV drama" in the strict sense, one user's private blog, "One-shot killing SS diaryThe actual play log "[FF14] Hikari no Dad Plan" that was serialized in ""Final Fantasy XIV The Father of Light』Television drama with the title,Every day broadcasting OfMidnight dramaThe frame "Dramaism』Broadcast from April 2017 (drama production announcement was announced on December 4, 2016 the previous year[47]). AppearanceChiba Yudai-Ren Osugietc.
Prior to this drama, the book version (book and Kindle) was released on March 2017, 3.

Nico Nico Live Broadcast Support Program

From September 2014, 9 to July 27, 2016Nico Nico Live BroadcastIt was delivered at. It was broadcast irregularly. The personality is (renamed to Kei Yamaguchi in January 2017). It aired from Season 1 to Season 1. The members were called recruits in the show.
Members from Season 1Ogawa Atsuna,Hiromi Kae,Miyuki Koike,Hazuki dream.. Season 2 was auditioned in the program and was selected by Maron Maron Nishimura.Megumi Mizoguchi,Nanami Yoshizawa,Moe Wakaki.. Season 3 is an addition to the 1 people 2 and 8,Tomoha TeradaとInoshima 6 monthsIs selected (Inoshima graduated on the way).
FINAL FANTASY XIV "Gakuen Eorzea" to start from now on
From October 2016, 8 to March 21, 2017Nico Nico Live BroadcastA support program for beginners that was delivered on. Program personality from its predecessor, Channel 14Miyuki KoikeTomaron Maron Nishimura (renamed Nishimura Baby in June 2017) was selected. It was broadcast in a school-like manner, and extracurricular lessons were held twice.
StudentsKento Ono,Marina Kozawa,Atsushi Soejima,Nagai Riko.


Producer Letter Live (PLL)

Live broadcast where producer and director Naoki Yoshida and community team Toshio Muro will introduce the next implementation content.

It broadcasts at a pace of about once a month.

Basically, it is broadcast from the Square Enix headquarters, but it may also be broadcast from that location when traveling around the country as a game event (E3, Tokyo Game Show, etc.) as a business trip version or as an exchange event for FF14 alone.

Fan festival

Once every two years. A fan festival held in Tokyo in Japan.

It will also be held in North America, Japan, and Europe to promote the next expansion pack.

Also, because the operator and patch release time are different, it will not be held at the same time, but fan festivals are also held in China and South Korea.



FINAL FANTASY XIV Memoir of Light Chronicles of Light
"FINAL FANTASY XIV" is a collection of 25 episodes, including 2019 episodes newly written by the development team, in addition to the "Seventh Spiritual Disaster Retrospective", "Soten Secret Story", and "Kuren Secret Story" released on Lodestone (official site). The first official short story. Square Enix (March 3, 9)


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