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👩‍🎓 | A society where women play an active role is a very important agenda for media literacy education


A society in which women play an active role is a very important agenda for media literacy education.

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A wide range of questions were asked, from image processing to programming and information ethics.

"Information" will be included in the university common test from the 7th year of Reiwa.Also, from April 2020, the first Faculty of Engineering at a women's university will be born ... → Continue reading

 Valed Press

Bared (VaLEd.press) is a media that supports the future and curiosity of children together with their parents. Not only for parents who have children who will learn programming and STEM education from now on, but also for children who actually learn and the destination where they must be involved, and for those who want to open a programming class from now on. This refers to a portal site that can deliver information.

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Wide range of questions

Image processing

Image processing(Gazoshori,Image processing) Means that you mainly use a computer to transform an image, change the hue, combine it with another image, or do something from an image.情报Refers to the overall processing such as taking out.


The target of processing isデ ジ タ ルImages are often used.Appropriate according to the content of processingalgorithmIt is necessary to describe.

As an example of the flow of image processing, image input-image conversion-classification is given.First, the target image is input, and the conversion process is performed on this image.There are various conversion methods, but the basic one is to convert a grayscale image into black and white binary "" (Thresholding-Binary image), Finding the boundary of an object from the change in concentration "Edge detection"and so on.By repeating these various conversion processes, necessary information is extracted and the last obtained information is classified.


Product defects as an example of practical application of image processing for productionInspectionThere is.Integrated circuitBesides defect inspection of industrial products such as, the shape is not uniformAgricultural productsIt is also used for sorting.Also,Mech robotIs in the outside worldrecognitionResearch is also progressing on image processing as a method for doing so.TransportationIn the field,License plateReading, pedestrians, other vehicles, obstacles, white lines (Lane) Etc. are recognized by the on-board camera,Lane departure prevention support system,Collision damage reduction brakeIs used for.


Historically CG applicationsCADWas preceded, and the CG at that time was "Graphic processingIs calledGraphic processing information centerThere was also a publishing media called.Image processing is a technology that has been attracting attention from early on in the industrial world with the development of television technology, regardless of CG.Analog-digital conversion circuitThe method of passing through was tried.Part of the result (by contour emphasisSharpnessEtc.) are utilized in the current CG application.

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