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👩‍🎓 | "I don't want my child to be a teacher" The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "# Teacher's Button" makes teachers sorrowful ...

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"I definitely don't want my child to be a teacher."

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He has a one-year-old child, but he is a regular adviser to the athletic club because there is no one.

On March 3, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology started the "# Teacher's Button" project on Twitter and other media.Taking school sites nationwide ... → Continue reading

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Regular adviser

Club activities

Club activities(Club Katsudoo, club activity), orExtracurricular activities(Bukkado, extracurricular activity),Circle activityAt (Circle Katsudo), friends with common hobbies and interests gathered together.GroupActivities in Japan.In schoolIn addition, there are many activities within the company and as a citizen's circle.existTo do.


There are various types of club activities, club activities, and club activities, and the types of activities are different for each school/group. Depending on the activity content, it is often roughly divided into "exercise (physical education)" and "cultural". The sports department is called the sports department (or the physical education department), and the culture department is called the culture department.

In school education activitiesJapanIn some cases, there is a strict definition such as "club activity" (described later). “Club activity” is also a term used in the curriculum guidelines, but it disappeared in 2002 when middle schools and in high schools revised in 2003.

Usually in Japanprimary school,Valais, SwitzerlandorUniversity,University-Junior collegeIn many cases, the same club activities are carried out until graduation (in some cases, if the school allows participation in multiple club activities, one person may participate in multiple club activities). But,AmericaThen often belong to different club activities depending on the season[1].. I rarely belong to the same club all year round, so I can enjoy various sports and cultural experiences.

WesternCountries andAustralia-New ZealandIn such cases, it is not a systematic club activity on a school-by-school basis.Region OfClub teamOften belong to.Olympic,サ ッ カ ーThe reason why we produce first-class players is because there are local club teams, and there are also professional players among them, so we can practice at a high level.JapanBut,サ ッ カ ーIn some competitions, not club activitiesYouth teamYou can see examples that belong to.

Socialist countryIn order to raise the national prestige, however, there were many cases in which athletes were trained by the national government.

Japanese school education club activities


There is a definition in "club activity" of Japanese school education,Course of Study"In club activities, as a part of school education activities, students with similar interest who are interested in sports, culture, and scholarship, etc.Voluntary and voluntary activities'[2]As for the contents of the curriculum, it is said that "they are familiar with sports, culture and science, etc., and contribute to the improvement of motivation for learning, a sense of responsibility, and the development of a sense of solidarity. Be careful so that they are related."[3]Is instructed.

Club activitiesprimary school-Junior high school-high school-University-Junior college-College of technology-Vocational schoolIs a commonly used name inClub activitiesAbbreviated as (Bukatsu).

At schoolunit,Club,Love partyIt is related to a system that divides groups into groups, such as, and in a narrow sense, it refers to the activities of a group called a club. In this case, at the time of new establishment, some schools may act as a lovers' club or club, and the system may be promoted to a club after a certain amount of activity record is evaluated. In this case, by being promoted to the club, for example, the operating expenses of the club will be recognized as a budget by the student council.

On the other hand, in a broad sense, it refers to the activities of all organizations that carry out activities such as clubs, and it is customary that the scope is defined by each school.


Of 2007TochigiThe enrollment rate in junior high school and high school is 90.8%, the sports club is 73.6%, and the culture club is 17.2%. According to statistics, the admission rate of the Ministry of Culture has been increasing year by year, and the choice of male students has expanded compared to the past, which has led to an increase.[4].

As of 2013,NaganoThen, the participation rate of the sports club itself is 7.7% lower than the national average. On the other hand, the fact that most schools practice mornings throughout the year is said to be higher than in other prefectures.[5].. An exercise (so-called “morning training”) is conducted from early morning to secure time for club practice, and some students devote themselves to regular activity classes, such as naps, to practice club activities, compete, and perform.[6].

Originally, entering club activities was not "compulsory",Voluntary and voluntary participationHowever, most junior and senior high schools do not follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and forcibly belong to some club activities (without parental consent). Students who are not forced to belong to club activities by school rules and leave the school as soon as the regular lesson on the day endsReturn home departmentThere is a custom that is called.

In addition, I often refer to members who are "enrolled but not participating in the club",Ghost memberCall. Behind the appearance of ghost members, for example, there are no desired departments due to compulsory entrance (in accordance with school rules), but in terms of appearance, the results of "filling in a survey (internal report)/resume" In fact, for the purpose of securing theReturn home departmentIt is a style called.

