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👩‍🎓 | "School bag" School life Enjoyable prayer for many friends Special amulet award

Photo Amulet and votive tablet in the shape of a school bag that is awarded when you receive a school bag, Miyashiro, Tarui Town, Nangu Shrine

"Randoseru Harae" School life Fun and many friends pray for special amulet

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The person in charge said, "I hope that all new students can come with their families so that they can lead a healthy school life."

Nangu Shrine in Miyashiro, Tarui Town, Gifu Prefecture, known as Minokuni Ichinomiya, is aimed at new first-year students who enrolled this spring. → Continue reading

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School life

School life(Gakkou Seikatsu,British: school life) Is in schools including educational activitiesLifeIt's all about.Primary EducationからSecondary educationOften refers to life in school up to.


The concept of school life is said to arise from spending a considerable amount of time at school.Various activities at schoolCurriculumRegular activities specified in and not specified in the curriculumExtracurricular activitiesSchool life is usually based on these activities.

For regular activitiesSubjectTime (in kindergarten)Childcaretime of),Moral time(Primary and lower secondary education only),Comprehensive learning time,Special activityand so on.For extracurricular activities, extracurricular lessons,Extracurricular activities,Club activitiesand so on.Also,Current studentEven outside of school日常May be influenced by school life.Various activities in school are expected to be basic experiences, and are said to have a great influence on the formation of the personality of those who have received school education. (Hidden curriculumSee also )

JapanNot only at schoolLife guidanceI'm putting a lot of effort into it.日本のJapaneseCampusDrama-EducationThe drama is based on the unique school life of JapanProductionThere was a time when a predominant epidemic occurred in Japan.

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