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🎁 | A rare gift for Mother's Day!18 carefully selected recommended gifts


A rare gift for Mother's Day!18 carefully selected recommended gifts

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The rare "Moondust" is a new variety that was just developed about 20 years ago.

4 Recommended "Rare Flowers" to Give on Mother's Day If you want to express your gratitude on Mother's Day once a year, gorgeous flowers ... → Continue reading


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Moon dust

Moon dust (Moondust) IsJapan OfSuntory FlowersWhen,AustraliaCalgene Pacific (currently:Florigene) By joint research and developmentgeneThe world's first bluish-purple, born through recombination technologyCarnationIs.The flower language is "eternal happiness."


Originally, the carnation is bluepigmentDid not exist and there was no blue carnation,petunia,violaからDelphinidinBorn by acquiring the pigment synthesis gene of the system and incorporating it into the carnation genome. It has been on the market as "Moondust" since 1997, but initially it is only used in some famous flower shops in the city, various events, weddings and special places, and it is not commonly seen. There were few.After that, varieties were gradually added, and it was first released nationwide in February 2005, and now it is relatively easy to obtain, but it is not often handled at general flower shops. In 2,Blue roseHe has also won the Good Design Award.Local production areasコロンビア,エクアドルAt温室Is cultivated in.It will be shipped to countries around the world by airmail and distributed to the cut flower market.It has a long-lasting flower, and depending on the type, it keeps blooming for up to a month.

Cartagena method (Act on Ensuring Biodiversity by Controlling the Use of Genetically Modified Organisms) Was approved in June 16 and is distributed in the form of cut flowers only, with gene diffusion prevention measures taken.According to Suntory's announcement, about 6 million bottles were sold in 2005.Flower languageIs "eternal happiness".Currently, 6 types are on sale, and as a large, single-flowered "standard type", dark purple "Velvet Blue", deep bluish purple "Princess Blue", bluish "Lilac Blue" close to pink, and 4 large flowers There are 4 kinds of the lightest "Aqua Blue", and many branches are branched at the tip of the branch, and as a multi-flowered "Spray type", the bluish purple "Amethyst Blue" has a bluish color close to pink. Two types of "pearl blue" are on sale.Low distribution, for special events, weddings and giftsflower arrangementIt is used as a material for.


AnthocyaninIndicates shades from red to blueFlavonoidIt is a group of pigments of the system.Of anthocyaninsAglyconeThatAnthocyanidinsOf the anthocyanidins, the B ringHydroxy groupIs one thingPelargonidin, Two thingsCyanidin, The hydroxyl group at the 3'position of cyanidinMethoxylationWhat was donePeonidin, The one with three hydroxyl groups is delphinidin, and the hydroxyl group at the 3'position of delphinidin isMethoxylationThe one in which the hydroxyl groups at the 3'and 5'positions of delphinidin are methoxylatedMalvidinThat is.There are various blue coloring mechanisms of anthocyanins.Types of anthocyanidins, pH of vacuoles in plant cells in which anthocyanins are present, types and amounts of metal ions, intra- and intermolecular copigments,SupramoleculeFormation and so on.In moondust, blue color is developed by changing the type of anthocyanidin.All anthocyanins turn blue on the alkaline side.It utilizes the fact that delphinidin-based anthocyanins are blue even on the relatively acidic side.For carnation, flavonoid biosynthesis systemDihydrokenperol,DihydroquercetinからDihydromylicetinEnzyme that converts toFlavonoid-3', 5'-hydroxylaseThere is no (F3'5'H).Therefore, delphinidin-based anthocyanins cannot be synthesized.Converted by (DFR) from dihydrokenperol, from dihydroquercetin, to from dihydromylicetin, respectively.And from leucopelargonidin, leucocyanidin, leucopelargonidin to pelargonidin, cyanidin, delphenidinAnthocyanidin synthaseConverted by.Therefore, in order to synthesize delphinidin-based anthocyanins in carnations, F3'5'H from petunias and pansiescDNAWas isolated and introduced into carnations.In blue-purple carnation 11363 (FLO-11363-1), in addition to the cDNA of F3'5'H derived from pansy, the DFR gene derived from petunia and the selectable marker gene of the transformantSulfonylureaDerived from a resistant mutant tobacco that imparts resistance to the herbicide chlorsulfoneAcetolactic acidThe gene for synthase (ALS) has been introduced.

The reason why the petunia-derived DFR gene is also introduced is that the carnation's endogenous DFR is also involved in pelargonidin biosynthesis, but the pansy-derived DFR is involved in pelargonidin biosynthesis due to the substrate specificity that dihydrokenperol cannot be used as a substrate. It has to do with being unable to get involved.Pelargonidin is synthesized in the presence of the carnation's intrinsic DFR.Therefore, a white flower variety that lacks DFR and cannot synthesize anthocyanins was selected as the mother of carnation.If the cDNA of F3'5'H derived from pansy and the gene of DFR derived from petunia are introduced into the mother book, the abundance ratio of delphinidin in anthocyanidin is higher because pelargonidin cannot be synthesized but delphinidin and cyanidin can be biosynthesized. This is to increase the blueness.


  • 1980s: SuntoryFlower development begins.
  • 1989: Surfinia is released.
  • 1990: Suntory and presentFlorigeneThe company aims for a blue rose, and full-scale development begins.
  • 1995: Moondust is born.
  • 1997: Moondust will be on sale only in some areas in Japan (in the city center such as Tokyo). "Pearl Blue" will be on sale.
  • 1999: "Spray type" "Amethyst Blue" is now on sale.
  • 2001: "Lilac Blue" and "Princess Blue" are now on sale.
  • 2002: The flower department is separated from Suntory,Suntory FlowersWill be. "Velvet Blue" is released.
  • 2004: Approved as the first type of Cartagena Law by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
  • 2005: Launched nationwide.
  • 2009: "Aqua Blue" is now on sale.

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