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💳 | Origin Toshu expands code payment (barcode) service from March 3st


Origin Toshu expands code payment (barcode) service from March 3st

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As a result, "Kitchen Origin", "Origin Bento", "Renge Shokudo Toshu", and "Chinese Toshu" can be used with smooth code payment.

Bento and side dish specialty store "Kitchen Origin" "Origin Bento", Chinese restaurant "Renge Shokudo Toshu" "Chinese Toshu" ... → Continue reading

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The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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QR/Bar code payment

QR code/bar code payment(QR code/bar code)QR code,barcodeUsedElectronic paymentsystem. Without distinguishing the type of code, simplyCode paymentAlso called[Annotation 1].

SmartphoneIs a type of payment system that usesSmartphone paymentIs also called[Annotation 2].


Dedicated QR code at the cash register (Two-dimensional code) Is read by the smartphone camera and paid, or the QR code or barcode is displayed on the smartphone application and the store sideBarcode readerIt is to read with a camera or a camera and pay.

The biggest feature of the store side is that the cost of the system can be suppressed, and on the consumer side, it is easy to pay with just one smartphone that "carries on a daily basis".

First of all in the 2000sChugokuExplosively popular on the mainland[1]After that, it is spreading to each country.

As a form of electronic payment,Credit cardWait(debit card, International brandsprepaid cardIncluding part of. The same applies hereinafter) and triggers the payment of the card (electronic conversion of the payment method), server type for code payment itself.Electronic moneySome include (electronic conversion of payment means) and some have both functions. Regarding the latter, there are prepaid type that requires pre-charging and postpay type (or both) that is billed collectively at a later date. What can be exchanged (money transfer function), and even the charge balance for code settlementContactless paymentYou can share with your balance.


The first code payment known to date isCryptocurrency OfBitcoinTo use2012Due to a mobile application released in[2].

In ChinaWeChatDeploy communication apps such asTencentIt is,2014Developed a QR code payment service called WeChat Pay in China and gained the highest market share in China after Alipay.[3].

In Japan, PayPay returned 20% of its accounting and launched a campaign offering a total of 100 billion yen.[4][Needs verification].

As a common standard in Japan in 2019JPQRHas been proposed by major providers from August of the same year for a part of the standard.


Depending on the procedure at the time of payment, it can be divided into the following two methods.

User scan method
Store presentation type(Merchant-Presented Mode,MPM) Is also called[5].
The customer reads the QR code presented by the store, inputs the accounting amount, confirms the clerk, and presses the confirmation button, etc. to complete the settlement. Basically, only the information of the store (payee) is embedded in the QR code, but in the case of the QR code in which the amount information is embedded, it is not necessary to enter the amount.[6].
Basically, it can be installed simply by installing a QR code printed on paper (or displaying the QR code on a smartphone/PC/tablet terminal on the store side), so the installation cost at the store side is low.
Store scan method
User presentation type(Consumer-Presented Mode,CPM) Is also called[5].
The customer operates the smartphone to start the dedicated application, and the QR code/bar code (hereinafter collectively referred to as "QR code, etc.") displayed in the application is read by the store with a code reader.[6].
The payment speed on the store side is relatively fast, but it worked with the code payment system.POS cash registerHigh system cost due to system requirements (compatible optical reader or tablet scanner).

In addition, there are the following three payment methods on the user side.[6].

Advance charge
Set the balance in advance on the application side and make payment within the range of the balance.
The following are examples of charging methods for chargeable code settlement.
  • Charges from linked financial institution accounts
  • Charge from registered credit card etc.
  • Financial institution orConvenience storeIn storeTMJCharge with cash etc.
  • Convenience storecash registerCharge with cash, etc.
Instant payment
Simultaneously with the payment procedure, the credit card or bank account set in advance will be debited.
Deferred payment
Billing for the payment at a later date (similar to credit card payment).
Payment system supplements
Some providers can issue NFC (Type-A/B), FeliCa (Type-F), international brand prepaid cards, etc., and pay the charge balance for code payment on other payment platforms.


