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👩‍🎓 | 4 mangas that show SDGs from various angles


4 mangas that show SDGs from various angles

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For example, the "Goal 5 Achieve Gender Equality" page has a radar chart called the "Gender Gap Index."

Here are four good books that you can understand SDGs in manga, which gives you a quick overview of SDGs. SDGs ... → Continue reading

 Valed Press

Bared (VaLEd.press) is a media that supports the future and curiosity of children together with their parents. Not only for parents who have children who will learn programming and STEM education from now on, but also for children who actually learn and the destination where they must be involved, and for those who want to open a programming class from now on. This refers to a portal site that can deliver information.

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Radar chart

Radar chart(British: radar chart) Can compare the sizes of multiple items at a glanceGraphIs.It is mainly used to compare the performance of subjects that have those items as attributes.The axis of each item is from the centerregular polygonArrange in a shape.Spider webGraphAlso called.

After plotting the data, connect the adjacent data with a straight line to create it.In some cases, the area within the tied area is filled.

It is easier to understand if similar or correlated attributes are placed close together.Conversely, selecting units, steps, measurements, etc. to make a particular claim leads to logic.There is a possibility of misjudgment if there is no explanation of whether each axis is independent and what was done and what kind of action was made.[1].


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