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🛋 | Dyson Omni-glide, a new Dyson cordless cleaner for light cleaning with a Gunyo Gunyo head


Dyson Omni-glide, a new cordless cleaner for light cleaning with a Gunyo Gunyo head

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For those who want to experience the real thing, an event is being held in Tokyo Midtown from April 4th ​​(Friday) to April 9th (Sunday).

Does the corona change the cleaning method? --Dyson Omni-g, which Dyson started selling on the 7th ... → Continue reading


"Bouncy" is a new age video media that delivers cutting-edge information that shows the future lifestyle in a format that is easy to see on smartphones. Tomorrow, 10 years later, or 100 years later. Every day, we will deliver various events that shape our future with easy-to-understand videos from the editorial department's perspective. I hope that it will be a small opportunity for someone to think about the future, move their hands to realize their dreams, and take that step.

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Tokyo Midtown

Coordinate: North Latitude 35 Degrees 39 Minutes 58 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 43 min 53 sec /35.66611 degrees north latitude 139.73139 degrees east longitude / 35.66611; 139.73139

Tokyo Midtown(Tokyo Midtown,British: Tokyo Midtown) IsTokyoMinato-kuAkasakaLarge scale inComplex facilitiesIs.On the addressAkasakaIn Although,Roppongi Station,Roppongi HillsClose toRoppongiIncluded in the area.Defense AgencyHinomachi Government Building (Defense Agency)Hinomachi district) As a redevelopment project of the former site2007May 3Opened in.The management operator is Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd. (the owner of the facility)Mitsui FudosanA wholly owned subsidiary of).


Tokyo Midtownoffice,Hotel,VariousSHOPandRestaurant,Museum,Residence,Medical institution,park-Green spaceIt is composed of various facilities.The largest structureMidtown towerHas 5 basement floors, 54 floors above ground, and a height of 248.1 m.Tokyo Metropolitan Government BuildingIt became the tallest building in Tokyo in place of the first government building.In addition, the building, which mainly houses offices, is individually located.Zip Code107-62xx (the last two digits depend on the destination hierarchy, 2-01 and underground and 45 of unknown hierarchy) is assigned.

Hotels included in the facilities included in Tokyo Midtown The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo,Akasaka MitsukeMoved fromSuntory Museum of Art,America'sJohns Hopkins MedicinePartner withTokyo Midtown Clinic,ConranThere are brands such as restaurants.Of the office parttenantas,Coca-Cola Bottlers,Cisco Systems,Gu,Suruga Bank,Sony Music Entertainment,Nike,FUJIFILM Holdings,Fast retailing(UNIQLO)etcMain officeAnd the Tokyo headquarters were relocated and set up, and other major game companiesKonamiWas also consolidating the bases that were dispersed in various parts of Tokyo here[1][Annotation 1].. In April 2021From the beginningRelocated to the head office[2], 11-DecemberInfocom[3]In April 2022COLOPLWill relocate the head office[4].

"DesignIs one of the themes of the entire redevelopment,Good Design AwardThe Japan Institute of Design Promotion, the host organization, was invited.Also, as a design baseIssey Miyake"" Operated by the Design Culture Foundation21_21 DESIGN SIGHTWas opened.

In addition, the adjacent Minato WardHinokicho ParkTogether with the 4 hectares of greenery,Row of cherry treesWas also relocated.Compared to other redevelopment projects in recent years, it is characterized by a large proportion of green areas in the site area.Eating and drinking, commercial area, etc.Open spaceThen.docomo Wi-Fi,FLET'S SPOT such asPublic wireless LANIs available.


Here1641から1871UntilClanMohri familyUsed as a mansion[5].Meiji EraWhen you enter1873Became a more army garrison[5],Imperial Japanese Army OfInfantry firstandThird RegimentUsed.The end of the warAfter1946ThanThe United States of AmericaWas requisitioned byU.S. ArmyUsed as an officer's dormitory[5].San Francisco Peace TreatyAfter the entry into force1960Returned to Japan1962ThanJapan Ground Self-Defense Force OfHinokicho GarrisonAnd at the same timeDefense AgencyMain government building was also set up[5].

Redevelopment plan

1988(63)May 7In 49, including the Defense Agency, based on the Multipolar Spatial Strategies ActAdministrative agencyRelocationCabinetIt has been determined.In response to this1996From (8) to the following yearTokyoConducted an assessment survey of the site utilization plan in the area.After several reports, it was decided to use it for public use.1999(11)8ToMinistry of Finance,Tokyo,Minato-kuJointly established the "Tripartite Council on the Development of the Site of the Hinomachi Government Building of the Defense Agency Main Government Building".

