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👶 | Only 2 items!Easy remake of cupboards with different tastes


Only two items!Easy remake of cupboards with different tastes

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After pasting, cut the protruding part with a utility knife.

There are times when the taste of a cupboard that you like and buy changes over time. "Still more messenger ... → Continue reading

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cutter knife

cutter knifeHas a replaceable bladeCutleryIs. For shortcutterAlso called.OriginallypaperTo cutToolsDeveloped as[1]But,clothThinPlywood,Gypsum boardThere are products with various shapes depending on the application, such as those that can be cut. "Cutter knife"JapanglishAndEnglishIn the category "utility knifeIn addition to being called商標From "Stanley knife","boxcutter","X-Acto knifeAlso called "(Standardization of trademark).

Folding blade type cutter knife

bladeThere is a crease in the eye, and if the tip that cannot be cut is cut off, the sharpness will be restored to the same level as a new one.JapaneseOlfaIt was invented by the founder, Yoshio Okada.Used for cutting paper, cloth, thin plywood, gypsum board, etc.Generally, it is not suitable for cutting thick objects because it has a thin blade and is easily broken, but it is another cutting tool.Saw,JigsawThe cut surface is cleaner than.In addition, there are almost no chips even when cutting gypsum board or the like.

Traditionally,Printing houseAnd so onknife,Razorblade of,ガ ラ スPaper using the fragments ofCuttingWas.However, the cutting edgewearThere is a drawback that the sharpness deteriorates immediately.Therefore1956Yoshio Okada, who worked for a printing company in 31Bar of chocolateInspired by, I devised a "folding blade type cutter knife".Okada founded Olfa Co., Ltd. from this "folding blade".This is a method of creating a new sharp cutting edge by making a crease on the steel blade in advance and breaking it off when the cutting edge is worn.Today, many utility knives use this method.The blade is the size of Olfa such as a small blade and a large blade (blade width size 9 mm, 18 mm, polygonal line with an angle of 59 °)[2]) IsDe facto standard(JISSuch asDe jure standard(No), similar products from other companies are also on sale with blade sizes that match Olfa.

Olfa's utility knife is available in the Japanese marketshareIt accounts for about 60% and is sold in more than 100 countries overseas.[3]. Also,Good Design Award52 selected items, 16 G Mark Long Life Awards (as of February 2012).There are various variations.Those with anti-slip processing and rubber cover on the grip part, those with a blade holder that suppresses wobbling of thin blades, those with broken blades attached to the rear end of the main body for work, etc.The main body isSynthetic resinBasically made金属There is also a product.

Yoshio Okada became a corporate officer of NT1959 (34) A patent was applied for and obtained with Yoshio Okada as the inventor of the cutter knife and Nippon Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. (currently NT) as the applicant.afterwards,1967This is because Yoshio Okada founded Olfa in 42, and NTT and Olfa shared the patent.

There are only two Japanese manufacturers of folding blade cutter knives, Olfa Co., Ltd. (OLFA) and NT Co., Ltd. (NT).

注意 点

  • Since the blade is thin, the tip of the blade should be kept to the minimum necessary to prevent wobbling.
  • When cutting a straight line, use a thick cutter ruler that cannot be cut by the cutter and that the cutter does not run on. You can set the cutting width by installing the "parallel guide".
  • When cutting a three-dimensional hard object with a cutter knife with a straight blade, the blade may break and you may be injured, so use a thick blade product or a type of blade that does not have a dedicated folding groove.KnifeIt is desirable to use another blade such as.
  • When cutting paper with a utility knife, use it as an underlayCutting matIt is desirable to use.
  • The blade of a utility knife has a groove at the rear of the grip (main body) for folding the blade, and the type with a blade folding device uses it.The wide blade type without a groove is dangerous if the broken blade scatters, so use pliers or pliers to fold it.There is also a type of blade folding device that can be dropped into a storage case.


  • 1953 --Established Japan Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. (currently NT).originallyLithographic printingIt was a company that made transfer paper to be used for.
  • 1956 --Yoshio Okada, a printer, devised a "folding blade knife" and obtained a utility model.Although he tried to commercialize it, he was unable to keep up due to financial constraints, so he asked Japan Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. for cooperation and was enrolled as a company officer himself.
  • 1959 --Applied for a patent as "Inventor: Yoshio Okada Applicant: Japan Transfer Paper Co., Ltd." and released the world's first cutter knife as "Sharp Knife".
  • 1961 ――The brand name of "NT Cutter" is decided.Mass-produced NT cutter A type is released. (NT is an acronym for Japanese transcription)
  • 1963 --The NT cutter D type of design knife is released.The world's first pen-shaped utility knife.
  • 1967 --Yoshio Okada established Okada Kogyo Co., Ltd. with four brothers independently from Japan Transfer Paper.
  • 1984 --Okada Kogyo Co., Ltd. changed its name to "Olfa Co., Ltd."
  • 1988 --Nippon Transfer Paper Co., Ltd. changed its name to "NT Co., Ltd." 

