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👶 | Hands are rough with antiseptic solution for drying and corona measures!How to improve my rough hands [Experience story]


Rough hands with antiseptic solution for drying and corona measures!How to improve my rough hands [Experience story]

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What's more, this hand cream did not dissolve in water and made the hands sticky, and I was able to finish the water work while keeping the moist and smooth feel.

Even though my hands tend to get rough in winter, my hands are in an emergency this year due to the corona damage!Hand cream that is OK for water work ... → Continue reading

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Cream (basic cosmetics)

creamWhat is (cream)皮膚Protect and moisturizecurdStateBasic cosmeticsIs.According to the Japanese standard product classification, cosmetic creams are roughly divided into three categories: massage / cold cream, moisture cream, and other creams.[1].

Mineral oil (mineral oil),Vaseline,olive oilWith oil such asWed, Mix itemulsifier,Moisturizer,Preservative,spicesIs the basic ingredient.Also called complaints and skin foodsLotionOrEmulsionUse at the end of skin care, such as after.In a broad sense, for hairHair creamIs also included.

in JapanDrug machine methodIf it contains the active ingredient determined in, the efficacy can be displayed within the limited range of expressions that do not violate such as "cure".[2].

Cream type

Cold cream
Face wash, makeup remover,MassageAn oily cream used for such purposes.For more informationCold creamSee.
Nourishing cream
A medium-oil cream used for skin protection and makeup base.This is usually the cream included in the basic cosmetics lineup.
Vanishing cream
A weak oily cream with low or no oil content used for skin protection, makeup base, after shaving, etc.stearic acidIs the main component and has a refreshing feel.
Night cream
Cream to use at night and before bedtime.The ingredients are the same as or more oily than nourishing cream.
Eye cream
A cream used to prevent wrinkles and sagging of the eyes.Since the skin around the eyes is sensitive, many prescriptions are less irritating.
Hand cream
A cream that prevents rough hands and makes them smooth.A refreshing finish is preferred so that it does not interfere with housework or work after use.
Lip cream / chap stick
Prevents rough lips,LipstickA cream that improves the stickiness.Vaseline,パ ラ フ ィ ンMix and finish hard and put in many tubular containers.For more informationLip balmSee.
Shaving cream / shave cream
A cream used when shaving.beardAfter rubbing inrazorShave with.Razor lossTo preventAnti-inflammatory agent,SuppurationAdd a stop.As one of the usages other than the intended usePie throwingIs used as a substitute for cream.
body cream
Creams used for other than face, other than moisturizingperfumeCan also be used instead of.Body LotionKind of.


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