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💳 | Interested in applying for My Number Card, paying attention to Starbucks on the riverbed and Super PayPay Festival


Interested in applying for My Number Card, paying attention to Starbucks on the riverbed and Super PayPay Festival

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This will be the first store to open in Sayama City, and it will also support drive-through.

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The website "BCN + R" is a specialized online media for people who sell or make things, who understand "now" and "tomorrow" of digital products and home appliances in Japan.

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Drive through

Drive through(English: drive-through, drive-thru)AutomobileIt is a function and its equipment that provides products and services while riding on.


Users who enter by car from the entrance can use services such as receiving goods and paying the price through the window without getting out of the car, and when they are done, they can move the car forward and exit from the exit. It has become.

In generalHamburgerIncluding storesFast foodThe actual usage in stores is widely known, but there are othersbankCounter (ATM)[1][2][3], Cleaning reception / delivery, pick-up at dispensing pharmacy[2][3]The range of applications is wide.

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, contact with people can be minimized, so it is expanding rapidly in various industries.

American drive-through

The drive-through format was in the 1930sThe United States of AmericaBorn in[4]After that, it spread to other countries.

There are drive-throughs in various industries in the United States due to the development of the automobile society.[3].. Drive-through to rent or return books from the library (reservation required)[3]Drive-through for donations to encourage fundraising[3]And so on.Las VegasAlso has a drive-through for weddings[3].. Drive-throughs have developed in the United States because they save you the trouble of finding a parking lot, you can protect yourself from crime at night or in unpopular places, and you are physically handicapped with children. There may be convenience in some cases[3].

Japanese drive-through

Drive-throughs at fast food restaurants have become familiar in Japan.[3].

in Japan,New year's cardTo alleviate congestion during the reception periodpost office"New Year's card underwriting drive-through" that can be sent at the parking lot of[5]In addition, some liquor stores offer services that allow customers to deliver purchased items or pick up empty cases while in the vehicle.

At least in Japan, it is said to be the first in the industry.Travel agencyIn the case of introduction in, it is recommended to make a telephone application in advance before going out, and complicated travel consultations other than relatively simple ticket delivery will be done at the existing window of the annex, which is not a drive-through. Specializing in the role of through[6].

In Japan1960 eraIt is said that the middle of the introduction was started, but the origin is not clear because accurate records are not left.

When an officer at that time traveled to the United States, he witnessed the local car society and said, "SeaweedThe reason for the introduction was that I came up with the idea, "Let's buy it while in the car." Regarding the origin of drive-through, the company says that it is "probably the first in Japan"[7].
When I went to the United States on the company's training trip, the founder who saw a drive-through of a local fast food restaurant decided to introduce it in anticipation of responding to the car society. Although it is the first in Japan in the fast food industry, the company says that it is "unknown whether it is exactly the best in Japan (first in Japan)" regarding the origin of drive-through itself.[8].
In the fast food industry, it is second only to the friend of the previous year mentioned above, but the company says that the equipment of the store at that time "adopts the first full-scale drive-through method in Japan".[9].

2020,New coronavirusA drive-through method focusing on the ability to efficiently collect samples in an open space when the infection spreads.PCR testIs being done in various places[10].

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Sayama(Sayama) isSaitamaLocated in the southwestern part ofCity.

The population is about 15Kuki12th place in the prefecture after.


City areaSeibu RailwayTwo routes pass.1960 eraOr laterTokyoSuburbsBed townThe population has increased rapidly.in recent yearsHigh growth periodAging citizens who have moved toLow birthrate and aging population[2]) Is progressing, while the number of new transferees is decreasing.Return to the city centerThe influence of the phenomenon is large. In the 2005 censusTottoriThe rate of social population decline exceeded that of.2012,Seibu Shinjuku LineSayamashi StationThe west exit area redevelopment and maintenance project has been completed.Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfIruma BaseIs located in the south of the city hall, 9% of which is in Sayama city area (1% is in Iruma city area).

Geography / climate

First-class rivers from the southwest (Iruma / Hanno area) to the northeast (Kawagoe area) of the city areaIruma RiverFlows.The basin has an alluvial lowland.The address of Iruma River (formerly) in the central area of ​​the cityIrumagawa TownThe river is also a symbol of the city.

Fluvial terraces are formed on both banks of the Iruma River, and the right bank isMusashino Plateau, The left bank consists of a plateau called Iruma Plateau, and Sayama City belongs to those two plateaus.Both plateaus consist of diluvium and are relatively flat.

The city area is mainlyNational Route 16Seibu Shinjuku LineIs formed around."The origin of the city name"Sayama teaThere are many tea fields in the Iriso / Horigane area (although it is the origin of the city name, it is next door.Iruma-shiHas more production).In addition, many rice fields can be seen in the Okutomi area.

In places where there are few obstacles around, you can see the Nikko / Nasu mountain range to the north, the Chichibu mountain range to the west, and Mt. Fuji to the southwest.

Adjacent municipalitiesIruma-shi,Kawagoe-shi,Tokorozawa,Hanno,Hidaka City.

