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🎁 | Get at Stay Home! How to choose and use a credit card


Get it at your stay home! How to choose and use a credit card

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Recently, PayPay has become available at the delivery service and Uber Eats.

While spending more time at home due to the influence of the new coronavirus, online shopping and various online services ... → Continue reading

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delivery(British: delivery) OrdeliveryWhat is (Taku Yes)?JapanThen mainlyMealAnd the delivery form of products, the delivery of cooked productsDeliveryMay be said. Called DeliveryEnglishTodelivery,配 信In addition to the meanings such as "childbirth" (English: deliver) and "speaking style" (Coined word: Delivery skill) is a noun that has multiple meanings,JapaneseSpeaking of delivery, it does not matter whether it is tangible or tangible, as long as it refers to a company that delivers meals containing ingredients and processed foods to home or office, or the food.届 け るIt has the meaning of.


Many companies have embarked on the delivery business, which can be said to be synonymous with delivery.pizzaBeginning withItalian food,Chinese cuisine,Okonomiyaki,Box lunch,Udon,sushiVery wide range.CurrentlysupermarketAlsoNet supermarketThrough the ready-made lunch boxSide dishWe are embarking on the delivery of.Typically,Ramen-Japanese buckwheat noodlesDelivery by cafeteria type stores such asDelivery"Delivery" is a chain store specializing in delivery that does not have a space for eating and drinking in the store.インターネットIt is often used by companies that place orders over the phone by looking at the menus on smartphones and computers that are connected to the computer, but the distinction between the two is ambiguous.In addition, customers may not go to the store and bring back the products.Take-outCall.

If a pizza chain that only performs delivery business is not deployed in the area that is considered to be a commercial area, the residents of that area will be able to handle the processed foods and products of that company.ProductCan't eat.In addition, the delivery area is specified for delivery, and even if it is a major company, it will be impossible even in the city center if it is not evenly deployed as in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Delivery basically has a clear address (location), and if you have a phone number that can talk to the person who orders (or one of the members of the group), whether it is in the park or on the street, it is within the range. You can receive the product from the store, but it is not possible if the receiving place (side) does not accept the delivery product (example:Restaurant,Hotel,stationplatform,Stadium,Parking areaSuch).Generally, ministries, public institutions, and security are strict.ApartmentIn the case of hotels, office buildings, etc., even if the delivery person can prove his / her identity, he / she may not be allowed to enter the building, so the delivery person is also restricted.Therefore, it is necessary to apply for permission from the operator in advance or receive it in the lobby or receiving room.If it is necessary to enter the facility to provide services, permission such as "escort application" is required.

Many delivery companies keep a record of the name, phone number, and address of the customer who placed the order once.Personal Information Protection LawFor execution, in principle, the person ordering must restate the information.Customer information is strictly managed, and even business employees are strictly prohibited from taking it out of business.

Including the Transportation Business Law and its foodcargoThere are also food hygiene issues in the handling of food.This is largely due to the widespread use of smartphones and personal computers and the implementation of advanced applications, as well as telephone and fax orders.It refers to a scene close to the end user, such as delivery between bases that carry cargo from a large warehouse and home delivery and delivery.

Sales features

Delivery systems have evolved from the convenience of customers who use them because they can receive meals at home.Due to such characteristics, orders are very concentrated in "a situation where it is difficult for people to go out".The weather is the clearest example, and there is a large difference in congestion between fine weather and rainy weather.In addition, ceremonial occasions and various events are no exception.ChristmasIs said to be the busiest day of the pizza chain, and stores that have an office district within the delivery range are extremely busy even on the day when corporate work is paid at the end of the year.Orthodox congestion is the peak time on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and if bad weather is added to it, the congestion situation will be added.Conversely, if you place an order on a weekday with no events and on a sunny weekday, and it is neither lunch time nor dinner time, there is a high possibility that you will receive the product quickly.

Also, like other restaurants, the delivery chain has a large customer base depending on the location, and there are clear differences in delivery time and congestion status.For example, central Tokyo (Minato-ku,Chuo-kuIn the case of stores that have a trade area, most of the orders are from corporations and business establishments, and the characteristic is that the average customer price is very high and the number of deliveries is small.And because it is an office district, it is not as crowded as other stores on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.On the other hand, in the case of a store with a commuter town in the suburbs, the main customer base is individuals, so the average customer price is low and the number of deliveries is large.Individual users also have their own characteristics in each region. For example, in bed towns, many users have families, while in central Tokyo, many people live alone.Other,Aoyama,RoppongiWestern foreigners, etc.ShinjukuThe regional characteristics such as Asian foreign users are strongly reflected in the customer base.