Installation cost
Credit reference terminalSince there is no need to install machinery such as, and the user scan method can be installed simply by installing a QR code printed on paper, the introduction cost of member stores tends to be lower than that of credit cards etc.[7].Credit card,Electronic moneyThe introduction hurdles are low even in small and medium-sized stores where it is difficult to introduce[1].
Understanding detailed customer information and sales promotion
In the case of the store scan method, the store side can grasp in detail the "which customer purchased which product" by adding the customer information to the bar code in the application, so compared to payment by cash etc. It becomes easier for stores to grasp trends in top-selling products and grasp trends of customers.[8].. In addition, it is possible to encourage customers to visit the store by utilizing the function of notifying store information on the application screen. It has been said that these are difficult to realize with conventional credit cards and IC card type electronic money.[9].
"Unified technical specification guidelines for code payment" ("JPQR)), the QR code etc. displayed on the terminal side isone timeSpecifications are required, and the issued bar code is designed so that payment can be made only once within a limited short time. The bar code is forcibly updated after a certain period of time or reload. Moreover, most payment services use SSL to encrypt communications. In addition, it is possible to use the functions of fingerprint authentication and PIN lock on the smartphone itself, or to stop using it through the call center in case of loss.[10].. Also, due to the specifications, payment is not possible unless the smartphone is unlocked, so it is considered safer than magnetic cards, which have the possibility of skimming, and credit cards, which have the risk of stealing the card information itself.[1][8][Annotation 3].
Low hardware dependency
Chips such as FeliCa and NFC used for contactless payment are not required. Basically, the code payment application works, and it only needs to have a camera that can read QR codes, etc. and a display that can display barcodes on the screen, so it can work on many terminals.[Annotation 4][Annotation 2].. Also, if the store side uses the user scan method, no special hardware is required such as cash register repairs or equipment additions.
Reduction of money transfer and management operation costs
Since no cash is needed, there is no need to carry a separate wallet from the customer's perspective. Therefore, it is hygienic and no change is required. No loss due to change[11].
In addition, compared to cash settlement, the store side can reduce the occurrence of change and the clerical work required for checking, exchanging cash including change, transportation, safe management, and cash register closing.[8]In addition, compared to credit card payment,accounts receivableEarly payment[Annotation 5].
Household management
Since the usage history remains on the application side, you can easily understand where and how much you used it even without a receipt[11].
Stacking points
It is possible to charge with a credit card, etc. for many code payments, and it is possible in many cases to overlap the "code payment points" and the "credit card points". Furthermore, as part of the campaign,Point CardIn some cases, it is possible to take more than three times by simultaneously presenting[11].
Cooperation with other companies' services (made into a super application)
Some large companies can use various services (mini-appli) linked to the base payment function. Such a form is called a "super app", and typical ones include "Alipay" and "WeChat".[13].. As a merit of super apps, services that were separated separately can be combined into a single app, so you can save the trouble of registering member information and switching apps for each service, and have a consistent user experience. Is possible[14][15].
Examples include the ability to send money between individuals and the “split split” function between users.[11], Utility bill payment[Annotation 6]Withdrawal in local currency at domestic and foreign ATMs[Annotation 7], Taxi dispatch service[Annotation 8], Loan, insurance[Annotation 9], Investment, credit scoring[Annotation 10]Reservations for airlines, air tickets, trains, buses, hotels, hospitals, etc.[Annotation 11], Share cycle, delivery order[Annotation 12]Track and prevent large-scale infections[Annotation 13]A wide range of services are provided by each code payment operator.
Alipay and WeChat in China have been around since 2019.2019 New CoronavirusIn order to prevent the spread of infection, a function that links the behavior history and health status of the user with the application and tracks the contact history with the infected person in the vicinity and the place where the infected person visited in the past is also implemented. For activity history and body temperature check, it is obligatory to scan the "health QR code" when entering/leaving residential areas, restaurants, subways, route buses, and public places. The color of the health QR code categorizes the degree of danger, and depending on the color status, it may be banned or quarantined. Developed to track the transmission route of infectious diseases and prevent their spread[16][17][18][19][20].