Various utility knives

Most of the blade materialssteelMade of.SK-120 (formerly SK2) is the mainstream steel material used for general blades made by Japanese manufacturers.This is the second most carbon-rich and hardest SK material (carbon tool steel).For specially shaped blades such as saw blades, SK2, which has a relatively low carbon content, and SKS-5, an alloy tool steel with added wear resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance, are used.magneticWhen you dislike the influence ofceramicIt may be made of.

Circle cutting cutter (circle cutter / compass cutter)
The center pointneedleFix it with etc. and it is cleanYenYou can make a cut that depicts.Larger ones can cut through thin plywood.If you are left-handed, install the blade in the opposite direction.
Rotary cutter (circular blade cutter)
diskWhile turning the shaped blade, cut through the paperFilm・ Cloth etc.curveIs easy to cut.First developed by Olfa.
Pen type design knife
A small utility knife for paper cutting.object-jobsA cutter that is indispensable for such things.
Scrap cutter
Only one sheet of overlapping paper can be cut with a slightly protruding cutting edge.News (Chinese),Copy paperAs standard, the blade protrusion is set to 0.3 mm.
Elliptical cutter
17-21 cm to 38-42 cm in diameterellipseCutter that cuts.Made by NT[4].
Perforated cutter
Paper / film /vinylCan be separated when neededPerforationCan be put in.
Cardboard cutter
段 ボ ー ルとStyrofoamFor, the bladeStainless steelIt is made of wood and is used by moving it slowly like using a saw.
Cutter saw
The blade part is a saw.
Acrylic cutter (plastic cutter)
PVC板やacrylic resinA tool for cutting plates, with a specially shaped cutting edge.A clean cut surface can be obtained compared to cutting with a saw.To use, push the blade of the cutter while pulling it to make a cut (groove) Is added little by little.Repeat many times, and when the depth is about half of the material, fold the plate against a straight part such as the edge of the work table so that the groove is on the upper side.The corners of the cut surface are sharp and dangerous, so use the "finishing chamfered edge" on the blade.chamferdo.For cutting paper, use the "paper cutting blade" part attached to the same blade.
PET bottle cutter
PET bottlesDedicated cutter.Made by Welbe[5].
Left-handed utility knife
Left-handed only product.Use a blade that is mirror-symmetrical in shape and has a dedicated groove on the opposite side.Olfa's "Lefty"[6], TJM Design "Tajima Southpaw"[7]etc.

Legal issues

The act of carrying a utility knife isLight crime laworLaw on possession of guns and swordsIt is regulated by the (Firearm and Sword Law), and you must not carry a utility knife for no reason.If a police officer finds a utility knife in your inventory, you must explain why you are carrying it and the legitimacy of the reason.There are many cases convicted in criminal trials of carrying a utility knife for no good reason.Aum Shinrikyo IncidentIt is well known that this was the reason for the arrest of the current offender.Kyoto District Court Judgment on November 19, 11 as an example of being prosecuted and convicted only by possessing a utility knife without other crimes[8]Is mentioned.

Cutter knives have a blade length of 8 to 9 centimeters when new, depending on the product, compared to other small blades for practical purposes such as small swords.Light crime lawIn addition to violations, there are cases where it violates the Firearms and Swords Act.In this relationshipJob questionI found a cutter knife with a blade length of 8 cm and took the owner to the police box, but I hate the trouble of treating it as a sword law violation case, so I hate it.Police officerThere is also an example of a fraudulent case in which the blade was pressed against a desk and folded to 5 cm and treated as a misdemeanor violation case.[9].

Major manufacturers

  • Olfa (OLFA)
  • NT (NT)
  • Muratec KDS (KDS)
  • TJM Design (Tajima Tool)
  • Foreign hardware (KAKUI)
  • Silky
  • Exact --American office stationery makerElmer's ProductsBrand. Origin of X-Acto knife.
  • Stanley Works --American tool maker. Origin of Stanley knife.
  • Hayashi cutlery (ALLEX)
  • Hasegawa cutlery
  • Kai
  • 3M
  • Forever
  • plus
  • Takagi
  • Fujiwara Sangyo
  • Topman
  • promote
  • Hapira
  • Echo metal


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