Although the climate is warm and humid, it has more inland characteristics than the southeastern part of the prefecture (Saitama City, etc.), although not as much as Chichibu and Hatoyama in the western part of the prefecture, with a maximum temperature of 39.0 ° C and a minimum temperature of -5.3 ° C. Is big.The average annual temperature is 15.2 ° C, and it tends to be hot and humid in summer and cold and dry in winter.The total annual rainfall is 1260 mm.


  • Ancient- Musashi countryIruma-gunBelong to.
  • 716 (2nd year of Reiki) -newKoma-gunIs installed.中 世Since then, some areas on the west bank of the Iruma River belong to Koma District.
  • Medieval-Iruma River InnKamakura HighwayOf the upper roadPost townProsper as.Kamakura Kaido Kamido is at Iruma River InnUeno countryDirection andShimono countryIt was branching in the direction.
  • 1353 (8th year of Shohei / 2nd year of Minwa) --Kantō Kubō Ashikaga Motouji temporarily establishes Kamakura-fu in the Irumagawa Gojin (near the present Tokurinji Temple) of the Irumagawa to counter the Uesugi clan.
  • The early modern period - Kawagoe DomainTerritoryHeavenWill be.TenryoFlag bookChichiAs HatamotoMr. OgasawaraIt was the territory of.
  • Mid-modern period- Musashino OfNitta developmentByMitomi NittaThe Furo River basin will be cleared and the number of residents of Iruma and Horigane will increase.
  • 1894 (Meiji 27)- Kawagoe RailwayIs open.Iruma River Station (currentlySayamashi Station)・Iriso StationOpening of business.
  • 1933 (Showa 8)- Musashino RailwayInariyama Koen StationOpened.
  • 1938 (Showa 13)- Army Aviation Academy(Current Iruma Air Base) opened.
  • 1945 (Showa 20) --Requisitioned by the postwar troopsJohnson Air Base"become.
  • September 1954, 29 (Showa 7)- Iruma-gunIrumagawa Town-Irima Village-Horikane Village-Okutomimura-Kashiwabara Village-Mizutomi VillageMerged,SayamaWill be.The population at the time of the merger was 31,030[3].
  • 1958 (Showa 33) --A US military aircraft at Johnson base crashes in the city, causing 14 casualties.
  • 1963 year (Showa 38 year)
    • Sayama incidentOccurs.Dowa problemRelationship withPolicemenAttention was paid to the way the investigation should be.
    • Johnson base is returned and becomes Air Self-Defense Force Iruma base.
  • 1960 eraSince then, the development of factories and residential land in the city has progressed, and the population will increase rapidly.
  • 1964 (Showa 39)- Shin-Sayama StationOpened.
  • 1966 (Showa 41) --Kawagoe Sayama Industrial Park is completed.
  • 1970 (Showa 45)- Japan Housing Corporation(Current:Urban regeneration mechanism) Started construction of Sayamadai housing complex.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) --Sayama Industrial Complex is completed.
  • 1975 (Showa 50) --The Japan Housing Corporation Sayamadai housing complex is completed and the move-in begins.
  • 1977 (Showa 52) --First in Saitama Prefecture at Sayama City Central Children's CenterplanetariumInstalled.
  • 1979 (Showa 54) --Seibu Shinjuku Line Irumagawa Station is renamed Sayamashi Station.
  • April 1983, 58-Boundary change with Iruma City.It will be the current city area.
  • 1984 (Showa 59) -Population exceeds 15.
  • April 1986, 61-The second mayor, Saichi Machida, died and became the third mayor in the subsequent mayoral elections.Ono MatsushigeIs elected.
  • September 1999, 11- Japan Air Self-Defense Force T-33A crashes on the Iruma RiverThen, two line of duty deaths are put out.
  • June 2000, 12-FoundationJapan Quality Assurance OrganizationFrom (JQA) to the main government building of the city hallISO14001Certified.
  • June 2003, 15-The 6th mayor Junichi Machida dies and becomes the 19th mayor in the subsequent mayoral electionsYukinari NakagawaIs elected.
  • January 2005, 17-"A referendum to confirm the citizens' intentions regarding the merger with Iruma City" will be held, and as a result of the vote, the merger with Iruma City will be cancelled.
  • 2008 (Heisei 20) --Sayama City Tourism Association Image Character of Sayama City Central City Revitalization Promotion Project (Yuru Chara) ・ Started using the tourist ambassador "Tanabata Fairy Oripii".
  • September 2010, 22- National Instant Warning System(J-ALERT) Maintenance completed.
  • July 2012, 24-Sayama City Citizens' Exchange Center opens at the west exit of Sayama City Station.With this, the Sayamashi station west exit area redevelopment and maintenance project was completed.
  • 2013 (Heisei 25) --"Tanabata Fairy Oripii" was established as the official image character of Sayama City.
  • July 2014, 26-In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system, "Sayama City Center Large Hall"NHK ThroatWas broadcast publicly[4].
  • 2017 (Heisei 29) --In all ordinary classrooms of elementary and junior high schools in the cityAir conditionComplete.

