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👩‍🎓 | "Shigoto no Tobira" with the theme of career education for elementary and junior high school students

Photo "Shigoto no Tobira" with the theme of career education (cooperation: Kanazawa Fire Department, Yokohama City)

"Shigoto no Tobira" with the theme of career education for elementary and junior high school students

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In the future, it is planned to hold work experience events at local companies and events in collaboration with Gakken Kids Net's popular project "Free Study".

Aiming for regional revitalization through education and industry with the content portal site "Gakken Kids Net" for elementary and junior high school students ... → Continue reading


The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Gakken Kids Net

Gakken Kids Net(Gakken Kids Net,Gakken Kids Net) IsGakken plusMainly operated bychildrenVarious information andforum,チ ャ ッ トProviding an exchange place such asWebsite. Also,Guardian,TeacherInformation forcontentThere is also.Abbreviation isScratches.

1996, Gakken (currentlyGakken Holdings) Was established.2009Have JanuaryKizune ClubIs abolished, thenKizuneko ClubMoved to a new community site called.Due to the reorganization of Gakken in October of the same year, Gakken Kyoiku Shuppan was operated. With the merger of the three companies in October 10, it is currently operated by Gakken Plus.

This section focuses on the explanation of the community site (Kizune Club) up to March 2009.


For people under a certain age (described later)チ ャ ッ ト,forumThere are various conversations.Otherゲーム-Learning-EducationSuch ascontentThere is also a gift corner.



Gakken Kids Net was launched in April 1999.GakkenCreated by.At that time, both chat and forumCGIWas used, but later, for chat, from the one using CGIJava appletIt was changed to the one using.

On August 2004, 8, Gakken Kids Net was significantly renewed.Participatory content in chat and forumsKizune ClubIn addition, the chat Java applet was changed to the one using CGI, and the forum was improved.Until then, there was only one chat, "Nice to meet you" for beginners and "Waiwai chat" for regulars.In addition, when making this change, the administrator initially planned to have four chats, but that was changed.管理者When (Forum Master) reported in a chat, the number was reduced to two because users said that there were too many.

ThisKizune ClubWas closed in March 2009 and succeeded from April of the same year.Kizuneko ClubWas born.

Kizuneko Club (community site)

Kizuneko Club(Kizune Kokurabu) is a site that is the successor to the Kizune Club, which was launched in April 2009.

Compatibility with Kizune Club

It is treated as a community site completely different from the Kizune Club, and you cannot log in with the Kizune Club ID.The data posted by the user of Kizune Club will not be inherited and will be deleted, and it will be completely new.

Kizune Club (community site)

Kizune Club(Kizune Club) is the name of the site where chats and forums are located among the contents of Kids Net, and is a site for the community of users.

History of Kizune Club

On August 2004, 8, with the major renewal of Gakken Kids NetKizune ClubA new site called was established. The term "Kizune" was an informal abbreviation until then, but since it is so often used, it is finally used in the official website name.The contents of the forum so far have been frozen.

The Alumni Forum was set up on March 2007, 3.Only here there is no age limit and you can speak.

The forum was renewed on July 2007, 7.The contents of the forum up to that point have been maintained.

Closure of Kizune Club

Kizune Club closed as of the end of March 2009Kizuneko ClubWill be the successor.Regarding the reason for the closure, the staff only vaguely announced that it was "a developmental termination to deploy the service."

After the Kizune Club is closed, existing chats will no longer be available and you will not be able to post or browse forums.


Gakken Kids Net is a membership system and registration is free.When you become a member, an e-mail newsletter called "Kizune Club News" will be delivered irregularly.Members are given a membership number such as "jme12345", and the number of the membership number and the alphabet of the head differ depending on the time when they became members, and by looking at them, it is possible to guess to some extent which time the participants are.In front of the current jme, symbols such as cjv and pdv are given, which is also a proof of being an old user (trm (member of Torumon) and cck (member of Kids Campus) are rare).Although there is no announcement from the staff, it is estimated that the number of registered members exceeds 2006 because the membership number has exceeded jme50000 as of 5.