Depending on the club activity, for reasons such as preventing excellent students from being pulled out,Transfer(Transfer) There may be cases where activities are prohibited or restricted (such as participation in competitions) for a certain period of time (for example, if there is a reason that attendance at the original school cannot be continued, or if you join the department at the original school). If you have not, you may be allowed to participate in special cases). As wellPast studentHowever, due to physique and other reasons, the period of activity may be limited to a period shorter than the minimum training period of the school.

In addition, there are many advisors and students who feel burdened with club activities.A survey conducted by Morinaga & Co., Ltd. for teachers of club advisorsAccording to the report, more than 7% of teachers answered that they "feel burdened with club activities".[7]..The burden of club activities is not only on teachers but also on students."FY29 "Survey on sports club activities, etc."When asked about "worries about club activities and school life" among students attending public junior high schools belonging to the athletic club, "the hours and days of club activities are long" (19.9%) was the most common.Next, the answers such as "compatibility with schoolwork" (16.3%) and "dullness" (16.0%) collected votes.[8].

Athletic and cultural

Club activities, club activities, and club activities are divided into athletic and cultural activities. In Japan, it is said that athletic club activities were first created.

Motor system
It is generally important for the athletic system to win a competitive match and achieve higher results. There are many places in Japan that engage in spiritual activities in the hope that human formation will take place through sports. Recently, some departments emphasize the spirituality while incorporating scientific methods into the practice menu to reduce the activity time and improve the effect.
Sports club activities under school management areAs a part of school education activities, students of similar interest who are interested in sports voluntarily and voluntarily play sports under the guidance of teachers, and challenge higher-level skills and records. Which has the significance of enjoying the enjoyment and joy of sports and enhancing school life(MEXT)[9].
Cultural system
Cultural systemthe purposeWhat is important depends on how you set it up.It may be the result of a competition, etc., or it may be the performance of service activities in a school or community, mutual aid in academics, arts, technology, etc., or the provision of research results.For performances such as brass band, chorus, and drama,All Japan Band Competition-NHK National School Music CompetitionIn order to get excellent results in competitions such as, there are times when we practice hard without holidays.Is an athletic systemMarching contestIf a cultural brass band participates in the school, it may be physically trained in the same way as an athletic band (depending on the school, the cultural brass band may not perform marching, cheerleading, cheering, etc. There is a marching band as a motor system.)
There are many school-specific elements in the content of activities, and some departments may not have a corresponding department in a cultural federation such as the National High School Cultural Federation. Many of those departments aim to make presentations in the school or in the community.
General Affairs Department
Among the cultural systems, the broadcasting club and brass band clubs that carry out activities related to the events of the entire school may be classified as the "general affairs department" or may be regarded as committee activities. In addition, there is a similar tendency in cheering groups and the like, which are often classified as athletic.
Outer office
HokkaidoA lot ofhigh schoolIn, activities related to "brass band," "broadcasting," and "books" are set up as external stations of the Student Organization, not as club activities.Schools that introduce an external station system use names such as "brass band station," "broadcasting station," and "book station."

Activities by stage

primary school,Junior high school,high school,UniversityとPublic educationThe situation of club activities, club activities, and club activities changes little by little as the stage progresses. In many elementary schools, club activities are the main focus, and in junior high and high schools, club activities are the main focus. When it comes to college,StudentOften the shackles are loose. BigPublic interest-It is divided into two groups, one is a field-oriented group and the other is a person-oriented group, but there are some groups that do not clarify what they value.

Primary Education,Secondary educationAccompanied by stage club activitiesCompetitionRegarding the clarification of the organizer,victoryNational basic standards such as elimination of supremacy and respect for willingness to participate have been established.[10], Based on this eachEducation Agency,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,GroupEtc. are also detailedStandard,SafeCreate measures,responsibilityClarification ofChildren-student OfHealth,SchoolworkActivities are supposed to be carried out within the range that does not hinder the operation.

Primary Education

primary schoolClub activities are compulsory in primary education such as.this is,Course of StudyThere is a provision inSpecial activityThis is because it is considered as one area. Clubs are established in their own way, with each school or multiple schools collaborating. Although the organizational rate is low, optional club activities and club activities are also organized,chorusTeambrass bandIs organized as a beginning. In addition, in order to distinguish the required club activities from the selected club activities, they may be referred to as "required clubs" and "selected clubs", respectively.

