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🎁 | Let's play at Osaka International (Itami) Airport!"Spring Campaign" where parking lot is free for 3 hours is underway March 3th to 8st

Photo Source: Living Hokusetsu Web

Let's play at Osaka International (Itami) Airport!"Spring Campaign" where parking lot is free for 3 hours is underway March 3th to 8st

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On the departure / arrival floor (general area before security inspection), 551 Horai (Chinese restaurant / south terminal), Ueshima coffee shop (cafe / north terminal), various countries (confectionery, food / airport first / Kansai first / north) A terminal) has also appeared, and there are more shops that you can enjoy without having to board an airplane.

At Osaka International (Itami) Airport, parking fee will be free for 2021 hours from March 3th (Monday) to 8st (Wednesday), 31 ... → Continue reading

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Local / outing information site in Toyonaka, Suita, Ikeda, Minoh, Takatsuki, Ibaraki area

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UCC Coffee UCC

UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.(UCC Ueshima Coffee,British: UCC UESHIMA COFFEE CO., LTD.) IsHyogoKobe CityChuo-kuHeadquartered incoffeeBeverage and food manufacturers centered on.Midori-kaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[4].

The corporate message is “Good Coffee Smile”.


Ueshima Shoten (currentUesima Coffee Foods, Founded by Harutada Ueshima)Tadao Ueshima(Ueshima Tadashi,1910May 10 - 1993May 10)But1933Founded as a private store in (Showa 8).Almost even nowFamily businessIs.Of the nameUCCIs derived from the acronym "Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.".Not to mention regular coffee beans,1969(Showa 44) with the world's first milkCanned coffee, "UCC Coffee with Milk" (currently "UCC Milk Coffee", also known as "UCC Original") is also known for its release.

We have our own coffee plantation,1981(Showa 56)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euでBlue mountainOpened a farm.1989In (XNUMX)The United States of AmericaHawaiiIsland of HawaiiでKona coffee OfPlantationWas opened.Other1995In (7)IndonesiaSumatraでMandelinFarm has been opened.The company is the first directly managed farm of Blue Mountain Coffee.

Founded by his brother Harutada Ueshima, also headquartered in Chuo-ku, KobeUesima Coffee FoodsThe relationship with (U.COFFEE) has been largely irrelevant for many years, but in 2018 it acquired all of its issued shares and put them under its umbrella.Also,HokkaidoWidely deployed inSapporo Uesima Coffee(Ueshima Ueshima) was also under the umbrella in 2008.others,TokyoMeguroIs headquartered inUesima coffeeIs also a wholly owned subsidiary.In addition, it should be notedOsakaSakai City OfUeshima Coffee Trading(Commonly known as Mac Coffee) is not a group company, but its origin is Ueshima Shoten as well as our company (founded by Masaru Ueshima, brother of Tadao Ueshima, but has no capital relationship with our company).

Tokyo Disney Resort(Tokyo Disneyland-Tokyo Disney Sea)・Universal Studios Japan-Kurashiki Tivoli Park(Closed in 2008)Huis Ten Bosch-Takarazuka RevueOfficial sponsor of.

2010(22)May 4WithHolding companyShifted to the system and changed the company nameUCC Holdings(Registration is UCC instead of UCC), the business division is divided into the newly established UCC Ueshima Coffee,Shady, Ucy Sea Foods,Uni CafeAnd so on.

2012(24)May 3, All shares of ShaddyNissen HoldingsBecame the largest shareholder of Nissen Holdings through a third-party allocation of new shares[5].

2019(First year of Reiwa)May 11, About the three color patterns of brown (25%), white (30%), and red (45%) used in UCC milk coffee cansTrademarks for colorAsPatent OfficeReceived registration from.First registration in the food industry[6].

Main product

Limited merchandise

Canned coffee sells premium sugar-free coffee for a limited time on an irregular basis (mainly from winter to early spring).Initially, it was made as an attempt to get rid of deflation, and then sold mainly to men who got tired of "ordinary black canned coffee".The price is 10 to 30 yen higher, and the content is small. In 2010, a blended coffee containing unsweetened espresso, unsweetened, and fine sugar milk, which is rare for canned coffee, "" (formerly:UCC Cafe Bruno, sugar-free) Etc. are also on sale. November 2010 Launched raw chocolate coffee for a limited time.


Popular products from the old days are the main products, but the "BARISTA" series, "Blue mountain, "Coffee of craftsmen" series, "Coffee specialty coffee shop" and other new series are increasing.These are from cansPaper carton,PET bottlesIs the mainstream.

  • UCC milk coffee
  • UCC BARISTA caramel latte
  • UCC BARISTA rich cafe latte
  • Specialty coffee from a coffee shop
  • Craftsman's coffee (bottle coffee, all "coffee drink" standard)
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Blue Mountain Blend
  • UCC blended coffee
  • Full throttle (with coffee)soda drink)

Private brand products

  • Seven Premium Series- Seven & i HoldingsJointly developed product with[7].
  • Lawson Select-The manufacturer of instant coffee is UCC Ueshima Coffee.
  • FamilyMart Collection-Manufacturer of 900ml (deep roasted coffee) bottled coffee for chilled products.
  • TOPVALU Best Price --Regular coffee manufacturer.

