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👩‍🎓 | Ryukyu University entrance exams begin Students, wearing masks and looking nervous

Students who are given photo questions and answer sheets and are waiting for the start of the exam = 25th, Nishihara Town, Ryukyu University

Students taking entrance exams such as Ryukyu University, wearing masks and looking nervous

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At Ryukyu University in Nishihara Town, a total of 994 people volunteered for the capacity of 2981 in the previous term, and the ratio was 3.0 times.

The first half of the 2021 national and public university general entrance examination has started on the 25th.In the prefecture, Ryukyu University, Meio University, Prefectural Nursing University, ... → Continue reading

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Capacity 994

Nishihara Town

Nishihara Town(Nishiharacho) isOkinawa main islandOccupy the middle partNakagami-gun Oftown.Naha OfNortheastIt is located about 10km.


Okinawan dialectNishi is a word that means "north", and Nishihara isRyukyu KingdomWas the center ofShuriIt is derived from being located in the north of. When it was called Nishihara Magiri, the current Tomari, Ameku, Sueyoshi, and Ishimine were also included in the Magiri, which occupied a fairly wide area, but was later incorporated into Naha City, and almost in 1920. It became the area as it is now.

19445Than,Japanese armyThe construction of "Okinawa East Airfield (Onaha Airfield)" was started at the reclaimed land in the Gulf, but it was abandoned during the construction. afterwardsU.S. ArmyRequisitioned by, used as Nishihara Airfield, but later returned, nowoilIt is a refinery, a residential area, a sugar cane field, etc. Therefore, there are no US military facilities in the town. In addition, it should be notedBattle of OkinawaIt is said that half of the inhabitants have died.

Before the war, rice cultivation was the main focus, but after the war, the sugar cane industry developed, andsugar caneBecame a famous production area ofShin Chutoh SangyoThe largest in the South Central Coast owned bySugar makingThere was a factory (now dismantled and on the siteSan-A Nishihara CityIs open).

The only one in the prefecture in the townNational universityIsUniversity of the RyukyusBegan to be privateOkinawa Christian University,Okinawa Christian Junior CollegeThe three universities are located in the town, and the town is known as a "town of education."

In addition, the Nakagusuku Bay Port Marine Town Project is being implemented in the area that straddles Yonabaru Town, and new land development is underway.

There used to be a merger plan with Nishihara Town, Ginowan City, and Nakagusuku Village, and a council was established, but it became blank in 2003.


Located on the east coast of central Okinawa Island.

List of characters

  • Higashizaki (Agarisaki)
  • Amuro
Administrative districts include Nishihara Heights.
Administrative districts include prefectural Uchima housing complexes.
  • Onaga-It used to be peeled off.
Administrative districts include Sakata, Sakata Heights, and Sakata high-rise housing.
  • Onaha-A industrial park is set up facing Nakagusuku Bay.
  • Kakeboku
  • Gaja-The resident population is 3,312 (as of 2012)[Source required].
Administrative districts include Misaki.
  • Kate-Karu
  • Kanehisa
  • Kochi
Administrative districts include Kochi Heights and Kochi High-rise Housing.
  • Kobashigawa
The administrative district includes Nishiharadai housing complex.
  • Kohatsu
Administrative districts include the prefectural Nishihara housing complex and Kobazu housing complex.
  • Goya
  • Chihara (Senbaru)- 1933Separated from Tanabaru.
  • Tanabaru- 1737ToUrasoe MagiriTransferred from (currently Urasoe City).
  • Tsuhanaha
  • Momohara
  • Tokusada-Originally part of Tanabaru1932Separated into.
  • Morikawa
  • Yonashiro
Administrative districts include Hirasono.
Before the war, there were villages of Nakaiho, Iho Nohama, and Sakihara, but the land was requisitioned as the US military Nishihara airfield and the villages disappeared. Residents of these three villages moved to the site of the Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station in Gaja around 1947.