The approximate time to receive the product from the order is around 30 to 40 minutes.However, due to the above characteristics, the time may be longer depending on the environment.For example, if you place an order at Christmas dinner time, it is quite possible that you will have to wait for more than 2 hours.It is possible to ask the estimated delivery time when ordering, and employees often take the initiative to tell us the time. About 30 to 40 minutes is normal, 1 hour is crowded, 1 hour or more is super crowded, and 2 hours or more is over the processing capacity of the store.

A list of products, processed products, cooked products, their menus, various items such as production bases for agricultural products, stock bases for products and ingredients, manufacturing bases and temporary stores, fast food stores, restaurants, and information in data centers. As a set of means for delivering various things and things and their framework, they are relayed to end users, and some or all of them are used as a livelihood.

Main delivery chains


Chain handling other ingredients

Delivery by another format

Food delivery via online platform

Delivery order site

Delivery Payment App Provider

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Uber Eats

Uber Eats (Uber Sweets) UberLaunched in 2014America OfonlineFood order・ On the delivery platformCaliforniaSan FranciscoBased in. In 2016,JapanBut the service started.

Web browser andiOSandAndroidCorresponding toMobile applicationYou can use to order food delivery from a compatible restaurant.


Uber Technology, a car dispatch website and dispatch app, August 2014, CaliforniaSanta Monicaso,"UberFRESHStarted the service under the name[1], The service name in 2015UberEATSWas renamed to[2]Releases Uber EATS Ordering Application Separately from Uber User Applications[3][4].. As of 2018, the service "has grown by 6% with a run rate of 200 million orders." There are 250 cities available, but it is said that it is necessary to make it equal to 300 cities where Uber can be used[5].


Web browser oriOS,AndroidYou can order from menus of affiliated restaurants using compatible applications[6][7].. Also, for the delivery staffチップAlso has the ability to pass[8].

The application detects the user's whereabouts and displays the restaurants currently open. Payment registered with UberCredit card,debit cardIs compatible with[9].. The food is delivered by car, motorcycle or on foot[10]..In Japan, cash delivery is possible only for orders of 10,000 yen or less including shipping fees.[11][12].

At the time of ordering, you will be presented with the total amount of payment, which includes the shipping and food charges. Since Uber Eats orders require packaging, etc., they may differ from the selling price at the store, and shipping costs are mainly based on distance, restaurants and market factors may affect the price, and in busy areas May be higher than normal[13].. In August 2018, we changed the flat shipping fee from $8 to a price that changes depending on distance.[14]Range from $2 to $8[15].

You can track delivery status after ordering[16].

Occasionally local celebrity cooks serve food, including those who do not have a store, for the purpose of raising awareness.[17].

In some cities, by registering as a courier, you can deliver by your own motorcycle, car or on foot. The delivery person can receive a reward depending on the number of deliveries and the distance between the restaurant and the delivery destination. In most cities, delivery registration is available for people over the age of 19. Uber drivers can also be registered as courier[18].

Development in Japan

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayTokyoStarted the service at. It is operated by Uber Japan Co., Ltd. The service area is 2020 prefectures as of April 4, 23.[19]Over.

2019On October 10, the main claims and demands are "compensation for accidents and injuries", "transparency of operation" and "appropriate remuneration" for delivery staff.Union"Uber Eats Union" was established.

2020ToSpread of COVID-XNUMX infectionDemand increased rapidly with[20].. In addition, support measures such as exemption from payment of initial fee and burden of expenses for in-app promotion were provided to affiliated restaurants. Regarding support for such restaurants,Kobe City,Shibuya WardHave also partnered with. In addition, a total of 3 meals will be provided free of charge to healthcare workers, families of intractable children, and children of poor families. From August 2020, Kagoshima City, Miyazaki City, Kumamoto City and Oita City will start services. The start dates for each of these are Kagoshima City on August 8, Miyazaki City on the 8th, Kumamoto City on the 4th, and Oita City on the 6th.

On August 8th of the same year, by paying 8 yen per month, the shipping fee will be 980 yen for all restaurants with 1 order of 1,200 yen or more.Subscription serviceStart the Eats pass.Usually, the delivery fee is calculated between 50 yen and 500 yen based on the distance from the store, so subscribing to the Eats pass has the advantage of making it easier to order from distant stores.

July 9st of the same year,Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.Announced that it will support delivery partners in preventing traffic accidents, revitalize the local economy, and create original safe driving awareness content for delivery partners.[21]. Also,Aussie KabutoIn cooperation with (OGK), we will support delivery partners to build helmets and raise awareness about safe wearing methods, and build a system that will lead to accident resolution with delivery partners and accident officials.[21].

