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👶 | Impressed!A foundation that gives you glossy skin even though it's petit plastic [Experience story]


Impressed!A foundation that gives you glossy skin even though it's petit plastic [Experience story]

If you write the contents roughly
When I think about it, I used to go to see cosmetics and exchange information with my friends until my early 30s, but since I became Alafor, the topics I talked with my friends were mainly about work and family. ..

It's been a while since a woman who was a natural make-up who usually doesn't apply foundation has been trying to cover the spots that have increased in her 40s ... → Continue reading

 Baby calendar

The Baby Calendar provides daily information on topics related to pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing, infertility, and information useful for daily life that supports pregnant women, pregnant women, mothers raising children, and dads. I will. It is full of information taught by professionals in the fields of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, such as registered dietitians and midwives.

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AlasarIsJapanglishof"around thirty"(Around thirty), Around 30 years oldPeopleThat.


Born around 2006 (Heisei 18)JapanglishIn November 2005 (Heisei 17)First issue officialFemalemagazine"GISELe(GiselleSHUFUNOTOMO) Is concreteageIt is said that it started to be used to convey the age without issuingEnglishWhen telling with,around the age of 30Originally used for women, but after thatMaleIt came to be used for.

"26 to 33 years old", "28 to 32 years old", etc.DefinitionIf you take too widemeaningWhen there is noPointed outThere is also.

A word that expresses the age with which "Ara" was used

"AraThere are also the following words that use the "" part (for synonyms that use the "ara" partRelated items described laterSee also).

The following are ± 2 years old andRoundingIt is a list when.

Name± 2 years oldIn case of roundingEtymologyRemarks
Alasar28 to 32 years old25 to 34 years oldaround thirty
Alafor38 to 42 years old35 to 44 years oldaround forty
Arafif48 to 52 years old45 to 54 years oldaround fifty
Return to Ara
58 to 62 years old55 to 64 years oldaround Sixtieth birthday
98 to 102 years old95 to 104 years oldaround hundred
around One hundred years
LateSenior citizensgeneration

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