Origin of city name

Sayama HillsAnd in the citySpecial product"Sayama teaIs derived from.Sayama hills are not included in the Sayama city area.

"SayamaThe origin of the place name itself is not clear.Edo PeriodCompiled in the second half, "New Musashi culture], The Sayama hill itself is called "Sayama", and the expression "Sayama" is not a regional name.(I.e.It is used like the name of[5].

Merger plan with Iruma City

This concept was onceIrumagawa TownToyooka TownIt goes back to the merger concept of.PostwarGreat Showa mergerAt the time when was progressing, there was a merger plan to consolidate all the towns and villages located in the current Sayama city and Iruma city area into one city, and Saitama prefecture was also promoting it.Apart from this, Iruma Village, Horikane Village, which have a common history of being cultivated by the development of Nitta in Musashino during the Edo period, and are located in the Furo River basin.Miyadera Village(Currently Iruma City),FujisawaThe four villages (currently Iruma City) have merged as an "agricultural city" and will border together in the future.TokorozawaThere was also a move to plan the transfer to (the adjacent area corresponds to Santome Shinden, which also has a common history).However, due to the relationship with traffic conditions such as Seibu Railway lines, bus lines, and roads, the towns and villages with which they had the deepest relationship eventually settled in their current form, and after the enforcement of Sayama City administration, merger plans were rarely proposed. Was there.HoweverGreat Heisei mergerReceived the flow of2000Around that time, the merger with Iruma City was discussed, and20061/1The new city name is "Sayama City").However20051/30The merger council was disbanded because there were many opposition to the merger in the referendum held in Iruma City, and many opposition to the merger in the questionnaire to the residents in Iruma City.


Population distribution by age in Sayama City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Sayama City (2005)
Purple-Sayama City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sayama City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Long time agoSuburbanization,Donut phenomenonThe population was on the rise due to the influence ofReturn to the city centerIt peaked in 1995 and has been on a slight decline due to the influence of.


Town name

In Sayama City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented. The underlined town names in the Town Name column before the display of the residence are all of them, and the rest are part of them. If there is a number at the end of the town name, indicate the chome.

About the district name of "Iriso"

2009On April 4, the name was changed from the old village name "Iruma Village" before the merger to the name "Iruma District".To avoid confusion with Iruma City and to make it easier to understand along with the station name.Mayor Nakagawa has been proposing a name change for some time.2008There was also a request form submitted by the Sayama City Iruma District Neighborhood Association Association.Following the name change on the city side, the movement to change the name has spread even in the private sector, and in December 2009, JA Irumano Agricultural Cooperative Iruma Branch changed the branch name derived from "Iruma Agricultural Cooperative" since the village administration era, "Iruma Branch" The name has been changed to. Sayama Municipal Iruma Elementary School was closed in March 12, and the only public facility / institution name that has retained the name "Iruma" since the village administration in the Iriso area was Sayama Municipal Iruma Junior High School.2015The school closed in March.Also, in the private sector, the old near Iriso stationIrima VillageSet up a store on the site of the government officeA CorpIs still the "Iruma store" (2016From MarchJAIt refers to "Farmers Iruma").A "Iruma Village Monument" commemorating Irima Village Administration was erected by the Sayama City History Compilation Committee and volunteer residents beside the parking lot of the store.191511 of the monthEmperor TaishoPlanted by villagers to celebrate the coronationGinkgoThe tree has become a large tree and still exists along with the monument "Ginkgo Monument", which tells the history.


Zip Code

  • 350-13xx - Sayama Post OfficeJurisdiction (also handles collection and delivery operations in Iruma City)

post office

  • Sayama Post Office
    • Sayama Irumagawa San Post Office
    • Sayama Kashiwabara Post Office
    • Shinsayama station square post office
    • Sayama Mizuno Post Office
    • Sayama Unoki Post Office
    • Sayama Kitairiso Post Office
    • Post office in Sayamadai housing complex
    • Shinsayama XNUMX Post Office
    • Sayama Iriso Post Office
    • Sayama Asahi Post Office
    • Sayama Japan Post
    • Mizutomi Post Office

Phone Number

Area code etc.

Residential estate

  • 18 Municipal Housing
  • 3 prefectural housing
    • Sayama Unoki House (Unoki)
  • UR Sayamadai housing complex (Sayamadai 1, 2, 3)
  • UR Tsutsujino housing complex (Tsutsujino)
  • Seibu Sayamadai Heights (Center 3)
  • Shin-Sayama Heights (Aoyagi)
  • Sayama Green Heights (Sasai 1)
  • Pilot House Sayamadai (Center 4)


