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👩‍🎓 | Koganei City, Tokyo Gakugei University, and NTT Communications conclude a partnership agreement to utilize terminals one by one


Koganei City, Tokyo Gakugei University, and NTT Communications conclude a partnership agreement to utilize terminals one by one

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In addition, Koganei City will introduce "Manahodai," a flat-rate content service that enables a wide variety of learning content to be used on "Manabi Pocket," for the first time in Japan, and will support a variety of lesson formats.

Koganei City, Tokyo, Tokyo Gakugei University, and NTT Communications are "individually optimized by the GIGA school concept ... → Continue reading


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Koganei-shi(Koganeishi) isTokyo OfTama areaLocated in the eastCity.


Located almost in the center of the cityMusashikoganei StationCentering on the east and westJRcenter laneとRenjaku-dori-ItsukakaidoBut north and southKoganei Highway-Shinkoganei HighwayRuns.Most of the city is a residential area, and it is a commuter town type city with few businesses.To the northCherry BlossomsKnown as a famous placeKoganei ParkIn the south, there is a natural forest centered on "Hake (described later)", and furtherMetropolitan Musashino Park,Metropolitan Nogawa Park,Tama cemeteryThere is a lot of greenery in the city, such as facing the city.

JR Chuo LineMusashikoganei Station前Railroad crossingIt is,It was closed for 1 minutes in an hour[Source required]Sometimes "Railroad crossing without openingWas called, but it was carried out between 2003 and 2009.ElevatedIt was resolved by the conversion work.

The population densityIs 10,000 people /km2Exceed.


TokyoLocated almost in the center ofChuo Main LineCrosses east and west.

Run east to west in the southern part of the cityKokubunji cliff line"Cliff" in the local area for a long timeBrushWas called, but it is called "Hake"Tamagawa OfRiver terraceIn various placesspringCan be seen.The north side of the terrace has poor access to water since ancient times, and the development started in earnest.Tamagawa waterAfter the excavation of.

Adjacent municipalities


The area that corresponds to the current city area Musashi countryTama DistrictBelonged as part of.

Chronological Table

  • 1889(Meiji 22) --Due to the enforcement of the town and village system, (former) Koganei Village, Nukui Village, Shimo Koganei Nitta, Kajino Nitta, Sekino Nitta, Toga Nitta and Shimosomeya Village, Oshidate Village, Hitomi Village, Koganei Village, Ueishihara Village, part of Honda Nitta (EnclavePart) merged,Koganei VillageIs born.
  • 1893(26th year of Meiji)- Santama KanagawaからTokyoDue to the transfer to Tokyo PrefectureKitama-gunBecame Koganei Village.
  • 1937(Showa 12) --Kitatama-gun with the enforcement of the town systemKoganei TownBecomes
  • 1958(Showa 33) --With the enforcement of the city systemKoganei-shiBecomes

Origin of city name

There are multiple theories about the origin of Koganei.One is that what was called Kanaihara on the south side of the city's "hake" (a cliff) was read as "Koganeihara".The other is along the "brush"黄金It is said that the abundant spring water worthy of (kogane) was called "golden well" or "kogane well".[1].


Population distribution of Koganei, Tokyo, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Koganei City and the whole country (2005)Koganei City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Koganei City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Koganei City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Day and night population

In 2005, the nighttime population (residents) was 111,033, which is the total of commuters, students and residents from outside the city who remain in the city during the daytime.Daytime populationThe population is 95,195, 0.857 times the population during the day and at night.Compared to nighttime, the daytime population will decrease by about 1.In terms of commuters and students, 6 commuters go out of the city and 37,274 commuters enter the city from outside the city. The number of commuting students entering the city from the outside is 15,085, and the number of students commuting from the city to the outside of the city is 13,016, and the number of students flowing into the city during the day is larger.Edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, "Daytime Population of Tokyo 6,665", published in 2005, page 20-152 According to the census, there are 153 people of unknown age in Tokyo alone.The graph above includes those of unknown age, and as for the day and night population, people of unknown age are not included in the numbers, so there will be an error between the numbers.

