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🛋 | Why does my sleep time get shorter as I get older?


Why do you sleep shorter as you get older?

If you write the contents roughly
However, there are times when the cause of sleeplessness is hidden in your daily habits.

When I was young, I was confident that I could sleep for about 20 hours, but since I was 40 years old, getting up early has become less painful ... → Continue reading

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Custom(Shukan,British: habit) Is

  • A routine routine[1].. By doing so for a long time, it became like a rule[2].
  • (Psychological term) Fixed behavior that can be learned by repetition and can be repeated with little mental effort.[1].


A habit is that by repeating it for a long time, it has become a rule to do so. Basically, it refers to behavior and physical behavior, but broadly it can include mental and psychological things such as the way of thinking of things.

A person's habit is an acquired behavioral pattern, which is fixed by being repeated, and it is often the case that the person's habit and that person's habit cannot be separated. "The habit is the secondnatureIt is also said that

In general, the number of habits increases with age, the proportion of habits in a person's behavior increases, and the degree of retention increases.

If you try to change your habits (voluntarily) or change them (by intervening with others), the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to change or correct them. It is generally said that changing habits is difficult, but he says that it is possible to change habits and develop new habits by continuing in small, discreet steps.

Area, community

At Daijisen, the second explanation of "custom"

"The way things are done normally among the people in that country or region. Social conventions. Customs. Customs."

Is posted. In other words, the "habit" isIndividualNeither that, nor that of each country or region (more,Religious-DenominationYou can also refer to it. When consciously discriminating between individual and regional ones, academically trying to discriminate between them, personal ones are called "habits" and regional ones are "customs".Custom"," and so on. In everyday terms, both can be referred to as "habits."

Birth of a person (birth),marriage,deadAt such times, what to do and how to interact with each other largely depends on the customs of each country or region. Also, how old should be considered to be a full adult, what kind ofRite of passageWhether or not to do it depends largely on the custom. Also, how do people interact with each other on a daily basis?挨 拶Do you care (hugDo you do it or touch your cheeksHandshakeDo youbowIt's also a matter of custom that (do you just do a bow)?

Catholic churchIt wasn't written in the Bible, nor in the Gospel that Jesus should do so, but somehow in the long history of the Catholic Church, a method that came at a time was widespread and , It has become commonplace for members of the Church to do so, but instead of calling it a "custom", it is often called a "tradition" (in Catholic internal terms).[Note 1]

Customary (regionalcommunityHabits that are widespread internally) are oftencultureIs related to It is influenced by culture, and it also affects culture. For members of the community, there are some that can explain why it is such a custom, some reason can be explained, and some can explain the relationship and consistency with other customs in a way, but why is that custom Some of the members of the community have no idea what it has become (something that members feel "strange", something that makes them squint).

There are conventions that most members of the community are willing to do, while others feel unhappy and want to change.

The view on how much a custom should be protected depends on the nature of the community and the content of each custom. In some cases, the community shares some ideas about how to follow the conventions (in some cases, the idea that "it should be protected" is customary, and in other words, it is customary that "it may not be protected"). However, the degree of respect depends on the characteristics of each individual member.

For example,Oda NobunagaWhen I was a young man, the pond in my area was said to be “don't enter because the dragon lives in it”, so I dared to go against the custom and dive in front of my friends I did an exhaustive search and showed that there were no dragons, and I wouldn't know if there were any dragons or not, because I don't have any dragons in this pond.


psychologyThen, fixed by learning iteratively and repeating with less mental effortcommunication skillIs called a "habit".


Emile DurkheimAccording to, habits are considered carefully while they are valid.[3]There is no. Only when the habits are abolished will they be considered.childrenStick to habits,HintThis property of children from easily switching to other habits byMoral educationI also thought it could be applied to.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The Catholic "tradition" does not necessarily call it "traditional". Something consciously created by a priest just five to ten years ago may be called "tradition" if most of the church's clergy and members follow it. Some Catholic practices (internal term "tradition") even have a clear fundamental conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ shown in the Gospel, whichProtestantOften criticized by churches.


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  3. ^ Expressions equivalent to English reflect and French refrechir. Depending on the context, translations such as "think carefully", "think carefully", "think carefully", and "reflect" are given.

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