longLocal allocation taxIt is a non-granting organization[6], City finances can afford[7]..From the decrease in city tax revenue due to the effects of aging and population decline2010 eraAfter that, in the neighborhoodKawagoe-shi-Iruma-shi-TokorozawaAlthough it has been transferred to a local allocation tax grant granting organization together with local governments such as, it still maintains sound finances.Entered the cityHonda Motor Co., Ltd.Delivered from factories and offices of companies such asProperty taxIncome and 9% of the site is in Sayama city areaJapan Air Self-Defense ForceIruma BaseMunicipal subsidy for the location of state-owned facilities (base grant), adjustment grant for the municipality where the facility is located (adjustment grant), and maintenance adjustment grant for the area around the specified defense facility (Ministry of DefenseSubsidies) are the main source of revenue.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Castle townKnown as1987Since April, the city council has one member of the company's union.Just different industriesLotte,KoseFactories of other large companies are also expanding, and they are working at the Air Self-Defense Force Iruma Air BaseSDFHonda Motor Co., Ltd. does not have the influence to hold the fate of the city because many of them live in the city.IbarakiHitachi City,AichiToyota CityThere is no such situation that a considerable number of citizens are involved in one corporate group.Also in the city council, prior to the Honda Motor Co., Ltd.1975One city council member recommended by the Kose labor union has maintained a seat since April.[8]..Also, like other metropolitan area bed townsAgriculture:Is declining, but for agricultural productsSpecial productBecause of this, there are many people involved in agriculture, and the former mayor was a person who runs the manufacturing and sales business of "Sayama tea."

City hall, civic center and generalgymnasiumEtc. are well-built, and there are places in Tokorozawa and Kawagoe in the city.Dog runThere is no pet symbiosis facility park, etc., but it is a multipurpose park with a zoo and gymnasium.Chikozan Park,Sayama Inariyama ParkThere are many parks such as.Along with Kawagoe City, the Iruma River has a bicycle path (cycling road) and a vast park, making it a place of relaxation for many citizens.

An unusual official website for the city hallmobileThe version site was opened ahead of other municipalities nationwide, and its effortsNews (Chinese)It was also taken up by.2006, Sayama City is "Mobile phone"FY 18 community development" through "information distribution efforts utilizingMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAwards "(InformatizationCategory) was awarded.Already in Sayama City2001From cityFireHeadquarters is localFire brigadeIn the city for membersdisasterThe information was transmitted by mobile phone email,2007From February, this system was expanded to all citizens, and a new business was started to distribute disaster information in the city by mobile mail to those who wish.City officialTwitterWas opened early,2014From August, we added a function to automatically update and distribute weather information such as heavy rain, floods, earthquakes, etc. on official Twitter, and started operation 8 hours a day.[9]..Kumagaya regionWeather stationThe latest information such as alarms issued from is automatically converted into a short sentence for Twitter and distributed.Added these features to the official Twitter accountLocal government TheWest JapanYou can see a few examples,East JapanThis is the first time for a local government.

2008In February, as part of new measures for population growth, declining birthrate, and child-rearing support, the city will raise the target age of medical expenses subsidy for preschoolers to the third grade of junior high school. Clarified the policy[10]..First, in October 2008, after expanding the scope of application to the third grade of elementary school,2011By the time, it will be gradually expanded to the third grade of junior high school.As a result, in Sayama City, medical expenses for insurance medical treatment will be free for both hospitalization and outpatient treatment until graduating from junior high school.Also, from October 3, window payments at medical institutions were abolished.This measure also has the purpose of returning the financial resources of the city, which has a relatively large margin, to the citizens.In addition, this measure is other in Saitama Prefecture市町村Also affected, currently 32 in the prefectureMunicipalitiesHas come to implement and plan similar or similar policies.


Successive mayors

  • The first Ishikawa Kosuke (1954(Showa29 years)8/15 - 1966(41)8/14) 3rd term 12 years
  • 2代 町田佐一 (1966年(昭和41年)8月15日 - 1986年(昭和61年)4月1日) 5期20年 在任中死去
  • 3 fee Ono Matsushige (April 1986, 61 (Showa 5)- 1994(Heisei6 years) May 5) 17nd term 2 years
  • 4代 町田潤一 (1994年(平成6年)5月18日 - 2003年(平成15年)6月19日) 3期9年 在任中死去
  • 5 fee Yukinari Nakagawa (July 2003, 15- 2015(July 27, 7) 26rd term 3 years
  • 6th Takeshi Koyano (July 2015, 27-) Current position

Redevelopment business

Meiji EraOpened inSayamashi Station-Iriso StationAbout redevelopment of the surrounding area1980 eraThere was a better idea, but1990 eraEven if it reaches, the business does not materialize,Iruma-shi-Tokorozawa-HannoIt was behind the surrounding cities.Sayamashi StationAbout the west exit area2000 eraIt was commercialized after discussions by businesses, experts, and citizens, and although there were temporary political difficulties, there were no changes and the original business plan was carried out, and comprehensive adjustments made it consistent from planning to design and construction. Keeping the design concept2012It was completed.Sayamashi StationIn the east exit area, the dilapidated station building has been renovated and road maintenance is continuing.On the other hand, 101 years have passed since the opening of the area around Iriso Station.1996Although the west exit was opened in2013, Abandoned large-scale redevelopment of the east exit area.After reducing the scale, a redevelopment plan around Iriso Station will be drafted again.

