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🎁 | Collaboration to win PS100 for 5 ZONEs


Held a collaboration where 100 ZONe people will win PS5

If you write the contents roughly
Also, from February 2th (Monday), if you purchase the "ZONe PlayStation®19 Edition 5ml 500-pack" and the target game equipment / software together, the "ZONe PlayStation®10 Edition 5ml 500-pack" will be available when the order is confirmed. We also carry out a campaign where "" is discounted.

Super-immersive energy drink "ZONe" is the PS of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. → Continue reading


"LogTube" is a platform that connects viewers and video creators by making it easier to discover video creators and videos.
From information on entertainment, music, beauty, fashion, gourmet, to topical gossip, to interviews with popular creators, there is plenty of YouTube information around the world.

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