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🎁 | [Kobe Sweets Shop] 4 shops where you can find gifts and rewards for yourself

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[Kobe sweets shop] 4 shops where you can find gifts and rewards for yourself

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A planetary cake that stands out among the classic shortcakes, tarts, cheesecakes, and more.

The season when you often give small gifts is right there.Pre-play for your loved ones and yourself doing your best ... → Continue reading

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Shortcake(English: shortcake) IsWestern confectionery OfcakeA kind of.However, its form and even its definition vary greatly from country to country.


Short cake isJapanandWestern EuropeThere are different types of cakes in each, but the Japanese image of "spongeとcreamIs layeredStrawberryShortcakes are layer cakes in English-speaking countries.Layer cake, Or Layered cake).



The shortcake recorded in the English cookbook "English's Cookbook" in 1588 is now the root of shortcakes around the world.元々イギリス式のものはOriginally British stylesponge cakeNot only,BiscuitIs also used as a fabric.そして掛ける果物もAnd the fruit to hangStrawberryNot limited toApple-Orange-Lemon-blueberryI use various things such as.[1]In 1602, after the United States as a British colony accepted the shortcake cultureBread-ク ッ キ ーIt also becomes a dough, and the fruit-flavored soda juice is put into fresh cream.[2]There is a big difference between the English style and the American style, which can be said to be different from the Japanese style shortcake.Shortcake is a unique culture of the United Kingdom and English-speaking countries, so most European countries (France-イタリア-GermanyEtc.), many people do not know shortcake.ヨーロッパに広く存在しているWidely present in EuropeStrawberry cakeMeans "all desserts made with strawberries"Mousse cakeAlsoCheesecakeHowever, it differs from Japanese shortcake in that if you have strawberries, it falls within the range of strawberry cake.


There are various theories about the etymology of "short".

  • The theory that it was made with a hint of sweets called "shortcake" in the United States[3]
  • BritishshortbreadThe theory that it started with a confectionery sandwiched between strawberries and cream[4]
  • The theory that it means "short time"
    • The theory that it can be made in a short time[3][5]
    • The theory that it does not last long because it uses fresh cream and strawberries[3]
  • The theory that it is derived from the English "short" "fragile" and "crispy"[3][5][6]
  • To make a spongeshorteningThe theory that it is using[3]

According to "Cooking Ingredients Encyclopedia" (SHUFUNOTOMO, 1996), "short" in "shortcake" is a word that expresses the crispy texture originally used for cookies.[5]Nowadays, it is interpreted as "short time" because it can be finished just by adding fresh cream or fruits to the sponge dough.[5].

Introduced to Japan

Japanese-style shortcake is a Japanese-style arrangement of French or American-style shortcake.The original meaning of shortcake does not include the meaning of small cakes or cut cakes (cut cakes, piece cakes).However, some people use it to mean a cut cake because of the short association.三省堂 反対語対立語辞典では、ショートケーキはIn the Sanseido Opposite Words Dictionary, shortcake isRoll cakeIt is an antonym of (no detailed explanation).

American style shortcake

According to the Fujiya theory described later, Japanese-style shortcake isThe United States of AmericaCommon household confectionery short cake (shortcake) Is said to have been arranged in a Japanese style.This section describes this American short cake.家庭でも、イギリスのようにビスケットの代わりにスライスしたAt home, sliced ​​instead of biscuits like in EnglandPound CakeIs sometimes used, but the shape is completely different from Japanese shortcake.

American styleShortcakeCan be seen in Japanese stylesponge cakenot,"BiscuitCalled "BreadとcakeIt is based on something like the middle of.これは小麦粉の生地にThis is for flour doughshortening,lardAnd addbaking sodaとBaking powderInflated with, the outsideCrispyAs the inside has a fluffy texturepancakeAnd of the British plainSconeIt is very similar to scones, but it is lighter and lighter than scones.In many cases, sweetly seasoned biscuits are split in half and chopped, sandwiched with sugar-coated strawberries, and topped with strawberries or whipped cream. 19世紀半ばにはIn the middle of the XNUMXth centuryク ッ キ ーとpieLike the middle of the doughPastryWas the foundation[7]..Even in the United States, "sponge cake + whipped cream + strawberry cake" is sometimes called strawberry short cake only in cake shops in big cities and sophisticated cities.There are two theories about its origin, and it is said that when someone used sponge cake instead of biscuits in the United States, it became popular, and Japanese-style shortcake was reimported and this is a city that is easily influenced by foreign cultures. It is said that it has spread to the club, and there is a theory that both are used.

French shortcake

FranceThen, there is no way to call it "shortcake", but there is a way to call it "strawberry cake".日本の洋菓子屋で「本格フランス菓子」と標榜するショートケーキは、フランス風のスポンジケーキのThe shortcake that is advocated as "authentic French confectionery" at Japanese pastry shops is a French-style sponge cake.Frezier(Fraisier,FrenchThere are many places that serve strawberries).フランスのイチゴケーキは主にイチゴをはさみ、ピンク色に染めて薄く伸ばしたFrench strawberry cakes are mainly made by sandwiching strawberries, dyeing them in pink and stretching them thinly.MarzipanIt is common to cover the surface with.苺とバニラを使ったムース状のショートケーキをA mousse-shaped shortcake with strawberries and vanillaPhrase banilleCall.

Japanese style shortcake

In Japan, based on sponge cake,Whipped creamStrawberry shortcake is called "strawberry shortcake", which is used for connecting and exterior, and for seasoning with strawberries, and is generally called simply "shortcake".Those using ingredients other than strawberries usually bear the name of the ingredient and say "bananaShortcake""Peach"Shortcake" and so on.It is also recognized overseas, and shortcakes using such sponge cakes are called "Japanese (style) Strawberry Shortcake".This type of cake is the most popular in Japan, and it is a must-have item at cake shops and cafes.


This "sponge cake + whipped cream + strawberry cake"TaishoWhat was introduced to Japan and spread in the timesFujiyaHowever, it is not known who the inventor was.

A leading theory is the arrangement of French sweetsKuniteru Kadokura(ColumbinThere are various theories such as the founder) or its surroundings, the Fujiya theory that arranged American cakes, and it is said that there was interaction with each other.The background to this arrangement was that French and American shortcakes did not match the Japanese sense of "Western confectionery = luxury", and Japanese prefer soft ones. It was said that there was a reason, and he started using sponge cake instead of biscuits without anyone (although Fujiya was the first to say).The circumstances surrounding the idea of ​​this Japanese-style shortcake are:Kikujiro YoshidaThere is an objective description in "Western confectionery wandering disposition" (Chobunsha, 2006) by (founder).

Fujiya sold shortcakes1922Regardless of who the inventor is, the time of the idea will be close to this, but it will be more than 30 years after the spread of shortcake in Japan, and refrigeration equipment will spread to ordinary households.1955After that.

Basic material

18 cm in diameter for round shape
Target to be createdMaterial namethe amount
Sponge cake bodyWheat flour(Cake flour)100g
Chicken eggsM3
バ タ ー10g
Vanilla extracta little
Cream / decorationFresh cream200cc
Strawberry1 pack

Shortcake day

In recent years, some parts of the Japanese confectionery industry have advertised the 22nd of every month as "Shortcake Day".

2007ToSendai cityIt is generally accepted that the idea of ​​the pastry shop "Cowbell" has spread, and the general 7 days are arranged in a row.カレンダーIn, the 22th is located just above the 15nd, and it is said that it is from the association that "strawberry (= 15 puns) is on top", which is an image of shortcake that is common in Japan. ..


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