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Sagawa Express

Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.(Sagakyubin) is headquarteredKyotoKyoto CitySouth wardPut onCourier serviceA company that deals with.SG Holdings(Holding company)ofsubsidiary.


The founding of Sagawa Express is1957 (Showa32 years)May 3ToKiyoshi Sagawa 京都-OsakaIt is the establishment of a transportation business centered on the space.

CorporationSagawa Express as1965 Established in (40) (officialサイトThen.1966 (41)4Notation)[Source required],FirstHokuriku region,Kinki,Chugoku,Shikoku region,Kyushu regionExpand sales to1988 By (Showa 63)Chubu region,Kanto region,Tohoku region,HokkaidoAlso expanded sales.[Source required]

Sagawa ExpressoriginallySpecial mixIt was mainly a business, and was not recognized as a courier service.1990 era OfMinistry of TransportThat is why the name does not appear among the courier companies.[Source required]

1998 (10),home delivery"Sagawa Express (currently Hikyaku Express Courier)" started. Entered the home delivery business[Note 1].

2006 (18)May 3With Sagawa ExpressStock transferAnd pureHolding company"SG HoldingsCo., Ltd. was established, and each operating company such as Sagawa Express was placed under its umbrella. It is the holding company of the Yamato Transport line that major transportation companies will shift to the holding company systemYamato HoldingsThis is the second case after.

Celebrated 50 anniversary2007 (Heisei 19)May 3As a picture that represents the company,Edo Period OfHikyakuChanged from the one that was drawn to the "new hikyaku mark" that depicts a modern sales driver. "Sagawa Express" as a courier brand was changed to "Hikyaku Express Delivery", and other product names bearing "Sagawa" were generally replaced with "Hikyaku". However, the picture of HikyakuCompany emblemHowever, it is used with limited applications. At the same time, a line driver was carrying luggage (routes) between sales offices.Sagawa Galaxy HighwaysWas absorbed and merged into the line business.

2016 (28)May 3, With SG Holdings Co., Ltd.Hitachi logisticsConcluded a capital and business alliance agreement with[2].. same yearMay 5In addition, Hitachi Logistics acquired 20% of the Company's shares from SG Holdings, and the Company became an equity-method affiliate of Hitachi Logistics.[3]But,2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)May 9SG Holdings repurchased the shares of the Company and dissolved the capital relationship with Hitachi Transport System.[4]..The business alliance with Hitachi Transport System will continue.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Service contents

logisticsHowever, there are various forms, and Sagawa Express does it.deliveryIs a field of logistics.

CompetitorYamato Transport(Home delivery) AndJapan Post(Yu-Pack), But its own sales office (post office) Besidesconvenience storeCompared to the fact that Sagawa Express has a shipping window by partnering with a store and an agency, Sagawa Express has few shipping windows at such an agency.In addition, the sales base network is very small compared to Yamato, a purely private company, let alone Yu-Pack derived from the former state-owned enterprise.[5]..In addition, mountain remote areas and islands (Sado Island[6],Izu Islands[7]There is a demerit that an additional fee called "relay fee" is required for shipping to[8](Not required for Takkyubin or Yu-Pack).

Because it is flexible in strong sales activities and shipping conditions[Source required], Many shipmentsMail orderCorporate use andBusiness to businessIs active. On the other hand, because it is possible to specify flexible time (However, only Sagawa Express can deliver at midnight in the home delivery department,2010 (22)5Service was terminated with),The number of individual users is also increasing year by year.[Source required]However, it will be changed to "Hikyaku"2007 (19)May 3ThanDesignated time is a little narrower and inferior to rival companies in some regions[Source required]However, the designated delivery in the midnight time continues as "Hikyaku TOP flight" (however, 2010 (22))12At the moment, "Hikyaku TOP flights" cannot be received by individuals because the recipients are limited to corporations).

Luggage that exceeds the standard of Hikyaku Courier Service (former name: Sagawa Express (courier service)) is referred to as "Hikyaku Large Size Courier Service" (former name: Sagawa Express Free Size Package → Hikyaku Free Size Package) in the same area as "Hikyaku Courier Service". The fare is set by category.

1999 "Hikyaku Cool Flight" (which was "Hikyaku" from the beginning), which started its service in 11, isNichirei Logi Group HeadquartersThrough the alliance with the company, the initial investment is suppressed by using the facilities of the company group.

After that, Sagawa Express alsoMail serviceI started the business and carried out under the name of Hikyaku mail service. Meanwhile, Japan PostYu-Mail(Old name:Booklet parcel post), when the large discount rate is increased, the reverse use of "Hikyaku Yu Mail" (former name "Sagawa Yu Mail") has started. This is because Sagawa Express only collects cargo, with the company as the sender.Japan PostIn bulk to the general branch of (therefore, the name of Sagawa Express is displayed together with the original sender as the refund destination at the time of return),Post OfnetworkIt will be delivered in. By the way, the "Yu-mail" of the original family (renamed from the booklet parcel post in 2007) is "Sagawa Yu-mail" (service started in 2004).

The name "sales driver" of the driver responsible for collection and delivery is registered as a trademark by SG Holdings (No. 4411039). For this reason, the official guide includes the “Sales Driver ®” ® symbol.

Dedicated freight train

Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)M250 series freight trainUsing (Super Rail Cargo) via the Tokaido Main LineTokyo Cargo Terminal - Aji KawaguchiThe limited express freight container train that operates between (Konohana-ku, Osaka) is exclusively for Sagawa Express.freight trainIt has become.

group Enterprise



Foundations/outer organizations/related facilities

  • Sagawa Art Museum(Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture)
  • SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Society
  • SG Holdings Group Corporate Pension Fund

Domestic branches / sales offices


Corruption case

1992 (Heisei4 years)Member of ParliamentI handed it over to the political world's workTokyo Sagawa Express IncidentCause2001 In (13)Nara Prefectural PoliceSet inCorruption case"" also occurred.