Town name

In Koganei city, in the whole areaAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Residential estate

  • Green Town Koganei housing complex
  • Urban Revitalization Organization Koganei Housing Complex --Midoricho 1960: Koganei City Planning Project (Housing facility in a single complex)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation Koganei Nukii Housing Complex --38: Koganei City Planning Project (Housing facility in a housing complex)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Housing Supply Corporation Koganei Honcho Housing Complex --Showa 37: Koganei City Planning Project (Housing facility in one housing complex)


Successive mayors

代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generation1958th of February 101967th of February 4
2 fee1967th of February 51971th of February 4
3 fee1971th of February 51979th of February 4
4 feeHeiju Hoshino1979th of February 51981th of February 5Resigned due to business trip problem with women
5 feeAkira Hotate1981th of February 51987th of February 3Resigned due to issues surrounding the Ordinance for Payment of Hospitalization for the Elderly
6 feeShinshichi Okubo1987th of February 41999th of February 4
7 feeTakahiko Inaba1999May 42011May 4
8 feeKazuo Sato2011th of February 42011th of February 11Resignation
9 feeTakahiko Inaba2011th of February 122015th of February 12
10 feeShinichiro Nishioka2015th of February 12Incumbent

Policies / measures

Groundwater Conservation The "Ordinance for Conserving Groundwater and Spring Water in Koganei City" and the "Guidelines for Granting Subsidies for Installation of Rainwater Infiltration Facilities in Koganei City" have been established. Protect the spring water that has become the "famous spring water of Tokyo".

Wide area administration

Local government exchange


  • In the past, the current account ratio was 1996% in 111.4, and according to a survey by a private company, it was the worst city in Japan.At present (2005), it has recovered to 91.2%, but it is still in a state of caution.
  • The city hall, which was built in the mid-1960s, has become extremely old and narrow, and renovations and relocations have been frequently discussed since the end of the Showa period.At the beginning of Heisei, the relocation was decided in the futureJanome sewing machine industryFor 10 years until the land of the Koganei factory was acquired and the construction of the new government building was completed, it was decided to lease a private building near the city hall and place some functions as the "second government building".However, in addition to the annual rent of 2 million yen, the fund for the construction of the new government building has run out due to the financial deterioration caused by the collapse of the bubble economy, and as a result, the "second government building" continues to be used until now. ..This building is called "Koganei Okubo Building".Shinshichi OkuboIt is owned by a relative of the former mayor.
  • In 2000, the "Koganei Municipal Government and the Future Talking Group" filed a direct request to enact an ordinance for a 7% reduction in employee salaries, but Congress rejected it.At that time, the majority of city employees were over 50 years old, so the labor cost ratio was high.
  • It cannot cover the retirement allowance of retired employees and issues and raises municipal bonds.

Administrative agency

Police and fire departments

Garbage disposal

Charge / weight reduction

2005May 8There is a charge for collecting household waste.In addition, the garbage collection points will be abolished sequentially from July of the same year, and in principle, they will be collected individually.The trash bag is 7 yen for 40 trash bags containing 10 liters.Unlike the initial implementation, as of 800, many local governments and local governments that accept garbage sell designated garbage bags at similar prices (Musashino City, Nishitokyo City, and Fuchu City have the same amount. Mitaka City has the same amount. 2012L 40 sheets for 10 yen).

Of kitchen wastecompostChangefertilizerPromoteGarbage disposal machineFor purchase ofSubsidyActively and continuously implemented.Free distribution of composting accelerators is also available.Attempts have also been made to collect kitchen waste from school lunches at nursery schools and elementary and junior high schools, convert it into fertilizer, and distribute it to farmers in the city.During long vacations such as summer vacation, garbage is also collected by bringing it from ordinary households to elementary schools.As a rare case, since 2010, waste that has been treated as dry food waste has been used as recyclable waste, and special containers have been distributed in advance to those who wish to collect it door-to-door.

At the final disposal siteHinode TownUse the "Futatsuzuka Waste Wide Area Disposal Site" in.The installer of the disposal site said, "Tokyo Tama Wide Area Resource Recycling Association"(Abbreviated as" Circulation Association "), many local governments in the Tama area are members.

Former Futababashi Incineration Plant closed

Previously"Futaba Bridge Sanitation AssociationI participated in the event and was disposing of garbage at the facility.The union is Koganei City,Fuchu-shi,Chofu CityIt was composed of, and operated "" on the border of the three cities.However, due to the remarkable deterioration of the facility, rebuilding was considered, but it turned out that it was impossible to realize it due to the opposition movement of Koganei citizens.2007May 3All incinerators were shut down.2010The union was dissolved in March[2].

Fuchu-shi[3], Chofu City[4]Formulated countermeasures in advance according to the suspension plan and restructured each with other cities, but Koganei City's countermeasures did not proceed at all.Koganei garbage problemComes up.