2000(12)5The main office of the Defense AgencyShinjuku ward OfDefense Agency Ichigaya DistrictMoved to.following yearMay 4Tokyo is "Akasaka 9-chome district"Redevelopment district plan'[6]Decide and nextMay 5ToMinistry of FinanceAnnounced the sale.May 9There are 6 consortiums (Sekisui House,National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives,Daido Life Insurance,Fukoku Life Insurance,Mitsui Fudosan,Yasuda Life Insurance) Won the bid.

The overall plan is the result of the international competition,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クCentered aroundSkidmore, Owings and Merrill(Skidmore, Owings & Merril LLP) was in charge.

After opening

Private city revitalization project planCertified as, construction work2004(16)May 5Begins with2007(19)1Completed in the same yearMay 3Opened in.

In the first year, it attracted 3,000 million customers a year, exceeding the target of 3,500 million, in the Roppongi area.2003Roppongi Hills, which has been open since 15, is the second most popular destination after the 4,400 million visitors.In the neighborhood 2007 (Heisei 19),The National Art Center, TokyoIt is expected that the museum will be opened, and the synergistic effect with those facilities will improve the mobility and further revitalize the facility.

ChristmasApproximately 2,000m in the season2You can watch it for free at "Starlight Garden" in the lawn square.illuminationAn event is taking place.

Main facilities

  • Midtown tower(Office / Hotel Building) --54 floors above ground, 5 floors below ground, 248.1 m
  • 5 --44th floor: Office floor
  • B1, 1, 2, 45 --53rd floor: The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
  • 54th floor: Facility maintenance / management space (general customers are not allowed to enter)
  • Midtown East-25 floors above ground, 4 floors below ground, 114.1m
  • Midtown West-13 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, 66.1 m
  • The Park Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo --30 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground, 108 m, residential building (apartment)
  • Gardenside-9 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, 48 m
  • 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT --1st floor above ground and 1st basement floor
  • Galleria ―― 3 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground, 4 floors atrium shopping zone
  • Plaza-cafes, restaurants,TOKYO FMSatellite studio (TOKYO FM Midtown Studio)Such
  • Green & Park (Midtown Garden)Hinokicho Park) --Green space centered on cherry blossom trees (however, Hinokicho Park is under the jurisdiction of Minato Ward)
  • Canopy Square-Outdoor event space with glass canopy
  • Lots of artwork

Equipment outline

Facility composition

  • Office: Approximately 330,000m2
  • Housing: Approximately 111,000m2(Approximately 530 units)
  • Hotel: Approximately 48,000m2(Approximately 250 rooms)
  • Commercial: Approximately 57,000m2
  • Others: 23,000m2




Flights to and from Midtown from Shibuya Station were abolished in March 2011.


Partner card

PartnershipCredit cardAnd the specifications related to this facilityVISA debit cardHas been issued.

  • Tokyo Midtown Card 《Saison》: Visa,JCB,American Express®︎ (Conventional "Tokyo Midtown Card", the face of the card is silver and the logo of this facility ishologramIt is printed.Granting and using Mitsui Shopping Park points (110pt for every 1 yen including tax) is limited to Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi).With the issuance of the Mitsui Shopping Park Card, which will be described later, new issuance has ended at the end of March 2019. IC chip installed)
  • Tokyo Midtown Premium Card "Saison": Visa, JCB, American Express®︎ (A rare card issued to those who spend more than 100 million yen (tax included) annually at this facility. The face of the card is black and the logo of this facility. Is printed as a logo. Mitsui Shopping Park points are granted (110pt for every 1 yen including tax) and can only be used in Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi). As a premium card limited benefitThe Ritz-Carlton TokyoSpecial treatment and 3 hours free service of our parking lot,Suntory Museum of Art/21_21 DESING SIGHTYou can receive services such as admission ticket gifts (various special offers will end or change at the end of March 2022).As with general cards, new issuance has ended at the end of March 3. IC chip installed)
  • Mitsui Shopping ParkCard "Saison": Visa,MasterCard, JCB, American Express®︎, Premier American Express®︎ (new "Tokyo Midtown Card", the face of the card is champagne gold and the logo of this facility is on it, but it will be treated as a Mitsui Shopping Park card on the system. From April 2019 Newly issued, Mitsui Shopping Park points will be granted (4pt for every 110 yen including tax) and can be used in addition to this facility.Tokyo Midtown Hibiya,LaLaportIt can be used at each facility affiliated with Mitsui Shopping Park. IC chip installed)
  • d-bank SURUGA Visa debit card(Suruga Bank "d-bank" specifications)


Established in 2008, it consists of two divisions, an art competition and a design competition.[8], Open call for participants to play a role as a gateway to young artists in Japan[9].


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  1. ^ a b From December 2020, business will start at "Konami Creative Center Ginza" in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.


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