When you apply for membership, a document with your ID and password will be mailed to your home, so you will not be able to use it immediately after applying on the Internet.Therefore, it is difficult to register under a fictitious name.

Members who can speak in forums and chats are only under a certain age, and people over a certain age can only browse (excluding the above-mentioned alumni forum).Regarding the age limit, there are two types of age restrictions, "under 18 years old" and "under 19 years old" in the official notation of Kizune, but in reality it is operated in the form of under 2 years old.A member who has reached the age limit and is set not to be able to write on the server is called a "supporter member".Note that the age limit does not work as soon as your birthday comes, and it will be changed to non-writable at some point.Therefore, there are cases where even people over the age of 19 can write for a while. Until 19, the age limit was left to the voluntary action of the members, but now it is automatically transferred to the supporter member on the server at the end of March every year (however, 2005 was delayed to July).[2]

In addition to the members, in rare cases, several other staff members such as the forum master and "Tez" who is in charge of advice may participate in the topic, and in some cases, a character called "Aniyoyo" was born from an accidental error. The staff who sent the error mail is gaining popularity as a unique character, such as changing their handle name to "Aniyo".


Kids Net members are fixed during conversationsNicknameTo use.NormalBulletin boardIt is impossible to change the name every time you say something like.However, since it is possible to apply for changes, some users often make changes.Changes must be made at least three months apart and cannot be changed indiscriminately.

Even if you change your nickname, your membership number remains the same, so you may be aware of who and who in the past are the same person.


Until mid-2004, non-members couldn't browse the forums, but anyone could browse the chats.But it happened in JuneSasebo small 6 girl classmate murder caseDue to the influence of, it became impossible for non-members to browse chat.

Unlike, there is no limit to the usage time zone.However, there is almost no writing from 2 pm to 6 am.Also, from 8 am to 3 pm, many membersDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt's a little quiet because it's the time of day, but it's not without conversation.

チ ャ ッ ト

InitiallyCGIIn chat, it was possible to change the nickname when entering the room, unlike now.After that, the nickname was changed to use the pre-registered one.Also, by this time, there was already a "remark ranking".

laterJavaAppletChange to chat using.At the same time, the remark ranking is abolished.Java appletBy making the chat using, it became possible to make a message board and continuous remarks, but the trolls increased rapidly.The message board was later abolished due to security issues.other,MacintoshSuch asWindowsOther thanOSBecause I could not confirm the operation inJavaChat abolished. In Java chat, characters cannot be captured (copied) to the clipboard, so even if the URL was introduced, I had to type it by hand to get there.Also, in some cases, Windows could not be used due to problems with the installation of Java functions.Also, because there is no function to memorize the ID and password when entering the room, I had to enter it manually every time.

AndCGIReturn to chat.The remark ranking is also revived.CGIBecome a chatMacintoshI became able to use chat with, and after a certain period of time (it seems to be about 3 seconds), I could not make the next statement.There are two chats, one for beginners and one for interaction.Currently,CGIIt is a chat using technology.Just an old versionInternet ExplorerThere are problems such as not being able to use it.

As has been the case since the Java era, each user is free to specify the name and color of the statement.In the current chat, you can also specify the font size, and you can change them without leaving the room.In the Java chat era, there was an opinion that the user's remarks that specify the lightest lemon color could hardly be seen depending on the display, and the eyes were flickering, but the color was a little more calm from XX month XX day. Changed to a set.It is also possible to add a small face icon to the statement.This has been around since the old chat era, but it has become smaller in size since the current chat.

Chat has a ignore function (rejection function), and if you click on a specific person in the participant list, that person's remarks will not be displayed on the screen.

If you are a member, you can browse the chat without entering the room.In addition, it is not possible to enter both Hajicha and Mincha, and if one enters the other while entering the other, the other will automatically leave the room.

In addition, since the past log is deleted in dozens of lines, the remarks that you absolutely want to save must be saved by using a manual function or capture software.

Who would you like to talk to personally during a chat conversation?MSN,Yahoo OfMessengerIn some cases, the conversation is switched to using.AlsoSkypeSince the spread of Skype, the number of Skype users has increased.

