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🎁 | "Animal Crossing: New Year's Forest" Professional baseball opening commemoration! Original design goods at "We Sponichi Island" ...


"Animal Crossing: New Year's Forest" Professional Baseball Opening Commemoration! Original design goods at "We Sponichi Island" ...

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The original design goods presented this time are items related to the opening of professional baseball, such as baseball uniforms and uchiwa for watching games.

Sports Nippon is available on the Nintendo Switch software "Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest" ... → Continue reading


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Professional baseball

Professional baseballWhat is (professional yakyu)?baseball OfProfessional sports(Professional sports) It is a word that refers to the form. Without abbreviatingProfessional baseballAlso says[1].. The antonym is "Amateur baseball(Ama baseball)". in English"professional baseballIs written.

JapanIn particular,Japan Baseball OrganizationLeagues (abbreviation: NPB)Japanese professional baseball)When米 国,カナダMainly done inMajor league baseballAlthough it refers to (MLB, major league), it often means NPB when simply saying "professional baseball". Also,1950 eraUp to[2]It is,Professional baseball(The first professional baseball system in Japan also1938Up toJapan Professional Baseball Federation"was).

Women's baseballAbout the professional sports form ofWomen's professional baseballCalled.


Like other professional sports,matchFrom the audience by doingAdmission feeIs collected and used as the profit of the team and the reward of the players. Both baseball teams and players will be full-time professionals in baseball, and all income will be covered by matches and related revenue. This point is very different from amateur baseball. Professional baseball teamsProfessional baseball team,Professional baseball teamIs calledProfessional baseball playerCalled.

In modern times, not only the entrance fee but also the game broadcast on TV and radioBroadcast fee, Sales of teams and players related goods,Fan clubThere are various sources of income related to baseball, such as membership fees and sales of food and drinks sold at the stadium. These profits are obtained mainly by the team, and then distributed to the athletes and staff who belong to the team as compensation (salary). In some countries, the organization that manages professional baseball collectively manages the profits and distributes them to participating teams.

In modern times, professional baseball in any country forms a league with multiple teams, and a league game is carried out on a scale of tens to hundreds of games per team. In countries with multiple leagues, there are also competitions between league champions.


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