Around Sayamashi Station

Sayamashi Station West Exit District Redevelopment and Maintenance Project
The area around the west exit of Sayamashi Station was dangerous because the rotary was undeveloped and the sidewalk was not secured, so a redevelopment and maintenance project was planned.1998, The Sayama City Station West Exit District Redevelopment and Maintenance Project Council has decided on a policy of "developing the station front that is unique to Sayama City by clearly differentiating it from other stations along the railway line and incorporating nature and scenery."However, it became an administration and a person scheduled to be enforcedUrban regeneration mechanismIn response, there was a movement from citizens, including landowners and city council members, to request a review, and it became unpredictable whether the plan could proceed as it is.Citizens' groups of plan reviewersSayama Town Development Network(There is a group that promotes the Sayamashi station west exit redevelopment project in the promotion group), and several groups belonged to it.The main request for the review is the reduction of the budget scale.Among them, on January 2006, 1, a written opinion was submitted requesting a review by 23 landowners, but in the list that was revealed later, there are actually 71 landowners, which is controversial. It became.2007XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Seibu RailwayIs "2007 Railway Business Capital Investment PlanAnnounced.Among them, the Sayamashi station building improvement work accompanying the Sayamashi station west exit redevelopment project2007Survey and design every time2008Start of construction,2009The plan to be completed was announced.20074 of the monthSayama City Assembly Member ElectionThere was no change in the composition of the city council, which is dominated by city council members who advocate redevelopment and maintenance projects, and the public will to promote the plan was shown.On June 6, the same year, the rights conversion plan for the Sayamashi Station West Exit redevelopment project was announced.Minister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportApproved by, construction started in September 20072009Town opening2011The construction is scheduled to be completed and the construction will start in earnest ("Public Relations Sayama" July 19 issue).In the Sayama mayoral election on July 7, the same year, the incumbent who advocated the promotion of the west exit redevelopment projectYukinari NakagawaThe mayor was re-elected and the West Exit redevelopment project will continue to be promoted.The demolition work of the station building began in September of the same year, and the stores around the station were closed, residents were relocated, and the land was leveled in order to secure land for the station building construction.2008Station building renovation work started in November.In the same month, a temporary bus stop was set up due to the improvement of the road.From November to December of the same year, the "nickname of the town" was solicited.2009In March, it was decided to be "Sky Terrace".2010On March 3, the town opened in the west exit area of ​​Sayamashi Station, and the new station building and some facilities were put into service.Bus stop maintenance, etc.2012Completed by July, the west exit area redevelopment project is completed.A completion commemorative event was held from the 7th to the 14th of the same month.[11]..On the 18th, the complex public facility "Sayama City Citizens' Exchange Center" was opened, and all the facilities developed by the West Exit District Redevelopment Project were put into service, and the project was completed.2014On May 5, Sayama City Station West Exit Sky Terrace won the Excellence Award in the 12 Cityscape Awards Urban Space Category.[12][13]..This is an example of a station square along the private railway line, which had hardly received any application for the award, and attracted attention as a new model for the issue of what should be the future urban redevelopment in the suburbs of the city. Keeping in mind the harmful effects of existing redevelopment projects that can be seen nationwide, such as "constructing a large redevelopment building, recruiting tenants, and leaving the creation of the flow of people to the commercial facilities that have moved in", such uniqueness We are looking for a city that is suitable for the front door of Sayama City, which is different from the ideal way of redevelopment.Instead of attracting large-scale commercial facilities to the station square, which has high commercial value, we have set up a "citizen square" that is conscious of the connection with the existing urban area, secure a new place for citizen exchange and excursion, and gained by the height difference of the terrain. BeChichibuIt was praised for creating a cityscape that takes the environment and landscape into consideration by taking advantage of the distant view overlooking the mountains.Expectations were expressed for qualitative improvement from a pedestrian perspective by further improving bus stops and the like.Furthermore, on October 10st of the same yearPublic interest incorporated foundationJapan Design Promotion AssociationSponsored by "2014Good Design AwardReceived (Urban Development, Community Development, Community Category).The complex site and topographical features were incorporated into the plan, and a mechanism was created to allow a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the plan, which was highly evaluated as an excellent design that improves the quality of living, industry, and society.[14]..On the other hand, the Sayamashi station building was rebuilt in line with the redevelopment project.2011On June 6th, the commercial facility inside the station "Emio"Sayama City" opens.In the same facilitysupermarket"Blooming Bloomy" (Inageya Co., Ltd.Operated by) moved in as a tenant, resulting in poor performanceSeiyuSayama city station square store20153/31Closed with[15].1972Since the core commercial facility at the west exit, which had been open for more than 40 years since its opening, was lost and large-scale commercial facilities were not invited to Sky Terrace, there is concern that shopping convenience in front of the station will decline.
Sayama City Station East Exit Land Readjustment Project
The area around the east exit in front of Sayama City Station is said to be very intricate and access to the station is poor, and the land readjustment project has been discussed for many years, saying that a station front suitable for the face of the city should be created.There was a conflict between the residents and the government who were reluctant to evict, but after that the project proceeded and the road was constructed. A part of the road was opened in 2010, and the construction site reached the east exit station square in 2013. In May 2014, it leads to the east exit station squareCity planning road"Sayama City Station Kazashi Line" has opened.In addition, along with the west exit area redevelopment project and station building renovation, the east exit station square was redeveloped and completed in October 2012. August 10,Governor of Saitama PrefectureAnnouncement of land replacement disposal by[16], The business is completed[17].. In March 2019, the unveiling ceremony of the monument to the completion of the land readjustment project at the east exit of Sayama City Station was held at Shimokubo Park next to the three pillar shrines in Gion.[18].