Related company

  • Okinawa UCC Coffee Co., Ltd.- OkinawaUrasoe City.
  • Japan Personnel Center Co., Ltd.-Chuo-ku, Kobe.
  • JapanHills coffeeCo., Ltd.-Chuo-ku, Kobe.
  • Homer Corporation- ShigaHigashiomi City.
  • UCC Foods Co., Ltd. --Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • Tamon Foods Co., Ltd.-Chuo-ku, Kobe.
  • Unicafe Inc. --Minato-ku, Tokyo.
  • Sapporo Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd. - SapporoAtsubetsu Ward.
  • Ucy Seafood Service Systems Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Kobe) --- Based on retro-modern, with the meaning of reviewing the "Japanese unique coffee culture" that once existed in a way that opposes the "cafe culture" originating in Europe and the United States. Coffee shop "Ueshima CoffeeIs open in stores in the Kanto and Kansai regions.
  • Lucky Eye Cremas Co., Ltd.-Kobe CityHigashinada Ward.
  • Yucot Infotechno Co., Ltd.-Chuo-ku, Kobe. With UCC HoldingsFujitsuInformation processing service industry jointly funded by.
  • UCC Capital Co., Ltd.

Related companies in the past

  • Shady - 2012In 4 monthNissenI joined the group.
  • More tightly small amount short-term insurance (currently:Rakuten small amount short-term insurance) --Former Shaddy subsidiary.It became a direct subsidiary due to Shaddy's withdrawal from the group,2014In November, all shares were transferred to Cass Capital Group.
  • Coffee houseCo., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)- 2009In October, it became a subsidiary through a joint venture with Ucy Seafood Service Co., Ltd.2018Separated in May.

Corporate museum

Vending machine business

In the past, we developed the world's first canned coffee "UCC Milk Coffee" ("UCC Original"), not only in our main business of regular coffee, but also in the vending machine business.1980 eraPerformance was also good until the latter half of the year.However1990 eraWhen you enterSuntoryBut"BOSSThe branding competition for canned coffee intensified with the introduction of the product.In addition, as vending machines have more choices such as canned tea, canned Japanese tea, and carbonated drinks, including canned coffee, customers have flowed to beverages other than coffee beverages.

UCC was a starter in canned coffee, but ironically this was a stumbling block.With canned coffee1988Around (63), "Mocha Blend" and "Kirimanjaro Blend" were released.Sales remained sluggish due to poor packaging and brand image.

Other canned black teas and canned Japanese teas also had a sober brand image, and they were completely behind the scenes.Especially for canned Japanese tea, sales were poor due to its sober brand image, and there were a series of brands that did not last for more than two years.1994In (6), "Paradise Tea" was known for its catch phrase "It's completely sugar-free but delicious."[8][9]Was released but ended in failure.Also with canned tea1990 eraAlthough it sent out "foggy black tea", sales were sluggish,1995Although the brand was changed to "Wraith Bee Hall" in (7), it was sluggish in just 1-2 years, and the situation remained unstable, such as returning to "Kiri no Tea" again.

The mainstay canned coffee also released "Major MAJOR" in the 1990s, but due to its low brand power, it changed to "UCC Super Original", "UCC Super 1990" and "Gualger" in the mid-2s.1994In (6)UCC black/sugar free”Was released, and although it gained a decent name and improved sales volume, other than that, it was greatly opened up by other manufacturers, and it was completely defeated in the brand image competition.result,2000Nestlé Manufacturing in (12) (2011)Nestle JapanMerged with[10]) To sell[11][12].

OkinawaThen, Okinawa UCC Coffee and its related companies, the bottler Okinawa Bottlers, are continuing their business.Japan Coca-Cola(Okinawa Coca-Cola Bottling) There are as many vending machines as there are.Unlike the mainland, which is centered on coffee, "foggy tea," "lemon tea," and "Citrus depressa"Sampon tea(The latter two products are the original brands of Okinawa Botlers and are sold together with the UCC brand).On the other hand, outside of Okinawa Prefecture, canned coffee such as "UCC Original" and "UCC Super 2" can only be bought at vending machines that are jointly owned by multiple manufacturers.In addition, "black, sugar-free" isLawson,Seven-ElevenSuch asconvenience storeIt is sold at.In addition, "UCC original" is also sold at some supermarkets.


As mentioned above, I had a vending machine business1999Until around that time, many commercials centered on TV[13]Although it was aired, the only long-selling product in the last few years was "Black / Sugar-free", and no other commercials were produced, mainly in print media (magazines, newspapers, etc.).stationThere are many advertisements such as signboards on the floor.

In TokyoYaesuFor a long time in the mouth buildingNeon signIs installed.aside from thatYokohama-Kannai StationNear andKobe-Sannomiya Stationnear,Sapporo-Odori ParkThere is also a neon sign of the company before.Once in TokyoShibuyaOn the roof of the station square building1993From (5)1998Until around (10), there was a case where a huge neon sign was installed.

Successive CM performers

UCC regular coffee
UCC canned coffee
PET bottle coffee

Successive campaign songs


  • YSR50UCC --Yamaha Racing Team Corporate Advertising Limited Car

Sponsored programs

As of 2018 year 4 month

  • None

* The provided telop is "UCC COFFEE", which was previously teloped as "UCC coffee" or "UCC".


Other * OtherMitsui Foods GroupAs one of the companies, there was a time when the program was provided in the past.

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