Concerns during power outages and failures
Due to the communication and operation of the customer's smartphone and the payment system via the Internet, large scale due to disaster, emergency or large scale failurepower failureOr (Moving body)carrierMay become unavailable if communication failure occurs in[Annotation 14](The above is online paymentElectronic moneyBut the same). Also, the smartphone cannot be used even if it runs out of battery, malfunctions, or temporary malfunction.[11].
Concerns outside the radio range
As with the above, the smartphone cannot be used outside the radio range. It would be exceptional if alternative methods such as public Wi-Fi or tethering could be used, but even if it could be used, the line switching operation would be complicated.[21].. Care must be taken in places where there is a possibility that radio waves may be difficult to connect to, such as underground or inside buildings.
Operation cost on the customer side
Compared to IC contactless payment, which requires only holding it over the store terminal, even with the store scan method, it is necessary to go through several steps of opening the application, displaying the code, and then reading (reading) the code. In the case of user scan, you have to open the app, read the QR code on the store side, enter the payment amount, execute the payment, and have the shop confirm it.[1].
Number of available stores
In countries and regions with low penetration rates, and depending on the type of payment service (see also "Discount of payment services (Japan)" below), there are tend to be few stores that can be used.[11].
Security concerns
As a case of fraud, a case of fraud where the QR code on the store side was replaced by someone and the subsequent QR code settlement was transferred to the criminal's account[22], A case where a third party steals the image such as QR code on the smartphone that the customer tried to present at the cashier by some method and fraudulently settles with the settlement smartphone[23]In China, a QR code is printed on a parking ticket and payment of the offense is completed by code settlement, but it is a case of pasting it on another person's car and paying it to another person[23]and so on.
Random settlement service (Japan)
In Japan from around 2018,Cashless societyA number of companies are deploying code payment services to promote the spread (2019 companies as of April 4, 1). Disruption of payment services complicates usage at each store, which tends to cause confusion among users and member stores.[24][25].
Charged balance issues
PrepaidElectronic moneyAlso, as with prepaid cards, the balance is not covered by deposit insurance and if the service company goes bankrupt.Fund settlement lawThere may be a refund from the deposit under Compensation for loss due to theft, loss, or unauthorized use varies by service and business. Basically, the charge balance cannot be converted into currency[Annotation 15].
Exclusion of foreigners
Since many QR / barcode payment services are premised on the use of domestic residents, foreigners may have to use other payment methods.[26]..In addition, China's Alipay and WeChat Pay support international credit cards for foreign travelers, PayPay cooperates with China's Alipay, etc.InboundThere are also movements that correspond to usage.

Major service provider

Unless otherwise specified, the service is only available in that country.


List of major payment providers (various figures are as of January 2020, 1)[6][27][28][29]
Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
LINE PayLINE Pay3,690 million people171 locations*1, *4Advance chargeWeChat PayPartner with
Providing services in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan
Scheduled to be integrated with PayPay in April 2022 (excluding Japan)
(Softbank Group)
2,300 million people185 million storesPre-charge/post-pay togetherAlipayPartner with
Parent company Yahoo merges with LINE
d paymentNTT DoCoMo2,000 million people131 million stores※ 3Pre-charge/post-pay together
au PAYKDDI600 million100 million※ 1Pre-charge/post-pay together
MerpayMercari500 million people175 million stores※ 3Pre-charge/post-pay togetherAcquired Origami
Rakuten PayRakuten Paymentprivate300 million*2, *5Pre-charge/post-pay together
  • The number of members and the number of available stores are the figures most recently announced by each company in January 2020.
  • Of the number of available stores, *1 is not the number of stores, but the number of payment terminals. *2: The number of payment terminals and the number of stores are mixed. *3 includes iD member stores. *4 includes QUICPay member stores. *5Rakuten reward cardとRakuten EdyIncluding member stores of.

Financial institution services

Bank Pay (GMO Payment Gateway)system
Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
Yucho PayJapan Post BankUnknownUnknown
Hama PayYokohama BankUnknownUnknownInstant payment
YOKA! PayFukuoka Bank
Kumamoto Bank
Shinwa Bank
UnknownUnknownInstant paymentFukuoka FGsystem
Hokuhoku PayHokkaido Bank
Hokuriku Bank
UnknownUnknownInstant paymentHokuhoku FGsystem
Koi PayHiroshima BankUnknownUnknownInstant payment
OKI PayOkinawa BankUnknownUnknown
Business type PaySumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationUnknownUnknownPayment service for businesses[30]
Other financial institutions
Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
J-Coin PayMizuho Bank[Annotation 16]UnknownUnknownAdvance charge
BankPayJapan Electronic Payment Promotion Organization[Annotation 17]UnknownUnknownJ-DebitSystem platform[32]
Resona walletResona Bank
Saitama Resona Bank
Pre-charge/immediate payment/post-pay togetherResona HDsystem
Plan to enter with bank Pay in the future[33]
Pay DonKagoshima BankUnknown177[34]Pre-charge/immediate payment combinedUnique platform that does not cooperate with other financial institutions
& PayMT CorporationUnknown400 and over[35]Instant paymentJoyo Bank-Yamanashi Central BankPartner with
PayBBilling systemUnknown5,511[36]Instant paymentSpecializing in payment slip settlement
Providing different apps for each supported financial institution
Money tapMoney tapUnknownUnknownInstant paymentSBI Holdingssystem