Around Iriso Station

Iriso Station area maintenance project
Iriso Station was originally opened in a rural area in the old days, and there was no big city planning at the time of opening, and there were shops and houses around the station.Meiji Era-Taisho eraSince then, more than 100 years have passed since it became mixed and crowded.While there are many people and cars passing by, the roads leading to the station are all narrow and the sidewalks are not maintained.The front of the station has only an extremely small space since it opened, and it has a rotary andStation squareBecause there is noTransit BusIs also in a dangerous state.For this reason1980With the completion of the overpass, redevelopment studies began, but1996There was no progress even after the opening of the west exit of.On the west exit sideMusashinoFarmland that leaves the impression ofWooded areaHowever, it was diverted to parking lots and material storage areas, and there was concern about disorderly land use that was not suitable for the station front.
2000 eraAfter entering, the Iriso Station East Exit District Development Project and the Iriso Station Area Land Readjustment Project were planned.Sayama city1995Although a part of the school grounds of Sayama City Irima Elementary School (at that time) was set up and the "Iriso Station Area Development Office" was set up and efforts were made to reach consensus with the landowners and residents, some landowners strongly opposed it. , No concrete progress was made.2008In October, we decided on the basic concept of developing about 10 hectares of the east exit area of ​​Iriso Station using the land readjustment project method, but since consensus building with the landowner did not proceed after that, we decided to proceed with the project by the land acquisition method. Conversion.2011In March, in the business areaSayama City Irima Elementary SchoolWas closed down, and the school site (1 square meters) was used as a relocation / alternative site for redevelopment, and preparations were made for the start of the redevelopment project.From August to November of the same year, an intention confirmation survey was conducted for all landowners.There are many opinions that the north side of the east exit area agrees with the start of business compared to the south side.Imano Agricultural Cooperative-Sayama teaIndustrial Agricultural CooperativeHanno Shinkin BankSince the Iriso branch and others have indicated that they have agreed to the land acquisition, they have set a policy of preliminarily developing about 4 hectares on the north side.However, there was still no agreement with the major landowner in front of the station (1 corporation and 2 individuals) in terms of the amount of land acquisition, and the major landowner in front of the station expressed his intention to oppose the business.2013In May, Sayama City announced that it would abandon the implementation of both plans and freeze the plans because the cooperation of the landowners could not be obtained and the future outlook was uncertain.[19][20].. "We will continue to position maintenance as an important policy issue for the city" (Iriso Station Area Development Office), but in October of the same year, the "Iriso Station Area Development Office" was closed and moved to the Sayama City Office. It was.Next time2014As of March 3, the Iriso Station Area Development Office was integrated into the City Planning Division of the Urban Construction Department and was abolished.
After that, redevelopment will be promoted again, and the city will2016The survey cost was added to the budget, and the plan was to be made again.2017In November, the city reduced the scale of the previous frozen plan and presented a new plan that would not carry out a major land readjustment around the station.[21],2018February, Iriso Station area maintenance project basic plan (draft)[22]The specific content of was announced.Regarding the station east exit area, the policy was announced that redevelopment will be carried out in the area where consensus can be reached, centering on about 4 hectares on the north side of the station where consensus building with the landowner was possible at the stage of the previous plan.Attracted a private business operator to the site of the former Sayama City Irima Elementary School, which was originally planned to be used for relocation and alternative land due to redevelopment, built a complex commercial facility, etc., and opened the station square on the land acquired from the Sayama Tea Industry Agricultural Cooperative. Maintenance and laying access roads to existing roads.In addition, the west exit of the station will be redeveloped, and an access road will be laid by establishing a west exit station square in the place currently used as a municipal bicycle parking lot.It is said that the station building will be rebuilt, a bridge station building will be constructed on the Sayamashi station side, and an east-west free passage will be provided across the railroad tracks and existing roads.The city has already acquired land from the Sayama Tea Industry Agricultural Cooperative,2016Construction of the road leading to the station square has begun.With the consent of the landowner regarding the new development range, discussions are underway with the Seibu Railway side in order to completely renovate the station building using the relatively wide station site.The city2018February to March,Public commentWanted[23]After announcing the city's thoughts on the opinions received, the basic plan for the Iriso Station area maintenance project will be decided.2018Aiming for planned commercialization, the project will be completed2020It is said that it will be after the degree.