In response to this, the regional corporations were fully integrated (1992 (Heisei 4)) 1994 Implemented through (6). Also2002 (14) merged 23 Sagawa Express group companies in another case),complianceWas promoted.

False registration

2002 (14)May 12,at that timeKyoto Prefectural Assembly OfLDPAlthough he was the president of the prefectural assembly, he dismissed all the officers of Sagawa Express and made himself a representative director, and a total of 6 people took office as false officers.registration(RegistrationsealChanges were also made). Morita was actually an officer of Sagawa Express for some time after the current corporation was established, and after that he had transactions even after independently promoting Kyowa Transportation,2000 (HeiseiHas stopped trading in 12 years. Morita laterArrestThe officers who were dismissed and registered were2003 (15)May 1It has been registered for recovery.

Damaged national important cultural property

Hachinohe City Buried Cultural Property Center Koregawa JomonkanAomori PrefectureNoheji TownOf the country borrowed fromImportant cultural property"Red lacquered wood pot" was damaged by Sagawa Express entrusted by Hachinohe City while being transported from the Noheji Municipal History and Folklore Museum to the Jomon Museum.[9].

Employee suicide due to harassment or harassment from the boss

At the Tohoku branch Sendai store (currently the Sendai Sales Office of the Minami Tohoku branch), a person in charge of accounting etc. was beaten or harassed by his or her direct boss who was shot by an air gun or spit on his brim.2011 (23) I was diagnosed with depression in December. 12 days later, at home, hung himself in uniform and killed himself[10].

Illegal parking substitution problem

Six drivers from the Tokyo sales officeRoad Traffic Law OfParking violationAtTraffic ticketIn order to avoid the2016 (28)May 11ToMetropolitan Police Department Criminal law OfConcealment of the criminalAbetArrested on charges of hiding the criminal[11].

At the sales office, about 30 drivers testified that they had been reported as sham, and there is a possibility that it is prevalent in the sales office.[12].

2017 (29)May 3Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced that a total of 8 employees from eight offices in Tokyo were sent documents. Up to now 44 people have been cleared, and the case has spread to other sales offices.[13].

Luggage throwing by employees

A video of the employee's unscrupulous behavior such as throwing luggage was released on the Internet, and Sagawa Express apologized and punished and dismissed the employee.[14].

Death from overwork

A 51-year-old man at the time of the transportation business who was contracting the delivery business from the company,2009 ToIntracerebral hemorrhageDied in. The survivor of this man2019 To the company for damages of approximately 4,500 million yenOsaka District CourtFiled a lawsuit against. Before this man diedovertime workAverages 151 hours a month, and menSole proprietorshipAs a result, the bereaved family argued that it was "substantially under the command of the company and Sagawa had a safety consideration obligation".[15].


Truck painting

1990 eraUntilPale orangeAnd richtag OfTrackIt was a simple one with only the hikyaku mark and the letters "Sagawa Express" on the body.Trucks using natural gas fuelWas also old paint),2000 eraAfter that (there were a few before that)TRAN'SPORT!COMMUNICATION SAGAWA(Transport Communication Sagawa)Based on the company name trademark of silver, with a white and blue wavy design color,GalaxyWe have also introduced new painted vehicles based on the, and the ratio is increasing year by year (this is called "Galaxy Color").


The company's sales office isInstead of arranging many small stores like the competing Yamato Takkyubin centers (especially ●●3-chome center) and Japan Post's collection and delivery centers, one relatively large-scale sales office is located in the wide area. Take a wide-ranging format[Note 3].. However, in recent years, service centers, abbreviated as “SC”, have been installed in urban areas, and small-scale stores are being developed in areas such as building streets where human-powered delivery is more effective than automobiles.[Source required]

Due to the wide area under the jurisdiction of one store, work called "docking", which is rarely seen by other companies, is carried out in areas such as counties that are some distance from the sales outlets. This is based on the company's pick-up and delivery method, and refers to the work of transporting parcels from the sales office to the delivery area by a 1t truck, and transshipping small parcels and parcels addressed to individuals to mini vehicles.[Source required]

2017 May 11IsHokkaidoAsahikawaAt the localTaxiDoor-to-door delivery jointly with the companyMixed passengersStarted the business of[18].

Sagawa Express Group Sports Club

Sports Facilities

Affiliated athlete

Clubs that used to belong to the Sagawa Express group

CM model

Offer program




  • Olympic OfPlayer strengthening campaign OfsponsorThere was a time whenTeam minus 6%Are participating in
  • 2006 (18)May 7Isdisasterof timeRelief suppliesTo establish a transportation system,Japanese Red Cross Society-LawsonAnd "Relief Material Transportation Agreement".
  • Early in short-distance trucks in Tokyo, etc.Natural gas carHas been adopted.[Source required]
  • 2017å¹´3月期まで決算期は3月21日から翌年3月20日までとなっていた。2018å¹´3月期以降は一般企業に合わせる形で3月31日に期末を変更した[21].
  • 2009 (21)May 7All delivery vehicles have been banned from smoking inside the vehicle. This is the first attempt at a shipping company.
  • For the opening event of the Hokkaido branch office (currently the Hokkaido branch),helicopterFlight and original goods at (UnderlayEtc.) was also given. Also, in summer, in the parking lotFestivalWas also held.[Source required]


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