Campaign against the construction of a city waste incinerator and a plan to construct a waste incinerator on the site of the Futababashi Incineration Plant

OnceMusashikoganei StationSobaJanome sewing machine industryThe site of the former Koganei factory was designated as a promising candidate site for the new incineration plant, but it was abandoned due to the opposition movement of Koganei citizens.[5]Then, it was decided to build a garbage disposal facility on the site of the Futaba Bridge Incineration Plant.However, the site of the Futababashi Cleaning Factory is a city-owned land in Chofu City and Fuchu City, and the plan was decided without the consent of both cities in the first place.[6], Chofu City refuses[7]..Therefore, it was not possible to create a calendar, and on October 2006, 10, garbage was indefinitely.Emergency declarationIssued.

Emergency measures

After the dissolution of the Futaba Bridge Sanitation Association, he did not participate in the garbage incineration facility association, so he was kindly received by other cities.After the incinerator is shut down, as a temporary measure, the adjacentKokubunjiConcluded an agreement with.After the Futaba Bridge Incineration Plant was shut down, the contents were to accept incineration at the waste treatment plant operated by Kokubunji City on the premise of formulating a plan for a new waste treatment facility.[8]..However, only 3% of the total was accepted, and the remaining 7% was requested to be processed by many other unions. In 2010,Inagi-shi-Komae-Fuchu-shi-National cityConsists of 7500 tons,Hino cityTo 2400 tons,Akishima-shiTo 2000 tons,Hachioji CityI had 1500 tons processed by each.Also,Nishitokyo-Higashikurume shi-KiyoseWe also negotiated acceptance with the jointly operated cleaning plant, but the Higashikurume City Council issued a statement of opinion that pointed out the weakness of Koganei City's plan and was reluctant to accept it.[9][10].

Mayor's remarks and fear of irrecoverable

January 2011Mayor InabaIn response to the above measures by the government, the increased amount of waste consignment disposal costs to neighboring local governments was attacked as "wasting" in the election campaign.Kazuo SatoHowever, he was elected the new mayor.However, this remark in the election campaign instead invites the backlash of the surrounding local governments that were accepting garbage from Koganei City.[11]..About 23 tons of garbage, which exceeded the 8000 tons of trash that was decided to be accepted by the Tamagawa Sanitary Union before the mayoral election, could not be collected because a new unloading destination was not decided.Mayor Sato apologized at the city council in June that he was "inappropriate" about his remarks, and had made an "apology pilgrimage" to the surrounding local governments, but resigned on November 5500, 6 as "to resolve the situation." Expressed.Mayor Sato resigned on the 2011th of the same month.

In the mayoral election on December 12, the same year, this issue became an issue again, and after a fierce one-week election campaign including a negative campaign that criticized other candidates even though they were not named, "Futaba Bridge incinerator construction Former Mayor Inaba, who showed the idea of ​​basically maintaining the above, was elected and became the mayor again.During the election period, the mayors of 18 cities and 1 towns in the neighborhood visited to support Inaba, saying, "Mr. Inaba is a friend. I will accept if my friend asks me." He gave a cheering speech and appealed for his close ties.Although the garbage problem has become so famous that it has been featured in national newspapers, voters' interest in elections is low and the turnout is 9%, which is lower than the April election (2%).

In April 2012, Koganei City notified Kokubunji City that it had abandoned joint waste disposal at the site of the Nimaibashi incinerator.[12].. In February 2012, Chofu City decided to use the self-owned portion of the site of the Nimaibashi incinerator for incombustible waste separation and disposal facilities, and informed Mayor Koganei.It is believed that this is because it has become certain that the construction of a treatment plant there will be virtually difficult.In response, Koganei City has indicated that it will not reconsider the construction site of the treatment plant, and will seek to join a partial-affairs association of other local governments.

As of 26, Koganei City is the Tamagawa Sanitary Union, which consists of Fuchu City, Inagi City, Komae City, and Kunitachi City, the Nishitama Sanitary Union, which consists of Ome City, Fussa City, Hamura City, and Mizuho Town, and Kokubunji City. , Akishima City, etc. were requested to dispose of combustible waste.

To wide area processing by 3 cities

On July 2015, 7, some office work aimed at constructing, operating, and operating a combustible waste treatment facility between Koganei City, Hino City, and Kokubunji City at Ishida 1-chome, Hino City by 31. The union, "" was established (the manager is the mayor of Hino, and the other two mayors are the deputy managers).

