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👶 | Warm and warm names are popular!Top 16 Boys' Stop Names Ranking


Warm and warm names are popular!Boys "Tastop Name" Ranking TOP16

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Actor Kanata Hongo is playing an active part with the same name.

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Hongo Kanata

Hongo Kanata(Hongo Kanata,1990May 11 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

MiyagiSendai cityI'm from Stardust promotionBelongs.Hiji High School,Nihon University College of ArtDepartment of Photographygraduate[2].


Since I was in kindergarten, I have been in Sendai City.Sendai SOS model agency(Current:Morado Company) ”As a kids model.afterwards,Stardust promotionBelong to.

The movie "Theatrical release in 2002"Returner』, Actor debut. In 2005, the movie "HINOKIO』, Played the first starring at the age of 14, in the same yearTBSDrama broadcast onI love you』, Played the role of Shin Nagumo, one of the rainbow-colored warriors and the main character, and became a hot topic in his cool acting.


  • It is said that the time when you feel at ease is when you are with your dog "L'ami" (from L'ami, which means friend in French).[3].
  • HobbyGunpla[Note 1],Trading Card[Note 2],Video games,survival game, Cartoon, listening to music, tennis, bass, guitar, photography, billiards, darts, etc.[4][5]..Hongo's YouTube channel introduces these hobbies and shows how they are enjoying themselves.By the way, on YouTube, Hongo himself handles not only shooting but also editing.
  • Gundam seriesA big fan of.FavoriteMobile suit TheQubeley.. In 2014, the TV anime "Gundam Build Fighters』Appeared as Julian Mackenzie.As mentioned above, he has a hobby of Gunpla and has extremely skillful production techniques.[6]..In addition, the Gunpla "V2 Gundam Imagine Full Bernian" used by Julian in the gaiden manga "Gundam Build Fighters AR" of the same work uses the production aircraft of Hongo.
  • The name "Kanata" is his real name, and when his brother was born, the doctor told him that he was a girl, and his delighted parents were thinking about the girl's name, but in reality it was a boy. Was born.However, the name I was thinking of was named "Haruka" as it was, and it seems that my parents thought "I don't mind" Haruka Kanata "(wordplay) because my brother was named" Haruka "." ".At first, it was planned to be "Sota", but it became this kanji because my grandfather said "I like" Sota "because the number of strokes is bad."[7].
  • "MOON CHILDIn the wake of the co-starring inhyde,GacktI get along with each other enough to exchange emails.Also,L'Arc ~ en ~ CielI like to listen to the songs of the song and often go to live[4].
  • He says that hyde has been a deep friendship since he was a child, as he often takes meals and photo booths with him and sometimes sleeps with him.She is also a fan of hyde and says, "I am very pleased that I have a friendship with hyde."[8].
  • He says that the most important thing when appearing in the original manga is "the viewpoint as an original fan", and even if it is a work with a strong impression of animation that values ​​the most attractive part of the character to be played. For example, he is studying the dialogue of voice actors.Hongo is proud of himself as an "actor with a high respect for the original" because of this commitment.[9].
  • With a complete e-book sectComic SeymourI love it.According to his own speech, he "lives on the basis of rational thinking."[9].
  • A big sweet tooth, he says, "Sweets are the staple food," and at the same time, "I always eat three pieces a day."He hates tomatoes and natto, and likes sweets.As for tomatoes and natto, "Eating it is" the world will be saved if you are the only one sacrificed! I'm not good enough to say, "It's the same thing that I'm in trouble with being told."[10].
  • "NANA2When I played the role of Shin inベ ーI couldn't play at all, but with this work as a trigger, the bassguitarI can now play.Furthermore, with this work as a triggerVivienne WestwoodBecome a favorite of many items[4].
  • My favorite type is a woman who has common sense, is elegant, and is smart.[11].
  • It is often mistaken for "sota" from the kanji in the name.[Source required].
  • Tatsuya KishidaIs a close friendship that Hongo meets through the graduation work of an acquaintance when he was in school[12].
  • YouTuber group ・Tokai on airIntroduced by Tatsuya Kishida, he deepened his friendship with the members. As of 2021DreamingI have acquaintance with members other thanall nighter,RyoI have stayed at my home.In particular, Tetsuya called him "Tecchan" and played a survival game with Hongo's older brother and other friends, and Hongo himself painted it in the video of Hongo's YouTube channel.Nintendo SwitchI gave a Pro controller as a gift.


■TaiziIs the star.


TV drama

WEB drama

Radio Drama

Television Animation

Theater animation



Entertainment shows


  • Gift of horse (December 2018, 12, TV TOKYO)
  • NHK Documentary "The Truth 400 Years Later: Approaching the Mystery of the Keicho Mission to Europe" (January 2018, 1, NHK) --Narration
  • NHK Documentary "Imagine There is no" boundary "there" (March 2018, 3, NHK) --Narration
  • Telementary 2020"City of Zero Victims-The Miracle of the Collapsed Osato-" (July 0,East Japan Broadcasting) - Narration[29]

Web tv


"Vietnam Noi Bai Airport" (voice actor appearance)



  • Boy actor vol.1 (June 2005,Pia)
  • "NANA2Novelize (2006,Shueishacobalt)
  • REAL ☆ G vol.1 (January 2007,SDP)
  • REAL ☆ G vol.2 (May 2007, SDP)



Photo album

  • 1st photo book "Kanata." Kanata Hongo meets JUNON (January 2009,Shufutoseikatsusha)
  • Photobook "KANATA HONGO 2016" (May 2016, 5,Pia)[32]


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