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🎁 | 10 Recommended Popular Brands for Women's Shorts!As a gift for her, wife, and girlfriend


10 Recommended Popular Brands for Women's Shorts!As a gift for her, wife, and girlfriend

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Shorts that fit snugly on the thighs give a childish impression and tend to make the legs look thicker.

Let's give shorts as a gift Shorts with a cool impression are a must-have item for summer.And the cold season ... → Continue reading


MEMOCO is a magazine where you can find information about finding gifts and presents so that you can find things you want to write down. We will deliver information carefully selected by the editorial department who loves gifts and surprises.

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Shorts(British: short pants) IspantsHem oflengthOne of the classification by.SpokenThen.ShortsIs often used.

Mostly summer clothes, but there are also thick winter clothes,tights,stockingsYou can also see how to wear it from above.

Definition of length

Short pants are long pants (Long pants) Is short, and has the meaning. Most of the hem lengthhot pantsからHalf pantsIt is a word that stands for something in the middle of, but its definition is ambiguous depending on the manufacturer, retailer, consumer or media.

Hot pants are often called shorts.


TPOThere is a wide variety of suits, but it is often used as summer clothes. Taking advantage of ease of movement,Children's wear,Gym clothesUsed for sportswear, etc.

Example of classification by length

Each hemlengthThere is no strict definition for, so the following is a rough guide.

  • hot pants -0-1 minute length, extremely short with almost no hem[1].. Mainly for women.
  • Shorts -Less than 5 minutes long, hem shorter than knee, mainlyBoyFor children's clothing.
  • Shorts -Approximately 1-3 minutes long.
  • Quarter pants -About 2-3 minutes. Quarter = 1/4 → 2.5 minutes length.
  • Half pants -About 4-6 minutes. A general term for intermediate items that are shorter than three quarter pants and longer than quarter pants.
  • -Cropped pants-Three quarter pants -7-8 minutes[2], Mainly for women. Strictly speaking, it refers to a specific form rather than length classification, but it is sometimes used as "capri length" or "cropped length". Three quarters = 3/4 → 7.5 minutes.
  • Long pants -10 minutes length, hem length down to the ankle[2].. Basically, it refers to something that covers all the legs and does not expose the skin.


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