Items that are provided assuming payment at the event venue or payment between individuals

Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
(Metaps(Under umbrella)
UnknownUnknownAdvance chargeFamima Digital One, Mizuho Bank also participated in capital
Sma-sh payRussellUnknownUnknown

What is offered as a digital local currency

MoneyEasy () system
Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
Sarubobo coinHida Credit Union9,0001,200[37]
Aqua coinKimitsu Credit Union
Setagaya PaySetagaya Ward Shopping District Promotion Association[38]

What is offered as a house card

House cardsystem
Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
FamiPayFamima Digital OneUnknown17,000
T moneyT point Japan, T pointUnknownUnknown
Konan PayKonan TradingUnknown356[39]Advance charge
CooPayCoop Tohoku Sunnet Business UnionUnknownUnknown


Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
QUO Card PayQuo CardUnknownUnknownAdvance chargegift card
EPOS PayEpos CardUnknown71[40][41]
PAY IDPAY Co., Ltd.UnknownOver 70 stores[42]Instant payment
atoneNet protectionsUnknownUnknownDeferred payment
WILLERS appWILLERUnknownUnknownInstant payment[43]Operation started on February 2020, 2[Annotation 18]

Terminated service

Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
7paySeven Pay150 million people[44]21,000[45]Pre-charge/immediate payment combinedEnd of service on September 2019, 9
Origami PayOrigamiUnknown19 million storesImmediate payment/postpay togetherPayment service will end on April 2020, 4[46][47]
pixiv PAYpixivUnknownUnknownPayment service will end on April 2020, 12[48]

The United States of America

Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
(English edition)VisaUnknownUnknown
Masterpass QRmaster CardUnknownUnknown
Amazon PayAmazon.comUnknownUnknownAlso available in Japan


Service nameproviderNumber of usersNumber of member storesAvailable
Number of countries
AlipayAlibaba10 billionUnknown36 countries[49][50][Annotation 19][51][Annotation 20]
WeChat PayTencent10 billionUnknown20 countries[52][53][Annotation 21][54][Annotation 22]

Hong Kong

Service nameproviderNumber of usersNumber of member storesRemarks
AlipayHKAlipay Hong Kong200 millionUnknown[Annotation 23][55][Annotation 24]

South Korea

Service nameproviderNumber of usersNumber of member storesRemarks
Naver PayNeighbor2,300 millionUnknown[Annotation 25][56][Annotation 26]
KakaoPayCacao3,000 million*[Annotation 27]19 million[Annotation 28][57][Annotation 29]


Service nameproviderMembershipAvailable
Number of stores
Payment methodRemarks
Bharat QRBharatQR (India)UnknownUnknown
EasypaisaTelenor Pakistan (Pakistan)UnknownUnknown
NETS PayNETS (Singapore)UnknownUnknown
GrabPayGrab (Singapore)UnknownUnknown
zero PayKFTC (Korea)UnknownUnknown
Taiwan PayFISC (Taiwan)UnknownUnknown
JKOPAYJKOS Network (Taiwan)UnknownUnknown


Service nameproviderRemarks
Bitcoin WalletBitcoin Wallet developers
bitfly isbitfly is

Code payments used in smart stores

Unlike the payment-only application that only makes payments as described above, this is an application that integrates the functions of "cash register" into "payment".

A cashier application dedicated to smart stores that completes payments simply by scanning product barcodes one after another to dynamically generate subtotals and holding the QR code over the store terminal.

As an advantage, shopping (selection of products) and cash register (barcode reading operation) can be performed simultaneously,SmartphoneSince you can dynamically generate subtotals by itself, you can omit the step of passing the cash register at the end. This eliminates the need to line up at the cash register, alleviating congestion at the cash register and reducing the burden on store staff.

  • Shop & Go-Teraoka Seiko Group
  • trial -Trial Company
  • Lawson smartphone pay - Lawson
  • Amazon Go - Amazon.com *When entering, hold the Amazon QR app member QR code over the reader. The system for automatically subtotaling with an AI sensor eliminates the step of reading the product barcode.


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