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A campaign rumored to win "Asahi The Rich" with a fairly high probability.Until today 28th at Seven!hurry up!

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It is also recommended to add tomato juice to make it "red eye" and drink it.

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tomato juice

tomato juice(British: tomato juice) IsTomatoSqueezed and squeezedjuiceIs[1].


Japanese Agricultural Standard In (JAS), "Tomatoes are crushed and squeezed or brewed to remove skins, seeds, etc., or salt is added to them" or "concentrated tomatoes (things other than salt are not added (Restricted to) and that is returned to the squeezed state by diluting it or adding salt to it."

It is basic and common to drink as it is. Especially in the USbreakfastThe way of drinking and drinking has become popular. Used as a handy,Stewed foodIt is also used as a material for. OtherCocktailsThere is also a usage as a material of (Bloody MaryAnd drinks mixed with beerRed eyeSuch).


The United States was the first in the world to succeed in commercializing tomato juiceLibby, McNeill & Libby At Libby-McNeil & Libby1923It was. However, the tomato juice at this time was brown in color and was not accepted by consumers. In 1929, the company developed a method for compressing tomato juice, and when bright red tomato juice was released, it was accepted by consumers,breakfastIt became popular in American households as a drink of time.


in Japan1933To Aichi tomato (laterKagome) First released tomato juice. The first domestically produced tomato juice was sweetened with sugar so that people who did not know tomato juice could drink it. However, it is not popular in Japan,1941Due to the war, production was discontinued.

Shortly after World War II, tomato juice was incorporated into school meals as a US release.1949When Aichi Tomato restarts production in Japan, coupled with the spread of Western-style food culture in JapanCapital AreaTomato juice gradually spread, mainly inNagano tomato,Squid resourcesJapanese manufacturers such as these have launched tomato juice one after another. further1963ToDel Monte KikkomanAnd entered the Japanese market in partnership.

The shipping volume of tomato juice in Japan is 190g can x 24 bottles in 1 case conversion1951It was 5000 cases a year,1964Has reached 120 million cases per year. Inside the tomato juice cantinHowever, when the poisoning incident occurred in 1969 and consumption fell temporarily, demand immediately recovered.

However, as the current situation in Japan,Vegetable juiceAmong them, sales are declining mainly due to the spread of mixed vegetable/fruit juice, which emphasizes ease of drinking.

Classification and composition

Generally as a seasoningsaltIs used and whether or not it contains salt, "salt" (salted) and "unsalted" (salt)Additive-free).

LycopeneContains a lot of (lycopene).Fiber qualityIt's a little thick forネ ク タ ーNot so much.

Tomato juice is an important ingredient in maintaining vital activitypotassiumThe tomato juice sold in Japan contains about 100 mg per 250 g. Potassium isSaltIngested too much into the bodysodiumHas the effect of being discharged out of the body.

Also, considering that the amount of sodium contained in tomato juice is about half that of potassium even if it contains salt compared to the content of potassium, considering that the same amount of sodium as potassium is discharged due to sweat or urine, You don't have to stick to unsalted tomato juice.

The recommended amount of potassium intake isMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japanese dietary intake standard 2005 versionAccording to the above, the daily dose for an adult is about 1 mg, and from the viewpoint of lifestyle-related disease prevention, the desirable intake from the viewpoint of lifestyle-related disease prevention in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Japanese Diet Intake Standards” in April 2000 was 2005 mg/ It is a day and it is a mineral that we would like to ingest positively, but if there is a potassium limitation due to renal function deterioration etc., the daily recommended amount may be limited to 4 mg or less.


Tomato juice.JPG

Looking at the worldDel Monte,Campbell, Etc. are produced in large quantities. Japanese manufacturersKagomeIs a long-established store and, as mentioned above,Del MonteThe brand has a long history of manufacturing and sales. OtherNagano tomato,Kirin Beverage[2]Well as. In recent years, all over Japan,OrganicA small amount of tomato juice with added value has been shipped, such as the use of tomatoes by.

Other than 100% fruit juice

Generally, 100% fruit juice products are used, but aiming at ease of drinking,1976ToJapan Coca-ColaHas released Hi-C tomato, a 70% fruit juice tomato drink that is easier to drink, targeting those who have never used tomato juice. This is not accepted by consumers,1983Has withdrawn from the tomato juice market,sugarI have a habit of hanging and eating South KoreaSuch tomato juice has been established in the world. Still in JapanAsahi BeverageManufactures tomato juice sweetened with 90% fruit juice.

A song about tomato juice


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Red eye

Red eye What is (Red Eye)?beerBase ofCocktails.PilsnerStyleTo beertomato juiceWith the addition ofredCocktail.Often served in a slightly larger elongated glass[2]..SlicedLemonMay be attached.Alcohol degreeIt is said that it is easy to drink even for people who are not good at beer because it is low and the bitterness of beer is suppressed.to thisvodkaIs added.

2012 years,Asahi beer KagomeJointly developed with Asahi Red Eye and commercialized as "Asahi Red Eye"[3].


What is commonly said about the origin of the name ishangoverThe theory is that people with red eyes liked to drink it (Hair of the dogSomething like. )[4].
Not well known until the 1970sJunnosuke Yoshiyuki TheGinzaI was drinking tomato juice at the bar, but I was advised to drink a mixture of beer and tomato juice with a recipe of 4: 6 ratio because it would be boring with non-alcoholic drinks.MenstruationbeerI was drinkingHiroyuki AgawaIs writing[5].
There is also a theory that the name comes from the fact that the egg yolk can be seen from the bottom of the glass and looks like red eyes, originally a cocktail that inserts raw eggs.Tom cruiseThe movie "CocktailsIn the play, the bar master (Douglas) poured beer and tomato juice into the beer mug before the store opened, and thenTabasco,pepper,Worcestershire sauceThere is a scene in which "raw egg" is inserted into the place where it is stirred and "it's a bartender's breakfast" and presented to Tom Cruise.This is a cocktail that you drink when you have a hangover and have no appetite, and it is easy to drink even if you feel sick due to the stimulation of spices.

Standard recipe

  • Beer-1/2
  • Tomato juice-1/2
  • celery

If you like, add salt, pepper and tabasco, or squeeze a small amount of lemon.


  1. Pour the tomato juice into the glass first.
  2. Pour beer and lightlySteerTo do.
  3. muddlerServe with celery instead.


Please note that in English, multiple drinks have the same name "REDEYE".For more informationredeyeSee.


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