Uber Eats Delivery Partner

Uber Eats delivery partners are the deliverers who deliver food to the orderer by bicycle or moped. As of 2020,Gig workerIs a representative example of[22].

The delivery partner is a large black or green cubic bag with "Uber Eats" on the front as a delivery bag.rucksackCarry on your back.This is a visually very distinctive and striking bag that has been recognized by the world as a symbol of delivery partners and Uber Suites itself.This large delivery rucksack is called "Ubag" among some delivery partners.Popular nameTo do. Also, the operation of a delivery partner as a delivery member of Uber Eats is commonly referred to as "Uba Katsu".

Delivery partnersSole proprietorshipSince it is a position of, it is possible to run the application at any time, anywhere by simply bringing the application online, and it is possible to earn income on a weekly basis. For example, it can be closed due to the weather, or it can operate for up to 12 hours as long as your physical strength continues for an unlimited number of days. That free way of workingCitizenship,age(Unable to be under 18 years old)Side jobIs also very popular.

Requirements for registration:

  • Photo ID
  • Registration of any of the following vehicles
  • Insulated bag for delivery (Uber eats bag with logo is recommended, not mandatory)
  • Devices that can install partner apps such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Partner apps
  • Over 18 years old

Problems and scandals in Japan


On December 2019, 12, it was discovered that the delivery partner did not deliver the ordered product and discarded it in the trash in the common space of the house.[23].

Driving etiquette and illegality

It has been pointed out that the delivery partner has bad driving manners.

In April 2020, a fatal accident occurred at a delivery partner.By bicycle in May of the same yearShuto ExpresswayThere are cases such as driving.August of the same yearChibaFunabashiThere is also a hit-and-run incident inside[24].

In March 2021, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided to require each delivery person to attach a "uniform number" to businesses that provide home delivery services for meals using bicycles, etc.[25].

Also, as the partner repeatedly stole the bicycle for use in deliverytheftIn some cases arrested on suspicion[26].

Accident by delivery person and complaint at head office

On October 2020, 10, a Uber Eats deliveryman collided with a woman in her 23s and injured her, and the woman sued the deliveryman and the Uber Japan headquarters.Uber Japan Headquarters does not respond to comments[27].

Working conditions

The position of delivery partnerSole proprietorshipIt is treated as.Therefore, until September 2019, if a delivery partner has a traffic accident while working, from the Uber headquartersWork injury insurance,CompensationThere are also problems such as no payments such as compensation for interpersonal and objectives, and uncertainties regarding remuneration and evaluation.

In October 2019, multiple delivery partners sought to improve their work styleUnionIs also in the situation of forming[28].

Unlicensed operation

When using a bike over 125ccLorry Transportation Business ActIs applied,Commercial vehicleIt is necessary to report as (green number).2020Undelivered toPrivate carThere is an example of being caught for violating the Freight Car Transportation Business Law even if it is delivered using[29].

Unlawful transportation business

BicycleOr a motorcycle of 125cc or less (Road Transport Vehicle ActupperMotorized bicycle), There are no legal restrictions.

However, the pink number and the yellow numberscootersOn the other hand, misleading information such as "the vehicle cannot be used for delivery" is spread on Twitter and the like.Also, the blue numberMinicarThere is also some information that "it is a violating vehicle without a helmet".

Camouflaged deliveryman

AboveAs in the case, there were a series of accidents and scandals by some delivery partners, and the delivery partnersTilting drivingAnd rants, and some of them work with the Uber Eats logo hidden.FNNReports[30].

Promoting illegal employment

Of the deliverymanImmigration Control Lawviolation(Illegal immigration) Is discovered one after another. [31]

Uber Eats promo code

Available when orderingdiscountCouponThat thing.It is a code that lists alphanumeric characters, and the discount amount, target product, target area, expiration date, etc. differ for each coupon.In addition to discounts, there are promotion codes for various services such as those with free delivery fees and those with service items.Most of the promotion codes can be discounted from 750 yen to 1500 yen per order, so it is not uncommon for the cost of one meal to float.In turn,Net slangIn, the promotion code is commonly referred to as "free meal coupon".

Uber Eats Delivery Partner Referral Code

Uber Eats is running a referral campaign to recruit delivery partners.When a person who has already registered as a delivery partner receives a referral and a new delivery partner clears certain delivery conditions, a large amount of reward is paid to the referrer.

The delivery partner referral code is a unique identification number given to each delivery partner and is a list of alphanumeric characters.

Available countries

*Countries that cannot be confirmed without being posted on the official website[32]


"I'm gonna get tonight..."TaglineIt started to be aired from around 2019.

Past performers


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