Wai Wai Forum

It's a place for conversations that last longer than chat.The remarks here disappear from threads that have not remarked for a certain period of time.The number of days depends on each forum10 days to 360 daysHas been decided.

Images can be attached in the forum, and especially in the original image posting forum, it is full of self-made images.

Because it is a password systemSearch engineThe contents are not supplemented at all.

There is a popular thread ranking.Unlike the chat ranking, it has a score.The calculation standard was changed for a while.

Forum topic classification

There are several forums by topic, and there are various forums such as the following.A seasonal "Summer Vacation Free Study Anything Forum" may be set up.

The forum was renewed on July 2007, 7.Below, the items with the notation "new / abolished" are those at that time other than the alumni association forum.

  • Beginners
    • Greeting forum
    • Profile forum
    • Question forum for beginners (obsolete)
  • Topic system
    • Discussion forum
      A forum for serious discussions.
    • Anything Forum (Nanfo)
      The amount of writing is large, and it is full of various topics.
    • Forum for all elementary school students (new)
    • Anything forum for junior and senior high school students
    • News forum (new)
    • Talking Forum (new)
    • Tweet Forum (new)
    • Goodbye "Kizune Club"!Special forum (new)
      There is no age limit, and users over the age of 18 can write.
    • Forum for anything up to 4th grade (abolished)
    • Anything forum for 5th and 6th graders (abolished)
  • Hobbies
    • Narikiri Forum
    • Circle forum
    • Celebrity Love Forum
    • Manga / Anime / Game Forum
    • Sports forum
    • Future Dream Talk Forum (former Dream Talk Forum)
    • Book and movie forums
    • Music anything forum
    • Forum for everything in school life (new)
    • Alumni Forum (new)
      Since it is a forum with no age restrictions, it has a comprehensive position.
    • Pet Forum (Abolished)
    • World Cup Special Forum (Postable until 7/31, currently abolished)
  • Work system
    • Original novel posting forum
    • Original image posting forum
    • Diary / Column / Essay Forum (new)
  • Practice / support system
    • Writing practice forum
    • Question forum for staff
    • Anything Question Forum (new)

Forum style

CGIChat starts from the forumJavaAppletVersion up when it changes to.The threading method has changed, making it easier to view articles.In the first forum, one thread was text-only.The following shows what it was like.

>>> Posted by ~~. >>> Posted content / posted content / posted content / posted content / >>> Posted content / posted content / posted content / posted content / >>> >> ~~ replied. >> Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / >> Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / >> Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / >>> did. > Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content /> Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content /> Reply content / Reply content / Reply content / Reply content /

This was written with such a "feeling" based on the memory of Gakken Kids Net users, and it is unknown whether it was written as "... posted." At that time as well.

In the current thread, each statement is separated by a separator as shown below.

(1) ~~ Remark content Remark content Remark content ―――――――――――――――― (2) ~~ Remark content Remark content Remark content ――――――――――――― ―― (3) ~~ Remark content Remark content Remark content ―――――――――――――――

It is also possible for the person who wrote it to delete the remark.


There used to be a community site called Mashbase.However, due to age restrictions on scratches, quite a few users know the mash era.

Game quiz

There are the following contents.

  • Game Center Planetron
  • History quiz etc.

Learning content

There are the following contents.

  • Kids Campus Library
  • School econet
  • Kids Eikaiwa
  • Intelligence up school

Educational content

Like belowTeacher,GuardianThere is content for.

  • Special support education WEB magazine "Aiming for independence"
    Special support educationWe are dealing with the topic of."Don't write in medical records" that serializes topics in the medical field, "Intimacy that you want to know" that serializes problems in the field of consultation, "Introduction of schools and classes" that deals with distinctive schools, etc. is there.
  • Kids Campus Academy Teacher's Classroom Education Institute News
    The page is originally classified as learning content, but news in the field of education is accumulated.
  • Education Institute
  • Elementary school white paper

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  1. ^ Gakken WEB media materials
  2. ^ Staff remarks (member registration required)

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