Adjacent municipalities


Population distribution by age in Nishihara Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Nishihara Town (2005)
■Purple-Nishihara Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nishihara Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


According to the "Ryukyu Kingdom Research Book" at the beginning of the 17th century, Nishihara MagiriTsukenAnd so on, it was wider than it is now.


Unusual even on a nationwide scaleSection to do immediatelyWas installed. (Until March 22, 3)

Nishihara Town Council


A company headquartered in Nishihara Town


University/Junior college

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Special school

Other educational institutions

  • OkinawaBibleSeminary
  • Okinawa Belief Bible School
  • Okinawa congregationPreacherDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular


Iron orbit

There is no railway line in Nishihara Town, and the nearest station to Honmachi is in the neighboring Urasoe City.Okinawa city monorail line OfTedako Urani Station(-Uranishi-eki).Tedako-Uranishi Station and the same line in Naha CityShuri StationYou can transfer to the local bus bound for Honmachi from (Shuri-eki). Previously,Prefectural Road 29There was a plan to extend it to Honmachi along the line, but it is gone now. There is also a plan to extend from Tedako-Uranishi Station to Honmachi.

Before the war, the carriage railroad connecting Yonabaru and Awase (Okinawa orbit) Was passing through the town. But,Battle of OkinawaIt was destroyed by, and now it is not possible to see its appearance.

Currently, we are considering the construction of the Chubu Ring Road (iron track) with the surrounding local governments.


Bus companies that mainly operate in Nishihara TownNaha busとToyo BusIs. As a starting and ending point in the townNaha Bus Nishihara Sales OfficeRyudai Parking Lot (Ryukyu University North Exit), and several routes that start and end there. Also,Naha OfNaha Bus TerminalからAwaseIt is also a stopover for routes going in the direction,National Route 329Is operating.Okinawa ExpresswayThere is also a highway bus that runs through, and there is a "Kochi" bus stop in the town.

The above Tedako-Uranishi station is within a distance that allows you to transfer from the Kochi bus stop.

For a while, there was a line called No. 102 Nishihara Futenma Line, but it was abolished when the business was transferred to Naha Bus in 2004 (this line was once the Airport Children's Country Line → Airport Futenma Line, but the last Was shortened to Nishihara and abolished).

Incidentally,2008May 9からMay 11During that time, a Nishihara-cho shared taxi / bus demonstration experiment was conducted. Unlike the demonstration experiments conducted in other cities in the prefecture (Naha City, Okinawa City, etc.), jumbo taxis were used instead of general route bus vehicles. There was also a small bus running during the morning rush hour. The route started from Nishihara Marine Park, passed through Nishihara Town Office, Kohatsu housing complex, and Ikeda district, and reached Shuri Station. Currently not in service.

In addition, Nakagusuku village community bus "Gosamaru BusIs entering the Heart Life Clinic at the Ryudai North Exit in Nishihara Town.

The operating company "Ryukyu" in the table below is Ryukyu Bus Kotsu, and "Okinawa" isOkinawa bus, "Naha" indicates Naha Bus, and "Toyo" indicates Toyo Bus. * BT = Bus Terminal

