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💼 | 2022 graduates, more than 9% intend to participate in webinars and web interviews


2022 graduates, more than 9% willing to participate in webinars and web interviews

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In addition, you can get an overview of the company and recruitment details online, such as "explanation" by projecting PowerPoint.

Gakujo was held for university and graduate students scheduled to graduate (complete) in March 2022. → Continue reading


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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint (Microsoft PowerPoint)Microsoft Windows,MacOS,iOSandAndroidDeveloped and sold forMicrosoft OfficeincludePresentation software.


originallyThe United States of America OfForethoughtBy companyMacintoshForApplication software Developed as a "Presenter", the entire company was acquired by Microsoft after PowerPoint 1987 was released in 1.0.[1].

As of 2016, the basic interface of Windows version, macOS version, iOS version is unified, but there are some differences even if they are compatible versions, even if you open the same file, especially animation etc. Complex slides can result in different behavior.

PowerPoint is not included in Office Personal Edition, so it was rarely pre-installed on commercial PCs,presentationIt is widely used as software for software.In Office 2007, an OEM version called Personal with PowerPoint has also appeared, and since Office 2010, Home and Business (Home and Business) (OneNoteAs the number of OEMs (including) has increased, the number of pre-installed models is also increasing. In addition to being included in the Office upper package, it is also sold as a single unit, and a package with an expiration date is also sold at a low price.

Microsoft Office for macOS isn't sold separately, but all editions include PowerPoint.


Version 1
Released by Forethougt for Macintosh in 1987.
Version 2
The Macintosh version was released in 1988, and the Windows version was for Windows 3.0 and was released in 1990.
Version 3
The Macintosh version was released in 1992, and the Windows version was released for Windows 3.1 in the same year as the Macintosh version.
Version 4
The Windows version of PowerPoint 4.0 was released in 1993, and the Macintosh version of PowerPoint 4.0 was released in 1994.
Version 7
Since the version number is unified with other Office software, the version number has been moved up by 3.This version was released as PowerPoint 95 for Windows only.The Japanese version was prepared from this version.
Version 8
The Windows version of PowerPoint 97 was released in 1997, and the Macintosh version of PowerPoint 98 was released in 1998.
Version 9
The last version of PowerPoint 2000 for Windows was released in 1999.Mac OS 9The version of PowerPoint 2001 was released in 2000.
In PowerPoint 2000, the outline screen, slide screen, and notebook screen, which were previously operated on separate screens, can now be operated on a single screen, greatly improving the productivity of presentation production.
Version 10
The Windows version of PowerPoint 2002 was released in 2001 for the first timeMac OS XA version of PowerPoint X was also released in the same year.
Version 11
The Windows version of PowerPoint 2003 was released in 2003, and the Mac OS X version of PowerPoint 2004 was released in 2004.
Version 12
The Windows version of PowerPoint 2007 was released in 2007, and the Mac OS X version of PowerPoint 2008 was released in 2008.
file format OfOffice Open XMLThe migration changed the standard PowerPoint file storage format, changing from the format used from PowerPoint 97 to 2003 to the Open XML Presentation format.laterOpendocument It also supports Presentation format.
The basic functions for shapes and formats have been enhanced, making it possible to create more versatile and attractive presentations than before.
Version 14
The Windows version of PowerPoint 2010 was released in 2010, and the Mac OS X version of PowerPoint 2011 was released in the same year.
You can edit photos and videos, and you can perform effects such as deleting the background. In PowerPoint 2010DirectX 9[2]viaBut by the full GPU acceleration techHas come to use hardware acceleration for page switching and animation functions.[3]..In addition, it has become possible to save the file as a video file.
Version 15
The Windows version of PowerPoint 2013 was released in 2013.
Version 16
Windows version,OS XThe iOS version of PowerPoint 2016 was released in 2015.
Version 2019
It was sold for corporate use in 2018 and for general use in 2019.

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PreviouslyActiveXUsedMicrosoft PowerPoint AnimationThere was also read-only software called, but distribution has now ended.This softwareextension .ppz This file is for playback only, and the file itself cannot be opened with PowerPoint itself, OpenOffice.org Impress, or PowerPoint Viewer.

others,Internet ExplorerOffice Animation Runtime is provided as an add-in for viewing PowerPoint 2002/2003 web presentations.[4].

Windows version only, but as a standalone application for viewingPowerPoint ViewerWas provided free of charge by Microsoft. Limited to viewing and printing presentations created with Microsoft PowerPoint. Updates and downloads will end in April 2018,Office OnlineThe transition to[5].


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