Wide area administration

Some office associations


  • -Along with Iruma City, Hidaka City, Tokorozawa City, and Hanno City, exchange programs targeting citizens in the five city areas (holding events such as lectures and walking competitions, issuing tourist pamphlets, etc.libraryAnd sports facilitiespublic facilityWe are studying for mutual use and project implementation in a wide area.


City council

2020XNUM X Month X NUM X Date

  • Number of MPs: 22
  • Chair: Tsutomu Kagaya (Komeito
  • Vice-chairman: Kazuya Miura (improvement)
  • Term:2019August 5- 20234/30
  • Parliamentary group: ◎ is the representative of the parliamentary group. The numbers in parentheses are the number of wins.
    • Komeito (4 seats): ◎ Makoto Saito (4), Tsutomu Kagaya (4), Nobuko Watanuki (3), Kiyoshi Hiroyama (1)
    • Reform (4 seats): ◎ Hiroki Ota (3), Kazuya Miura (3), Eisuke Sasamoto (3), Tadashi Fukuda (1)
    • LDP(3 seats): ◎ Yoshiaki Chiba (2), Shuji Tamura (7), Yoshimori Shinra (4)
    • Lively Creation (3 seats): ◎ Hirokazu Kaneko (3), Masayoshi Nakamura (9), Masayoshi Oshima (8)
    • Japan Communist Party(3 seats): ◎ Yoshinao Inomata (6), Emiko Osawa (Emiko Hino) (6), Chiyoko Kinukawa (1)
    • Aramasa Mirai (2 seats): ◎ Mitsuo Naito (3) ・Ryuji Hijikata(Takayuki Yagi) (3)
    • Independent citizens (2 seats): ◎ Toshio Tanaka (2), Kumiko Takahashi (Kumiko Takahashi) (6)
    • Independent (1 seat): Kazune Nishizuka (2)
  • LDPRecommend[24]: Shuji Tamura, Yoshimori Shinra, Hiroki Ota, Eisuke Sasamoto, Ryuji Hijikata, Yoshiaki Chiba
  • Union SaitamaRecommend[25]: Mitsuo Naito 

National politics

Prefectural government

West 4 wards.The fixed number is two.The members elected in recent years are as follows.



Kawagoe SayamaSayamaTwo ofIndustrial parkThere,HondaSaitama Seisakusho, the number one in the shipment value of manufactured goods in the prefectureIndustrial cityIt has become.

When the city system is enforced, a special product "Sayama teaByAgriculture:The image of a city was strong, but after the enforcement of the city administration1955(30) In December, the "Sayama City Factory Invitation Ordinance" was enacted and actively attracted companies.In September of the following year, Nippon Cross Industry (currently) was the first to attract factories.Dynic) Advances[26]..Since then, the attraction of factories has progressed smoothly, and all over the city.large companyLarge factory has entered the market.1966(Showa 41) Kawagoe Sayama Industrial Park,1973In (48), Sayama Industrial Complex was completed one after another. It has transformed into an industrial city with two large industrial parks.1982From (57) to the present, the shipment value of manufactured productsSaitamaIt ranks first in the prefecture and is the largest industrial city in the prefecture.We are still attracting companies.Metropolitan area central connecting expresswaySayama Hidaka InterchangeWith the opening ofSaitama Prefectural Road 126 Tokorozawabori and Sayama LineFollowing the opening of the entire line2015, It was decided to expand the two districts of Sayama Industrial Park (East district (Kashiwabara north) and West district (Kamihirose)) and implement a land readjustment project.


JA-Imano Agricultural CooperativeIt is in the jurisdiction.Local vegetables are often lined up at supermarkets in the city, but agriculture is declining.

Near Iriso Station, there is a Sayama Tea Industry Agricultural Cooperative, which covers the entire Sayama tea production area in Saitama Prefecture, and about 280 producers are members.

Sayama tea
teaAre adjacentIruma-shiIt is a common specialty with.The main production area is Iruma City.In Sayama city, the Iriso / Horigane area is the main production area, but the number of tea fields is decreasing.Although it has maintained production after Iruma City for a long time, it has been in production since the 1990s.TokorozawaSince the 2000s, the production has fallen below that of Tokorozawa City.
A specialty that is common to neighboring Iruma City and Tokorozawa City.The number of farmers who make taro has decreased considerably, but it is treated as a luxury item.Tokyo,京都Used in high-end restaurants in Japan.However, it is not well known locally.
The main production area is Sayama City.Long time agoTokyoFrom KyotoOsakaIt was a special product that was widely shipped until now, but the acreage is now significantly reduced.
It used to be shipped in large numbers, but now the acreage has decreased significantly.
Dotted around the city centering on the Iriso area.Easy leisure, events and schoolHikingIt is used in such as.


In the commercial areaNational Route 16On the lineionThere is a Sayama store.