numberRoute nameOperating companyService section市町村Main stopovers in Nishihara Town
Naha City ――Nishihara Town Center ――Various places
30Awase East LineToyoNaha BT - Awase Sales OfficeNaha City-Haebaru Town-Yonabaru Town- Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa CityNishihara, Uchima (Route 329)
125Futenma Airport Line (via Nakagusuku)NahaNaha Airport - RycomNaha City-Urasoe City-Ginowan City- Nishihara Town --Nakagusuku Village --Ginowan City --Kitanakagusuku VillageUehara
333Naha Nishihara (via Sueyoshi) LineNahaNaha BT- Nishihara Sales OfficeNaha City --Urasoe City - Nishihara TownNishihara Town Office, Nishihara, Nishihara Junior High School, Kochi Entrance
346Naha Nishihara (via Toribori) LineNaha City- Nishihara TownNishihara Town Office, Nishihara, Nishihara Junior High School, Kochi
Departure and arrival at Ryukyu University
94Shuri Station Ryukyu Rapid LineNahaShuri StationIn front-Ryukyu parking lotNaha City- Nishihara Town--Nakagusuku Village - Nishihara TownTanabaru, Ryukyu University Hospital, Ryukyu Parking Lot
97Ryudai (Shuri) LineNaha BT-Ryudai North ExitNaha City --Urasoe City - Nishihara Town--Nakagusuku Village --Ginowan City - Nishihara TownTanabaru, Ryukyu University Hospital, Uehara, Ryukyu Parking Lot
98Ryudai (bypass) lineRyukyuRoad Station Toyosaki-Ryukyu Parking LotTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City --Ginowan City - Nishihara TownRyudai parking lot
Via Okinawa Expressway
111Express BusRyukyu
Naha Airport- Nago BTNaha City-Haebaru Town- Nishihara Town--Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Kin Town --Ginoza Village --Nago CityKochi
117Highway bus (direct to Churaumi)Ryukyu
Naha Airport-Hotel Orion MotobuNaha City-Haebaru Town- Nishihara Town--Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City --Nago City --Motobu Town
113Gushigawa Airport LineRyukyuNaha Airport- Gushigawa BTNaha City-Haebaru Town- Nishihara Town--Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village --Okinawa City --Uruma City
123Ishikawa Airport LineNaha Airport-Higashiyama Parking Lot
127Yakena (Highway) LineOkinawaAsahimachi- Yakena BT
152AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom (high speed) lineRyukyuNaha Airport-RycomNaha City-Haebaru Town- Nishihara Town--Ginowan City --Nakagusuku Village --Kitanakagusuku Village
233Nishihara Tedako LineNahaTedako Uranishi Station-Nishihara Sales OfficeUrasoe City- Nishihara TownNishihara Town Office, Nishihara, Nishihara Junior High School
256Urasoe Tedako LineRyukyuIn front of Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach-Tedako-Uranishi StationTomigusuku City --Naha City --Urasoe City - Nishihara Town --Urasoe CityTokusada entrance
Kuba Ryudai LineHiga Dermatology-In front of Chubu Commercial High SchoolIt is a Nakagusuku village community bus and basically operates only in Nakagusuku village. There are also stops in Nishihara Town and Ginowan City.Ryudai north exit
Ishu circuit line
Kuba roundabout
Yoshinoura Hall (starting and ending points)Ryudai North Exit, Heart Life Clinic


(Nishihara InterchangeUrasoe City, which is adjacent to the town, not in the townNishiharaIt is in. ConnectingNational Route 330Nishihara BypassDoes not pass through the town, but passes through Nishihara, Urasoe City)


Zip Code

The Nishihara Post Office used to handle the mail in the town, but20069Has more jurisdiction over Urasoe CityUrasoe Post OfficeBecame in charge.Zip CodeIs as follows.

  • Urasoe Post Office: 903-01xx (general), 903-02xx (for large businesses)
post office
  • Nishihara Gaja Post Office
  • Nishihara Sakata Post Office
  • Nishihara Post Office
  • Simple post office in the University of the Ryukyus Hospital


The Eastern Fire Department in Haebaru Town has jurisdiction over the three towns of Nishihara Town, Haebaru Town, and Yonabaru Town. The Nishihara branch office of the Eastern Fire Department (Onaga 3) is set up in Nishihara Town.


Located in UrasoeUrasoe Police StationHas jurisdiction. In addition, there are two police boxes in the town.

  • Onaha police box (Kadekaru, Nishihara Town)
  • Sakata police box (Nishihara Town Tanabaru)

Main river

River image

Sights and historic sites

Native celebrity

外部 リンク


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