On April 2020, 4, the Asakawa Clear Stream Environmental Association's combustible waste treatment facility, which has been under construction at Ishida 1-chome, Hino City, will start full-scale operation.[13].


Koganei City Council

  • Number of people: 24 people
  • Term: April 2017, 29 (Heisei 4)-April 5, 2021 (3 years of Reiwa)[14]
  • Chair: Kyoko Igarashi (LDP・ Reliable Koganei)
  • Vice Chairman: Shinya Itakura (Japan Communist PartyKoganei City Council)

(As of June 2019, 11[15])

Parliamentary alias (as of May 2019, 12)[16]
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
LDP・ Reliable Koganei5◎ Ayako Yuzawa, Takashi Fukiharu, Manabu Shimizu, Kyoko Igarashi, Yuriko Endo
Koganei City CouncilKomeito4◎ Makoto Miyashita, Kiyuko, Fukiko Watanabe, Masaki Kobayashi
Mirai Koganei4◎ Shigeo Suzuki, Hideki Murayama, Masayoshi Kishida, Atsushi Okiura
Japan Communist PartyKoganei City Council3◎ Hiroshi Mizukami, Hisataka Tayu, Shinya Itakura
Meeting to make Koganei interesting2◎ Toru Shirai, Takako Mizutani
Koganei Citizens' Meeting1◎ Yasuo Saito
Information disclosure Koganei1◎ Dai Watanabe
National Reform Union1◎ Shinohara
Consumer network1◎ Yuko Tagashira
Frog Association with Citizens1◎ Kaoru Katayama
绿・ Connected Koganei1◎ Etsuko Sakai

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

  • Constituency: Koganei City Constituency
  • Number of people: 1 people
  • Term: March 2017, 7-March 23, 2021
  • Voting Date: July 2017, 7
  • Number of voters on the day: 98,627
  • Voting rate: 48.46%
Candidate nameCommentageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Eisaku TsujinoThis48Tomin First Meeting新16,039 vote
Akiko Kandodrop57Independent新13,531 vote
Maki Hirosedrop35LDP新11,293 vote
Noriaki Asakuradrop58Independent新4,879 vote
Kazuhiro Uchikodrop53Independent新1,242 vote

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Naoto KanConstitutional Democratic Party13Constituency

National / capital facilities

  • National Research and Development AgencyNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology Koganei Headquarters
    • Former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Communications Research Institute. In April 2004, it became the current name due to the integration of the Incorporated Administrative Agency Communications Research Laboratory and the authorized corporation Communications and Broadcasting Organization.Japan Standard TimeTo provideAtomic clockIs installed.





The academic ability of public school students is said to be relatively high.Tokyo at elementary and junior high schools held every yearAcademic testIn addition to being ranked first in the first round, junior high school is generally ranked high.

Affiliated schools and affiliated schools are listed in the section of higher schools.



primary school


Junior high school


high school







Bus route

Local broadcasting

Famous places, historic sites, tourism, cultural arts


Shrines and temples

  • Sankoin
  • Shinzoin
  • Saininji Temple
  • Koganei Shrine
  • Yaegaki Inari Shrine
  • Kita-Sekino Hachiman Shrine
  • Yamamori Shrine
  • Ichikishima Shrine
  • Sekino Tenjin Shrine
  • Kasamori Inari Shrine
  • Hie Shrine
  • Hachiman Shrine
  • Kosei Inari Shrine
  • Uemiya Osawa Shrine
  • Nukui Shrine
  • Inari Shrine
  • Shinmeigu
  • Inaho Shrine

Sights and historic sites


  • Festival (late March or early April)
  • KoganeiAwa dance(Late August)
  • Koganei Takigi Noh (August)
  • Naughty Summer Festival (August)
  • Tsukimi gathering (September)
  • Koganei Citizens Festival (October-November)


Branch room, etc.

Public hall

The main building (former welfare hall) is closed and the function has been relocated to the Honmachi annex.

  • Main building (closed on March 2016, 3)
  • Honmachi Annex
  • Green Annex
  • East Annex
  • Nukuiminami Annex
  • Nukui Kita Annex

* There are many other halls.


Sports / leisure facilities

  • Koganei City Gymnasium-Located in Koganei Park.
  • Koganei Country ClubAlthough the name is Koganei, the location is not in Koganei City, but in Kodaira City.

Related person

Unless otherwise specified, it represents a person of origin.






Tourist ambassador

In December 2015, commissioned to the following 12 people and 12 group[17].

In January 2018, commissioned to the following 1 people[18].


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