  • ionSayama store


Other companies

Sister cities/partner cities


primary school

  • Sayama City Irimagawa Elementary School
  • Sayama City Irumagawa Higashi Elementary School (Sayama City Irumagawa Elementary School branch school reorganized into an independent elementary school)
  • Sayama City Fujimi Elementary School
  • Sayama City Minami Elementary School
  • Sayama City Sanno Elementary School
  • Sayama City Irimano Elementary School
  • Sayama City Mikariba Elementary School
  • Sayama City Sayamadai Elementary School
  • Sayama City Horigane Elementary School
  • Sayama City New Sayama Elementary School
  • Sayama City Okutomi Elementary School
  • Sayama City Kashiwabara Elementary School
  • Sayama City Mizutomi Elementary School
  • Sayama City Hirose Elementary School
  • Sayama City Sasai Elementary School
  • Seibu Gakuen Bunri Elementary School

Junior high school

high school

Special school

Junior college


Various schools

  • CorporationSayama City Medical Association Sayama Associate Nursing School

A school that once existed

primary school
  • Sayama City Irima Elementary School
    • 2011Closed in March.The school district is Sayama City Irimano Elementary SchoolSayama City Minami Elementary SchoolTransferred to both school districts.On the site of Iruma Elementary School道路Plans are under consideration to build a commercial complex for redevelopment in front of Iriso Station.
  • Sayama City Sayama Taipei Elementary School
  • Sayama City Sayamadai Minami Elementary School
    • 2010In March, Sayama City Sayama Taipei Elementary School and Sayama City Sayamadai Minami Elementary School were closed.In April of the same year, the two schools were integrated and the "Sayama City Sayamadai Elementary School" was newly opened in the former Sayamadai Minami Elementary School building.2012, Sayama Genki Plaza, a facility for lifelong education and social education, and Sayama Associate Nursing School, Sayama City Medical Association, were relocated to the former Sayama Taipei Elementary School.
Junior high school
high school
Junior college
Vocational school
  • Komano Home Economics Vocational School- 1965October installation approval,1966Opened in April2006Closed in March.

公共 機関



National agency

Prefecture agency


Railway line

The railway that once passed

Transit Bus

Community bus


Sightseeing spot

  • Sayama CityChikozan Park : Children's zoo・ Urban green botanical garden ・ Iris garden ・ Citizen's general gymnasium ・ Tennis court ・ Campground ・ Sayama MunicipalCrucian carpFishing ground "Chikozan Park Maeyama Pond"
    • Sayama City "Chiko Sanso" (accommodation facility) in the park is due to aging facilities, etc.2018Closed on March 3st[30].
  • Saitama PrefecturalSayama Inariyama Park : Cherry BlossomsPlaces of InterestSayama Tea CeremonyVenue (11
  • Sayama City Museum: Inside Saitama Prefectural Sayama Inariyama Park
  • Musashino Sayama Forest Course Iriso Field Athletic: 1976Opened in September.2001Abandoned garden.A part of the site after the abandonment is an outdoor event space "Lodge Mizuno no Mori".

Historic site


  • Horigane / Kamiakasaka Park (formerly known as "Akasaka no Mori Park"): Chifure AS Elfen SaitamaOld home ground
  • Adjacent to Sayama City Citizens' Health and Culture Center "Sun Park Okutomi" and Shimookutomi Riverbed Park
  • Fureai Health Center Sapio Inariyama: Heated pools, training facilities, etc.Adjacent to Saitama Prefectural Sayama Inariyama Park
  • Tokyo Golf Club "Tokyo Golf Club Clubhouse" is a nationalRegistered tangible cultural property(Building)[32]


A person who lives in Sayama City and has a connection

Special product

Known as "Sayama Furikake".1979,children `scalciumIn order to solve the shortage problem, the mayor of the time, Saichi Machida, devised himself (Machida is an old system)Tokyo University of AgricultureI'm fromAgricultural chemistryWas specialized in)Marumiya Food IndustryFurikake jointly developed and commercialized with.SardineThe one using.Of elementary and junior high schools in the cityLunchUsed for menu of time.Surplus government rice flourished at that timeSchool lunchUsed forBreadon behalfCooked riceWhile it became the mainstream of school lunches, it was once used for school lunch menus in the surrounding municipalities.In addition to Sayama City Officesupermarket-teashop·Agricultural cooperativeIt was sold at such places and distributed to the general public.It is still served as a school lunch and is also on sale.However,ローカルProductsTherefore, there is almost no distribution or sale outside the city.
1990, Matcha newly commercialized in Sayama City in conjunction with the "Sayama Tea Ceremony".
"Sayama tea pudding"
It is served for lunch at elementary and junior high schools in Sayama City.

Sayama-based sports

Works set in Sayama City


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Related item

  • Osaka Sayama - OsakaIt is a city in the South Kawachi area.1987Although it was called Sayama City on the day when the city system was enforced on October 10, it will be the same city name as our city, so in principle the same city name will not be accepted.Ministry of Home AffairsThe name was changed to the current city name on the same day based on the policy of. (reference City # About the name of the city

外部 リンク


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