Elementary school club activities are often divided into classrooms at 6 o'clock every week. In addition, recently, many schools basically do not carry out club activities during times other than the name "club activities". However, regarding mandatory club activities,Course of StudyDue to the revision ofYutori educationAs part of2002 From degreeSaturdayIs allHolidayAs a result, the number of schools in which weekly club activities have been reduced to about one hour per month has increased. It can be said that this is a measure to secure class time. In practice, the practice time is irregular due to the actual conditions of each club, and there are also places where the students practice for presentations after school.ChildOur requests and localvolunteer(Often the originalGuardian) May come to teach, but the actual management depends on individual teachers.

However,Elementary, middle and high school consistent educationElementary school club activities are often divided into classrooms at 6 o'clock every week, and the number of schools where the weekly club activity time is increased to about 2 hours per month has increased. Club activities run from the 5th week of April to the 1nd week of March.

KyotoKyoto CityNow, club activities have also started in recent years,cultureThere are also club activities.After classDifferent toschool year,classThe children ofcommunicationIt is highly desirable in terms of development. However, securing instructors is very difficult,TeacherThere are more and more cases in which it is not possible to deal with it by itself. In the current decline of local educational ability, it is essential for teachers to actively engage in protecting the reality of parents and children.EnglishIn some fields, such as clubs, where teachers are not good at teaching, some clubs are run only by parents. In primary education,head teacherTeachers should form the basis of club activities under the guidance of, but it often does not reach the goal. On the other hand, considering the burden on children and teachers, abolishing club activities that were once carried out,Local clubs and circles and sports clubsThe number of elementary schools outsourced to such organizations is increasing.

Incidentally,<span>Grade 1-2</span>Intended forSports boysIs active in elementary school units, for example, a club teamサ ッ カ ーSection",Youth baseballThe club teambaseballThe sports boys' group may be implicitly recognized as synonymous with the club activities of the elementary school, such as being called a "club," and the boundaries between "school clubs" and "regional clubs" may be blurred.

Training campIs generally not done.

Secondary education

Junior high school,high schoolSuch asSecondary educationIn club activities and club activitiesExtracurricular activities.

1958 According to the curriculum guidelines of, as one of the extracurricular activities, it is an activity that is carried out by the voluntary participation of students, but in junior high school1972 , In high school1973 From the revised course of study, club activitiesSpecial activityIt was made compulsory as an area.In junior high school1993 , In high school1992 The revised course of study stipulates that "participation in club activities can be replaced with some or all of the club activities."But in junior high school2002 , In high school2003 The required club activities in the revised course of studyComprehensive learning timeAbolished in the form of being absorbed and integrated intoNow[When?]According to the course of study, "Club activities are part of school education activities.Sports,culture.LearningStudents with similar interests and interests, under the guidance of faculty and staff, act voluntarily and voluntarily, mainly after school. "[2]It is said that.the current[When?]Then, depending on the actual situation of each school, students will participate voluntarily and voluntarily.[11]Club activities are being conducted as a part of extracurricular activities.

In many schools, club activities arestudent councilOperate under the umbrella of, or in a collaborative or cooperative relationship.

Approximately 5% of teachers who teach athletic club activities in junior high school and high school have experience in competition.[12].

Higher education

University-Junior college-College of technologySuch asHigher educationIn the field, all these activitiesExtracurricular activitiesIs. For this reason, the categories of activity groups differ from school to school, but it is generally said that they can be broadly divided into groups that emphasize public interests and fields and groups that emphasize human interaction, depending on the student's intention. In addition, we are active across multiple schoolsInter College(Generally,IncareThere is also a form called "circle".

There are often self-governing bodies such as sports clubs and cultural associations that are in charge of club activities and club activities. With athletic meet and cultural associationStudent associationRelationships vary from school to school. In addition, there are cases where club activities are conducted without belonging to an organization for each of these activity fields.

In particular, there are many certified clubs in schools that are classified as universities that started from a pioneering position in the field in Japan, and especially in outpatient athletics, it is important from the initial stage of the event in Japan. There is an example that plays a role, and as a result, unlike other school education sites, there is no method of operation such as a general physical education competition that controls all disciplines. (In some areas, such a form can be seen, but it cannot be said to be general.) Rather, individual associations or associations for each discipline have been established from early on, and most have developed in a form in which the number of member schools has increased. (Reference: Partial introduction to related items below)


Athletic organization/meeting

Cultural organizations and competitions

Issues/problems and countermeasures

It has been pointed out that club activities play an important role in students' self-actualization and growth in Japanese schools, while some activities, including teachers, place an excessive burden on the mind and body. Such a so-called "Black club"The Society for Club Activities, Japan" was launched in December 2017 to study club activities academically and make recommendations, including countermeasures for problems.[13] [14].

