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👩‍🎓 | Chiba Institute of Technology Starts Training Program for Advanced Engineers Supporting the Space Industry


Chiba Institute of Technology Starts Training Program for Advanced Engineers Supporting the Space Industry

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Companies that are trying to develop such microsatellite into new space utilization businesses have been born in Japan and overseas, and are called "New Space".

Chiba Institute of Technology started a training program for advanced engineers to support the foundation of the Japanese space industry in 2021, and ... → Continue reading

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NewSpaceIs the entry from a different industry that is different from the space development that has been promoted under the initiative of the conventional government.Venture companyAnd promoted by emerging forces such as private space organizationsSpace development.


Cold WarAfter the end ofDeregulation,InnovationByBarrier to entryHas fallen and has been responsible for traditional government-led space exploration in each country.Aerospace industryEntry from different industries and establishment of venture companies specializing in space development are occurring one after another[1]..These series of space developments are called NewSpace.These companies are mainly run by private capital without relying on government support.We are currently aiming to grow the market size of 1.2 trillion yen to 2030 trillion yen in the 2.5s.[2].


It is no exaggeration to say that private-sector-led space development has a history of setbacks, and although many companies have entered the market, most of them, with some exceptions, have been forced to close their businesses or sell themselves due to financial difficulties.As an exampleRocketplane Kistler TheK-1I was developing a rocket,2010In 7 monthbankruptcy[3], Assets2011In 12 monthSpace Asset LLCWas bought by[4].Armadillo AerospaceWas developing a vertical take-off and landing rocket, but suspended its activities in 2013.[5].. As of 2018, what is becoming commercially successfulSpace xEtc. Limited to some.

Major space venture companies

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