As one of the reasons why these problems came to be recognized in August 2016NHKThe program "Close-up modern +』, the issue of club activities that perform unreasonable harassment behavior during practice was addressed. With such content as "abusive language that denies the student's personality, and long-term restraint enough to get sick,"Black clubThe voice of a brass band instructor cursing a student or kicking a chair was played, and the actual situation was broadcast.[15].

Even if you don't go to "black club", club activities that require long and hard practice for the purpose of recording and winning will be an excessive burden for students who are not good at exercise or want to keep up with other club activities. There is a side. For this reason, some schools have "light sports clubs" that are easy to participate,Sports AgencyHas established guidelines for sports club activities[16].

Injuries and outdoor activities in club activitiesDistressMay occur.Nasu avalanche accident(March 2017) Later, Fuyuyama as a club activityClimbingThe high school which does is halved[17].. Of other teachers who instruct club activitiesService overtime(overtime work) Becomes too long,Death from overworkThere are also examples that have reached[18].

Gifu Commercial High SchoolOf the baseball clubBlacksmith"Leaders with few withdrawals want to fit students into the mold. If you respect individuality and give it away, you won't be able to handle it," he said.

Many teachers are appointed as advisors to club activities who have no experience in competition.

As far as the hair of high school ball children is concerned, the stereotypes around them are strong. When the team in Kyushu stood in Koshien, the manager liberalized the hair of the players, and OBs and fans complained that it was not like a ball child. Forced curl is defined as explicit corporal punishment (violence)[19].. Tsuyoshi KawadaStanford University(USA) American football coach said, "Japanese people think it's great to keep going through injuries."[20].

Around the 2020s, the coverage of black club activities has increased, and recreation-oriented events that you can easily participate in have become popular. Therefore, there is a movement to widen the frontage without relying on the gold medal of the Olympic Games in the field.[21],

Consultation counter/related organizations
UV protection

In many cases, outdoor exercise activities under school control do not have protection measures against UV exposure (or teachers prohibit personal protection, etc.).


Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularUnder control, outdoor exercise activities are often carried out for the summer tournament, and there are frequent cases of heat stroke outbreaks and fatal accidents under the scorching sun.

Western school education club activities

America,United KingdomSo club activities are not positioned as pure school activities like Japan, but generallyDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt is an activity that is jointly carried out in the region[22]. Also,Germany,Italy,NordicSuch asCountryThere are local sports clubs, but there is no equivalent to club activities as school activities.[22].


America's educational and sports policies are different in each state[1].

CaliforniaIn the case of, junior high school and high school have club activities after school, but there are many cases where it is necessary to pass the tryout as a condition for joining the club.[1].. It has become a difficult system to join the club if you have no experience in popular games such as baseball, basketball, and American football.[1].. There are also many students who belong to different disciplines depending on the season[1].

United Kingdom

British club activities (school sports)History The19st centuryOriginating from a public school in[1].. Sports club activities are in both primary and secondary schools and are often taught by physical education teachers.[1]..Club activity participation rate is about 50%, and many children and students are active once or twice a week.[1].

EnglandThe number of sports events offered at schools in Japan is about 50, with an average of 18.2 events at each school.[1].

In England's national curriculum, for primary and secondary schoolsphysical educationThe policy goal is a total of 2 hours a week, with 3 hours a week for club activities or 5 hours a week for sports activities in the community.[1].


FranceIn addition to physical education, an activity called sports scolaire is provided to children and students.[1].. Education and sports are conducted in a joint partnership between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Sports[1].

In France, school sports non-profit associations (AS) have been established to promote educational sports.[1].

  • Although there is no obligation to create an AS in primary education, there are 13,200 member schools in the Association of Primary Education and Sports (USEP), the governing body of AS in primary education.[1].
  • In secondary education, there is an obligation to create an AS, and junior high and high school students who wish to join can belong to AS and participate in competitions.[1].

According to a 2006 survey, about 20% of students participate in AS and participate in sports, and about 52% of students participate in sports club and participate in sports. About 68% of the students (duplicate surveys with multiple answers)[1].


There is no equivalent to athletic club activities in Germany, but out-of-class sports activities are active.[1].. In Hesse, full-time programs and conferences are held as out-of-class sports activities.[1].


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